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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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HAIGH C., Supervisor of Revenue Officers Coll. General's. Dept., h Hope road

Haldane W. S., Commissary Ordnance Dept., h 18 Duke

Hale Henry, shoemaker, 122 Barry, h same

Hale Olivia, dressmaker, 32 King, h same

Hale Susan, tinware, 122 Barry, h same

Hall Adam, bakery, 127 Tower, h same

Hall Benjamin V., 2d class clerk, Audit. Office, h 74 Church

Hall Caleb L., sub accountant, Colonial Bank, h Breezy Castle, 2 St. Andrew lane

Hall Charles A., furniture, 14 W Queen, h 126 King

Hall Edward D., shoemaker, h 61 High Holburn

Hall Edward, h 2 St. Andrew's lane

Hall Henry, tailor, h 22 Harbour

Hall Henry, h 2 George's lane

Hall Henry Maxwell, asst. clerk, District Court, h 2 Water lane

Hall James, boatman, h 18 John's lane

Hall James, tailor, h 55 Luke lane

Hall Joseph 0., with Volney Mary, D. Feres & Co., h 109 East

Hall John, h 23 John's lane

Hall J. W. letter carrier, Post Office, h 46 Beeston

Hall Melmoth N., with Pinnock, Surridge & Co., wholesale dept., h 105 Tower

Hamilton Adeline, dressmaker, h 59 Church

Hamilton Alfred, harness maker, h 39 East

Hamilton Duncan, contractor, h 2 St. Andrew's lane

Hamilton D., tobacconist, r 63 Harbour, h 33 Gold

Hamilton E. B., clerk, Colonial Bank h Breezy Castle, 2 St. Andrew's lane

Hamilton George, pedlar, h 42 Tower

Hamilton H. R., Kendall Biscuit Co., 146 First, Brooklyn, E. D., U. S. A.

Hamilton James, saddler, 107 Water lane, h 39 East

Hamilton James, waiter, h 16 Beckford

Hamilton James Mrs., h 12 Tower

Hamilton Joseph, tailor, h 18 Peter's lane

Hamilton Louisa, dry goods, 94 and 117 Princess, h 111 King

Hamilton Mary, teacher, 74 Barry, h 19 Spanish Town road

Hamilton Mary A. Mrs., widow, h 25 Beeston

Hamilton Robert, with John Brass & Son, h 123 King

Hamilton Thomas, shoemaker, 132 Barry, h 2 Bond

Hasley, Sarah J., h 72 Water lane

Hannan W. B., Jamaica Aerated Water Manufactory, 13 Church, h Port Royal

Harble Susan Mrs., h 32 Fleet

Harbour Master's Office, Custom House

Hardy R. J. C., manager, 2 Spanish Town road, h 54 Rum lane

Hare Alfred J., clerk, h 14 Smith lane

Hargie C., h 29 Charles

Harris Alexander, with A. T. H. Howell, h 8 Fisher's row, Rae Town

Harris Daniel, shoemaker, 59 Barry, h same

Harris Edward, operator, W. I. and P. Telgh. Co., h 7 North

Harris Elizabeth h 64 Gold

Harris Edward, saddler, John Brass & Son, h Rae Town

Harris George Mrs., h 40 E Queen

Harris James, carpenter, h 15 James

Harris James, carpenter, h 42 Wildman

Harris James, tobacconist, 25 Laws and 54 Barry, h 27 Laws

Harris John, chief clerk, Island Treasury,. h Rosetta Pen, St. Andrews

Harris Joseph, h 7 North

Harris J., letter carrier, Post Office, h Stephen, Allman Town

Harris J., tailor, 104 Tower, h 7 South, Rae Town

Harris Maria Mrs., h 71 Duke

Harris Richard, h 7 North

Harris Robert W., 3d class clerk, Audit Office, h 7 North

Harris W. C. C., 2d class clerk, Coll. General's Office, h 71 Duke

Harrison Elizabeth, widow, h 60 Harbour

Harrison Thomas, Gov. Surveyor Dept. Roads, h Glenmore Lodge, South Camp road

Harry Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 74 Water lane, h 75 Tower

Hart Alonzo, with Gomes, Casseres & Co., h 50 Water lane

Hart George A., operator, W. I. and P. Telegraph Co., h 84 Hanover

Hart John B., with Fred Lindo, h 54 King

Hart John J., manager, Chas. Levy & Co., 26 Port Royal, h 84 Hanover

Hart Jonas, bill broker, 168 Harbour, h 41 Duke

Hart Judith Mrs., grocer, 51 King, h same

Harthmann Albert, with Thomas Breakspear, h 32 John's 1ane

Harty George, with William Harty & Co., h 27 Duke

Harty Marian Miss, fancy goods, 171 Tower, h same

Harty Thomas W., clerk, h 36 King

Harty Wm. (Wm. Harty & Co.,) 151 Harbour, h 27 Duke

Harty Wm. & Co., furniture, auctioneers & com. agts., 151 Harbour

Harvey Henry, with George Holt, h 16 Allman Town

Harvey John, clerk, 2 1/2 W Queen, h 16 Race Course

Harvey M., ice cutter, h 2 Rum lane

Harvey S., foreman, Gov. Work Shops, h Spanish Town road

Harvey Thomas Lloyd (Harvey & Bourke,) 89 Harbour

Harvey Thomas S., 1st class clerk, Island Treasury, h 6 Thompson's alley

Harvey & Bourke, solicitors, 89 Harbour

Harwood A. A., with Comer & Forbes, h 18 Harbour

Hassock Elizabeth, laundress, h 35 George's lane

Hatfield Jacob, baker, h 4 Love lane

Hathaway F. Rev., principal 20 Parade, h 26 North

Hay Robert, h 28 Smith lane

Hay William, clerk, h 39 Church

Hayman John, foreman, T. N. Aguilar, h Brown's Town, Windward road

Hays John, compositor, Gleaner office, h High Holborn

Haze Richard, mariner, h 82 King

Headquarter House, Hanover c Beeston

Headquarters Commissary Dept., 74 Hanover

Heath James B., 3d class clerk Audit Office, h 7 Laws

Heath, W. J., with McDowell & Barclay, h 7 Laws

Hechavarria Ramon, h 84 Barry

Hecks John, hardware and com. mer. 117 Harbour, h Alpha Cottage South Camp road

Hedman A. A., clerk Medical Dept., h 11 Wildman

Hedman Arthur E., h 11 Wildman

Hermans Jane, h 44 Charles

Hemming John S., shoemaker, 1 New Cross

Hemmings Aug., carriage painter, h Gold

Hencke J. C., manager, 46 King, h 165 Princess

Henderson David, manager, Briscoe Brothers, h 26 Harbour

Henderson George (Geo. Henderson &Co.), 127 Harbour, h Bull's Retreat, Gordon Town

Henderson George, h 72 Sutton

Henderson George &Co., booksellers and publishers, 127 Harbour

Henderson Margaret, h 11 Parade

Henderson Robert A., bookkeeper Island Treasury, h New Pen, St. Andrews

Hendrick Emanuel, h 2 Smith lane

Hendrick Thomas, solicitor and registrar, and clerk of the Courts and Crown, Notary Public and Registrar of the Diocese, h 25 North

Hendriks Charles J., with Mark Hendriks, h 7 Sutton

Hendriks Emanuel (E. Hendriks & Co.), 12 Orange, h same

Hendriks Emanuel & Co., tailors, 12 Orange

Hendriks Maria Mrs., h 7 Sutton

Hendriks Mark, furniture, 121 Water lane, 60 Laws

Hendriks T. B., 3d class clerk Island Treasury, h 7 Sutton

Hendriks S. A., 3d class superintendent of Roads and Works, h Porus

Hendriks Walter G., jeweller, 76 Water lane, h 10 Beeston

Hennis J. C., provisions, 98 Tower h same

Hennis Maria, tinware, 6 Beckford, h Church

Henriques A. A., harness maker, 5 East, h 33 John, Allman Town

Henriques A. C., accountant, h 91 King

Henriques Alex., carpenter, h 22 Temple lane

Henriques A. N., merchant, h 39 Duke

Henriques Cohen T., manager A. McCrindle 12 King, h 11 John's lane

Henriques David Cohen (David Martin and Nephew), 64 Port Royal, and preserved turtle factory, 1 Hanover, h Duke c Lewes

Henriques Frederick, shoemaker, 156 Tower, h same

Henriques F. C., with Charles Levy & Co., h 45 Hanover

Henriques George J., with Wm. Malabre & Co., h 28 Mark lane

Henriques George, carpenter, 17 Temple lane, h 13 Hanover

Henriques Georgiana Mrs., teacher, h 125 King

Henriques Horatio, h 8 Wildman

Henriques Isaac, h 6 Fisher's row

Henriques Isaac, pedlar, h 36 Peter's lane

Henriques, Isaac C., h 27 Charles

Henriques Isaac Jr., with Charles Levy& Co., h 4 Sutton

Henriques Jacob C., with J. J. G. Lewis, h 27 Charles

Henriques Joseph C., with Emanuel Lyon & Son, h 60 Hanover

Henriques Rosa, h 69 East

Henriques R. C. Miss, h 55 Orange

Henriques Samuel, cigar maker, 111 Barry h same

Henriques Sarah, widow, h 28 East

Henriques Simon C., with Charles Levy & Co., h 45 Hanover

Henriques Sydenham P. C., h 91 King

Henriques Thomas, h 39 Church

Henriques T., Tavern, 116 Tower, h same

Henriques Timothy C., h 11 John's lane

Henry Emmanuel, h 30 Charles

Henry Harriet, h 1 Wildman

Henry Joshua, hairdresser 20 Orange, h 107 Church

Hepburn Maria Mrs., h 14 Foster lane

Hepburn St. John G. B., 2d class inspector, h May Pen Clarendon

Hernandez Louis, cigarette maker, h 63 Barry

Hershfeld Samuel, Port Royal c Duke, h 29 Rae, Rae Town

Hester James, cooper, 13 West, h same

Heslop C. H., sub inspector, h Barracks, Sutton

Heurtelon Chevert General, h 10 Charlotte

Hewitt William., with Pinnock, Surridge & Co., h 130 West

Hibbard James, tailor, 1 John's lane, h 8 Charles

Hibbard Richard, blacksmith, h 111 Tower

Hibbert Peter, Tailor, h 8 Charlotte

Hickson James, cabinet maker, h 42 Church

Hidalgo J. P., 3d class clerk Custom House, h Tower c Rosemary lane

Hill Antoinette, manager; 149 Tower, h 73 East

Hill John B., h 73 East

Hill Richard H., engine fitter, h 46 Laws

Hillary M., physician and surgeon, 56 Duke, h same

Hinchcliffe E. C., clerk, Kingston Markets, h 37 Orange

Hitchings Joseph, soap maker, h 78 Tower

Hitchins Alfred, h 2 East

Hitchins Alfred W., second landing waiter, C. H., h 2 East

Hitchins Henry A., h 2 George's lane

Hitchins H. B., h 2 George's lane

Hitchins George E., cashier Stamp Office, h 44 Harbour

Hitchins Richard, h 44 Harbour

Hodelin Alex., h 21 Georges lane

Hoffeldt P. H. B., h 52 Harbour

Hogg Colin A., with B. C. Carvalho, h 13 Sutton

Hogg Henry J., with Joseph Bewley, h 13 Wildman

Holcomb Lawrence, painter, h 87 Matthew's lane

Holcombe Richard, shoemaker, 38 Water lane h 2 High Holborn

Holden James, tailor, h 41 Rosemary lane

Holland William M., manager Theatre Royal, h London Tavern

Holloway Edward sergeant and staff clerk, 74 Hanover h 13 Parade

Holmes Henrietta, widow, h 35 Temple lane

Holt George, fancy goods and millinery, 124 Harbour, h London, England

Honradez David, clerk, 4 Beckford, h 24 Matthew's lane

Hopwood Jane, dressmaker, h 40 George's lane

Hopwood Sarah, lodging house, Parade Villa 38 Parade

Hooper Frederick, with Wm. Malabre & Co., h 4 Heywood

Hooper Mary, widow, h 46 Church

Horrett John T. (Davidson, Colthirst & Co.,) h Grove Pen, St. Andrews

Horruitnier Francisco, tobacconist, 159 Tower, h same

Hosking V., clerk, Colonial Bank, h 63 Duke

Hoskinson George E., American Consulate, 62 Harbour, h Myrtle Bank

Howard Charles, bottler, h 8 Cephias

Howard Rev. John E., h r Coke's Chapel, Parade

Howden Augustus, with Samuel Mendes, h Manchester square

Howell A. T. H., boots and shoes, 33 King h Devon Villa, Orange

Howshan Caroline, h 75 Barry

Hudson Henry, fisherman, h 19 Spanish Town road

Huey R. G., h 60 Duke

Hugg Christopher, turner, h 3 Rosemary lane

Hugg Henry, h 81 Water lane

Hugg John W., liquors, 59 Harbour, h 81Water 1ane

Hughes James with E. W. Lewis, h 49 East

Hull Augustus, omnibus driver, h 18 Peter's lane.

Hull Charles, pedlar, h 29 Tower

Hull Mary, widow, h 105 Water lane

Humphreys Alfred N., with Chas. P. Lazarus & Co., h 89 West,

Humphreys Daniel A., with Joseph Bewley, h 89 West

Humphreys James, cook, h 3 John's lane

Humphreys J. W., commission merchant and insurance agent, 44 1/2 Port Royal, h Manchester square

Humphreys William A. B., with J. W. Humphreys, h Manchester square

Hundrin George, fisherman, h 6 Harbour

Hunter Robert, with E. De Cordova & Co., h 19 Gold

Hurst Thomas, carpenter, 127 Barry, h 22 Rum lane

Hury R. G., 1st class clerk, Immigration Office, h 60 Duke

Husband Elias, carpenter, h 2 Rum lane

Husband Richard, shoemaker, 109 Barry, h Smith Village

Husband T. 0., saddler, 141 1/2 Water lane, h 4 Port Royal

Husband, Victor E., with Ford Bros., h 4 Port Royal

Huson Maria, h 18 New lane

Hutchings Henry, 3 Duke, h 36 High Holborn

Hutchings Lionel (Ford Bros.,) 136 Harbour, h Jasper Hall, High Holborn

Hutchinson Alex., carpenter, h 5 Smith lane

Hutchinson Hugh M., with Alfred Pawsey, h 4 East

Hutton Sarah, h 62 E Queen

Hylton Archibald, with S. Hylton, h 14 Duke

Hylton Arthur, with George Henderson & Co., h 20 Gold

Hylton Ernest, with S. Hylton, h 14 Duke

Hylton Everard, compositor, Gleaner office, h Hanover

Hylton Jemima, widow, h 73 Harbour

Hylton Samuel, coach builder, 14 Duke, h same

Hylton Walter B., with Autey & Co., h 8 Stevens, Allman Town

Hyman David, with W. M. Kelly, h 95 Tower

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