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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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GADPAILLE ARTHUR J., with Chas. Gadpaille, h Hanover c Charles

Gadpaille Armand, with Chas. Gadpaille, h 5 North

Gadpaille Charles, grocer and liquors, 117 Water lane, h 5 North

Gadpaille Joseph C., with Volney Mary, D. Feres & Co., h 5 North

Gail Ellery, sawyer, h 8 Smith lane

Gail James, provisions, 102 Princess, h 49 Luke lane

Gail Thomas, laborer, h 20 Peter's lane

Gail James, editor News Letter, and (DeCordova & Gall), 131 Harbour, h Myrtle Bank, 76 Harbour

Gallard Francis, h 29 E Queen

Galloway George, carpenter, h 9 George's lane

Gammage Henry D., with Joseph Bewley h 145 King

Garcia Benjamin, shoemaker, 81 Princess, h 88 same

Garcia Buena V., physician, 36 Church, h same

Garcia Carmina, h 89 Church

Garcia Solomon, h 104 Barry

Gardner H. Mrs., Barkley Hall. 64 Harbour

Gardner Ishmael, cigarmaker, h 29 Laws

Gardner John, cigarmaker, h 29 Laws

Gardner Samuel, cigarmaker, h 29 Laws

Gardner William, with Pinnock, Surridge & Co., h 115 Rosemary lane

Gardner William, saddler, h Rum lane

Garel John, 2nd clerk Supreme Court Office

Garsia Edgar, with John Milo Burke, h 61 George's lane

Garsia Francis, h 9 James

Garsia H. R. C., with H. W. Cody & Co., h 65 Water lane

Garsia James, h 25 Rosemary lane

Garsia Henry (Oughton & Garsia,) 6 Duke, h Kensington Pen, St. Andrews

Garsia Winslow R, clerk Royal Mail S. P. Co., h 18 Heywood

Gaskins James, mariner, h 35 Rosemary lane

Gauntlett George, with S. R. DaCosta, h 17 Mark lane

Gauntlett Georgianna, h 85 Duke

Gauntlett Mary, dressmaker, h 12 High Holborn

Gayleard Christopher, physician and Gov't medical officer, parish of Kingston, 75 King, h same

Gayleard Theodore, 3d class superintendent of Roads and Works, h Spanish Town

Gazer Bisent, provisions, 25 Beeston, h 19 Oxford

Geffrard. General, exPresident Hayti [Haiti], h Torrington Pen Race Course

Geon Nicholas, provisions, 125 Barry and 3 Beckford

Gerard F. J., with Turnbull, Lee & Mudon, h 1 Potter's row, Rae Town

Gerbet J. Ma., sawfiler, 193 Tower h same

Germain John, h 26 Hanover

Gibbs Theodore, baker, h 5 Fletcher lane

Gibson Andrew, foreman, Gov. work shops, h Matilda corners

Gibson George G., clerk,Kingston slaughter house, h 13 Church

Gibson F. R., store keeper, Gov. work shops h 113 Orange

Gibson Lawrence, with Pinnock, Surridge & Co., h 24 North

Gideon David S., dry goods, 25 King, h 92 Orange

Gilbourne John, compositor, Gleaner office, h 5 Pink lane

Gillard Richard, collector and shipping master Custom House, h Elm Cottage, St. Andrews

Gillard Richard Jr., 1st class clerk, Coll. General's Office, h The Cottage, Arnold road

Gillespie Georgiana, h 72 Church

Girod Heneage W. H., 2d class clerk Post Office, h 11 Parade

Giscombe Felix B., cigar manufacturer, 122 Tower h same

Glenner Frances, h 31 Hanover

Glover Catharine, h 16 Luke lane

Glover Mariam Mrs., h 64 Orange

Goburn George, goldsmith, h 43 Church

Godson Thomas W., carpenter, h 23 Mark lane

Gold A. W., letter carrier, Post Office, h 11 Rose lane

Golden Robert, carpenter, h 1 Paradise

Goldie Charles, chief surveyor, C. H.

Goldring William, sugar, 103 Barry, h Spanish Town road

Goldson E.J., city inspector, 99 Water lane, h 25 Beckford

Goldson George, provisions, 12 W Queen, h 119 1/2 Princess

Goldson John, provisions, 119 1/2 Princess, h same

Goldson Joseph, inspector, h 9 George's lane

Goldson Josiah, carpenter, h 9 George's lane

Gomes Casseres Abraham (Gomes, Casseres & Co.,) 106 Harbour, h Paris, France J.

Gomes Casseres A. B., with Gomes Casseres & Co., h Islington Pen, St. Andrews

Gomes Casseres Jeos (Gomes Casseres & Co.,) 106 Harbour, h Islington Pen, St. Andrews

Gomes Casseres & Co., dry goods, 106 Harbour, fancy goods, 20 King, cigars and tobacco 191 Tower & 7 Church

Gomez Rabina, h 61 Barry

Ganzales Emanuel, upholsterer, h 38 George's lane

Gonzalez G., tobacconist, 21 Orange, h same

Gonzalez G. Jr., tobacconist, 21 Orange, h same

Gonzales Juliana Mrs., h 30 Fleet

Gonzales Y., tailor, 148 Tower, h 28 John's lane

Good Edward, mason, h 27 Mark lane

Goodall Henry, blacksmith, rear 41 Parade, h 105 Princess

Goodall Sophia, manager, 89 Orange, h 105 Princess

Gordon H. E., tailor, Water c Luke lane

Gordon Sarah Mrs., h 15 Fisher's row

Gore J. R., with Morrice & Co., h 127 Church

Goring G. F., coach builder, 129 Tower, h 75 East

Gosden M. T. Mrs., h 7 Barry

Gouriage Charles, boot & shoemaker, 32 King, h 1 Water lane

Government Analytical Chemist, h 14 East

Government Savings Bank, 5 Port Royal

Graham James, bricklayer, 117 Church

Graham L. F., asst. commissary Ordnance Dept., h Malvern Villa, 7 Windward road

Graham Robert, h 6 James

Grant A. G., with Joseph Davidson & Co., h 3 Hanover

Grant Charles, drugs, 90 Harbour, h Abbey court, St. Andrews

Grant F. B., clerk, Colonial Bank, h Jamaica Club, 103 East

Grant George, tailor, h 25 Wild, Allman Town

Grant James, with Turnbull & Co., h 145 King

Grant Louisa, new Blundell Hall, 7 East

Grant Robert, carpenter, h 6 Smith lane

Grant Stephen M., tailor, h 55 Luke lane

Grassic John S., with Pouter & Truax, Canadian Agency

Graves John, cashier, C. H., h 55 E Queen

Graves J. A., 3d class clerk, Coll. General's Office, h 55 E Queen

Gray Alexander, shoemaker, h 10 Potter's row

Gray John, butcher, Victoria market, h 40 Harbour

Gray Mary Mrs., h 41 Water lane

Gray Sarah G., h 12 E Queen

Gray William, veterinary surgeon & blacksmith, 31 Parade, h 31 Orange

Gray W. Baggett, with Burke and Lee, East c Law

Gray Alivia Miss., h 18 Duke

Gregory Jane, widow, h r 68 John's lane

Grel John, second clerk to the Registrar & Clerk of the Courts & Crown, h Oxford

Green Edward, carpenter, h 27 Haywood

Green Frederick, coach trimmer, with G. J. De Cordova, h 94 Duke

Green Henrietta, h 142 Church

Green Henrietta, teacher, 46 Church, h Hannah's Town

Green Robert, with A. Malabre & Co., h 3 Wildman

Green Samuel, omnibus driver, h 7 New lane

Greenwood Amelia, drygoods, 11 Beckford & 92 Princess, h 60 East

Griffiths William Rev., h 88 King

Grindley Margaret, widow, h 44 High Holborn

Groom Alfred, h 4 E Queen

Groom Marian S., h 49 Harbour

Grosett James, carpenter, h 5 McWhinney

Groves David, tailor, h 6 East

Groves W. S., 2d class superintendent of Roads and Works, h Ocho Rios, post office

Guevarra Antonio, milk, 145 Tower, h same

Gully Rebecca, dressmaker, 85 Harbour, h same

Gunn George, h 123 West

Gunter C. E., cashier, Colonial Bank, h 15 North

Gunter Margaret, h 82 Church

Gunter Thomas, chief clerk, Jamaica Railway Co., h 47 Hanover

Guthrie Ann, h 103 Tower

Gutzmer Virginia, widow, h 91 Tower

Gutzman William, h 6 Manchester square

Gwilliam S. T. Rev., h 51 Fleet

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