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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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D and E


DaCosta A., tinware, 11 Orange, h 45 Laws

DaCosta Abraham, h 131 King

DaCosta Albert, with DaCosta, Son & Co., h 35 Wild, Allman Town

DaCosta Algernon, h 10 Sutton

DaCosta Arthur W., with Joseph Bewley, h 35 Tower

DaCosta Charles, h 79 Princess

Da Costa Charles, h 140 East

DaCosta David H, with Altamont Cordova, h 37 Parade

DaCosta David P. Mrs , h 14 Luke lane

DaCosta D. R., importer, 92 Harbor, h 2 Manchester square

DaCosta Daniel R., engineer, h 20 Luke lane

DaCosta Edward, clerk, h 51 Harbour

DaCosta Evelina, manager, 62 Oxford, h same

DaCosta Frederick R., provisions, 40 Water lane h same

DaCosta George, h 51 Harbour

DaCosta George F., resident master Collegiate School, h same

DaCosta Harold F., 51 Harbour

DaCosta Henry, h 25 Spanish Town road

DaCosta Henry, importer and dealer in leather, 78 Water lane, h 140 Orange

DaCosta Henry W. (Da Costa, Son & Co), 50 Port Royal h 101 Orange

DaCosta Horatio, Star Hotel, 39 Port Royal, h 63 Princess

DaCosta Jane Miss, h 35 Tower

DaCosta Joseph R. h 52 Church

DaCosta Louisa, fancy goods, 45 King, h 94 Orange

DaCosta Margaret, manager, 25 North, h Luke lane

DaCosta Moses P., harness maker, Water c Peters lane, h 65 George's lane

DaCosta Ralph, with James Ward, h 14 Luke lane.

DaCosta Rosa Mrs., h 107 Princess

DaCosta Salina, dry goods, 74 Princess, h 103 Barry

DaCosta Solomon M., h 114 King

DaCosta Samuel, R., grocer and drugs, 137 Harbour, h Melrose Cottage, Elliston road

DaCosta Solomon N., first landing waiter, C. H., h 59 E Queen

DaCosta Willoughby, h 101 Orange

DaCosta, Son & Co., dry goods, 50 Port Royal

Dadd Charlotte Mrs., fancy goods, 10 East Queen, h same

Dadd George G., h 61 Laws

Dadd Harriet, bread, 32 E Queen, h 10 same

Dadd Henry, with McCartney & Wood, h 10 E Queen

D'Aguilar John P., h 75 Church

D'Aguilar William Mrs., widow, h 17 north

D'Aguilar Vindex, with H. Stern, h 17 North

Dallas Francis, h 7 Barry

Dallas Thomas D., foreman, E Jordon, h 3 John, Rae Town

Dallon, Louis, cigar maker, h 29 Laws

Dallows, Marian, h 28 Maiden lane

Dancer Thomas Y., painter, bds 39 Temple lane

Daniel B., 6th landing waiter C. H., h 2 George's lane

Danvers Eliza, widow, h 65 East

D'Aquin Louisa A. Mrs., h 19 North

Darling Jane, canes, 85 Harbour, h same

Darron Louis W., box maker, 54 Princess, h same

Davidson Charles, clerk, h 1 Elletson road

Davidson Christina, widow, h 9 Wildman

Davidson George, 3rd class clerk, Post Office, h 1 Elletson road, Rae Town

Davidson James L., h 1 Elletson road

Davidson John, tailor, h 22 Smith lane

Davidson Joseph Mrs., Rae Town Bazaar, 1 Elletson road, h same

Davidson Joseph (J. Davidson & Co.,) 113 Harbour, h 1 Elletson road Rae Town

Davidson, Colthirst & Co., merchants, 24 & 27 Port Royal

Davidson Joseph & Co., dry and fancy goods, 113 Harbour

Davidson J. L., clerk, Colonial Bank, h 1 Elletson Road

Davies Casper, clerk, h 72 Barry

Davies John, produce and com. mer., 68 Port Royal, h Duke c Tower

Davis Catherine S., teacher, h 22 Beeston

Davis C. H., bookseller and stationer, British and Foreign Bible depot, 9 Church, h 53 Beeston

Davis Eliza, h 55 Mark lane

Davis Georgiana, h 11 Spanish Town road

Davis Harry, h 77 Orange

Davis Henry, carpenter, h 44 Maiden lane

Davis John Mrs., widow, h 28 E Queen

Davis John H., with Charles Levy & Co., h 26 Rae, Rae Town

Davis Joseph, cabinet maker, 18 Mark lane c Water lane

Davis Leah, dry goods, 42 Princess, h 21 Orange

Davis Sarah, widow, h 72 Barry

Davis William Mrs., widow, h 11 Foster lane

Davis William, minister, h 16 Gold

Davis W. H., cigar maker, h 36 Foster lane

Dawson Charlotte, widow, h 77 Barry

Dawson Francis, Assoc. Inst. C. E., engineer, H Ripon Park Pen, St. Andrews

Dayes James, clerk to District Court, h Bloxburgh Pen, Windward road.

Dazevado Elias C., fancy goods, 165 Tower, and with Mudahy & Co., h 42 Orange

Dazevado Esther, dry goods, 123 Barry, h 42 Orange

Dazevado Ethel Mrs., widow, h 42 Orange

Dean Edward E., printer, h 19 New lane

Deans Amy, laundress, h 5 John's lane

Dear George, with Pinnock, Surridge & Co., h 24 John's lane

Death John, draughtsman, Dept. of Roads and Works, h Brown's Pen, Elletson road

DeBrosse Chambeau, h 146 East

Debue Mary J., widow, h 60 Harbour

DeCasseres Aaron, with Theodore Nunes, 28 Mark lane

DeCasseres Thaddeus, with Laloubere & Co., h Clarendon House

DeCastro Esther Miss, 87 Orange

DeCordova Aaron Mrs., h 65 Duke

DeCordova Altamont, importer, 42 Port Royal, branch stores, King c Port Royal, 31 Beeston, 28 Sutton, 22 King, 17 North, 96 Tower, 141 Barry, 84 Hanover, 10 W Queen, 4 New North, 8

Manchester sq., 101 Duke and 96 Barry, h 101 North

DeCordova Celeste Miss, 71 Orange

DeCordova Eustace (E. DeCordova & Co.,) h 99 East

DeCordova E. & Co., dry and fancy goods, 102 Harbour, and merchant tailors, 8 King

DeCordova G. J., coach maker and saddler, Freemason's Hall,, 76 Harbour, and editor of Gleaner, 148 Harbour, h 91 Hanover

DeCordova Joshua, with Altamont DeCordova, h 20 North

DeCordova J. R. Mrs., h 15 East

DeCordova Solomon, h 163 Harbour

DeCordova & Gall, booksellers and stationers, printers and publishers, 131 Harbour

DeCrosto James, hair dresser, 6 Church, h 18 Orange

DeCrosto Rebecea, widow, h 20 Hanover

DeFief Simon, manager, 84 Hanover, h Slipe Pen Road

DeLeon Abraham, with Joseph DeLeon, h 77 Orange

DeLeon Arthur, h 1 Bow

DeLeon Cyril, h 1 Bow

Deleon Joseph, dry goods, 139 Harbour, h, Newport, Manchester

Deleon M., tailor, h 48 Rum lane

Deleon William, cigar maker, 125 Barry, h same

Deleon Z. M., tailor, r 153 Tower, h 48 Rum lane

Delevante Moses, h 21 Orange

Delevante Rachel Mrs., h 68 Orange

Delfosse Charles, manager, Ozouf & Co., h 83 Barry

Delfosse Edward Capt., h 83 Berry

Delfosse Fernando, clerk to Harbour Master, h SunnyVale, Rockfort road

Delfosse L. E., clerk Medical Dept., 87 East, h 83 Beeston

Delgado Alfred L,, with Geo. Solomon, h 93 King

Delgado A., letter carrier, Post Office, h 7 Regent

Delgado C. D., h 84 East

Delgado Eugene (Delgado & Co.,) 49 Port Royal, h 10 Hannan, Rae Town

Delgado Henry, manager, Chas. Levy 13 King, h 20 North

Delgado Isaac Mrs., h 20 North

Delgado Louis, interpreter, h 17 Maiden lane

Delgado Marcus, with Geo. Solomon, h 84 East

Delgado Moses, atty., Joseph Stines, 44 Port Royal, h 27 Charles

Delgado 0smond (Delgado & Co.,) 49 Port Royal, h Studley Park, St. Andrews

Delgado Osmond, Jr., with Delgado & Co., h Studley Park, St. Andrews

Delgado & Co., provisions, 49 Port Royal Branch stores, 2 Spanish Town road, 115 Barry, 42 Potter's Row, 27 North and 39 Queen

Delisser Andrew, accountant, Gleaner office, h 92 East

Delisser Henry Mrs., h 123 East

Delisser John, with D. R. Da Costa, h 2 Manchester square

Delisser Lydia Mrs., h, 92 East

Delisser Michael Angelo, with Eustace DeCordova, h 83 Church

Delisser Robert, with Eustace DeCordova, h 111 Duke

Delpratt Samuel, carpenter; h 6 Fleet

DeMercado Geo., with Charles Levy & Co., h 12 Love lane

DeMercado Isaac H. (Chas Levy & Co.,) 12 Port Royal, h 90 Hanover

DeMercado Horatio, with Chas. Levy Co., h 112 Orange

DeMercado Rachel Mrs., h 112 Orange

DeMercado Walter, h 112 Orange

Demetrius Thomas, carpenter and builder, h 20 East

DeMontagnac A., with J. H. De Pass & Co., h Villa Pen, South Camp road

DeMontagnac Alex, with P. Desnoes & Son, h Rock Fort

DeMontagnac Anthony, cashier, h 56 Hanover

DeMontagnac Charles A., with Laraque & Co., h 75 Tower

Denison Wm. C., h 5 Sutton

Dennis G., corporal and temporary clerk, 74 Hanover, h Camp

Denton Thomas, h 11 Wildman

Department of Roads, Works and Surveys, Orange c Sutton

DePass Abner, at 101 Harbour, h 92 Orange

DePass Abigail Miss, h 57 Orange

DePass Abraham, clerk, h 19 Orange

DePass Abraham E., at Gleaner office, 19 Church

DePass Abraham G., h 88 Tower

DePass Abraham M., with Egbert DePass Jr., h 20 Port Royal

DePass Abram G., with Mudahy & Co., 88 Tower

DePass Charles, billiard saloon, Harbour, h 68 Duke

DePass Charles L., 3rd class clerk, Dept. of Roads and Works, h 48 East

DePass Egbert, h 48 East

DePass Egbert Jr., ship broker and dining saloon, 20 Port Royal c Church

DePass Henry, manager, 10 W Queen, h 20 Bond

DePassHenry J., billiard saloon, 2 Port Royal and liquors adjoining Theatre Royal, h Emerald Pen, North

DePass Gabriel, clerk, h 17 Orange

DePass Jacob, with H. C. Wilson & Co., 105 King

DePass James, tailor, h 19 Orange

DePass Jane, widow, h 19 Orange

DePass J. H. & Co., merchants, Messrs. Drummond & Co. bankers, and army and navy contractors, 22 Port Royal

DePass J. H. (J. H. DePass & Co.,) Port Poyal, h 135 Orange

DePass Solomon cabinet maker, 126 Barry h same

DePass S. C., with J. H. DePass & Co., h 135 Orange

DePass Theodore, 3rd class Inspector, Montego Bay

DePass Theodore, h 74 Duke

Derbyshire Joseph, goldsmith,.42 King, h 32 Mark lane

Deries John, tinware, 46 Princess, h same

Derouvray Mary J., h 78 Barry

DeRoux A. B., h 50 Barry

DeRoux Anthony, with V. R. & Co., h Charles

DeRoux Antoine, h 18 Charles

DeRoux Arabella D., h 51 Hanover

Desdunes Joseph E., h 46 Tower

Desdunes Louis, jeweler, 22 Church, h 33 Water

Desdunes Sarah Miss, h 53 Tower

Desgoutes Charles, wharfinger, McDowell & Barclay, h 101 Church

DeSilva Adrianna, h 49 Water lane

DeSilva Charles, h 47 Beeston

DeSilva Julia Mrs., manager, 36 Tower, h 7 Barry

Desnoes P. B. (Desnoes P. and Son), 31, 72 and 74 Port Royal, h Camperdown pen St. Andrews

Desnoes & Son, wholesale liquors, bonded warehouse and general wharfage business, 31, 72 and 74 Port Royal, branch stores, 25 North, 53, 131 and 177 Tower, 30 Luke lane, 2 W Queen, 99 Princess, 57 and 133 Barry, 1 Heywood, 83 Luke lane, 26 E Queen, 62 Oxford, 7 and 86 King, and 98 Water Lane

DeSola Samuel, manager, Gomes Casseres & Co., 20 King, h Islington Pen, South Camp road

DeSouza Alexander, with Barnet Stines, Jr., h 7 Rae, Rae Town

DeSouza Amelia, fancy goods, 24 Princess, h same

DeSouza Charles, with A. N. Croswell, h 33 Barry

DeSouza Charles Lionel, with Thaddeus Alexander, 125 Harbour, h 102 Duke

DeSouza Frederic, with D. R. DaCosta, h 77 East

DeSouza Henry, upholsterer, h 31 Rosemary lane

Desouza Horatio, tailor, 145 Harbour, h 191 Tower

DeSouza Isaac, trader, h 30 Peter's lane

DeSouza Joseph, tinware, 45 Princess h same

& le o.

DeSouza Mortimer, printer, h 61 Laws

DeSouza Moses R., h 13 Laws

DeSouza Ralph h 24 Peter 's lane

DeSouza Regina d., coach builder, 44 Hanover, h 13 Laws

Desporte John L., liquors, 36 Spanish Town road, h same

Desporte Louis J., farrier and livery stable, 39 Parade, h 57 Luke lane

Deudney Frederick, h 43 Charles

Devence Margaret, provisions, 41 Laws, h same

DeVillacey Edward C., tailor, h 1 Mark lane

DeVillacey Henry A., painter, h 1 Mark lane

DeVillicy George, clerk, h 104 Church

Dewar Mary, Gosford lodge, 1 High Holborn

Dias Benjamin M., accountant with Bowerbank, Anderson & Ogilvie, h 58 Harbour

Dias B. H., dentist, 10 East, h same

Dias B. Mortimer, clerk, h 58 Harbour

Dick Arabella, tinware and crockery, 44 E Queen, h 18 George's lane

Dick Arthur M., h 59 Laws

Dick Benigma M., fancy goods, 151 King, h 18 George's lane

Dick Jeremiah, tailor, h Foster lane

Dick Richard, with John Nethersole, h Regent, Allman Town

Dick & Abbott,, dry goods, 133 Harbour

Dieckmann Johannes (Finke & Co.,) 66 Port Royal

Dillet A. Mallory, barrister at law, 12 Church, h Fiddes House, 95 East

Disciples of Christ Chapel, 48 Church.

Distant Thomas, tailor, h 10 Oxford

District Court, Orange c Sutton

Dixon Edward messenger, h 44 E Queen

Dodd J. H., assistant government surveyor, h Elletson road

Doberty John, with Charles Grant, h Abbey court, St. Andrews

Dolphy Dinah Miss, h 76 Hanover

Dolphy Isaac, h 76 Hanover

Domeng Paulina, h 80 Church

Donaldson James, driver,. h 47 Rosemary lane

Dotten J. C., porter, h 13 New lane

Douglas Amelia, widow, h 23 Sutton

Douglass R. B., manager, 13 W Queen, h Wildman

Douse Evelina Miss, h 48 Charles

Dowdie D., messenger, h 74 Hanover, h Ordnance Yard

Dowie Thomas, pilot, h 14 John's lane

Downer G. W. Rev., Rector of Kingston, h Rectory, South Camp road

Doyen Floralie, h 76 Church

Dryden Charles T., dispenser, Lock Hospital, h same

Duany Dolores Countess, h 64 King

Dubison Ann, wood and coal, 104 Harbour h same

Dudley Sarah, h 40 East

Duff A. S., clerk, Colonial Bank, 118 South, Rae Town

Duff Caroline, clothing, 64 Princess, h same

Duff Charles F., h 3 South

DuffFrederick, h 3 South

Duff George, chief clerk, Gen. Penitentiary

Duff John, with R. E. Nunes, h Sunnyvale Pen, Rockfort road

Duff John Mrs., widow, h 3 South

Duff Richard, shoemaker, h 23 Gold

Duff George R., coach trimmer, h Temperance Bar

Duff William, 1st class clerk, Audit Office h 3 South, Rae Town

Duffus Jemima, h 58 E Queen

Dugiol Eulalie, dry goods, 16 W Queen, h 6 Parade

Dugiol Louis, h 6 Parade

Dugiol Louisa, h 6 Parade

Dumetz John, piano tuner, h 73 Barry

Dumetz Joseph, cook; h 116 Tower

DuMont Emile, 3d class clerk, Audit Office, h 74 Church

Duncan Adolphus, h 41 Orange

Duncan Caleb, tinsmith, r 122 Barry, h same

Duncan George, h 52 Gold

Duncan Henry C., h 83 West

Duncan J. C., 2d class supt. of Roads and Works, h Linstead

Dunckerley Charles, h 103 Duke

Dunckerley James, schoolmaster, General Penitentiary

Dunckerley John H. (Dunckerley & Carles), and with Adamson & Co., h Rose Cottage Pen, Windward road

Dunckerley & Carles, veterinary surgeons, 115 Barry

Duncombe Geo. E., with C. A. Sandford, h 15 Heywood

Dunlop John Mrs., widow, h 14 Parade

Dunn H. M., h 76 East

Dann Thomas, goldsmith, h 1 Rum lane

Dunn William N., h 76 East

Dunton Francis, carpenter, h 17 Gold

Dupee Dominick, h 38 Barry

Dupee Eliza, widow, h 44 Water lane

Dupee Peter, with John Brass & Son, h 38 Barry

Duperley Armand, photographer, h 15 E Queen

Dupont Rev. Joseph, h 26 North

Duquesnay Josefa L., dry goods, 27 King, h same

Duquesnay T. L., with B. C. Carvalho, h 19 North

Durant Albert, cigar maker, 52 Princess, h 43 Matthew's lane

Durant George, with Ozouf & Co., h 165 Princess

Durant Henry, shoe maker, r 153 Tower, h 9 Rosemary lane

Durant P. C. S., brick layer, h 4 Potter's row

Durant Thomas, carpenter, h 44 Rum lane

Durant William, h 44 Rum lane

Durston Joseph, clerk, Wilfred Levy, h 116 West

Dyken J., sorter, Post Office, h John's lane


EBERALL A., tinsmith, 87 Princess

Eberall Sarah, widow, h 33 East

Ebbeke Frederic A. (Finke & Co.,) 66 Port Royal, h Bremen, Germany

East Branch School, Laws c Fleet

East D. J. Rev., president, Calabar College h same

Eden William P., with Ford Bros., h 2 East

Edghill S. H., armorer, h 32 Heywood

Edie Thomas, shoemaker, 164 Tower, h 6 Cephas, Fletcher's Town

Edwards Alexander, furniture turner, 140 Tower, h Kingston lane

Edwards Stephen, tailor, h 25 Wild, Allman Town

Eflallo Victoria, h 34 Church

Elliott Ebenezer F. (Ackermann & Elliott,) 32, Port Royal, h Porus

Elliott James, h 9 John's lane

Elliotte Julius, goldsmith, 40 King, h same

Elliotte Louis, goldsmith, 40 King, h same

Ellis Alexander, with B. C. Carvalho, h George's lane

Ellis Charles, shoemaker, h 61 Tower

Ellis Edward, with Alfred Pawsey, h 41 James

Ellis Edward J., h 119 Tower

Ellis Elizabeth, h 18 Chancery lane

Ellis E. (E. Ellis & Co.,) 29 King, h 129 King

Ellis E & Co., dry and fancy goods, 29 King

Ellis Francis, h 19 George's lane

Ellis Herbert, with Laloubere & Co., h 119 Tower

Ellis John, foreman, Gov. workshops, h 31 James

Ellis Mary A., h 92 Matthew's lane

Ellis Thomas, planter, h 63 Mark lane

Ellis William, with Pinnock, Surridge & Co., h 2 Harbour

Eltringham Thomas, harnessmaker, 139 Water lane, h 21 Hitchin's

Emanuel Charles, provisions, 4 Beckford, h same

Engleton Robert, upholsterer, 24 Luke lane, h 65 John's lane

Erck J. G., 3rd class clerk, Post Office, h 52 Harbour

Escala Frederic, operator, W. I. &P. Telegraph Co., h 28 Orange

Escoffry Alexander, carpenter, 6 Peter's lane, h 86 Orange

Escoffrey Charles S., with M. Brandon & Co., h 97 Tower

Escoffrey John, Mrs. milk, 166 Tower, h same

Escoffrey John W., with Ford Bros., h 225 Tower

Escoffrey Louis, provisions 88 Princess, 128 Barry and 109 Orange, h 27 Matthew's lane

Espeut Arthur, clerk, Colonial Bank, h 143 King

Essar Johanna, h 44 Charles

Esser, Maria, provisions, 21 Church, h 26 Matthew's lane

Ester Louis, h 20 E Queen

Estwick R. T., cabinet maker, 89 Water lane

Evans Mortimer, with Lofthouse & Co., h 110 Matthew's lane

Evans St. George, h 45 Duke

Excellent from Port au Prince, Hayti [Haiti], h 79 Orange

Ezekiel Esther, dry goods, 32 Princess, h same

Ezekiel Mary, manager, 7 W Queen, h Brownstown

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