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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

Page 41


AARON WILLIAM, messenger, 74 Hanover h 20 Ladd Lane

Aarons Alfred, (Volny, Mary, D. Feres & Co.) h 92 Duke

Aarons C. M. clerk 13 King, h 10 Beeston

Aarons Judith, dry goods, 125 Harbour, h .40 Duke

Aarons Mrs. Sarah, h 47 Water Lane

Aarons Sigismund, provisions, 132 Orange, h Rae Town

Abbott Philip, (Dick & Abbott) 133 Harbour. h 43 Fleet

Abbendena Esther, widow h 49 Laws

Abisdid Maurice, shoket h 60 Hanover

Abraham John F., with Chas. Levy & Co., h 44 Hanover

Abrahams Alfred, h 89 Hanover

Abrahams Alfred, goldsmith, h 8 Georges Lane

Abrahams Arthur, (Abrahams & Co.) 35 Port Royal and 24 Parade h 36 Parade

Abrahams Horatio, with Abrahams & Co.

Abrahams James, h 89 Hanover

Abrahams John F., h 23 1/2 Rum lane

Abrahams John T., jeweller, 44 King h same

Abrahams Jr., John T., jeweller, 44 King h same

Abrahams & Co., provisions, 35 Port Royal

Ackermann James H., (Ackermann & Elliott) 32 Port Royal, h 48 Duke

Ackermann & Elliott, importers, 32 Port Royal

Adams Francis, h 8 Gold

Adams, George, builder & contractor, 9 Church

Adams Rebecca, h 9 Wildman

Adamson, Benjamin, (Adamson & Co., 1 and 2 Orange

Adamson & Co., merchants, 1 and 2 Orange

Adolphus Frederic, with C. W. Parke, h Love lane, Fletcher's Town.

Aguilar David, h 22 Luke lane

Aguilar Mrs. E,mma, h 33 Harbour

Aguilar John, furniture turner, 18 Church h same

Aguilar Joseph, cabinet maker, 28 Church h same

Aguilar Thomas N., cabinet maker and upholsterer, Water c Mark lane, h 18 Church

Aguilera Antonio, planter, h 36 Duke

Ahrens Elizabeth, laundress, h rear Theatre Royal

Ahwee Albert, provisions, 54 Barry and 107 Orange h same

Aikman Mrs. Alexander h 133 East

Aikman Charles A., blacksmith, h 22 Peters lane

Aikman John H., clerk, J. M. L. A. Society h 133 East

Aikman Samuel, omnibus driver, h 22 Peters lane

Aikman William Bryan, solicitor, 91 Harbour, h East North

Aiken Henry D., blacksmith, h 5 Foster lane

Aiken James, blacksmith, h 30 Smith lane

Aitchinson Frederick, upholsterer, 75 Princess, h 5 Fleet

Akin Jr. AIex. A. with A. Malabre & Co., h 54 Hanover

Aking Henry, h 12 Maiden lane

Alberga C. G , ale and produce, 13 Orange h 69 East

Alberga C. P., with Morrice, & Co., h 79 East

Alberga Henry, with Geo. H. Lyon, h 38 Barry

Page 42

Alberga Henry Mrs., h 79 East

Alberga Joslyn, dispenser, 91 Harbour, h same

Alberga Louis P, h Marine Villa, 2 Hannan, Rae Town

Alberga Napoleon, h 83 Hanover

Alberga Samuel, h 38 Barry

Alberga William B . , cabinet maker, 3 Port Royal, h same

Alberga William T. with W. B. Alberga, h 3 Port Royal

Alear Adelaide, manager, 2 W Queen, h 26 Mark lane

Alexander Albert, with Augustus Alexander, h 116 East

Alexander Augustus, dry goods wholesale, 128 Harbour, h 116 East

Alexander A. H. Agent General of Emigration, h Drumblair Pen, St. Andrews

Alexander Charles, compositor, Gleaner Office, h 2 Love lane

Alexander Charles, (Morrell, Alexander & Co., 77 Harbour h 14 Sutton

Alexander Frederick (F. Alexander & Co.) 116 Harbour h 116 East

Alexander Frederick & Co., dry goods, 116 Harbour

Alexander Louisa, manager, 92 Princess h 101 Luke lane

Alexander Lewis, with F. Alexander & Co. h 116 East

Alexander Moses M., manager, 125 Harbour, h 42 High Holborn

Alexander Solomon E., with Thaddeus Alexander, h 97 East

Alexander Thaddeus, fancy goods, 134 Harbour, h 97 East

Alexander T., 3d class inspector, h Falmouth

Alexander William T_ with V. R. & Co., h 2 Prince Albert, Allman Town

Allen Thomas, M. D., medical sup't and director, Lunatic Asylum.

Allen George, (Penso & Allen,) 38 Princess h same

Allen John, h 16 Hanover

Allen L. B. Mrs., h 113 Tower

Allen Robert, with Thomas Breakspear, h 16 Hanover

Allen Thomas P., with P. Desnoes & Son, h 140 Orange

Allen William, manager, 52 Tower, h 59 same

Allwood James, Jr., chief clerk Colonial Sec. office, h Halfway Tree, St. Andrews

Allwood Philip, shipwright, h 3 Parade

Allwood W, 2d class clerk Colonial Sec. office, h Halfway Tree St. Andrews

Alves Harriet, manager, 30 Luke lane, h 25 Laws.

American Consulate, 62 Harbour

American Saw Mill, Fleet c Harbour

Anderson Clementine, h 50 Rum Lane

Anderson J. W., M. D. (Bowerbank, Anderson & Ogilvie), surgeon general penitentiary, 91 Harbour, h 92 Hanover

Anderson Peter, atty. Finke & Co;, 66 Port Royal, h 120 Duke

Anderson Wemyss Mrs., widow, h 31 North

Anderson & Watson, solicitors, insurance and patent agents, 8 Duke

Andrews Alfred, jeweller, 130 Tower h same

Andrews Edw., crockery, 215 Tower h same

Andrews Edward J., 2d class clerk Audit office, h Lismore Cottage St. Andrews

Andrews Ernest A., third clerk general penitentiary, h Halfway Tree

Andrews Thomas, cooper, h 31 Maiden lane

Andrews William, jr., solicitor, 11 Church h Dunrobin, St. Andrews

Anee John, provisions, 28 and 32 Charles h same

Ansell Ann, widow, h 54 Laws

Arbouin Thomas, with A. Malabre & Co., h 17 Law

Archambeau John, baker, 110 Tower h same

Archer Elizabeth, provisions, 41 Barry, h Oxford

Archer Ellen, h 29 East

Arino Vincent, with B. C. Carvalho, h 53 Barry

Armas Antonio, cigar maker, 19 Parade h same

Arnett Samuel, shoe maker, h 70 Hanover

Armstrong John B., tailor, 74 Tower h same

Arnett James, h 46 Water lane

Arno Felix, h 62 Barry

Arnold Marie, h 45 Rum lane

Arrowsmith Richard, supt. Government Reformatory, h 120 King

Arrowsmith William C. G., 1st class clerk Audit office, h 88 East

Arteaga R., dentist, 79 King h same

Artice H. E. Mrs., agent Tudor Ice Co. 1 Duke h same

Ashbourne I. A., liquors, 2 Spanish Town Road

Ashbourn Johanna, widow, h 99 Tower

Ashbourne J., clerk, 153 Tower h 99 Tower

Ashburn John, shoemaker, 16 E. Queen, h Upper Princess

Ashburn Jane, h 15 Gold

Ashby Nathan Mrs., h 88 North

Ashenheim Joseph L., (Mudady & Co.), 114 Harbour, and manager Geo. Solomon & Co., h 65 Duke

Page 43

Ashenheim Louis Mrs., widow, h 71 Orange

Ashley Thomas, coach painter, with G. J. DeCordova, h 30 Rum lane

Ashman Ellen, dress maker, h 85 Princess

Ashmead Robert, clerk, h 123 Orange

Askwith Louisa Miss, h 30 Fleet

Aspinall Thomas, h 12 Hannan

Astwood E. W., 3d class clerk Island Treasury, h 11 South, Rae Town

Astwood G. E. D., with W. G. Astwood, h 11 South, Rae Town

Astwood W. G., merchant, foot Princess, h 11 South, Rae Town

Atkinson George, tailor, 170 Orange, h 55 Church

Attorney General's office adjoining Post Office

Auckland Wilson, bricklayer, h 28 Barry

Audinett Augustus, shoemaker, 155 Tower, h 9 Laws

Audit Office, Harbour c Duke

Auld Caroline, dressmaker, 93 Princess h same

Auld Francis L., printer, 9 Orange, h Sabina Park, South Camp Road

Auld J. Murray & Co., booksellers and publishers, 130 Harbour

Auld J. Murray, (J. Murray Auld & Co.,) Harbour, dry goods wholesale 54 Port Royal, goods retail 7 W. Queen and 98 Princess, h 13 North c Duke

Austin, C.H., 3d. class inspector, h Port Maria

Austin John h 39 Rosemary lane

Austin Joseph, cabinet maker 22 Church

Austin Peter A., cabinet maker, 73 Port Royal, h 6 Maiden lane

Austin, Thomas, minister, h 40 Maiden lane

Austin, Thomas, h 43 E. Queen

Autey &Co., provisions, 4 King and Port Royal

Autey Frederic A., (Autey & Co.,) 4 King, h 4 Hannan, Rae Town

Auvray, P. E.. druggist, 73 King, h 11 Laws

Ayton Timothy, saddler, 10 Orange, h 25 George's lane

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