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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Piano Tuners.

Dumetz Charles, 73 Barry

Moore Peter, 76 Harbour

Sturridge James, Kingston P. 0.

Whitehorne James F., 16 King


Henriques D. C. & Co., S. Levien, manager, 1 Hanover

Byndloss John, 2 Tower

Sequerira R. M., 85 Barry

Private Schools.

Campbell Ellen and Amelia, 47 Hanover

Jackson Miss C. H., 106 East

Jacobs Sipporah, 39 Beeston

Jones Emma, 104 Church

Leach Margaret Mrs., 118 King

Llado Misses The, High Holborn c E Queen

Merrick Dorothy, 77 Orange

Nash Jane Mrs., 181 Princess

Simons Hannah, 87 Orange

Symmonett Mary A., 116 Orange

Wray Elizabeth Miss, 1 Sutton

Yero Margarita 51 orange



Abrahams & Co., 35 Port Royal

Autey & Co., King and Port Royal

Baines George A., 52 Port Royal

Brown Thomas, 5 Orange

Clough Robert, Princess c Port Royal

Cody H. W. & C.., 84 Harbour

Davidson, Colthirst & Co., 25 & 27 Port Royal

Davies John, 68 Port Royal

DeCordova Altamont, 42 Port Royal

Delgrado & Co., 49 Port Royal

Levy Phillip, 142 Harbour

McCormack L. C., Orange c south

McCormack William, 3 Orange

Peynado J. J., 68 1/2 Port Royal

Pouter & Truax, 18 Church

Sanford Charles A., 68 Port Royal

Stines & Co., 38 Port Royal



Aarons Sigismund, 132 Orange

Abrahams Arthur, 24 Parade

Ahwee Albert, 54 Barry and 107 Orange

Anee John, 28 and 32 Charles

Archer Elizabeth, 41 Barry

Betty Leonora, 11 Barry

Binney Charles, 50 and 52 E Queen and 68 Laws

Bird William W., 149 Tower

Brown Elisha, 78 Luke lane

Caesar Charles, 109 and 175 Tower

Cephas Edward, 81 Luke lane

Clarke Solomon, 142 Orange

Cody H. W., & Co., 84 Harbour

Cookhorne Ebenezer, 60 North

DeCordova Altamont, 141 Barry, 22 King, King c Port Royal, 96 Barry, 101 Duke, 8 Manchester square, 4 New North, 17 North, 96 Tower, 31 Beeston, 28 Sutton, 10 W Queen and 84 Hanover DaCosta Frederick R., 46 Water lane

Delgado & Co., 27 North, 42 Potter's row, 115 Barry, 2 Spanish Town road and 39 E Queen

Devence Margaret, 41 Laws

Emanuel Charles, 4 Beckford

Escoffrey Louis, 128 Barry and 109 Orange

Essar Maria, 21 Church

Feurtado Sigismund, 17 North

Fletcher Walter M., 21 E Queen

Fo Chaf, 76 Barry

Forbes Alex., 55 Tower

Gail James, 102 Princess

Gazer Bisent, 25 Beeston

Geon Nicholas, 3 Beckford and 125 Barry

Goldson John, 12 W Queen

Goldson John, 119 1/2 Princess

Hennis, J. C., 98 Tower

Jackson John, 10 New Cross

Jackson Robert, 52 Tower, 87 Beeston, 1 Spanish Town road, 48 Princess, 193 Tower and 30 Laws

Johnson Charles, 23 Parade

Johnson Henry 5 East and 43 Barry

Johnson William 22 and 53 Beeston

Joseph John, 75 Harbour

Kam L. E., Spanish Town road

Keene James, 51 Tower and 5 Potter's row

Kenton Augustus, 102 Orange

Kewa James Mrs., 18 W Queen

Leahong Henry, 112 Tower

Leon Francisco, 5 Beckford

Lewis John, 9 Spanish Town road

Levy Charles & Co., 26 Port Royal and King c Little Port Royal

Llado Charles R., 79 Tower

Lopez Ashel, 6 Heywood

Low Henry, 67 Water lane

Mahong Luke, 21 Beeston

May John, 34 E Queen

Minot T., Harbour c George's lane

Peynado J. J., 74 Barry

Scott Alfred, 36,Laws

Sohco Alex., 99 Duke

Solomon Henry A., 131 Tower

Sampson William, 72 Barry, 1 and 2 Beckford

Sammy, Emanuel, 25 North

Thomas Daniel, 51 Berry

Thomas John, 51 Beeton, 11 W Queen, 110 Barry, 76 Charles, 33 Princess, 77 Oxford, 3 Heywood and 14 and 22 E Queen

Thompson William, 86 King and 25 Barry

Uppoo Charles, 67 Luke lane

Williams Charles, 8 Tower

Williams James, 131 Barry

Williams John, 46 and 153 Tower and 172 Orange

Williams Thomas, 34 Tower

Yong L., 102 Berry

Public Bath.


Streadick S. J., Rum lane


Briscoe Brothers, 135 Harbour

Burke John Milo, 14 King

Johnson Nathaniel, 18 Princess

Malabre Arnold L. & Co., 48 Port Royal

Nethersole W. A. and Nephew, 123 Water lane

Roxburgh & Sons, 115 Harbour

Sail Makers.

Caffrey Thomas, 151 Water lane

Christian L. B., 63 Port Royal

Polony Alexander, 179 Harbour


Gall James, Myrtle Bank Private Boarding establishment, 46 Harbour

Saw Filer.

Gerbet J. Ma, 193 Tower

Saw Mills.

American Saw Mill, Comer & Forbes, Fleet, c Harbour

Streadick, S. J., Rum lane

Sewing Machines.

Carillon A. C., 119 Water lane

Craddock John, 104 Tower

Shipping Agents.

Corty & Co., South c Orange

Ship Brokers.

Farmer Julius, Princess, c Port Royal

Levy Moses, 20 Port Royal

McCormack L. C., Orange c South

Ship Chandlers.

Baines George A. 52 Port Royal

Briscoe Brothers, 135 Harbour

Burke John Milo, 14 King

Ford Brothers, 136 Harbour

Hecks John, 117 Harbour

Malabre Arnold L. & Co., 48 Port Royal

Morris Henry, 12 Port Royal

Marble Workers, Sign and Ornamental Painters.

Blychenden & Wilson, 144 Harbour

Bonitto Frederic, 148 Harbour

Brandon A. & Son, 87 Harbour

Silicated, Carbon Filters.

DeCordovo [DeCordova] & Gall, agents, 131 Harbour

Stereoscopic Views

Thompson J. S. 7 Church


Bravo Phineas, 14 Orange

Goldring William, 103 Barry


Armstrong John B., 74 Tower

Atkinson George, 170 Orange

Blake James, r 6 East

Brock C. E., 88 Harbour

Brown Edward, 48 King

Brown Theophilus, 5 John's lane

Brown Thomas, 9 Church

Castello H., 13 Orange

DeLeon Z. M., r 153 Tower

DeSouza Horatio, 145 Harbour

Gonzales Y., 148 Tower

Gordon H. E., Water c Luke lane

Harris J., 104 Tower

Hibbard Peter, 1 John's lane

Keating E., 92 Barry

Kelly Walter M., 7 Church

Lacy Charles D., 111 Water lane

Lopez Christopher, 147 Harbour

Lopez Christopher A., 141 Harbour

Lipman Edward, 8 Peter's lane

Lindo James, 55 Luke lane

McCaw Obadiah, 156 Tower

Munro G. G., 15 Orange

Reid. Henry, 14 Church

Schrimpton John, 123 Tower

Scott Edwin A., 64 Barry

Sherwood Robert, 24 Luke lane

Skipton Theophilus B., 92 Tower

Smith James, 49 Luke lane

Whay Alex., 38 Matthew's lane

Williams Emanuel, 26 Luke lane

Williams Frederick, 29 Parade

Woolley Alexander, 11 Port Royal


Codner J. S., Water c South

DaCosta Henry, Harbour c High Holborn

Feurtado & Co. 1 Gold


Bory Francisco, 77 Water lane

DaCosta Horatio, 39 Port Royal

Henriques Thomas, 116 Tower

Leckhart Rosalind, 153 Water lane

London Tavern, 7 Port Royal

Persevering hotel, 128 Tower

Phillips A. R., 143 Water lane

Phillipps Charles J., 118 Tower

Robinson T. E., 13 1/2 W Queen

Ward James, 149 Harbour

Tea and Coffee

Coffee Steam Mills, King c Barry

DaCosta Samuel R., 137 Harbour

Telegraph Companies.

DeCordova & Gall, agents Reuter, Telegraph Company of London and Paris, 131 Harbour

West India and Panama, Duke c Port Royal


Butler H., 7 Princess

Duncan Caleb, r 122 Barry

Eberall A., 87 Princess

Fenton William, 1 Beckford

Johnson Henry, 81 Princess

Leonard Henry, r 95 Orange

Parkinson Robert, 82 Princess

Rodrigues Henry I., 57 Luke lane

Shaw James, 73 Luke lane

Smith Charles M., 127 Barry

Soares Augustus, 6 Beckford


Barnett Theodore, 50 Princess

DaCosta A., 11 Orange

Deries John, 46 Princess

DeSouza Joseph, 45 Princess

Dick Arabella, 44 E Queen

Francis William, 117 Princess

Hale Susan, 122 Barry

Hennis Maria, 6 Beckford

Jones Mary A., 59 Princess

Moore Charles, 84 Princess

Moore Edward, 144 Tower

Robertson Mary, 28 Luke lane

South Joseph, 142 Tower


Scott Isabella Mrs., 10 King

Umbrella Repairer.

Nicholas John, 174 Harbour


Aguilar Thomas N., Water c Mark lane

Berry Alexander, 109 Harbour

Harty W. Jr. & Co., 151 Harbour


Aguilar Thomas N., Water c Mark lane

Aitchison Frederick, 75 Princess

Engleton Robert, 24 Luke lane

Harty W. Jr. & Co., 151 Harbour

Laing Robert, 61 King

Reynolds George, 27 Spanish Town road

Wilson Henry, 44 Princess

Veterinary Surgeons.

Desportes Louis J., 39 Parade

Dunckerley & Carles, 115 Tower

Gray W., 31 Parade

May Robert, 31 East

Maynier Adolphe, Duke c Barry

Watchmakers and Jewellers.

Abrahams John T., 44 King

Andrews Arfred [Alfred?], 130 Tower

Figueroa T., 47 King

Lucas Sampson, 28 Orange Mackenzie E. Y., 96 Harbour

Macpherson James, 28 King

Milholland J. M., 86 Harbour

Morris J. B., 30 King

Whitbourne J, W., 19 King


Byles T. L., Princess Wharf, 186 Harbour

Wine and Liquor Merchants.

Ackermann & Elliott, 14 Port Royal

Branker Alexander, 4 Church

Cody H. W. & Co., 84 Harbour

DaCosta S. R., 137 Harbour

Desnoes P. & Son, 72 and 74 Port Royal

Finzi D. & Co., 28 Port Royal

Gadpaille Charles, 117 Water lane

Levy Moses, 20 Port Royal

Mendes, Samuel, 5 King

Millingen Joseph, 125 Water lane

Vendryes Charles L., 30 Port Royal

Wray & Nephew, 24 Port Royal

Wines and Liquors.

Ashbourne J. A., 2 Spanish Town road

Bonitto E. A., 69 Charles

DePass Henry J., adjoining Theatre Royal

Desnoes P. & Son, 31 Port Royal, 2 W Queen, 30 Luke lane, 25 North, 86 King, 83 Luke lane, 1 Heywood, 62 Oxford, 99 Princess, 133 Barry, 177 Tower, 98 Water lane, 57 Barry, 139 Tower, 15 Port Royal, 26 E Queen and 53 Tower

Desporte John L., 36 Spanish Town road

Hugg John W., 59 Harbour

Jolly Andrew, 20 W Prince

Kildare A. A., 139 Orange, and 79 Water lane

Lewis Simon, 17 Port Royal, and 168 Tower

Mendes James, 29 Laws

Moore Robert, 19 Port Royal and 27 West

Nichol Joseph, 13 E Queen

Norque Charles, 17 Port Royal

O'Hara Theodore J. P., 67 Luke 1ane

Perreno Antonio, 141 Tower

Pointer W. J., 14 E Queen

Robinson Thomas E., 138 Barry

Ross William, 102 Water lane

Smith William, 132 Tower

Vendryes Charles L., 36 Tower, 49 Barry and 89 Orange

Ward James, 3 Princess

Wray J. & Nephew, 13 W Queen, 100 Orange, 72 King, 33 Harbour and 105 Water lane

Wood R. T., Harbour c East

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