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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Hair Dressers.

DeCrosto James, 6 Church

Henry Joshua, 20 Orange

McLean William, 10 Orange

Nunes Augustus,.17 Duke

Povedo Juan, 7 Church and 167 Tower

Prego Juan, 76 Water lane

Thomas James, r 1 John's lane

Williams John, 2 Fleet

Wilson John, 16 Gold



Baines George A., 52 Port Royal

Brass John & Son, 97 Harbour

Briscoe Brothers, 155 and 157 Harbour

Burke John Milo, 14 King

Ford Brothers, 136 Harbour

Hecks John, 117 Harbour

Lyons Emanuel & Son, Harbour c King

Malabre Arnold L. & Co., 48 Port Royal

Nethersole.W. A & Nephew, 123 Water lane,

Harness Makers and Saddlers.

Ayton Timothy, 10 Orange

Brass John & Son, 97 Harbour

DaCosta Moses P., Water c Peter's lane

Eltringham Samuel, 139 Water lane

Faichney William, 109 Water lane

Flemmings John W., 145 Harbour

Hamilton James, 107 Water lane

Henriques A. A., 5 East

Husband T. C., 141 1/2 Water lane

Innes William, 81 Princess

McDonald John, 111 Harbour

McLarty Charles, 147 Harbour

Sayle Christopher, 65 Princess

Sinciair Henry, 141 Harbour

Todd Alexander, 28 Parade

Hats and Caps.

Cohen Hyman, 99 Harbour

Ellis E. & Co., 29 King

Lindo Fred, manager, 34 Port

Macpherson W. R. & Co., Harbour c Church

Morrice & Co., 108 Harbour

Myers Fred L., 35 King

Nathan & Co., 98 and 100 Harbour

Pinnock, Surridge & Co., King c Harbour

Hat Makers.

Feres Charles, 225 Tower

Richards J. W., 223 Tower


Roxburg & Sons, 115 Harbour

Horse Shoers.

Desportes Louis J., 39 Parade

Dunckerley & Carles, 115 Tower

Gray William, 31 Parade

May Robert, 31 East

Maynier Adolphe, Duke c Barry


Australia, James F. Ward, manager, 53 King

Blundell House, 8 East

Ice Companies.

Tudor Ice Co., 1 Duke

Ice Manufacturers

Jamaica Manufacturing Ice Co., William Arbouin Paine and William Robert McPherson, proprietors

Insurance Companies

Jamaica Co-operative Fire, 44 1/2 Port Royal, J. W., Humphrey, Secretary

Jamaica Marine, J. W. Humphrey, Manager

Jamaica Mutual Life, Port Royal c Duke, John S. Brown, Secretary

Insurance Agents.

British and Foreign Marine, McDowell & Barclay, 1 King

Commercial Union Fire, Life and Marine, McDowell & Barclay, 1 King

Equitable Life, Altamont De Cordova, 42 Port Royal

Guardian Fire and Life, John C. Fegan & Co., 58 Port Royal

Imperial Fire and Life, William Albouin Paine, 2 Little Port Royal

Jamaica Mutual Life Assurance,

Dignum A. B., Falmouth

Corinaldi S. G., Montego Bay

Ewen William, Grange Hill

Braham R. B., Mandeville

Cork Josias Rev., St. Ann's Bay

Cover C. S., Stewart Town

Goffe J. B., Port Maria

Bravo Moses, Old Harbour

Escoffery Alexander, Port Antonio

Hunt Joseph D., Rev., May Pen, Clarendon

Marshalleck D., Morant Bay

Davis C. H. Rev., Lucea

Jones Zachary, Sav la Mar

Liverpool, London & Globe, A. L. Malabre & Co., 48 Port Royal

London and Lancashire, Corty & Co., Orange c South

North British Fire and Life, Davidson, Colthirst & Co., 2 Church

Northern Fire and Life, DaCosta, Son & Co,. 50 Port Royal

Norwich Union Fire, Turnbull, Lee & Mudon 94 Harbour

Provident Clerks', W. Rastrick Lee, 6 Port Royal

Queen Fire and Life, William Malabre & Co., Harbour c King

Royal Fire and Life, Anderson & Watson, 8 Duke

Royal Marine, Pouter and Truax, 18 Church

Scottish Amicable, Life, Anderson & Watson, 8 Duke

Scottish Commercial Fire and Life, Turnbull & Co., 60 Port Royal

Standard Life, Hon. H. J. Kemble, 3 Duke

Sun Fire, Harvey & Bourke, 89 Harbour

Transatlantic Fire, C. Laloubere & Co., 4 Orange


Delgado Louis, 17 Maiden lane

Island Curiosities.

Gall James, 131 Harbour

Thompson J. S., 7 Church

Jewellers and Goldsmiths.

Charlton Edward, 22 Parade

Cruchley James, 107 Water lane

Derbyshire Joseph, 42 King

Desdunes Louis, 22 Church

Elliotte Louis, 40 King

Hendriks Walter G., 76 Water lane

Jones Eleazar, 13 W Queen

Morrison John, 169 Tower

Parke Charles W., 74 Water lane

Steele J. L., 48 King

Valverde J. M., 119 Orange

Wilson James, 13 Orange

Landscape Photographer.

Thompson J. S., 7 Church


Ahrens Elizabeth, r Theatre Royal

Hassock Elizabeth, 35 George's lane

Tenison C., 22 George's lane

Leaf Tobacco

Laugier & Co., 26 King


Brass John & Son, 97 Harbour

Briscoe Brothers, 135 Harbour

DaCosta Henry, 78 Water lane

Codner J. S., Church

Feurtado & Co., 121 Harbour

Malabre Arnold L. & Co., 48 Port Royal

Penso & Allen, 38 Princess

Silburn J. C., 72 1/2 Water lane

Livery Stables.

Desportes Louis J., 39 Parade

Gadpaille Charles, 117 Water lane

Morais Augustus, 2 Parade

Smith W., 25 Peter's lane

White Richard, 10 Duke

Lodging Houses.

Barkley Hall, Mrs. H. Gardner, 64 Harbour

Blake Harriet, 45 Orange

Clarendon House, Susan Foderingham, 23 East

Corinaldi Emma Mrs., 93 King

Farebrother Jane, 83 King

Fiddes House, Mrs. E. B, Lillie, 95 East

Grampian House, Jane Lamont, 87 Barry

New Blundell Hall, Louisa Grant, 7 East

Gosford Lodge, Mary Dewar, 1 High Holborn

Manchester House, Annette McFarlane, 70 King

McDowell Ann, 56 Duke

McMickan Catharine, 95 Water lane

Nosworthy Margaret, 5 East

Parade Villa, Sarah Hopgood, 38 Parade

Portland House, Mrs. Dias, 58 Harbour

Rogers Maria Mrs., 43 Fleet

Shaw Henrietta, 3 Hanover

Stewart Jane, 33 Duke

St. Thomas House, Susan Burton, 54 Hanover


Davidson, Colthirst & Co., 4 Church

Eden W., 2 East

Feurtado A., East End, Port Royal

Lyons Emanuel & Son, Harbour c King

Streadick S. J., Rum lane


Lewis Walter H., 171 and 173 Harbour

Marble Workers.

Blychenden & Wilson, 144 Harbour

Brandon A. & Son, 87 Harbour

Bonitto Frederic, 148 Harbour

Mercantile Agency.

Gall James, Stubbs's Mercantile Offices of London, 131 Harbour


Ackerman & Elliott, 14 and 32 Port Royal

Bennett Daniel, 9 Port Royal

Correoso Francis & Co., 11 King

Davidson, Colthirst & Co., 2 Church

DeCordova Altamon t, 42 Port Roya

Delgado & Co., 49 Port Royal

DePass J. H. & Co., 22 Port Royal

Finzi Daniel & Co., 28 Port Royal

Jones W. D. & Co., 18 Port Royal

Levy Charles & Co., 8 and 10 Port Royal

Levy Isaac & Co., 9 King

Levy Moses, 20 Port Royal c Church

Levy Philip, 142 Harbour

Malabre A. L. & Co., 48 Port Royal

Malabre Wm & Co., Harbour c King

Morrice & Co., 108 Harbour

Nunes R. Eustace, 62 Harbour

Paine William Arbouin, 2 Little Port Royal

Solomon Geo. & Co., 3 Church

Stern H., 3 Church

Stines & Co., 38 Port Royal

Vendryes Charles L., 30 Port Royal

Verley, Robinson & Co., 188 Harbour

Wray J. and Nephew, 24 Port Royal

Merchant Tailors.

Brown Thomas, 9 Church

Cripps, Scott & Co., 97 Harbour

DeCordova E. & Co., 8 King

Hendsriks Emanuel & Co., 12 Orange

Nathan & Co., 98 and 100 Harbour


Jones W. D. & Co., 18 and 90 Harbour

Milk Dealers.

Caquelard Maria, 6 Parade

Escoffrey John Mrs., 166 Tower

Guevarra Antonio, 145 Tower

Millinery Goods.

Ellis E. & Co., 29 King

Holt George, 124 Harbour

Macpherson W. R. & Co., 105 Harbour

Morrice & Co., 108 Harbour

Sargood Thomas, 18 Orange

Mosquito Netting

Ellis E. & Co., 29 King


Lofthouse Wilson &Co., 17 King

Music Teachers and Organists.

Browne Rosa, R. C. Cathedral, 72 Barry

Whitehorne James F., 16 King

Vollmer Michael, 98 Orange

Native Wines

Desnoes P. & Son, 72 and 74 Port Royal

Notaries Public.

Burke & Lee, 6 Port Royal

Hendrick Thomas, Court House, Harbour

Mattows Matthew F., 4 Church


Budget, C. L. Campbell, 146 Harbour

Colonial Standard, Church c Port Royal

Church Chronicle, 130 Harbour

Gleaner, M. DeCordova & Co., 148 Harbour

Jamaica Gazette, 12 Orange

Jamaica Instructor, E. Jordon, 103 Water lane

Mercantile Intelligencer, M. DeCordova & Co., 148 Harbour

Police Gazette, General Penitentiary

Telegrapic News Letter, James Gall, 46 Harbour

Paints and Oils.

Briscoe Brothers, 135 Harbour

Burke John Milo, 14 King

Nethersole W. A. & Nephew, 123 Water lane

Malabre A. L. & Co., 48 Port Royal

Parcel Express Agency.

Globe Express, G. W. Wheakey & Co.

Ocean Express, Nixon & King

European Express, Davis, Turner & Co.

Morris's Express, New York, DeCordova & Gall, 131 Harbour

Parlor Organs.

Francis James (Pinnock, Surridge & Co.,) King c Harbour

Lofthouse & Co., 17 King

Pouter & Truax, 18 Church

Patent Agents.

Anderson & Watson, 8 Duke

Peruke Maker.

Prego Juan, 76 Water


Forten Edmund Quincy, 12 Port Royal

McNab J. R., Reporter Legislative Council

Thomson S. Powell, Gleaner office


Bavastro O., 72 Harbour

Thompson J. S., 7 Church

Physicians and Surgeons.

Balmanya J. A., 17 East

Bowerbank, Anderson & Ogilvie, 91 Harbour

Cargill Jasper, Halfway Tree, St. Andrews

Cotter Arundel H., 52 King

Croskery Hugh, 85 East

Flower George, 34 Parade

Garcia Buena V., 36 Church

Gayleard Christopher, 75 King

Hillary M., 56 Duke

Lake Charles, 72 King

Maunsell H. E., 37 North

Mayner Joseph, 53 Church (homoeopathic)

Phillippo & Saunders, 16 Sutton, c Hanover

Ross D. P., Public Hospital

Scott James, 50 Church

Steventon William Public Hospital

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