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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Cunha Herbert A., 67 Duke

Henriques A.C., 91 King

Aerated Water Manufactories.

Hannan W. B., 13 Church

Ozouf & Co., 69 King

Paine William Arbouin, 2 Little Port Royal

Ale and Porter. (Brewery.)

Alberga G., 13 Orange

American Carriages.

Brass John & Son, 97 Harbour

DeCordova G. J., 76 Harbour

Turnbull, Lee & Mudon, 94 Harbour

Wilson H. C. & Co., 17 Port Royal

American Clock Company of New York

DeCordova & Gall, agents, 131 Harbour M

American News Company.

Gall James, agent, 131 Harbour

Art Union Agency.

London, Glasgow ang Edinburgh, James

Gall, 131 Harbour

Artificial Flowers

Nash James, Mrs., 181 Princess

Sargood Thomas, 18 Orange

Artificial Light.

DeCordova & Gall, agents, Silber Light Co., 131 Harbour

Associated Press of New York.

Gall James, agent, 131 Harbour

Auctioneers & Commission Agents.

Harty W. Jr. & Co., 151 Harbour

Levy Maurice, 3 Orange

Martin David and Nephew, 64 Port Royal

Stines Barnet Jr., 23 Port Royal

Stines Joseph, 44 Port, Royal

Turnbull Lee, & Mudon, 94 and 101 Harbour

Wilson H. C. & Co., 17 Port Royal


Archambeau John, 110 Tower

Fisher H. M. Mrs., 2 Temple lane

Hall Adam, 127 Tower

Levy Wilfred, 31 Luke lane

Nunes R. J., 75 Luke lane

Salsado Cecelia, 93 Barry

Smith Kelly, 39 Luke lane

Sollas Haim M., 21 Orange

Simon Conrad, 27 Orange

Verley, Robinson & Co., 188 Harbour


Colonial, 126 Harbour

Government Savings, 5 Port Royal

Barristers, Advocates and Solicitors

Aikman,William Bryan, 91 Harbour

Anderson & Watson, 8 Duke

Andrews William Jr., 11 Church

Bell Edward, 8 Church

Burke A. E., 12 Port Royal

Burke & Lee, 6 Port Royal

Dillet A. Mallory, 12 Church

Harvey & Bourke, 89 Harbour

Hendrick Thomas, Court House, Harbour

Lewis Edward W., 9 Port Royal

Lindo S. D., 12 Port Royal

McDougal Neil, 4 Church

Nathan Daniel P., 11 Port Royal

Oughton & Garsia, 6 Duke

Vendryes Henry, 88 Harbour

Vendryes Paul Emile, 86 Harbour

Bible Depot.

British and Foreign, C. H. Davis, 9 Church

Bill Brokers.

Bennett Daniel, 9 Port Royal

Hart Jonas, 168 Harbour

Samuels Arthur J., 82 Harbour

West James E., 13 Port Royal

Billiard Saloons

DePass Charles, 83 Harbour

DePass Henry J., 20 Port Royal

Gadpaille Charles, Water cor. Temple

Quallo David H., 78 Water lane,


Bean Robert, 90 Tower

Bradshaw William, 55 Barry

Desportes Louis J., 39 Parade

Dunckerley & Carles, 115 Tower

Goodall Henry, r 41 Parade

Gray William, 31 Parade

May Robert, 31 East

Maynier Adolphe, Duke cor. Barry

McCormack Louis L., 145 Water

McKenzie Louis, 3 Mark lane

Rugliss T., 108 Tower

Smith Samuel, 17 Parade

Bonded Stores

Desnoes P. & Son, 72 and74 Port Royal


Auld J. Murray & Co., 130 Harbour

Campbell Alexander, 17 Princess

DeCordova M & Co., 148 Harbour

DeCordova & Gall, 131 Harbour

Henderson George & Co., 127 Harbour

Levy George, Church and Port Royal

McCartney & Wood, 16 King

Booksellers and Stationers

Auld J. Murray & Co., 130 Harbour

Davis C. H., 9 Church

DeCordova & Gall, 131 Harbour

Henderson George & Co., 127 Harbour

Levy George, Church and Port Royal

McCartney & Wood, 16 King

Boot and Shoe Dealers.

Bewley J., 132 Harbour

Ellis E. & Co., 29 King

Howell A. T. H., 33 King

Laraque & Co., 118 Harbour,

Lindo, Fred., manager, 34 Port Royal

Mary Volney, D. Feres & Co., 104 Harbour

Morrice & Co., 108 Harbour

Moses Nancy, 139 Harbour

Myers Fred L. 35 King

Nathan & Co., 98 and 100 Harbour

Nunes Charles M. & Co., 21 King

Pinnock Surridge & co., King c Harbour

Boot and Shoe Makers.

Ashburn John, 16 E Queen

Audinett Augustus, 155 Tower

Blochet Felix, 203 Tower

Burritt George, 162 Tower

Cassis John, 10 and 12 Church

Cassis Joseph, 26 Luke lane

Chambers William, 75 Princess

Chaves James, 133 Barry

Curtis J., 4 Luke lane

Durant Henry, r 153 Tower

Edie Thomas, 164 Tower

Findlayson George, 23 W Queen

Fowler Alexander, 163 Tower

Fraser John H., 14 Tower

Garcia Benjamin, 81 Princess

Gouriage Charles, 32 King

Hamilton Thomas,132 Barry

Hale Henry, 122 Barry

Harris Daniel, 59 Barry

Harry Thomas, 74 Water lane

Hemming John S., 1 New Cross

Henriques Frederic, 156 Tower

Holcombe Richard, 38 Water lane

Husband Richard, 109 Barry

Jackson E. W., 92 Tower

Lakedyken John, 26 Duke

Lindsey David, 26 Luke lane

Mathias, Lewis & Co., 74 Water lane

Matthews E. G., 5 Gold

McCormack G. S., 121 Barry

McDowell William, 133 Water lane

McKenzie Charles T., 41 Tower

Morgan Thomas, 164 Princess

Morrison James, r 44 Laws

Muir William, 140 Mark lane

Pearce William, 13 Chancery lane

Planto Simon, 70 E Queen

Porter Donald, 83 Tower

Putnam Adolph, 86 Water lane

Revilla E. & Co., King c Tower

Rookwood Augustus, 18 Princess

Sanchez Henry, 25 Potter's row

Silburn J. C., 72 1/2 Water lane

Silvera A. J., 131 Water lane

Simans Alexander, 8 Orange

Smith Charles 100 Barry

Smith Richard, 2 Heywood

Smith Samuel, 205 Tower

Stephenson William, 195 Tower

Sterling William, 28 E Queen

Thibeau Alexander, 5 John's lane

Thomas Walter H., 92 Barry

Trowers George W., 53 Hanover

Watson James, 102 Orange

Whay Daniel, 22 Luke lane

White Reuben, 28 Beeston

Wilkins Ebenezer, 68 Princess

Wiltshire John, 16 Luke lane

Wren Matthew, 78 Charles


Alberga C. G., 13 Orange

Morais Nathaniel, 22 Orange

Nicholas J. W. & Co., 117 Tower

Bread Dealers

Brown Mary A., 6 W Queen

Burton Sophia, 181 Tower

Campbell Douglas, 145 Orange

Clarkson Julia, 54 Barry

Dadd Harriet, 32 E Queen

Forman Charlotte, 30 E Queen

Lindo Frances, 8 W Queen

Stredick J., 98 Tower

Verley, Robinson & Co., depot 17 Luke lane

Brick Manufacturers.

Facey Lovell T., 105 North

Lofthouse Wilson, 17 King

Cabinet Makers.

Aguilar Joseph, 28 Church

Aguilar Thomas N., Water lane c Mark lane

Alberga William. B., 3 Port Royal

Austin Joseph, 22 Church

Austin Peter, 73 Port Royal

Berry Alexander, 109 Harbour

Burrows Stephen, 49 Beeston

Cox Alexander, 14 Beckford

Davis Joseph, 18 Mark lane

Depass Solomon, 126 Barry

Estwick R. T., 89 Water lane

Lawrence C. H., 6 Princess

Lefebre Octavio, Peter's lane n Barry

Perneau C. H., 12 Princess

Rowley William, 151 Tower

Shaw F. M., 220 Tower

Skinner John, 10 Temple lane

Wright Frederick, 20 W Queen


Darling Jane, 85 Harbour

Reed William, r 77 Tower

Carpenters and Builders.

Adams George, 9 Church

Brennan J. W., 47 E Queen

Escoffry Alexander, 5 Peter's lane

Henriques Alexander, 5 Peter's lane

Henriques George, 17 Temple lame

Hurst Thomas, 127 Barry

Langley Stephen, 93 Duke Canadian Agency

Simpson Robert, 68 Water lane

Tate John, 126 Tower

Venice John 151 Water lane

Wilson Ebenezer, 19 Temple lane

Carpenters' Tools

Burke John Milo, 14 King


Roxburgh & Sons, 115 Harbour,

Pinnock, Surridge & Co., King c Harbour

Carriage Dealers

Brass John & Son, 97 Harbour

Turnbull, Lee & Mudon, 94 Harbour

Wilson H. C. & Co., 17 Port Royal

Carriage Manufacturers

Borrough E., 12 Mark lane

Brent Alfred, 111 Tower

DeCordova G. J_ 76 Harbour

DeSouza Reginald, 44 Hanover

DeVarris Horatio, 105 Barry

Goring G. F., 129 Tower

Hylton Samuel, 14 Duke

Mends, Alexander, 31 East

Monell Alexander & Co., 77 Harbour

Nelson Charles, 36 East

Pearson William, h 32 East

Carriage Materials

Burke John Milo, 11 King

China and Glassware

Burke John Milo, 14 King

Lyons George Jr., 123 Harbour,

Wilson H. C. & Co., 17 Port Royal

Chocolate Factory

Laugier F. & Co., 26 King

Cigar Makers and Dealers

Armas Antonio, 19 Parade

Barnes Theodore, 51 Tower

Curbello R., 81 Harbour

Deleon William, 125 Barry

Fajardo Diego, 187 Tower

Farris Augustus, 76 Princess

Fondin Stanislaus, 50 E Queen

Francis Edward, 25 W Queen

Gonzales G., 21 Orange

Harris James, 34 Barry and 25 Laws

Horruitnier Francisco, 159 Tower

Henriques Samuel, 111 Barry

Keffry James, 162 Tower

Laugier F. & Co., 26 King

Levy Alexander, 137 Water lane

Lopez Manuel, 130 Tower

Lyon Edwin B., 9 W Queen

Martinez Joseph, 115 Tower

McLeish George, 161 Harbour (leaf tobacco)

Mitchell William, 20 Parade

Monsalvatge R. Alfred, 55 King

Moodie Charles, 100 Barry

Oties Moses, 132 Barry

Palacios Y., 32 King

Pichardo Teofilo, 57 Barry

Paris Diego, 161 Tower

Penso John, 245 Tower

Plano Manrico, 155 Tower

Quesada L., 79 King

Sale Edward, 26 Parade

Senon Reno, 157 Tower

Shirley Ebenezer, 17 W. Queen, and 113 Water Lane

Thomas Coly, 2 Oxford

Ygnacio Toledo, 104 Tower

Cigar Manufacturers

Brandon James, 156 Harbour

Giscombe Felix B., 122 Tower

Gomes Casseres & Co., 191 Tower and 7 Church

Hencke J. C., manager 46 King

Machado B, & J. B., 9 Port Royal

Tamayo Bros., 122 Orange

Tejada Rafael, 31 King

Valiente & Badell, 29 Port Royal

Vila Lugardo, 96 Harbour and 147 Tower

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