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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Facey Boswell, assistant dispenser, 16 Sutton, h 105 North

Facey Ebsom, with E. D. Kinkead, h Smith's Village, Spanish Town road

Facey George S., clerk, h 22 Gold

Facey Lovell, brickmaker, 105 North, h same

Facey Luther H., 2d clerk General Penitentiary, h 44 Barry

Faichney William, saddler, 109 Water lane, h 5 Rosemary lane

Fajardo Diego, tobacconist, 187 Tower, h same

Falconer Eliza, manager, 11 Beckford, h 60 East

Falconer W. R., dispenser, Public Hospital, h same

Falla James, manager, 13 1/2 W Queen, h same

Falloon George, cabinet maker, 5 1/2 Gold

Farebrother Jane, lodging house, 83 King

Farmer Julius, ship chandler and contractor, Port Royal c Princess, h 9 Luke lane.

Farrier Mortimer, asst. traffic clerk, Jamaica Railway Co., h West

Fannin John J., with Wm. Goldring, h 33 John, Allman Town

Favie Frances, bread, 27 North, h same

Fegan Chas. M., with Pinnock, Surridge & Co., h Halfway Tree

Fegan John C. (John C. Fegan & Co.,) 58 Port Royal, h 4 Manchester square

Feegan John C. & Co., com. merchants, 58 Port Royal

Fegan Wm. F., with Altamont De Cordova, h 66 Harbour

Fenich Juan, with Eustace De Cordova, h. 102 Duke

Fenton Marian, widow, h 25 George's lane

Fenton William, tinsmith, 1 Beckford, h 20 John's

Ferdinand Louis, carpenter, 93 Love lane

Feres Charles, hatter, 225 Tower, h same

Feres J. D. (Volny Mary, D. Feres & Co.,) 104 Harbour, h 147 King

Ferguson Capt. Charles J. O'Neil, R. E., deputy director of Roads and Inspector of Railways, h Up Park Camp

Ferguson George, with Geo. Solomon & Co., h 86 Upper Mark lane, Manchester sq.

Ferguson Philip, with Turnbull & Co., h Manchester square

Ferris Augustus, cigar maker, 76 Princess, h 36 Matthew's lane

Ferris Carlotta, dry goods, 76 Princess, h 36 Matthew's lane

Ferris John, h 147 King

Ferro Abraham, inmate Jewish almshouse, 37 Duke

Ferro Louisa, widow, h 24 Hanover

Feurtado A., lumber, east end Port Royal

Feurtado Sarah, widow, h 1 George's lane

Feurtado Septimus, Mrs., h 55 Church

Feurtado Sigismund, provisions, 17 North, h 67 Mark lane

Feurtado Walter A., with Harvey & Bourke, h Cottage Grove Pen, Elletson road

Feurtado & Co., leather manufacturers and importers, 121 Harbour, tannery, 1 Gold

Field G. E. C., 2d. class inspector, Spanish Town

Figanier Rosalind, dry goods, 100 Princess, h 1 Rae

Figuieres S. G., 1st class clerk, Post Office, h 89 Duke

Figueroa Arnold D., with Pinnock, Surridge & Co., h 1 Laws

Figueroa Collins G., with A. Malabre & Co., h 1 Laws

Figueroa Henry F., reporter, Colonial Standard, h 73 Harbour

Figueroa John, h 1 Laws

Figueroa Joseph, h 69 Barry

Figueroa Joseph, with A. Malabre & Co., h Upper Rae Town

Figueroa Joseph E., with B. C. Corvalho, h 12 Barry

Figueroa Joseph G., with A. Malabre & Co., h 1 Laws

Figueroa Robert A., with P. Desnoes & Son, h 49 Fleet

Figueroa T., watchmaker and jeweller, 47 King, h 34 High Holborn

Finlayson Evan, cabinetmkr., h 12 John's lane

Findlayson George, shoemkr., 23 W Queen, h 110 West

Findlayson James, h 111 West

Finke & Co., dry goods and general merchants, 66 Port Royal

Finlay David, shoemaker, h 55 Hanover

Finlay James, porter, h 55 Hanover

Finn Wm. C., fisherman, h 15 Barry

Finzi Arthur S., 3d class clerk, Audit Office, h 105 East

Finzi Daniel (D. Finzi & Co.,) 28 Port Royal, h 105 East

Finzi Daniel & Co., merchants, 28 Port Royal

Finzi Edmund, with D. Finzi & Co., h 105 East

Finzi Eugene (D. Finzi & Co.,) 28 Port Royal, h 105 East

Finzi Louis, tailor, h 40 Smith lane

Fishbourne Susan, widow, h 174 Orange

Fisher Esther, widow, h 71 Harbour

Fisher Henry, bricklayer, h 13 Foster lane

Fisher H. M. Mrs., bakery, 2 Templelane, h 96 Duke

Fisher John, h 96 Duke

Fisher Samuel, h 96 Duke

Fitch A. R., 1st class outdoor officer, C. H., h 89 Water lane

Fitzgerald Mrs., h 77 Church

Fitzgerald J., messenger, ordnance dept., h 56 Water lane

Flack John, armorer, ordnance, dept., h do

Flanagan James, manager, 4 W Queen, h Hannah's Pen, St. Andrews

Flemmings John W., saddler, 143 Harbour, h 12 Wild, Allman Town

Fletcher C. T., clerk to Clerk of Legislative Council, h 117 Orange

Fletcher Sarah Mrs., widow, h 78 King

Fletcher Walter M. provisions, 21 East Queen, h 21 Potter's row, Rae Town

F1ower George, physician and druggist, 34 parade, h same

Fo Chaf, provisions, 76 Barry, h same

Foderingham Henry, with Laloubere & Co., h Clarendon House

Foderingham Susan, Clarendon House, 23 East

Fogarty W. O. R., 2d class clerk, Coll. Genl's office, h 71 Duke

Fondin Stanislaus, tobacconist, 50 E Queen, h same

Forbes Alexander A., clerk, Colonial Bank, h 47 High Holborn

Forbes Grace A., widow, h 12 E Queen

Forbes William D., (Comer & Forbes), h Myrtle Bank, Harbour

Forbes Alexander, h 47 High Holborn

Forbes Alexander, provisions, 55 Tower, h 62 same

Forbes Alexander, h 9 Ladd lane

FORD BROTHERS, hardware, 136 Harbour

Ford Henry (Taylor & Ford,) Harbour c King, h 71 Harbour

Ford James D., principal, Kingston University, 118 Duke, h same

Ford Joseph C., (Ford Bros ) 136 Harbour, h Retirement Pen, St. Andrew's

Forman Charles A., with T. L. Byles, h 55 Duke

Forman Charlotte, bread, 30 E Queen, h 10 Wildman

Forrest Susan, h 17 Fleet

Forten Edmund Quincy, stenographer with Charles Levy & Co., h 70 King

Fortune Concepcion, h 66 Orange

Foster Ann, widow, h 29 Sutton

Foster Edward A., 1st class clerk, Audit Office, h Primrose Cottage, Kingston Gardens

Foster Herbert, coach builder, h 29 Sutton

Foster John, supt., General Penitentiary, h at entrance gate

Foster S. F., lieutenant and garrison adjutant, 74 Hanover, h Bellevue

Foubister Amelia, h 38 John's lane

Foubister Simon, with Nathan & Co, h 43 Fleet

Fouche David, clerk, office Jamaica Street Car Co., h 43 Wildman

Fowler Albert, manager, 2 Temple lane, h same

Fowler Alexander, shoemaker, 163 Tower, h 2 Parade

Fowles James A., asst. surveyor C. H., 27 E Queen

Fowles James O., h 104 East

Fox Virginia, h 2 Maiden lane

Frager Susan, widow, h 43 Smith lane

Francesca Juan, h 60 Barry

Francis Edward, cigarmaker, 25 W Queen h Charles

Francis James (Pinnock, Surridge & Co., ) agent Mason & Hamlin organs, Harbour c King

Francis John, with Charles M. Nunes Co., h 24 John's lane

Francis Joseph, h 37 Maiden lane

Francis William, manager, 77 Orange Pink lane

Francis Wm., tinware, 117 Princess, h same

Franklin Benjamin A., honorary secretary City Dispensary, h 7 East

Franklin Eustace, h 119 West

Franklin George, h 10 Hanover

Franks Ruben, with N. Morais, h 7 Rae, Rae Town

Fraser John H., shoemaker, h 14 Tower

Fraser Elizabeth, widow, h 31 Foster lane

Fraser Mary, h 31 Foster lane

French Edward, accountant, h 16 Foster lane

French Letitia D., widow, h 16 Foster lane

Freshney John, warden, Lunatic Asylum

Frias Ciriaco, tobacconist, h 67 King

Friend John, foreman plate layer, Jamaica Railway Co., h Old Harbour

Fuller James, furniture, 140 Tower, h 60 Charles

Furray Emily, widow, h 55 Water lane

Fyfe Lawrence R., 1st class clerk, Colonial Sec. Office, h 141 East

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