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All years are in 1800s



04-Nov-1854 AARONS, Henry & Sophia; Elias Frederick

05-Apr-45 ALBERGA, Henry Alexander & Louisa; Flora Alice

20-Jan-46 ALBERGA, Henry Alexander & Louisa; Julia Emma

1857 ALBERGA, Henry Alexander & Louisa; Alma Florence

02-Nov-55 ALBERGA, Henry Alexander & Louisa; Clarence P.

28-Dec-52 ALBERGA, Henry Alexander & Louisa; Charles Granville

21-Mar-49 ALBERGA, Henry Alexander & Louisa; Clara Louisa

19-Feb-54 ALBERGA, Henry Alexander & Louisa; Louisa Eurilda

17-Apr-48 ALBERGA, Henry Alexander & Louisa; Adolphus

15-Feb-61 ALBERGA, Henry Alexander & Louisa; Celeste Irene






14-Nov-49 CASTLES, George & Rebecca; Alice

12-Jan-35 CORINALDI, Horatio & Eve; Edwin

12-Sep-36 CORINALDI, Horatio & Eve; Clara

11-Jan-38 CORINALDI, Horatio & Eve; Matilda

08-Aug-44 CORINALDI, Horatio & Eve; Phoebe

02-May-45 CORINALDI, Samah G. & Julia; Esther Simha

29-May-46 CORINALDI, Samah G. & Julia; George Lionel

02-Jan-48 CORINALDI, Samah G. & Julia; Mary

23-Jun-49 CORINALDI, Samah G. & Julia; Sidonia Charles

24-Oct-50 CORINALDI, Samah G. & Julia; Victoria

19-Jan-52 CORINALDI, Samah G. & Julia; Ellis

05-Apr-53 CORINALDI, Samah G. & Julia; Emma Eugenie

09-Jun-54 CORINALDI, Samah G. & Julia; Samah Gedelia

04-Nov-55 CORINALDI, Samah G. & Julia; Ann Rebecca

22-Jan-57 CORINALDI, Samah G. & Julia; Wellesley Bourke

12-Oct-61 CORINALDI, Edwin & Emma; Edith Alice

18-Oct-62 CORINALDI, Edwin & Emma; Eustace Charles

04-Jan-63 CORINALDI, Samah G. & Julia; Benjamin




27-Nov-46 DaCOSTA, Joseph Pireira; Benjamin

11-Feb-50 DaCOSTA, Walter R.; Oscar

08-May-52 deCASSERES, Benjamin & Louisa; Hanarel

01-Jul-56 deCASSERES, Amos A.; Benjamin Edwin

23-Aug-53 DELGADO, Charles & Harriette; Charles

14-Mar-55 DELGADO, Charles & Harriette; Mary Anne

?/ ?/1856 DELGADO, Charles & Harriette; Emma Phoebe

29-Mar-46 De LISSER, George & Lydia; Octavius Circ. by Michael Nunes

16-Jul-47 De LISSER, George & Lydia; Alfred Vincent

20-Sep-49 De LISSER, George & Lydia; Michael Angelo

11-Oct-52 De LISSER, George & Lydia; Alonzo

?unknown De LISSER, George & Lydia; Miriam

22-Jul-56 De LISSER, George & Lydia; Leopold













12-Aug-46 HART, Aaron & Louisa; Benjamin

12-Aug-47 HART, Aaron & Louisa; Lionel Benjamin

17-May-55 HENRIQUES, Aaron C. & Matilda; Sarah Cecrlia

12-Jun-56 HENRIQUES, Aaron C. & Matilda; Lydenham Phillips

16-Oct-57 HENRIQUES, Aaron C. & Matilda; Harriette Josephine

26-Mar-59 HENRIQUES, Aaron C. & Matilda; Emma Annette




22-Jun-45 ISAACS, Isaac & Elizabeth; Rosetta

?unknown ISAACS, Joseph & Esther; Rebecca Florence

05-Apr-49 ISAACS, Isaac & Elizabeth; Phoebe

06-Mar-50 ISAACS, Isaac & Elizabeth; Sophia

31-Mar-51 ISAACS, Benjamin & Rebecca; Benjamin

24-Mar-52 ISAACS, Aaron & Rebecca ; Caroline

28-Oct-52 ISAACS, Henry & Rebecca ; Emma Matilda

13-Apr-54 ISAACS, Isaac & Elizabeth; Henry

29-May-54 ISAACS, Henry & Rebecca ; Henry Joseph

20-Nov-54 ISAACS , Henry & Anna; Elizabeth

26-Jun-56 ISAACS, Henry & Anna; Daniel Michael

07-Oct-56 ISAACS, Henry & Rebecca ; Anna Wilmot

29-Sep-56 ISAACS, Isaac & Elizabeth; Florence

09-Nov-58 ISAACS, Henry & Anna; Ellis George

16-Apr-61 ISAACS, Henry & Rebecca; Asher Lyon

13-Oct-62 ISAACS , Henry & Rebecca ; Emanuel Phillips

05-Nov-63 ISAACS, Henry & Rebecca; George Ferdinand

06-Dec-64 ISAACS, Henry & Rebecca ; Walter Belinfanti

03-Jan-66 ISAACS , Henry & Rebecca ; Augustus

03-Apr-67 ISAACS , Henry & Rebecca ; Edith Naomi

? /10/68 ISAACS , Henry & Rebecca ; Ella








21-Mar-47 LEVY, Alexander & Miriam; Frederick

16-Apr-48 LEVY, Alexander & Miriam; Miriam

11-May-54 LEVY, Charles & Rosamund; Daniel Jacob

18-Apr-56 LEVY, Charles & Rosamund; Gloria Jane

21-Jun-58 LEVY, Charles & Rosamund; Ernest Augustus

23-Apr-60 LEVY, Charles & Rosamund; Michael

29-Jun-61 LEVY, George & Rachel; Elizabeth Clara

07-Aug-62 LEVY, George & Rachel; Celeste Eugenie

10-Sep-62 LEVY, Charles & Rosa; Edwin

17-Oct-63 LEVY, George & Rachel; Daniel Alexander

20-Sep-65 LEVY, George & Rachel; Rebecca Victoria

06-Oct-69 LEVY, George & Rachel; Albert Edward

?/?/1852 LINDO, Henry & Augusta ; Abraham Alexander

?/?/1854 LINDO, Henry & Augusta ; Frederick

19-May-57 LINDO, Henry & Augusta ; Charles Nunes

12-Feb-59 LINDO, Henry & Augusta ; Archibald

09-Jun-61 LINDO, Frederick & Grace; Robert Benjamin At Falmouth

28-Dec-62 LINDO, Frederick & Grace; Howard Frederick

24-Feb-65 LINDO, Frederick & Grace; Blanche Adelaide

30-May-68 LINDO, Frederick & Grace; Lydia Louise Lena

02-Jun-63 LINDO, Henry & Augusta ; Samuel

06-Nov-64 LINDO, Henry & Augusta ; Amos

13-Jan-67 LINDO, Henry & Augusta ; Wilfred Augustus




22-May-45 MAGNUS, Simon & Esther; June Anne

05-Mar-48 MAGNUS, Simon & Esther; Alice

10-Jul-49 MAGNUS, Simon & Esther; Richard Samuel

01-Apr-51 MAGNUS, Simon & Esther; Eugene Adolphe

07-Nov-54 MAGNUS, Simon & Esther; Bertha Florence

30-Sep-56 MAGNUS, Simon & Esther; Leopold Gustavus

03-Feb-49 MENDES, Abraham & Eliza P.; David deSola

08-Jul-49 MENDES, Abraham & Eliza P.; "boy"

10-Feb-65 MENDES, Albert & Phoebe; Blanche Eva

24-Feb-66 MENDES Albert & Phoebe; Rose Ethel

27-Sep-52 MILLINGAN, Henry & Sophia; Blanche Eva

24-Nov-49 MOSS, Richard & Caroline; Frances Jane




12-Sep-48 NUNES, Benjamin & Georgiana; Emma

12-Sep-48 NUNES, Benjamin & Georgiana; Zillah Emma

07-May-49 NUNES, Benjamin & Georgiana; ? Phillip

24-Feb-52 NUNES, Benjamin & Georgiana; Matilda Maria

18-Sep-53 NUNES, Benjamin & Georgiana; Emily

15-Jun-55 NUNES, Benjamin & Georgiana; Robert Eustace

16-Apr-57 NUNES, Benjamin & Georgiana; Rudolph Julian

21-Mar-62 NUNES, Benjamin & Georgiana; Gertrude

04-Aug-46 NUNES, Michael Angelo & Anne; Eliza Miriam

28-Jan-4? NUNES, Michael Angelo & Anne; Michael

04-Jul-48 NUNES, Michael Angelo & Anne; Eliza Miriam

_____ NUNES, Michael Angelo & Anne; Hermoine

02-Sep-53 NUNES, Raphael & Emma; Ida Alice

12-Nov-54 NUNES, Raphael & Emma; ? Lilian

27-Nov-55 NUNES, Raphael & Emma; Augustus Tancred

18-Apr-48 NUNES, Robert & Rebecca; Alice

14-Dec-50 NUNES, Robert & Rebecca; Robert Benjamin

____ NUNES, Robert & Rebecca; Augusta Hortense

17-Nov-71 NUNES, Theodore & Mary; Julian

29-Mar-73 NUNES, Theodore & Mary; Harold






15-Sep-48 PHILLIPSON, Adolphe & Helena; Julius




14-Apr-58 RODRIGUES, Lewis & Charlotte; Sarah

25-Apr-59 RODRIGUES, Lewis & Charlotte; Washington

01-Jun-61 RODRIGUES, Lewis & Charlotte; Florence Alice

15-Dec-63 RODRIGUES, Lewis & Charlotte; Louise Albertina


15-Aug-45? SIMONS, Samuel & Sarah; Ada Esther

04-Apr-47 SIMONS, Samuel & Sarah; Isabella

24-Oct-48 SIMONS, Samuel & Sarah; Michael Charles

25-Jan-50 SIMONS, Samuel & Sarah; Sarah Marian

12-Jan-52 SIMONS Samuel & Sarah; Phillip Augustus

These records were transcribed by Richard Facey from an Index submitted to him by the late Ernest deSouza (Spiritual Leader of the United Congregation of Israelites in Kingston) to be put in a database.

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