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Bridegroom; Bride Date of Marriage

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Moralles [Morales], Moses; Elizabeth DeLisser 1/2/1809

Morais, Abraham; Esther D'Costa 8/11/1809

Moreno, Aaron L.; Sarah Bonitto 4/3/1812

Martin, Mordecai Ns.; Abigail D'C. Mattos 23/9/1812

Moreno, Abraham L.; Rebecca G. Farro 23/9/1812

Moralles [Morales], David; Abigail Dolphin 7/3/1813

DeLeon, Elias; Grace P. Mendez 24/1/1816

Magnus, Hyam; Rachel D'Costa 21/2/1816

Moreno, Abraham L.; Esther Ns. Flamengo 16/10/1816

Mendez, Isaac P.; Rebecca Campos 26/3/1817

Mendez, Samuel P.; Esther Messias 18/6/1817

Mendez, Abraham of Solomon P.; Abigail G. Henriques 11/8/1819

Mesquitta, Daniel of Daniel; Deborah Cardoza D'Costa 26/7/1820

Moreno, Emanuel L.; Bonitto, Marion Solomon 2/10/1820

Monsanto, Jacob; Abigail of Isaac Pinto 8/8/1821

Motta, Aaron; Miriam of Gideon Sollas 6/11/1822

Mendez, Daniel L. P.; Leah of David Barnett 18/2/1824

Mordecai, Moses Sebi bar; Sarah of Jacob Israel Bravo 11/8/1824

Mendez, Benjamin P.; Leah of David Afflalo 6/10/1824

Melhado, Jacob Henriques; Rebecca of Daniel H. Melhado 23/3/1825

Maduro, Samuel L.; Abigail widow of David DeMercado 26/3/1829

Melhado, Benjamin H.; Rachel of Isaac Mendez 17/4/1829

Morais, Moses of Joshua; Rebecca L. Moreno 11/11/1832

Maduro, David L.; M. Berry 4/12/1834

Moralles, Dr. Moses; Louisa DeLisser. 17/12/1834

Melhado, Elias Henriques; Benvenista widow of Jacob Israel Henriques 13/4/1835

Mudahy, Perez; Rebecca of Jacob Delapenha 9/3/1836

Maduro, Mordecai; Elizabeth of J. Bennett 27/3/1836

Melhado, Nathaniel; Sarah of Jacob Henriques 21/6/1838

Mitchell, Jacob; Elvira of Jacob DePass 4/11/1838

Melhado, Solomon; Matilda Feurtado 7/11/1838

Morais, Joshua of Josh.; Sarah of Josh. R. DaCosta 19/6/1839

Morais, Moses M.; Rachel Vaz 9/2/1840

Mendez, David of Daniel P.; Julia of Jacob O. Feurtado 23/9/1840

Moralles, Abraham of David; Rebecca of Isaac DeCasseres 6/3/1842

Morais, Solomon of Moses; Hannah of Moses Mordecai 5/2/1843

Mendez, Joseph of Israel P.; Sarah of Mordecai N. Martin 13/3/1841

Maduro, David L.; Sarah of Moses Salome 4/8/1844

Montforte, Joshua Morais; Rachel widow of Abraham N. Henriques 26/1/1845

Mesquitta, Daniel; Sarah of David Rodriques 14/9/1845

Moralles, Alexander of David; Marian Chalmers 6/6/1847

Mendez, Abraham P.; Rebecca Aaron H. Quallo 30/9/1849

Melhado, Abraham of Benjamin; Rebecca of Moses Rodriques 28/7/1852

Martin, David of Ns. Martin; Lavinia of David Alexander 13/6/1855

Mudahy, Jacob Perez; Rachel of Isaac G. DePass 9/4/1856

Morales, A. of David; Elvira of Alexander Dolphy 16/4/1856

Morais, Nathaniel; Esther of Abraham H. DeSouza 14/5/1865

Maduro, Samuel; Rachel Staniger 29/11/1866

Morais, Amos; Esther of Joshua Morais Montforte 3/4/1867

Morais, Ernest; Esther of Aaron H. DeSouza 18/8/1867

Morais, Aaron; Caroline Morais 19/10/1870

Maduro, Abraham L.; Julia Ruben 30/7/1871

Maduro, David L.; Judith widow of Charles Bonitto 7/12/1871

Melhado, C. H.; Rachel C. Henriques 15/9/1875 in Spanish Town

Motta, Daniel Isaacs; Constantia Brandon 9/2/1876

Morais, M. J. M.; Agnes Josephine Lopez 28/11/1877

Morais, Nathaniel; Sarah Vaz 15/12/1889

M___, D. J. L.; Annette Samuels 19/10/1892

Morais, Moses; Lurline M. Leon 31/1/1894


Nunes, Abraham Israel; Sarah Henriques 9/10/1814 in Port Royal

Netto, Joseph N.; Esther M. DeLeon 27/6/1821

Nunes, Robert Israel; Rebecca of Jacob DePass 8/10/1843

Nunes, Charles; Elizabeth widow of Emanuel L. Fonseca 18/1/1865

Nunes, Theodore; Mary G. Corinaldi 18/1/1871 in Montego Bay

Nieto, David Haim; Esther Belasario 26/3/1873

Nunes, Robert E.; Lilian of P. C. Labott 31/12/1878


Palache, Mordecai; Elizabeth Isaacs 18/5/1813

Pereira, Daniel Fernandes; Abigail Salom 17/11/1813

Pereira, Jacob Israel Mendes; Mar_ne of David R. D'Costa 16/2/1820

Pereira, Rfl. Fernandez; Judith of Isaac Solom 18/8/1820

Pereira, Rl. J.; Abigail Jacob L. Cespedes 7/4/1824

Pinto, Isaac Abraham; Esther of Aaron Delapenha 16/4/1830

Pinto, Samuel; Deborah widow of D. Mesquitta 4/1/1835

Pereira, Ralph; Rebecca H. Quallo 10/9/1837

Pinto, Abraham of Abraham; Emily Gompertz 1/9/1839

Penso, Joseph; Sarah of Isaac M. DeLeon 28/6/1840

Pinto, Jacob Isaac; Judith widow of Saul Gad 20/4/1845

Pinto, Moses, Abraham; Sophia Gompertz 17/1/1847

Pereira, Jacob of Rfl.; Rachel of C. Belinfante 18/3/1850

Pinto, Jacob of Moses; Amanda of Abraham Jessurun 18/2/1852

Pereira, Jacob; Rebecca Jessurun 13/3/1873

Pinto, Abraham of Moses; Bertha Florence Magnus 9/12/1874

Pinto, Benjamin; Edith Brandon 29/7/1885

Pinto, Rudolph; Deborah DeSouza 27/1/1886


Quallo, Aaron; Hannah Frinsey 10/1/1818

Quallo, El. Henriques; Rebecca of Elias Rivers 19/5/1826

Quallo, David Henriques; Rebecca of Emanuel DeLeon 8/8/1858


Rodrigues, Solomon; Rachel Hanniger 30/12/1813

Rebeiro, Aaron Ns.; Rachel Jacob Cespedes 18/5/1814

Robles, Jacob; Sarah Abraham Moralles 1/11/1815

Rodrigues, Moses; Rachel Andrade 24/11/1819

Rodrigues, Benjamin; Rachel Magnus widow of Hyam Magnus 24/2/1820

Ricardo, Moses; Henrietta of Aaron Tavares 6/12/1841

Rodrigues, Joseph of David; Marian of Abraham Sanches 14/2/1847

Rodrigues, Solomon of Moses; Emma of Daniel Wolfe 17/8/1856 in Spanish Town

Ruben, Henry Emanuel; Eliza Miriam Nunes 26/5/1872


David Mendes Seixas; Sarah of Solomon Bonitto 11/1/1809

Sanches, Abraham; Rebecca Mendes Sollas 10/10/1810

Sanches, Abraham; Judith Levy 20/5/1812

Seixas, Samuel Mendes; Rachel Henriques 2/12/1812

Mst. Shannon; Rachel B. Tavares 20/10/1813

Safarty, Moses; Rebecca Fonseca 19/11/1815

Soares, David Jacob; Rebecca Almeyda 30/8/1815

Salom, Isaac; Judith Blogg 20/12/1815

Silvera, Isaac Athias; Phoebe Abrahams 26/11/1817

Soares, Phineas; Hannah of David Silva 7/2/1821

Sanguinnetti, Jacob of Jacob; Judith of Emanuel DeLeon 14/1/1824

Shanon, Joseph; Gidla P. Phillips 16/5/1824

Silva, Moses G.; Elizabeth of Isaac G. Mesquitta 7/7/1824

Silvera, Isaac Athias; Briney of Frances N. Cohen 3/3/1828

Salmon, Robert; Rachel of Aaron H. Melhado 27/1/1830

Seixas, Daniel M.; Esther L. Barnett 8/7/1832

Sanguinetti, Jacob of Jacob; Caroline of Abraham Abrahams 18/9/1832

Sollas, Moses Mendes; Leah Mos? 25/9/1833

Salmon, Robert; Jane Sophia widow of Henry Lyon 13/1/1834

Soares, Isaac of Phineas; Judith of Eleazer Magnus 28/7/1839

Soares, Isaac; Abigail widow of A. L. Fonseca 22/3/1842

Sanguinetti, Elias of Jacob; Jane widow of Isaac Dias 7/8/1843

Soares, Abraham of David; Rachel of Isaac Benjamin 3/12/1843

Salmon, Charles of Abraham; Frances of Moses Isaacs 22/1/1850

Soares, Jacob D.; Abigail of David Soares 13/1/1858 in Linstead

Seixas, Emanuel; Adelaide of Jacob D'Costa 29/6/1864

Sollas, David of Moses M.; Hannah of Benjamin Melhado 6/6/1866

Sollas, Haim; Emily of Caspar Davies 15/6/1869

Seixas, Emanuel; Alice Maud DaCosta 19/5/1870

Salom, Aaron; Esther of Levi Maduro 29/1/1871

Sollas, Gad M.; Miriam Dolphy 17/12/1879

Sasso, Isaac Abraham; Julia Alice N. Henriques 25/7/1883

Sollas, Aaron M.; Irene B. Mordecai 9/1/1901


Tavares, Daniel; Rebecca of Jacob Ns. Vaz 27/2/1811

Tavares, Jacob; Rebecca Gabay 20/10/1813

Tavares, Aaron Bn.; Leah of Jacob Vaz 4/12/1816

Tavares, Abraham; Rachel G. Mesquitta 15/12/1819

Tavares, Moses Emanuel; Rachel of Moses G. Henriques 1/10/1823

Tavares, Jacob N.; Luna of Jacob R. DaCosta 11/12/1837

Tavares, Benjamin; Leah of Jacob DaCosta 8/12/1839

Tavares, Emanuel of Jacob; Judith of R. Fernandez Pereira 4/9/1842

Tavares, Emanuel of Jacob; Leah of Joseph R. DaCosta 14/12/1852

Tavares, E. L.; Blanche Stines 8/12/1886


Victoria, Abraham; Brana L. Maduro 27/8/1815

Vaz, Phineas N.; Leah widow of Aaron Tavares 20/5/1824

Vaz, Isaac N.; Sarah of Moses D'Crasto 6/2/1828

Vaz, Jacob of Jacob N.; Marian of Jacob R. C'Costa 25/2/1828

Vaz, Abraham N.; Marion P. Mendez 9/12/1839

Vaz, Abraham Joseph; Esther of Samuel Spyers 15/11/1843

Vaz, Isaac N.; Esther of Raphael P. DaCosta 21/6/1846

Vaz, Jacob junior; Grace of D. C. D'Azevedo 19/3/1865

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