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Feurtado, Jacob Mendes; Sarah Pereira 8/8/1811

Fereira, Joseph H.; Abigail D'C. Mattos 11/3/1812

Fereira, Abraham H.; Sarah L. Maduro 26/4/1812

Feurtado, Jacob; Rachel D'C. Alvarenga 24/6/1812

Ferro, Abraham; Simha Pereira 2/12/1812

Fonseca, Emanuel L.; Charlotte Mercado 1/7/1813

Fonseca, Jacob L.; Sarah widow of J. Hqs. Fereira 29/6/1815

Fernandez, Isaac Ds.; Deborah Fobbar 17/1/1821

Fonseca, Aaron L.; Abigail of Naphtali Cohen 28/5/1823

Fernandez, Isaac D.; Rachel of Moses Jessurun 27/5/1829

Feurtado, Joseph; Louisa Abrahams 5/8/1833

Fonseca, Samuel; Rebecca Cardozo 11/12/1839

Feurtado, Septimus Isaac; Matilda of Alexander Abrahams 8/1/1843

Ferro, Abraham S.; Louisa of Manasseh Brandon 26/5/1844

Finzi, Daniel Judah; Leah of H. N. Carvalho 25/12/1844

Fonseca, Sl. Aaron; Sarah of Jacob Monsanto 22/3/1846

Feurtado, Septimus of Jacob M.; Louisa of David Burnett 4/1/1849

Feurtado, Isaac of Jacob O.; Esther of Isaac Iffla 6/4/1851

Fonseca, Emanuel L.; Eliza of Abraham Jacobs 20/12/1857

Franks, Abraham H.; Sarah Jacobs ?


Garcia, Jacob Moses; Sarah Monsanto 9/9/1818

Garcia, Solomon; I. Ahel M. DeLeon 28/6/1820

Gedellia, Isaac; Fanny Cohen 5/6/1821

Gadgee, Joseph Saul; Judith of Samuel N. Henriques 3/4/1822

Gideon, David; Sarah of Samuel Leon 9/2/1825

Gideon, Moses; Frances of Moses Hart 28/10/1829

Garcia, Dr. Aaron; Sarah of D. Emanuel Melhado 18/8/1830

Garcia, Isaac; Rebecca of Abraham H. DeSouza 27/9/1837

Sampson, David Gideon; Rahel of Solomon Henriques 8/5/1853

Garcia, Solomon; Rebecca Melhado 13/9/1871


Henriques, Abraham N.; Judith Ns. Henriques 21/6/1809

Henriques, Isaac C.; Sarah Franks 6/6/1810

Henriques, Isaac; Judith of Israel Braco 12/1/1814

Henriques, David Israel; Esther N. Henriques 9/2/1814

Henriques, Isaac (Lara); Esther Leon 31/3/1817

Henriques, Abraham G.; Rebecca G. Silva 7/5/1817

Henriques Dr. Moses N.; Hannah of Abraham N. Henriques 16/9/1821

Hatchwell, Isaac; Rebecca of Abraham Fernandez 22/5/1822

Henriques, Abraham N.; Rachel of David Aflalo 23/7/1823

Henriques, Daniel N.; Simha of Moses Ramos 9/2/1825

Henriques, Moses Q.; Moralles, Grace L. D. 18/2/1828

Henriques, Emanuel Isaac; Yh. of Abraham P. Mendez 25/3/1829

Henriques, Daniel; Judith Isaac Brandon 12/8/1829

Henriques, Abraham Y.; Esther Levy 22/6/1831

Henriques, Solomon Isaac; Judith Marache 14/6/1831

Henriques, Armand; Marion Joseph R. Brandon 20/2/1833

Henriques, Isaac son of Isaac; Rebecca of Samuel Pinto 5/6/1835

Hyman, Nathaniel of Joseph; Matilda Godfrey 29/12/1841

Hyman, Joseph of Joseph; Mildred of Joshua DeCordova 9/11/1842

Henriques, David of Isaac; Sarah of Solomon C. Belinfante 13/8/1843

Henriques, Joseph Augustus of Joseph Israel; Louisa of Isaac Lopez 20/8/1843

Henriques, Abraham of Aaron N.; Esther widow of A. L. Moreno 15/2/1844

Henriques, Simon C.; Rebecca of Isaac P. Mendez 11/9/1844

Henriques, Amos of Benjamin Isaac; Judith of Solomon Lazarus 3/11/1847

Henriques, Phillip C.; Rebecca of Mordecai N. Martin 14/3/1850

Henriques, Eleazer of Isaac; Rebecca of Abraham Berry 21/9/1850

Henriques, Isaac of Benjamin B.; Esther of Jacob H. DeSouza 9/5/1852

Henriques, Daniel of Isaac C.; Louisa of Abraham Pinto 23/1/1853

Henriques, Abraham of Abraham; Louisa Bonitto 13/2/1853

Henriques, Isaac of Isaac C.; Rachel of Jacob R. D'Costa 31/5/1857

Henriques, Nathaniel S.; Rebecca of Jacob DePass 13/7/1859

Henriques, Isaac C.; Miriam of Abraham Tavares 14/1/1863

Henriques, Isaac Cohen; Deborah Sarah Abrahams 1/1/1871

Henriques, Isaac; Hannah of Isaac Vaz 8/6/1873

Henriques, Joseph C.; Esther of Isaac Abisdid 10/3/1875

Henriques, David C.; Gaudiana Salmon 7/6/1876

Henriques, Daniel Isaac Charles Cohen; Louisa Theresa Spyer 26/1/1881

Henriques, Charles Cohen, clerk aged 19, 45 Hanover Street, father Simon Cohen Henriques; to Naomi Sultana Delevante, aged 18 of 87 King Street, father Jacob Delevante (decd). Married 22/1/1882 at King Street by A. H. Neito. Witness I. C. Henriques, Senior. Registration #A590.

Henriques, Jacob Cohen; Edith Alice Corinaldi 11/10/1882

Henriques, Abraham R. H.; Estella Franks 27/1/1886

Henriques, Charles C.; Esther 11/9/1889

Henriques, Fred C.; Minnie Amelia Abrahams 3/4/1890

Henriques, Philip D. C.; Isoline B. Samuel 24/3/1897


Iffla, Isaac; Judith Campos Pa. 23/9/1812

Iffla, Isaac; Lucretia Henry Levy 22/10/1817

Ishak, Akibah Bar alias John Levy; Esther Mendez Pereira 19/3/1823

Iffla, Moses; Rachel of Jacob DePass 6/7/1823

Iffla, Isaac; Marion Botibal 19/3/1834

Iffla, Joseph of Aaron; Esther of Isaac H. DeSouza 25/5/1845

Iffla, Solomon of Isaac; Rachel of Benjamin I. Henriques 7/7/1847

Iffla, Joseph; Rachel of Moses Henriques 7/6/1857

Isaacs, Henry J.; Caroline of Abraham H. DeSouza 30/6/1877

Iffla, David; Imogene Barry 24/10/1888


Jessurun, Abraham; Abigail of Abraham D'Campos [no date]


King, Jacob; Abigail Kirros 2/2/1809


Lindo, Abraham; Luna Henriques 5/1/1812

Levi, Joseph A.; Esther Lopez (Fa.) 12/3/1815

Lazarus, Abraham; Judith Salom 15/1/1817

Lazarus, Solomon; Rebecca of Isaac Israel Mendez 17/3/1819

Leattad, Mordecai; Leah of Joshua Naar 23/6/1819

Lazarus, Solomon; Rebecca of Isaac G. Mesquitta 27/3/1822

Labatt, Robert C.; Louisa of Abraham H. DeSouza 26/1/1823

Lindo, Samuel Y.; Rebecca of I. C. Belinfante 16/1/1828

Leon, Moses Solomon; Esther of Joseph Levy 22/11/1829

Lopez, David; Luna of Abraham DaCosta 6/11/1833

Lazarus, Aaron; Hannah of Isaac H. DeSouza 12/8/1835

Lopez, Michael; Rebecca of Joseph N. Netto 11/10/1840

Lazarus, Sl. Solomon; Sarah of Abraham Lazarus 2/7/1843

Lopez, Elias of Isaac; Ziporah widow of Joseph Lindo 3/1/1844

Levy, Isaac of George; Rebecca of Emanuel Barrow 29/11/1846

Lebatt, Phillip of Abraham; Judith of Joshua DeCordova 21/2/1848

Lenior, Jacob of Isaac; Leah widow of Moses Cardozo 1/12/1848

Lindo, Henry of Abraham; Rebecca of Alexander Lindo 11/6/1851

Lindo, Sl. Samuel; Floretta of Abraham Jessurun 28/2/1852

Lindo, Benjamin of Elias; Frances of Louis Lewis 24/1/1855

Lindo, Alfred Alexander; Rebecca of Alexander Joseph Lindo 21/11/1860 in Moneague

Lindo, Alexander of Joseph; Miriam of Amos D'Costa 22/1/1862 in Port Maria

Lopes, Charles of David; Emma of Abraham Vaz 23/5/1866

Lopes, Joseph Vaz; Abigail of Samuel Lopes 1/9/1872

Lopes, Solomon Vaz; Hannah Corcoss 17/9/1873

Lindo, Gilmore C.; Irene of Osmond Delgado 26/8/1874

Lindo, Bertram G.; Eliza Augusta Delgado 22/10/1879

Lindo, Augustus Abraham; Julia of Charles Stines 9/11/1881

Lindo, Frederick; Lilian Lydia DeLisser 14/8/1883

Levy, Ernest; ______ 12/3/1885

Levy, E. W.; L. Barham 1893

This Index was provided to this website by Richard Facey and had been submitted to him by the late Ernest deSouza (Spiritual Leader of the United Congregation of Israelites in Kingston, Jamaica) to be put in a database.

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