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Morais, Rebecca Sanches 28/6/1809

Morales, Esther 14/2/1810

Morales, Isaac Solomon 21/4/1810

Matana, Judah 7/6/1810

Morales, Rebecca -- Jacob 31/7/1810

Melhado, Abraham Henriques 9/10/1810

Morais, Esther -- Abraham 22/10/1810

Monsanto, Esther -- Isaac 28/10/1810

Mattos, Isaac Isaac DeCastro 26/5/1811

Mattos, Daniel DeCastro 19/8/1812

Mendez, Abigail P. 13/10/1812

Maduro, Solomon L. 19/6/1813

Morais, Moses 9/8/1813

Moreno, Rebecca wife of A. L. 13/1/1814

Morao, Sarah S. 27/12/1814

Mendez, Isaac Jacob 10/1/1815

Monsanto, Isaac 21/4/1815

Morao, Moses Sanches 20/5/1815

Maduro, Rachel Solomon 27/5/1815

Mesquitta, Daniel 25/7/1815

Miranda, Abraham Rodrigues 19/11/1815

Morales, Rachel Benjamin 21/11/1815

Montefiore, Jacob 21/5/1816

Monsanto, David Rodrigues 30/9/1816

Monsanto, Judith -- Isaac 12/10/1817

Mattos, Abraham DeCastro 4/12/1817

Messias, Samuel 25/2/1818

Morales, Benjamin 29/12/1818

Melhado, Jacob I. Henriques 25/7/1819

Mendez, Abigail widow of Solomon Abraham P. 14/8/1819

Mendez, Isaac Israel 30/3/1820

Morales, Jacob 1/9/1820

Maduro, Joseph L. 12/7/1821

Moreno, Emanuel L. 17/9/1821

Messias, Benjamin 30/10/1821

Mendez, Rebecca widow of David P. 14/12/1821

Mesquitte, Rachel Hh. G. 13/12/1821

Morales, Solomon 25/7/1822

Martin, Judith Is. 8/12/1822

Mendez, Joseph S. 16/2/1823

Maduro, Jacob Solomon L. 18/10/1823

Maduro, Rebecca of Solomon L. 21/10/1823

Morao, Abigail S. 26/2/1824 in Spanish Town

Messias, Rebecca 10/10/1824

Morales, Esther widow of Solomon 11/1/1825

Mendez, Abraham of Abraham P. 14/1/1825

Melhado, Aaron Henriques. 30/3/1825

Mattos, Rachel widow of Ezra D’C. 8/4/1825

Mendez, David 7/8/1825

Maduro, Moses L. 30/9/1825

Morales, Abigail widow of Isaac 15/1/1826

Moreno, Leah of Aaron L. 15/1/1826

Mesquitta, Isaac Gomes 23/1/1826

Mordecai, Levi bar 3/2/1826

Mendez, Samuel Abraham P. 14/6/1826

Martin, Esther of Isaac 29/6/1826

Melhado, Dina wife of Isaac H. 27/7/1826

Moreno, Abraham S. 10/8/1827

Melhado, Sarah wife of Benjamin H. 28/10/1827

Mendez, Jacob Abraham P. 19/12/1828

Monforte, Esther wife of Joshua M. 22/2/1829

Mesquitta, Daniel 24/4/1829

Mesquitta, David of Daniel 5/6/1829

Mendez, Rebecca wife of Isaac L. P. 3/9/1829

Mendez, Abigail wife of Abraham 26/3/1830

Mendez, Rebecca wife of Isaac S. D. P. 6/2/1830

Moreno, Aaron L. 19/8/1830

Maduro, Leah wife of David L. 11/5/1831

Melhado, George son of Emanuel and Leah 10/7/1831

Mesquitta, Hannah Simha of Daniel 9/6/1832

Mendez, Samuel of Abraham P. 5/3/1833

Morales, Bathsheba wife of David Moses 7/3/1833

Mendez, Esther widow of Samuel Abraham P. 26/2/1834

Melhado, Sarah wife of Elias Henriques 5/7/1834

Mendez, Samuel David Pereira 28/10/1834

Maduro, Abigail of David L. 11/1/1835

Martin, Mordecai Nunes 7/8/1835

Mendez, David Pereira 4/9/1835

Monsanto, Jacob of Isaac 27/10/1835

Miranda, Leah widow of Abraham Rodrigues 4/1/1836

Mesquitta, Abraham Gomes 14/4/1836

Mendez, Benjamin Pereira 18/7/1836

Mesquitta, Gideon of Daniel 4/11/1836

Monsanto, Esther of Isaac 29/11/1836

Melhado, Elias Henriques 10/12/1837

Motta, Aaron 26/2/1838

Mesquitta, Esther widow of Isaac Gomes 29/6/1838

Mattos, Joshua Carillo Demattos 18/11/1839

Mattos, Rebecca widow of Moses DeCastro 22/1/1840

Mendez, Mrs. Esther 2/6/1840 interred in Spanish Town

Morais, Rebecca widow of Solomon Moses 15/4/1841

Messias, Joshua 3/3/1843

Maduro, Daniel of Moses L. 20/7/1843

Morais, David of Moses 12/2/1843

Maduro, Esther bastard daughter of 14/6/1844

Morales, Dr. David 6/7/1844

Morais, Sarah wife of Joshua Junior 4/9/1844

Maduro, Jacob of Moses L. ____

Morais, Moses of Moses Jnr. 17/12/1844

Melhado, Esther widow of Abraham Henriques 9/4/1845

Maduro, Esther widow of Moses L. 6/9/1846

Morais, Judith daughter of Moses and Rachel 27/10/1846

Mesquitta, Aaron Isaac G. 30/6/1846

Montforte, Moses Joshua Morais 20/12/1847

Mendez, Rachel wife of Samuel Pereira 8/2/1848

Montforte, Joshua Moses Morais 1/4/1848

Morais, Abraham of Moses 3/10/1848

Mesquitta, Esther 19/3/185-

Mendez, Isaac P. Jnr. 8/11/1850

Monsanto, Judith 17/11/1850

Mudahy, Angelina 19/11/1850

Mendez, Daniel Pereira 22/11/1850

Mendez, David Daniel Pereira 20/7/1851

Mendez, Sarah P. 14/8/1851

Mendez, Abraham P. 7/5/1851

Mordecai, Moses of M. L. 23/6/1852

Mendez, Leah wife of Abraham P. 20/11/1852

Martin, Abigail widow of Mordecai Nunes 11/1/1853

Morais, Moses 18/12/1853

Morales, Miriam wife of Alexander 8/4/1854

Maduro, Mordecai L. 16/6/1854

Melhado, Rebecca widow of Aaron 4/12/1854

Mendez, Abner of Samuel P. 12/8/1856

Maduro, David L. 26/7/1857

Melhado, Susan 21/9/1857

Mendes, Joseph Pereira 9/5/1859

Maduro, Abigail Levy 11/7/1859

Mendez, Samuel P. 13/2/1860

Maduro, Sarah of David L. 6/6/1860

Mendez, Leah P. 20/6/1860

Morais, Rachel wife of Moses 26/6/1860

Monsanto, Simha 28/8/1861

Mendez, Sarah of Abraham P. 15/6/1862

Morais, Rachel wife of Joshua 8/7/1862

Monsanto, Rachel 9/7/1862

Mendez, Abigail 2/1/1863

Mitchell, Jacob 27/8/1864

Mesquitta, Leah 8/1/1865

Melhado, Sarah Aaron 31/3/1865

Melhado, Isaac of Benjamin 14/4/1866

Mattos, Hannah DeCastro 17/3/1867

Maduro, Moses Levy 22/3/1867

Mendez, Esther of Samuel P. 21/9/1867

Morales, Alexis 6/1/1868

Mendez, Leah widow of Daniel Pereira 5/3/1868

Mattos, Moses DeCastro 11/3/1869

Mudahy, Perez 23/4/1869

Moreno, Sarah of Aaron 8/2/1870

Morais, Rachel wife of Moses 29/4/1870

Morales, Abigail 19/1/1871

Maduro, Judith wife of Moses 11/9/1871

Mendez, Rebecca widow of Abner _______

Marache, Moses 2/9/1871

Maduro, Elizabeth L. 20/8/1873

Mendez, Aaron David P. 7/9/1873

Mendez, Esther daughter of Abner P. 4/12/1873

Mendez, Samuel Pereira 31/5/1874

Morais, Alice daughter of Matthew and Rebecca 22/8/1874

Morais, Hannah, wife of Solomon senior 2/10/1874

Morais, Solomon M. senior 13/9/1875

Mendez , Isaac Pereira 26/1/1876 aged 83 years

Melhado, Alexander 25/5/1876

Morais, Moses M. 13/12/1876

Moreno, Marian 24/2/1877

Morais, Benjamin 29/11/1877

Maduro, Julia wife of A. L. 25/12/1877

Morais, Bathsheba daughter of Moses and Rachel 1879

Morais, Sarah 17/11/1886

Mesquitta, Sarah wife of Daniel Haim 7/10/1879

Mesquitta, Daniel Haim G. 22/7/1880

Mendez, Judith widow of David P. 26/9/1880

Maduro, Samuel Levy 23/12/1880

Morales, Rebecca 11/2/1882

Melhado, Solomon Henriques 26/2/1882

Maduro, Solomon L. (from Panama) 7/5/1883

Mendez, Rebecca 21/9/1883

Morais, M. Carmina 7/11/1883

Morais, Ethel 27/9/1883

Mendez, Rachel Pereira 12/3/1884

Motta, Mrs. 27/7/1884

Melhado, Hanniel 22/11/1884

Martin, David Nunes 1885 in New Orleans

Morais, Joshua Montforte 12/11/1886

Melhado, Miryam Henriques 5/3/1888

Morais, Esther wife of Nathaniel 22/7/1888

Maduro, Jane daughter of D. 10/1888

Melhado, Mrs. 16/7/1890

Melhado, ___ 12/10/1890

Melhado, Matilda 28/10/1890

Mendes, Gracia 8/12/1890

Motta, David 10/7/1891

Morais, Esther 11/7/1891

Morales, Sophia wife of A. 27/5/1894

Michel, Elvira of J. 10/7/1894

Melhado, 1/1/1895

Mesquitta, R. 24/5/1895

Morais, Angela 14/7/1895

Maduro, Gwendoline Louise daughter of D. H. and Louise 28/12/1896

Morais, Abraham DaCosta 30/4/1898

Michaels, Rachel 14/1/1907

Morais, Caroline 18/1/1907


Netto, Isaac Nunes 21/4/1809

Nunes, Rachel -- Isaac 26/5/1811

Nunes, Sarah R. 27/3/1812

Nunes, Abraham Lopez 28/6/1812

Nunes, H. David 30/7/1812

Naar, Sarah Joshua David 22/10/1812

Netto, Rebecca Nunes 1/5/1813

Nunes, Sarah 19/2/1814

Nunes, Abraham Israel 4/5/1815

Naar, Sarah -- Joshua A. 18/9/1818

Nunes, Sarah Emanuel N. 27/3/1819

Nunes, Miriam Rodrigues 24/4/1820

Naar, Joshua Abraham 3/11/1821

Nahon, Moses 26/12/1821

Nabarro, Abraham Nunes 3/2/1822

Netto, Abraham Nunes 31/12/1824

Nunes, David Kamias 12/3/1827

Nabarro, Rachel widow of Abraham 30/3/1827

Netto, Isaac Isaac Nunes 20/4/1831

Nunes, Sarah of Israel 13/12/1832

Netto, Jos. Nunes 12/12/1835

Nunes, Esther widow of Isaac Rodrigues 1/10/1836

Nunes, Sarah of David Nemias 26/5/1842

Nunes, Isaac Israel 27/12/1852

Nunes, Nathaniel 30/5/1866

Nunes, Ralph of Benjamin 30/10/1878


Oheb, Judah 26/5/1831

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