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Alexander, Ruben of Judah Abraham; Sarah of Jacob, 13/11/1788

Alexander, Lazarus of David; Bathsheba of David Judah, 29/3/1790

Aaron, Samuel of Judah; Leah of Myer, 1/7/1809

Alexander, Joseph of Reuben; Kate of Solomon Elkin, 3/10/1814

Atlas, Benjamin of Isaac; Rachel of David, 31/10/1814

Alexander, David of Jacob; Rebecca of Moses Cohen, 14/1/1818

Abrams, Barron of Benjamin; Esther of Moses, 23/2/1824

Aarons, Philip of Lazarus; Esther, 16/6/1824

Adolphus, Moses Joshua of Joshua; Sarah of Jacob Bassan, 19/4/1826

Asher, Asher of M. Asher; Esther of Isaac Feurtado, 27/10/1830

Alexander, Jacob of Reuben; Benevidia of David Silva, 16/5/1831

Aarons, David of Jacob; Elizabeth of Emanuel Levy, 7/12/1831

Aria, Morris of Isaac; Abigail of David Bonitto, 27/6/1832

Aria, Lewis of Isaac Levy; Julia of Lewis Duke, 1/1/1834

Aria, Alexander of Isaac; Judith Phillips of David Seixas, 6/3/1843

Abrahams, Phenias of Abraham; Caroline of Isaac Simons, 31/1/1844

Ashenheim, Lewis of Jacob; Elvira of Joshua DeCordova, 1/1/1845

Altman, Sampson of Nathan; Hannah of Asher Lyons, 29/1/1845

Aria, Alexander of Isaac; Abigail F. of David Bonitto, 26/5/1852

Alexander, Melmouth of Joseph; Grace Lopes, 2/1/1853

Alexander, Thadeus of Joseph; Sarah of Moses V. DaCosta, 20/4/1853

Alexander, ___ of Joseph; Rebecca Benjamin, 8/12/1861

Abrahams, Edward Constantine of Philip; Rebecca of Simon Lipman, 27/1/1862

Abrahams, David; Cecilia of Andrew Isaacs, 25/10/1865

Asch, Marcus of Aaron; Sarah of Melhado, 22/9/1867

Ansell, Charles of Moses; Esther of Aaron Iffla, 21/7/1869

Ashenheim, Joseph of Lewis; Ella of Aaron DeCordova, 17/8/1870

Alexander, Solomon E. of Thadeus; Frances Eliza of Abraham DeSouza, 30/6/1873

Alexander, Moses of Thadeus; Anastasia of Charles Salmon, 18/8/1875

Alexander, Isaac of Melmouth; Catherine of Abraham Henriques DeSouza, 22/8/1887


Brown, John of Eliezer; Jochebed of David, 24/7/1793

Barnet, Moses of Isaachar; Judith of Benjamin, 24/9/1798

Barned, Levy of Solomon; Clara of Abraham Melhado, 31/10/1798 in Port Royal

Black, Abraham of David; Rachel of Isaac, 17/5/1801

Benjamin, Isaac of Benjamin; Esther of Abraham Soares, 10/6/1801

Barnet, Joseph of Isaachar; Rachel of Jacob Lopez, 17/6/1801 in Spanish Town

Benjamin, Myer of Isaac Benjamin; Rebecca of D’Costa Alvarenga, 23/8/1834 in Port Royal

Benjamin, Benjamin of Joel; Rachel of Samuel, 21/1/1830

Bennet, Henry of Woolf; Rebecca, 15/6/1831

Benjamin, Myer of Isaac; Rachel of Jacob O. Feurtado, 6/4/1853

Benjamin, Abraham of Joel Wolfe; Esther H. of Joseph M. DeLeon, 21/9/1897


Cohen, Henry of Mordecai; Esther of Isaac, 24/12/1788

Cohen, Jacob of David; Rachel of Barnet, 19/8/1789

Cohen, Solomon of David; Phila of Solomon, 17/3/1790

Cohen, Judah of Mordecai; Grace of Aaron, 9/7/1794

Cohen, Solomon of Michael; Hannah of Elias Gates, 2/3/1825

Castle, George L. Solomon Levy; Rebecca of Henry H. Isaacs, 11/6/1838 in Montego Bay

Cohen, Frederick of Hyman Jr.; Emily of David Davis, 16/3/1842

Cowen, John of Solomon; Sarah of Emanuel, 28/6/1827


Duke, Lewis of Moses; Abigail of Jacob, 1/7/1802

Davis, David of Isaac; Rebecca of Eleazer Magnus, 30/8/1815

Davidson, Louis of Moses Moses; Abigail, 8/9/1830

Duke, Isaac of Lewis; Judith of Joshua Alexander, 30/5/1832

Davies, Casper of Ezekiel; Louisa of Samuel Bennet, 21/2/1838

Davies, Saul of David’ Sarah of Samuel Bennet, 25/10/1842

Davis, Ellis of David; Frances of Hyman Levy, 2/1/1850

Davidson, David of Louis; Georgena of Jacob Adolphus, 10/11/1852

Davies, Jeremiah of Casper; Leah of Moses Sollas, 13/6/1866

Davis, Samuel of Joseph; Matilda of Abraham Delevante, 21/2/1877


Elkin, Abraham of Solomon; Rachel of Moses, 23/3/1803

Emanuel, Emanuel of David E.; Simah of Moses, 18/1/1809

Emdew, Joseph of Judah; Elizabeth of Judah , 11/6/1812, in St. Elizabeth

Emanuel, David of Emanuel; Rose of Benjamin, 3/6/1839


Furst, Abraham of Abraham; Abigail of David, 13/9/1797

Flash, Solomon of Elias; Judith of Jacob, 22/12/1802

Franks, Simon of Isaac; Rachel of David

Farmer, Benjamin of Isaac; Emma of Isaac Michaels, 28/3/1838

Farmer, Henry of Isaac; Esther of Moses Cortissos, 4/4/1838

Franks, Isaac of Simon; Emma of Abraham DeSouza, 13/4/1851

Farmer, Moses of Henry; Amelia of Isaac Henriques, 14/4/1867

Franks, Reuben of Isaac; Alice Matilda of Nathan Levy, 21/8/1870

Farmer, Julius of Henry; Miriam of Henry Carcass, 5/9/1877


Gompertz, Eleazer of Mordecai; Rachel of Ezekiel 3/3/1790

Gates, Elias of Mordecai; Rachel of Eman Feurtado, 15/10/1807

Gompertz, Marcus of Eleazer; 25/2/1818

Goldsmith, Phineas; Cecilia of Moses Phillips, 17/4/1836

Goldsmith, David of Judah; Anne of Ralph C. Belinfante, 30/1/1850


Hart, Levy of Aaron; Rachel of Isaac, 22/11/1789

Hyman, Levy of Moses; Sarah of David, 12/6/1795

Hart, Emanuel of Naphtali; Rachel of Abraham, 13/9/1797

Hart, Lyon of Aaron; Rachel of Jacob, 12/3/1806

Hart, Samuel of Lyon; Elizabeth, 25/1/1815

Hart, Daniel of Jonas; Jemima of Manasseh Delgado, 18/10/1823

Hart, Aaron of Lyon; Louisa of Jacob Jacobs, 27/2/1828 in Montego Bay

Hart, Tobias of Henry; Judith of Isaac Levy, 24/5/1828

Hart, Philip of Jonas; Zipporah of Henry Cohen, 22/7/1828

Hart, Jonas of Jonas; Miriam of Henry Cohen

Hyman, Samuel of Michael; Rebecca of Joshua Henriques, 11/6/1834

Harris, Joseph of Henry; Matilda of Abraham Rodriques, 18/2/1835

Harris, Ralph of Henry; Julia of Jacob Bravo, 14/3/1842

Hyman, Simon B. of Isaac; Esther of Moses Levy, 17/2/1848

Hart, John of Daniel; Martha of Abraham Solomon; 12/7/1848

Hart, Francis of David; Elizabeth of Daniel Hart, 29/12/1852

Harris, Ralph of Henry; Sarah, 2/5/1858

Hershelft, Solomon of Solomon; Susan Levy of Jacob Shannon, 5/9/1858

Hart, Andrew of Daniel; Judith of Solomon Leon, 30/11/1859

Harris, Henry of Solomon; Esther Rosa of Saul Wolfe, 2/6/1861

Hirshfeld, Samuel of Solomon; Elizabeth of Abraham DaCosta, 21/7/1872

Harris, Joseph Bravo of Ralph; Judith of Henry James DePass, 13/1/1886


Isaacs, Henry of Henry; Esther of Benjamin, 24/9/1793

Isaacs, Moses; Bathsheba of Jacob Garcia, 23/2/1803

Isaacs, Henry of Asher; Luna of Isaac, 2/7/1806

Isaacs, Moses Jr.; Miriam, 24/5/1818

Israel, Mordecai of Solomon; Leah of Jacob Lopes Cespedes, 19/6/1822

Isaacs, Levy of Moses; Susan of Moses Shannon, 9/3/1825

Isaacs, Joseph of Henry; Emma of Jacob D’Costa, 19/1/1828 in Carthagena

Isaacs, Jacob of Solomon; Eliza of Henry Isaacs, 8/9/1830

Isaacs, Daniel of Michael; Catherine of Solomon Marks in Montego Bay, 25/5/1831

Isaacs, Edward R. of Ralph; Rebecca of Isaac Alvarenga, 6/7/1836

Isaacs, Isaac of Michael; Elizabeth of Solomon Marks, 8/12/1837 in Montego Bay

Isaacs, Daniel of Jacob; Judith of Manasseh Brandon, 15/3/1840

Isaacs, Aaron of Michael; John of Solomon Marks, 9/3/1842 in Montego Bay

Isaacs, Andrew of Henry wife Luna of Isaac Lyon; Anna Maria of Moses M. Bonitto, 19/12/1842

Isaacs, Joseph of Isaac; Esther of Isaac Gomes Mesquita, 11/2/1844

Isaacs, Benjamin of Asher; Sarah of Benjamin P. Mendes, 25/1/1852

Isaacs, Charles L. of Andrew; Jane Ann of Egbert DePass, 17/12/1879


Jacobs, Henry of Samuel; Rachel of Daniel Mesquita, 5/2/1789

Jacobs, Jacob of David; Sarah of Jacob, 8/1/1794

Joseph, Barnet of Joseph; ___of David, 27/11/1799

Joseph, Joshua; Clara of Jacob, 5/10/1808

Jacobs, Abraham of Hyman; Jochebed of David, 13/1/1807

Joseph, Joseph of Nathan; Grace of Joseph, 23/3/1812

Jacobs, Daniel of Henry; Esther of Abraham Fernandez, 25/12/1816

Joseph, Joseph of Nathan; ___ Joseph, 5/7/1815

Jacobs, Samuel of Henry; Rebecca of Jacob Garcia, 24/1/1827

Jacobs, Abraham of Henry, Deborah of Moses M. Bonitto, 23/9/1829

Josephs, Solomon of Joshua; Judith of Moses, 13/3/1833

Jacobs, Henry of Daniel; Rebecca of Isaac Mendes, 5/11/1844

Jacobs, Henry of Samuel; Julia M. of Moses Lyon 12/3/1850 in Spanish Town

Joseph, Hiam Abraham of Joseph; Rosetta of Isaac Garcia DePass, 5/5/1859

Jacobs, Henry of Jacob; Rachel of Isaac Brandon, 20/7/1864

Jacobs, Edward; Caroline R. of Aaron Isaacs 17/7/1878 in Mandeville


Kahn, Louis of Jacob & Rosie; Judith Blanche of Isaac & Hannah Henriques, 19/7/1900

This Index was provided to this website by Richard Facey and had been submitted to him by the late Ernest deSouza (Spiritual Leader of the United Congregation of Israelites in Kingston) to be put in a database.

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