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Franks David & Eugenie Mabell Maud 17/11/1886
Farmer Julius & Miriam Cyril Hiam 11/7/1895
Fisher Cedric Leopoldo & Esther Dolphy Cedric Earle


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Gideon David & Lilian Maud Eugene 21/5/1885
Gideon David & Lilian Maud Locksley Stanhope born Port Antonio 11/4/1885
Girling William Stanton & Ruby William Kenneth 1/12/1918
Girling William Stanton & Ruby Ruth 26/8/1920
Gomen or Gowen Gladys Alzeo Leomi 17/9/1920
Griffin Ruby b. in Lea London Sonia Louise 31/10/1921
Gadpaille Iris Louis Eric 24/7/1921


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Harris Edward & Agnes Louisa Winchester 22/3/1884
Henriques Isaac & Hannah Esther Constantia 12/3/1884
Hyman Moses L. & Esther Esther born Ocho Rios 4/11/1883
Harris Frederick Ralph & Agnes G. Violet May 1/5/1886
Henriques David & Amy Matilda 2/11/1886
Hart A. B. Julia 23/9/1889
Henriques David & Amy Cecil 11/1/1891
Hart A. Bertie Neville Gordon 15/7/1893
Henriques Clifford C. Werner Neville C. 31/10/1894
Harris Solomon & Rosita Hazel Lucille 11/4/1895
Henriques Clifford & Ella 9/7/1896
Harris Solomon & Rosita Ivy Nina 5/9/1897
Harris Solomon & Rosita Leslie Chandos 3/9/1899
Harris Solomon & Rosita Esme Pearl 25/8/1900
Hyman Ernest Jacob & Leah Elsie May 14/5/1901
Harris Solomon & Rosita Errington Rienzi 26/9/1902
Harris Estella Granville 2/5/1903
Harris Solomon & Rosita Rita Mignon 18/10/1903
Henriques Vernon David Cohen & Gladys Zillah Verna Elaine 9/12/1907
Harris Solomon Samuel & Rosita Oswald Keith 16/7/1908
Henriques Vernon D. C. & Gladys Zillah Yola Lindo Cohen 16/1/1909
Henriques Vernon D. C. & Gladys Zillah Vernon Stanley C. 15/9/1910
Henriques Isaac Emanuel Cohen & Parthenia DePass Beryl Gladys 5/11/1910
Henriques Isaac Emanuel Cohen & Parthenia DePass Zena Erica 17/1/1909
Henriques Horace Cohen & Vera Horace Leslie 5/7/1910
Henriques George DePass & Rachel Corinne Ena Faye Marguerita 19/11/1909
Henriques Horace C. & Vera Loe Rosa 2/6/1911
Henriques Vernon C. & Gladys Rudolph Donald 12/7/1912
Henriques Isaac & Parthenia Hinda Inez 2/1/1913
Henriques Horace & Vera Kenneth Cohen 16/11/1914
Henriques Owen Karl C. & Rebecca Rosa Blanche 4/11/1915
Henriques Alfred & Linda Alfred George 15/12/1915
Henriques Isaac Cohen & Parthenia Parthenia Gladys 10/11/1915
Henriques Rudolph Daniel C. & Gwendolyn Dorothy Muriel C. 26/12/1915
Henriques Vernon & Gladys Samuel Phillipe 19/9/1916
Henriques Rudolph C. Daniel & Gwendolyn Owen Montefiore C. 21/6/1917
Henriques Horace & Vera Emanuel Everard 30/4/1917
Henriques Hilda Cohen Gwendolyn
Henriques Ernest Leopold Cohen & Olga Deborah Keith Allenby 3/1/1918
Henriques Simon Cohen & Sybil Marguerite Doreen Joyce 3/2/1918
Henriques Alfred & Linda Naomi 3/8/1918
Henriques Fabian Lancelot Cohen & Vera Cecille Cecille 31/10/1918
Henriques Horace & Vera Cohen Myner Cohen 5/3/1922
Harris Michael Michael Raphael in Cuba 4/1/1922
Henriques Charles C. Charles Carlyle C. 19/2/1922
Henriques Fabian L. C. & Vera Cecile Fabian Leslie Cohen 6/4/1924
Henriques Rudolph Cohen & Gwen Morris Karl 30/1/1928


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Isaacs Charles L. & Jane Carl Deigncourt born Linstead 9/4/1884
Isaacs Walter B. Charles Lopez 29/8/1893


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Jacobs Edward & Caroline Linda Viola Louise born Mandeville 16/7/1885
Jacobs Solomon Rachel Miriam 11/4/1892
Jacobs Aaron & Julia Blanche 20/3/1894
Jacobs Solomon Arthur Herman 11/1/1894
Jacobs Solomon & Edith Lisa Blanche 30/9/1895
Jacobs Dudley Victor & Leila Dudley Keith 17/4/1916
Jacobs Dudley Victor & Leila Hugh Arthur born Linstead 19/11/1917
Jacobs Dudley & Leila Marjorie Elaine 11/11/1920
Jacobs Edward & Stella Evan Trevor 4/7/1922


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Kaufman Herbert & Dorothy Herbert Alfred 17/10/1926
Kaufmnan Bertie & Dorit Celia Clarice 7/11/1928

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