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NAME, DATE (Day/Month/Year)


Edana, Abraham 25/7/1812

Erseldene, Lionel 9/11/1883


Feurtado, Abraham 24/3/1809

Fonseca, Rebecca, Elias 19/2/1810

Fonseca, Jacob L. 8/8/1810

Feurtado, Sarah A. 14/8/1810

Feurtado, Leah, Jacob David Mendes 15/10/1810

Fonseca, Jacob Aboab 31/3/1811

Feurtado, Isaac Rebeiro 8/11/1811

Finzi, Rachel 26/8/1812

Fonseca, Sarah Hm. Ls. 24/10/1812

Feurtado, Moses Abaob 9/1/1813

Feurtado, Leah 19/4/1814

Franco, Hannah 2/5/1814

Feurtado, Rachel Orobeo 16/12/1814

Feurtado, Rebecca 7/2/1815

Fereira, Jacob Nunes 7/2/1815

Franks, Issachar, 21/10/1816

Ferro, Abraham Silva 20/11/1816

Feurtado, Leah, Isaac David 9/12/1816

Feurtado, Abigail, Isaac 10/1/1817

Fonseca, Hez. Abraham L. 27/1/182-

Ferro, Solomon Gabay 4/5/1821

Flores, Sarah, Abraham 20/8/1821

Fonseca, Grace of S. H. 18/3/1822

Ferro, Jacob 30/10/1823

Fernandez, Daniel Dias 12/5/1823

Flamengo, Esther Nunes 13/1/1824

Feurtado, Isaac Mendes 9/2/1825

Ferro [or Farro], Rebecca widow of Moses G. 21/4/1825

Fonseca, Esther of Moses 17/8/1825

Fernandez, Esther widow of Isaac D. 30/12/1825

Ferro, Rebecca Silva (widow) 20/2/1826

Fereira, Abigail, Joseph H. 24/2/1826

Fonseca, Ribi Il. H. S. 24/8/1826

Feurtado, Esther of Isaac Mendes 31/7/1827

Fonseca, Esther of Ribi Jacob 10/6/1828

Fernandez, Jacob Henriques 27/8/1829

Feurtado, Rachel, widow of Isaac Mendes 2/5/1830

Feurtado, Jacob of David Mendes 8/7/1832

Fereira, Aaron H. 18/2/1833

Fonseca, Esther of Ribi Jacob L. 10/4/1833

Feurtado, Jacob of Isaac Mendes 28/9/1833

Fereira, Rebecca widow of Isaac Rodrigues 15/1/1834

Feurtado, Sarah of Jacob David Mendes 25/2/1834

Ferro, Leah widow of Abraham S. 5/3/1834

Fernandez, Esther widow of Isaac D. 19/10/1834

Feurtado, Leah of David Mendes 10/3/1835

Ferro, Judith of Abraham 11/4/1836

Flores, Moses 18/4/1836

Fonseca, Aaron Lopez 27/10/1836

Fonseca, Jacob Lopez 27/1/1837

Fonseca, Isaac Lopez 27/3/1837

Fernandez, Isaac Dias 31/3/1838

Flores, Zipporah widow of Moses 17/10/1839

Fernandez, Esther widow of Abraham 19/1/1840

Fereira, Isaac Henriques 25/5/1840

Fernandez, Rachel of Abraham 4/12/1840

Fonseca, Abraham L. 9/5/1841

Fonseca, Sarah of Abraham 9/5/1841

Feurtado, Joseph 29/8/1841

Franks, Mrs. 9/10/1841

Feurtado, Rebecca of A. 12/1/1842

Flemengo, Rachel of Jacob Nunes 18/9/1843

Ferro, Sarah wife of Isaac Y. 24/2/1843

Feurtado, Abigail widow of Jacob Mendes 2/5/1845

Feurtado, Matilda wife of Septimus 19/11/1846

Feurtado, Isaac David Mendes 26/12/1846 in Spanish Town

Fonseca, Sl. Emanuel Lopes 19/1/1848

Fonseca, Rebecca widow of Sl. Lopes 6/4/1848

Fonseca, Simha widow of Abraham L. 13/1/1849

Feurtado, Rachel widow of Jacob O. 16/4/1849

Fonseca, Deborah L. 15/5/1851

Fernandez, Benjamin Dias 5/11/1851

Feurtado, Abraham Jacob O., 29/3/1853

Feurtado, Sarah of Isaac 3/6/1854

Fonseca, Emanuel Lopes 29/7/1855

Finzi, Ida Louisa 6/8/1858

Fernandez, Rachel D. 13/8/1859

Fernandez, Isaac D. 23/11/1859

Fernandez, Rachel D. 25/1/1860

Feurtado, Isaac O. 10/2/1861

Feurtado, Sarah 12/7/1861

Feurtado, Jacob 27/7/1861

Ferro, Simha 9/10/1864

Feurtado, Septimus 4/11/1864

Feurtado, Esther Jacob Moses 12/6/1866

Feurtado, Esther widow of Isaac O. 12/5/1867

Feurtado, Florence 23/5/1867

Feurtado, David O. 2/81867

Fonseca, Elias 17/12/1869

Fonseca, Charlotte widow of Emanuel 2/8/1870

Feurtado, Caroline daughter of Jacob Mendes 30/12/1870

Fonseca, Samuel Lopes 20/1/1871

Feurtado, Louisa widow of Joseph 1/3/1877

Fonseca, Sarah widow of Samuel Lopes da Fonseca 6/2/1878

Fernandes, David Dias 25/3/1878

Ferro, Abraham DaSilva 6/5/1880

Franks, Verona daughter of Ruben & Alice 6/2/1887

Finzi, Daniel 12/5/1900

Finzi, Vivian 27/1/1901, in New York

Finzi, Edmund 14/1/1907


Gideon, Moses 18/5/1810

Garcia, Marian Jacob 5/8/1810

Garson, Esther 19/10/1814

Gabay, Abraham 20/1/1817

Gideon, Sampson 17/9/1818

Gadjie, Hannah wife of Joseph Saul 2/3/1819 in Port Royal

Garcia, Moses 14/7/1820

Gomes, Philip 18/8/1820

Garcia, Rebecca 29/1/1821

Gadilla, Abigail Luna 26/12/1825

Gabay, Rachel of Moses 30/3/1826

Garcia, Abraham of David 3/5/1832

Gideon, David 5/7/1832

Garcia, Sarah wife of Jacob Moses 22/7/1832

Gaudishon, Rebecca 17/1/1834

Garcia, Sarah widow of David Rodrigues 11/1/1835

Garcia, Jacob of Solomon 14/12/1836

Garcia, Jacob G. 22/4/1839

Garcia, Leah of Jacob 11/6/1839

Garcia, Jacob of Moses 21/2/1840

Gabay, Rebecca A. 13/1/1842

Garcia, Isaac 17/3/1843

Guiterez, Leah 21/3/1843

Gadgee, Saul 18/6/1844

Gideon, Sarah wife of Moses 9/6/1848

Gideon, Moses 14/12/1848

Garcia, Benjamin 20/11/1850

Garcia, Joseph 4/3/1851

Garcia, Sarah M. 17/2/1852

Gideon, Moses 8/9/1856

Garcia, Isaac of Jacob 20/11/1858

Garcia, Hannah 10/4/1861

Garcia, Esther 19/1/1863

Garcia, Sarah 15/11/1864

Garcia, Benjamin 23/9/1867

Garcia, Saley wife of Solomon 1/8/1869

Guedalha, Frances 13/7/1872

Garcia, Dinah wife of Benjamin 5/10/1872

Garcia, Julia or Judith 18/12/1873

Garcia, Solomon D. of Solomon 18/9/1875

Garcia, Solomon 15/5/1879

Garcia, Miriam 3/2/1887

Garcia, Abraham 1907


Henriques, Sarah --Joseph Y. 25/5/1809

Henriques, Judith--Abraham Nunes 28/10/1810

Henriques, Rebecca --Jud. C. 6/2/1811

Henriques, Abraham Abraham Nunes 20/2/1811

Henriques, Rebecca--Abraham Y. 9/5/1811

Henriques, Rachel N. 2/6/1814

Henriques, Deborah S. N. 16/7/1814

Henriques, Deborah --Jacob C. 27/7/1814

Henriques, Sarah Retto 9/2/1815

Henriques, Simha Nunes 3/9/1815

Henriques, Abigail Nunes 28/9/1815

Henriques, Aaron Moses Nunes 6/6/1816

Hoheb, Rebecca --Isaac 16/8/1816

Henriques, Rebecca --Isaac 1/2/1817

Henriques, Abraham - Abraham 23/8/1817

Henriques, Rachel G. 27/10/1818

Henriques, Jacob Moses G. 6/4/1819

Henriques, Leah--Moses Israel 25/4/1819

Henriques, Rebecca --Joseph 28/11/1820

Hadida, Joseph 25/11/1821

Henriques, Jacob Israel 25/1/1823

Henriques, Bahsheba Nunes 28/2/1823

Henriques, Isaac Prato 17/4/1823

Hyman, Rachel of Joseph 6/9/1823

Henriques, Isaac Yn. 3/10/1825

Henriques, Abraham Moses son of Moses and Rachel 28/10/1825

Henriques, Jacob of Abraham Nunes 7/6/1827

Henriques, Louisa of Jacob Israel and Sarah 10/6/1827

Henriques, Samuel Nunes, 8/6/1829

Henriques, Moses C. 18/1/1830

Henriques, Judith of Isaac C. 2/5/1831

Henriques, Grace wife of Judah Quixano 27/7/1853

Henriques, Esther daughter of Moses Nunes 15/10/1833

Henriques, Abraham G. 7/1/1834

Henriques, Abraham of Daniel Nunes 27/6/1835

Henriques, Dr. Moses Nunes 2/3/1836

Henriques, Abigail, widow of Moses Israel 20/1/1836

Henriques, Esther of Isaac Nunes 18/8/1836

Henriques, Frank 18/12/1837

Hatchwell, Isaac 20/10/1838

Henriques, Abraham Mendes 5/3/1839

Henriques, David Yn. 27/10/1839

Henriques, Abraham Nunes 14/10/1840

Henriques, Esther Nunes 9/1/1841

Henriques, Abigail of Benjamin Jacob 22/3/1842

Henriques, Rachel widow of Isaac Yn. 17/11/1842

Hyman, Harriet wife of L. junior 25/7/1843

Henriques, Hannah of Benjamin Israel 13/5/1844

Henriques, Daniel Sl. Nunes 17/10/1846

Henriques, Rebecca wife of Moses Benjamin 15/11/1846

Henriques, Abraham of Abraham Nunes 26/11/1848

Henriques, Isaac C. 28/1/1849

Henriques, Solomon 7/11/1850

Henriques, Isaac 12/11/1850

Henriques, Jacob Isaac C. 17/1/1851

Henriques, Solomon J. L. 17/10/1851

Henriques, Benjamin B. 11/7/1852

Henriques, Philip C. 24/12/1852, at Navy Bay

Henriques, Elvira Bravo 7/2/1853

Henriques, Abigail G. 20/11/1853

Henriques, Solomon Bravo 26/3/1854

Henriques, Rebecca wife of Moses Israel 13/1/1855

Henriques, Judith of Isaac 28/7/1855

Henriques, Esther wife of Abraham Nunes 18/11/1856

Henriques, Joseph 14/6/1859

Henriques, Isaac 15/7/1859

Henriques, Sarah wife of Isaac C. 17/3/1861

Henriques, Samuel 19/10/1861

Henriques, Rachel (renamed Naomi) of Isaac C. 16/11/1861

Henriques, Isaac 20/1/1863

Henriques, Rebecca 17/2/1863

Henriques, Abraham N. 23/5/1863

Henriques, David of Isaac 23/5/1866

Henriques, Joseph 28/9/1866

Henriques, Armand 14/12/1866

Henriques, Philip son of Simon. C. 10/5/1867

Henriques, Isaac of Isaac 28/8/1867

Hatchuel, Sophia wife of Isaac 18/12/1868

Henriques, Esther of Isaac 27/1/1870

Henriques, Ebenezer 12/9/1872

Henriques, Esther Q. 18/9/1873

Henriques, Moses ___

Henriques, Judith widow of Solomon 24/8/1876

Henriques, Isaac 16/2/1877

Henriques, Samuel 7/9/1879

Henriques, Rebecca widow of Isaac 14/10/1881

Hart, Jonas 4/4/1885

Henriques, Simha C. 17/3/1886

Henriques, Haim Edwin C. 25/8/1886

Henriques, Simon Cohen 12/2/1887

Henriques, Rebecca C. widow of Philip C. 8/6/1887

Henriques, Simha B. ____

Henriques, Isaac C. 1889

Henriques, Rebecca S. C. 20/6/1892

Henriques, Vivian C. 13/11/1893

Henriques, Nathaniel 1/11/1894

Henriques, Aaron C. 29/3/1895

Henriques, Eugene 6/10/1895

Henriques, Rachel C. 23/4/1898

Henriques, Julian C. 26/11/1898

Henriques, Charles C. 10/8/1899

Henriques, Rosa 6/5/1900

Henriques, Mary 17/12/1902

Henriques, Philip Cohen 14/1/1907

Henriques, Abraham 14/1/1907

Henriques, Abraham 1907 in New Orleans

This Index was provided to this website by Richard Facey and had been submitted to him by the late Ernest deSouza (Spiritual Leader of the United Congregation of Israelites in Kingston, Jamaica) to be put in a database.

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