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Royal Gazette

Aug 16, 1794

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


The passengers by the William from London were Mr. and Mrs. McLean, Mr. John McLean, Dr. Law, Dr. McLenan, Mr. Ogilvie, Mr. Baxter, Mr. Barrett, and Mr. Levy.


The following gentlemen went passengers in the Carteret Packet boat for Great Britain: Mons. de Charmilly, M. Hosten, Capt. Oswald 35th Regiment, Lieut. Patton 10th Regiment, Ensign Matthews 62nd Regiment, Mr. O'Connor, Mr. Franklyn, and Mr. David Allan.

Aug 1 William Scott, Westmorland

Aug 8 Decimus Harding, St. James

Aug 8 John McBean, St. James

Aug 9 William Mackay, Hanover

Aug 9 Peter McKenzie, St. James

Aug 11 James K. Kelly, Trelawny

Aug 11 Mary Kelly, Trelawny

Aug 11 Thomas Tallemach, Kingston

Aug 13 Edward Schaw, Trelawny

Aug 14 James Samuel Johnston, St. Mary


On Thursday was married in Kingston, David Berlandina, Esq. to the amiable Mrs. Simah Lopes Henriques, relict of Solomon Lopes Henriques, late of Montego Bay; a lady possessed of every charm and accomplishment necessary to render the marriage state happy.


On Wednesday night, the 30th last died at Heathfield, in Saint Thomas in the Vale, James Owen Clark, the infant son of Dr. George Clark.

At Dry Harbour, Mrs. Brodie.

At Prospect, in this parish, on Friday last in his 18th year, Samuel Hanson, Esq. youngest son of the late John Holloway Hanson, Esq.

In St. John's parish, Mr. Anthony Jordan, brother of Edmund Jordan, Esq.

At Cape Nicholas Mole, the 11th last, Lieutenants John Eccles and Edward Biennerhasset, both of the 20th regiment.

In this town, yesterday, Denniss Keily, Esq. Coroner for this parish; a very old inhabitant.

In Hanover, at Riley's Estate, Mr. Brenen.

At Caldwell, Mr. William Peddie.

At Flint River wharf, Mr. William Coffie.

In St. Elizabeth, Mr. Thomas Harvey.

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Aug 1 Flood, Peter by William Fairclough

Aug 1 Jones, Fielding by B.B. Barnium, against proving Will

Aug 1 McKenzie, John by David Innes

Aug 1 Cuming George M. by Raynes Barrett Waite

Aug 1 Bonner, Rudy by Rebecca Young

Aug 1 Turner, James by William Thompson

Aug 1 Irving, Robert Em. By James Killikelly

Aug 1 Macnah, Charles II by William McKnight

Aug 1 Bradshaw, Robert by William McKnight

Aug 1 Gordon, Eliz. Grant by William McKnight

Aug 1 Gabaudan, S.W. by William McKnight

Aug 2 Panton, Thomas by John Panton

Aug 2 Gerard, Alexander by Robert Cadenhead

Aug 4 Lavies, Thomas by James Dsm. Pinnock

Aug 5 Stephen, William by James Stephen

Aug 8 Wright, T. Smith by Frances Baylis

Aug 8 Libert, Elizabeth by Martha Libert

Aug 8 Whitaker, William by Joseph Whittaker

Aug 8 Morgan, Thomas by William Pitter

Aug 8 Cowan, Thomas by John Wood

Aug 8 Mamas, John by Robert Ross

Aug 9 Farquhar, William by William Dennis Hall

Aug 9 Graham, William by James Graham & David Home

Aug 12 Forbes, Arthur by Thomas Nasmyth

Aug 13 Ewing, Peter by Charles Mitchell

Aug 13 Misk, Henry Archibald by Margaret Brown

Aug 14 Bacon, William by Jacob of Mose Bravo

Aug 14 Young, George by Alex. Wilkie

Aug 14 Kimber, George by John Gilzean

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