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Royal Gazette

July 26, 1794

Kingston, Jamaica West Indies


On the Jupiter, Mrs. Whitehorne, Mrs. Bisson, Miss Onley, Kean Osborn, Esq., James Stewart, Esq., his son and two daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Logan, M. De Lavergne, Mr. Robertson, Mr. Clarke, Mr. Parker, and four sons and daughters of Wm. Smith, Esq. Naval Store-keeper.


July 18 John McLeran, Westmorland

July 19 Thomas Russell, St. Mary

July 21 William Callender, St. Ann

" Christian Gottlieb Heineman, Kingston

July 23 John Brady, Kingston


In this town, on Tuesday last, after a very short illness, Miss Sarah Reed, of Clarendon, a most amiable young lady, much regretted by her numerous friends and acquaintance.

At Savanna-la-Mar, Mr. George Aird, Merchant.

In this town, Master Robert Flanagan, son of the late Dr. Flanagan, Mr. Thomas Graham, Capt. Wm. Willson, of the Hope, Capt. J. Edmonds, of the New Albion, Mr. John Huston, mate of the Thomas, Dr. David Stephens, of the Thomas, Mr. James Bavorstock, Mr. James Vanderheur Webber, Mr. George Marshall, Mrs. Geddes, wife of Mr. George Geddes, Master Wm. Smith Sayle, infant son of Capt. Sayle, Mrs. Eleanor Hart, Mr. George Delano, Mr. Alex Turner, Dr. Bate, of the Alexandre, Mr. James Bigger, Dr. George Wilson, of the Express, Mr. Wright, Capt. William Angus, of the Two Friends, Mr. William Lotimer, Mr. Charles Allen, from Honduras, Capt. Robert Fitzhenry, Dr. John Irvine, of the Thomas, Mr. Patrick Gibbons, and Mr. Larkin Dorsey, of Baltimore.

Montego Bay, July 19 - At Bull Bay Pen, in this parish, Dr. James MacClellan, suddenly on Wednesday evening, Mr. George Kimber, of this town, cooper.

At Friendship estate, in Hanover, Mr. Andrew Drummond.

At Rose Mount, near this town, Mr. G. M. Cumings, in this town, Mr. William Smart.

Falmouth, July 23 - In this parish Mr. Matthew Robinson, Mr. Grieve, at Dundee, and Capt. Gayden, of the ship Good Hope.

The Daily Advertiser on Monday last contains an extract of a letter from the Chief Mate of the brig Falmouth, Corran which sailed from Port Royal for Belfast on the 24th of March last, dated Halifax, June 13, giving a circumstantial detail of the circumstances attending the death of Mr. Joseph Porter, of this town, merchant; who was basely and inhumanly murdered by the said Corran, on board of the above brig, on the 27th of May. Two days afterward Corran was seized and confined by the mate and seamen, who carried the vessel into Nova Scotia, and delivered him up to justice.


Passengers by the Queen Charlotte Packet, which sailed from Port Royal on Monday morning for Falmouth, the Hon. Major Rawdon, Mr. Ewing, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Mair, and Mrs. Leigh.

The ship Commerce, Captain Bell, which sailed from Port Royal for Liverpool the 24th of March, was unfortunately lost on the coast of Newfoundland, on the 30th of April, owing to a succession of bad weather and contrary winds, for near twenty eight days.


May 17th -

1st battalion of the Royals. Lieutenant James Sinclair, from an independent company, to be Lieutenant, vice Duncan, who exchanges.

13th battalion. Captain Henry Williams to be Major, vice Spencer, promoted in Prince William of Gloucester's regiment.

49th battalion. John Warington to be Ensign by purchase, vice Milnes, promoted.

June 7th -

14th battalion of foot. Major Alexander Ross to be Lieutenant-Colonel.

43rd battalion. Captain George Dennis to be Major by purchase, vice Drummond, promoted. Lieutenant Henry Spencer to be Captain of a company by purchase, vice Drummond, promoted.

62nd battalion. Ensign William Lucas to be lieutenant without purchase, vice Caulfield, deceased. Adam Williamson Browne to be Ensign, vice Lucas.

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Jul 18 Curtin, Samuel by John Clinton McAnuff

Jul 19 Stanton, James by Ann Morgatt?

Jul 19 Cameron, Alexander by James Brydon

Jul 19 Simpson, Simon by James Brydon

Jul 19 Knight, James by John Shaw

Jul 22 Kinnan, James by John Shaw

Jul 23 Crew, Edward by Richard Milburn and Jn. Watson

Jul 23 Hever in George Francis by Francis Davis

Jul 23 Thomas Rose by William Robertson

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