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Royal Gazette

Jul 19, 1793

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


By the Clarissa, from New York, were Mess. Marr, Dupuis, and Jaffery.


Jul 10 Richard Othello, St. George

" Bernard Kilkenny, Kingston

July 11 James Buchanan, St. Elizabeth

" John Swaby, and a mulatto boy named Edmund, ditto

" Simon Haughton Clarke, St. James

" John Fox, Westmorland

Jul 12 Ann Mackenzie, St. Thomas in the East

" Jannett Mackenzie, St. Thomas in the East

" John Mackenzie, St. Thomas in the East

Jul 14 William McLeran, St. Thomas in the East


Lately, at Port-au-Prince, Major Thomas; and on the 26th, the Hon. Mr. Colville, both of the 41st regiment.

At Old Harbour, Captain John Proudfoot, of the Golden Grove Guineaman.

Mr. John Roskrudge, Master of his Majesty's ship Europa.

In this town, John Ford, M.D., Mr. Alexander Turner, and Mr. Charles Wright, lately of Europe.

In St. Elizabeth, Alexander Walker, Esq. a very old inhabitant.

On the 4th, Mr. Grove, a promising young man.

In Trelawny, Mr. Ralph Robertson, surveyor; and Mr. D. Campbell.

In Hanover, Mr. George Wilson, Millwright.

In St. James, Mrs. Dauney.

At Green Park, Mr. Moore, book-keeper, Mr. O. Wedorsyth, late of Lucea, in Hanover, Mr. Blundell, Mrs. Susannah Buchanan, and Master John Libert.


The ship Amity Hall, Blackburn, owing to the failure of the wind, drifted on the rocks, in attempting to come out of Manchioneal harbour, on Thursday evening last week, and it is feared that the vessel and cargo will be lost.

Accounts received from the different parishes in the island, all confirm the flourishing and luxuriant state of growth of the Bread Fruit and other plants, lately introduced from the South Sea Islands; a very large number of Plants of the Bread Fruit have been added to the original stock by layers; and in the parish of Trelawny, there are several trees growing luxuriantly from cuttings. The Bumbling, Cherimaila, Otaheite, Plumb, Chesnut, etc. in the nursery at Bath, are putting out blossoms; these, with a number of ornamental plants, are in a thriving state, and plainly show the aptitude of our climate for the culture of Asiatic and South Sea Plants.

From the Cornwall Chronicle:

Mr. Fannin,

In consequence of a circular letter from his Honour the Custos, in the name of the Magistrates and other respectable inhabitants of this parish, directed to the Medical Gentlemen of this town and neighbourhood, requesting them to meet, in order to take into consideration the nature of the present prevailing fever, which has lately been so fatal to seamen and new comers; they met accordingly.

After full discussion, and comparing their experience, the following were unanimously their sentiments with regard to the characteristic symptoms of this disease, the most successful mode of treatment, and best means of prevention. The Medical Gentlemen think proper here to take notice, that a paragraph on this subject in the Cornwall Chronicle of last week, was altogether unauthorized.

The chief characteristic of this disease, is a sudden and violent determination of blood to the head, manifested by painful fullness and burning heat in the eyes, flushed countenance, intense headache, particularly in the forehead and temples, frequently accompanied with delirium, and various other affections of the nervous system. The pulse is in general full, soft, and frequent, but unusual throbbing about the neck and temples is observed; irritability of the stomach, bilious vomiting, prostration of strength, dejection of spirits, with the other symptoms of the common remitting fever of this island, constantly attend this disease; and indeed, this fever only seems to differ from that, in all its symptoms being much more violent and severe. In regard to the treatment; repeated experience has convinced us, that the chief safety of the patient consists in early bleeding, the quantity, as in other cases, to be regulated by the violence of the symptoms, strength, etc. of the patient.

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Jul 11 McLachlan, Jas. by D. Malcolm, G. Malcolm, & Jn. Barton

Jul 11 Wright, Harry by D. Malcolm, G. Malcolm, & Jn. Barton

Jul 11 Crew Edward by William Vincent

Jul 11 Anderson, William by John Dow

Jul 11 McGill, William by James McGill

Jul 11 Morris, Anth. sen. by Anthony Morris

Jul 12 Wright, Henry, alias Harry by Handaside, L?

Jul 14 Baron, William by Patrick McColl

Jul 15 Evans, Elizabeth S. by Joseph Wm. Pitt

Jul 16 McGregor, John by William Grant

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