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Royal Gazette

July12, 1794

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


On the Penelope, from Norfolk, Mr. Henry Clark.

On the Jane, Dr. Gilzean, of St. James's, Richard Savage, Esquire, and Mr. John Raphael.


July 4 Zachary Bayly Edwards, Esq. St. Mary

" Thomas Harding Petgrave, St. James

" Benjamin Samuda, Westmorland

" William Smith, Portland

" Richard Smith, Trelawny

July 6 Susanna Butler, Kingston

" Clement Cooke Clarke, Westmorland

" Joseph Geoghagan, St. David

" David Murray, Westmorland

" Ruth Paxton, Kingston

" John Shannon, Kingston

" Samuel Smith, Portland

July 7 Jane Flanagan, Kingston

" William Flanagan, and a Negro girl named Jenny, ditto

" John Thomas, St. Thomas in the Vale

July 8 Thomas Monteath, Hanover

" Amelia Monteath, Hanover

" Margaret Monteath, Hanover

" Thomas Monteath, Hanover

July 9 John Frood, Vere

" Joseph Levien, Kingston

July 10 Alexander Mortimer, St. Thos. in the East.


Lately in England, Mr. Thomas Robert Chamberlane, formerly of this island, and son of William Chamberlane, Esq., deceased, many years in the Commission of the Peace for this parish. He was Master of his Majesty's ship Melampus, and was killed at the commencement of the engagement which she had with two French frigates (the Engageante and Resolu) on the 23rd of April, in the 35th year of his age.

At Savanna-la-Mar, John Howarth, Esq., Collector of his Majesty's Customs for that port.

In this town, Mr. Joseph W. Coddington, chief-mate of the ship Worchester, Captain Cragie.

Mr. William Dickenson, surgeon of the Philip Stephens guineaman.

Mr. Elihu Scovill, carpenter.

At Round Hill, in Hanover, Mr. Kimber, lately from England.

At Florence Hall, in this parish, Peter Brady, Esquire.

At Bounty Hall, Mr. Adams, lately from England.

At Green Park estate, Mr. Arthur Highitt, Mr. Matthew McMillan, Mr. Peter Flood, Mr. Robert Williams, Mr. Richmond, and Mr. James McDuff.

At Epsom Penn, Dr. Samuel Curtin.

At Union Estate, in St. Mary's, Dr. McLauchlan, formerly of this town.

From a respectable authority, we are sorry to announce the death of Major General Dundas, Commander in Chief at Guadaloupe, after its surrender, which happened early in June.

At Hopewell, near Round Hill, Hanover, Mr. James Caldwell, jun.

Mr. Alexander Gerard, overseer on Grange Hill estate.

In this town, Mr. D. Campbell.

John McFarlane, overseer on Greenside estate.


On Sunday morning last, between seven and eight o'clock, severe thunder storms passed over Frontier Estate, the last of which struck the fourth gable of the dwelling house, where it had been formerly struck, and passed down the wall, rending it from top to bottom, and tearing off and shivering the window shutter of a bedroom, and the jam of a chimney, leaving smoke and a strong smell, as it were of exploded gun-powder, a quantity of which was fortunately untouched, although near to the place where the concussed matter passed; so that the gentlemen in the house imagined it to be on fire, one of whom writing at a desk close to the above window was struck down, but happily with little injury; It is strange that from the frequency of similar accidents, buildings, are not furnished more generally with conductors.


The Medical Members of the Humane Society are requested to meet at Watson's Tavern at 12 o'clock, on Thursday next, as well to investigate the causes and nature, as to compare the different modes of practice in the treatment, of the still prevailing Malignant Fever, which has been so fatal particularly to Seamen and Strangers; that their joint endeavours may be exercised to ascertain something effectual towards the removal of so dreadful a calamity. For which purpose the Gentlemen who attend, will please to bring with them a statement of such cases as have fallen under their inspection.


There will be a Meeting of the Club of Officers of the Kingston Regiment of Militia, on Saturday the 12th current. Members are requested to attend by four o'clock, at the latest, on account of business which is to be proceeded upon. Dinner to be on table at five o'clock precisely.

President, Capt. Farmer

Vice-President, Capt. Baillie

Steward, Lieut. Bennett

Steward, Ensign Hynes

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By Whom entered

Jul 4 Anderson, James by Alexander Jopp, Keith Jopp, & Andrew Blackburn

Jul 4 Anderson, Robert by Alexander Jopp, Keith Jopp, & Andrew Blackburn

Jul 4 Badnedge, Edward by Wm. Bawn,, Edw. Bawn, & Alex. Ross

Jul 4 Smith, John Wills by Christian Smith

Jul 4 Willby, John by John Milburn, Isaac Milburn & John Harrison Clarke

Jul 7 Williams, John by Ann Nutterfield

Jul 7 Brown, Charles by James Murray

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