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Royal Gazette

July 5, 1794

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


By the Apollo, from London, Mrs. Ramsay, Mr. and Mrs. White, Mr. Drake, Mr. Bailey, and Mr. Duff.


Jun 27 John Johnston, Trelawny

" Isaac Milburn, St. James

" Valentine Rechel, St. James

" Thomas Wakefield, Trelawny

June 28 Jane Bonnyman, St. Catherine

July 1 Jane Craven, St. Thomas in the East

" Humphrey Ewing, Kingston

" William Gavin, St. Elizabeth

" Jena Gavin, St. Elizabeth

" Alexander Williams, Kingston

July 2 Ambrose Folliott, St. Catherine

" George Glass, Kingston

July 3 Alexander Smith, St. Thomas in the East


At Huntly Estate, St. Ann's, the 23rd last, Thomas Prince, Esq. to Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell.


It is said that certain advices are received in town of the death of Major Houghton, who some years since left England on a journey of discoveries in the interior parts of Africa. We understand that he had accomplished the business on which he was deputed by one of our African settlements to some of the Princes of that immense Continent, and was within two days journey of an English colony, when he was discovered dead in his bed and although without any visible signs of violence, there is much reason to fear he was murdered by those who attended him, for the presents & etc. with which he was returning.

On Monday William Hall, senior, Esq. a very old and respectable inhabitant, and Mr. Robert Gordon, shipwright.



The very tempestuous weather, which prevailed on Friday night, Saturday, and part of Sunday, has, it is feared, occasioned much mischief. At sea it must have been dreadful, but we have yet heard of no other accident than the loss of the Rose, and the dismasting of a prize ship and brig from Port-au-Prince, which have been towed into Port Royal.

Several houses in this town have been injured by the immense torrent of water, which poured in from the Northward, and gave the resemblance of river courses to most of the streets.

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Jun 27 Henderson, Jos. by Elizabeth Henderson

Jun 27 Anderson, James by Andrew Johnston

Jun 27 Anderson, Robert by Andrew Johnston

Jun 27 Heverin, G. Francis by Robert Frith

Jun 27 Badnedge, Edward by Charles Rowe

Jul 2 McLachlan, James by Richard Crawford

Jul 2 McLachlan, James by William McIntosh

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