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Royal Gazette

June 29, 1793

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


On the Alexandre, Mr. D'Aguilar, Mr. Cuthbert, Mr. and Mrs. Brodie, Mr. Dasseray[?], Mr. Brown, Mr. Alves, Mr. McIntosh, and Master Ballin.

On the Jupiter, the Hon. Major Maitland of the 62nd regiment, Major McLachlan of the 10th regiment, Captain Ramsay of the Royal Artillery, Mr. James Maitland, Mr. Charles Fuhr, Mr. John Kelly, Mr. M. Geohagan, and Mr. Hugh O'Connor.

On the Ocean, Mr. George Williams, and Mr. Nathaniel Wilson.

On the William and Elizabeth, Major Markham of the 20th regiment, Mr. R. Shea and nephew, Mr. Murray, and Mr. Hunter.

On the Peacock, Mr. John Hart.

On the Jeanet, the Rev. Mr. Chester and Mrs. Chester, and Mr. M--cks--o.

On the Ann, Mr. Vanheelen, Mr. A. R---kin, Mr. W. Rowe, Mrs. Myrie and daughter.

On the Arab, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell.

On the Aurora, Ensigns D--ezies and Neagle of the 62nd regiment, Messrs. Smith, Curtain, Geisely, Hally, and O'Brien.

On the Jamaica Planter, Captain Smith of the Royal Artillery, Ensign A---ott of the Royals, Mr. and Mrs. Levi---, Mr. Samuel, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, and Mr. Watts.

On the Nancy, from Philadelphia, Mr. McGinnes.

Arrived at Port Maria, on Monday last, the ship Elizabeth, Garland Burton, master, one of the ships under convoy. Passengers; Robert Crighton, Esq., Mrs. Crighton, Miss Northcote, Mr. Robert Crighton, Mr. John Crighton, Mr. Slack, Mrs. Slack, Master Slack, Mrs. Tyson, Master Tyson, Miss Tyson, and Capt. Stewart.

Falmouth, June 25th

The St. James, Thatcher, landed the following passengers; Mrs. Libert, Mr. and Mrs. Fowler, Ralph Mountague, jun Esq., Mr. William Dauney, the Rev. Mr. Marlby, Mr. Barnett, and Mr. Teasdale.

Arrived, the Elizabeth, Burton, Passengers; Archibald Campbell, Esq. of Minard, and family, and James Lyon, Esq..

On the Leviathan, Miss Bigham, Robert Jackson, William Haughton Tharp, and Francis Carteret Scott, Esqs., Mr. John Campbell, Mr. Fisher, and Mr. Nesbit.


For London, in the Phoenix, Mr. and Mrs. R. Hibbert and family, Mr. Shackleford; Mr. Aldred, Mr. Dolmage, Mrs. Sleater, and Miss Ferro.

On the Tortola Planter, for London, Mr. Jamieson, and Mr. Clark.

On the Augustus Caesar, Counsellor and Mrs. Scriven, Mrs. Whitehorne, Mrs. J. McGlashan, Mrs. Milward, Mrs. Palmer, Miss Matthews, and Mr. John Rennalls.

On the Lord Sheffield, Mr. Wm. Mitchell and family, Mrs. Sympson, Miss Delpratt, Mr. Lyon, and Mr. Osborn.

On the Lord Rodney, Mr. Logan, Mr. McIver, Mrs. Edgar, and Miss Anderson.

On the Simon Taylor, Mrs. Orr and three children, and Mr. Alex. Watt.

On the Maria, Mr. Foster and Mr. B-----.

On the Albion, Mr. and Mrs. Howell and Mr. James Anderson.

For Leith, in the Roselle, Mrs. John Mitchell and family, Mrs. Steele and family, Messrs. Laing, Stewart, McKenzie, and Ayton.

For Lancaster, in the Commerce, Mrs. Ramsay, Mrs. Wallan, and Mr. Moore.

On the Packet, Captain Ricketts, of the navy, and Mr. Ingram.


Montego Bay, Jun 22 - On Thursday night, in this parish, Henry Barrett, Esq. to Miss Samuells.


In Spanish Town, Mr. Ron. McD--g--e, an Ensign in the 76th regiment.

In this town, on Wednesday last, Mr. Daniel D----, shopkeeper, and Dr. Lewis D-wn-on.

At Milk River Bath, in Vere, Mr. Colin Watson, of Martha Brae.

Lately, in America, Dr. William Hodgson, of St. Ann's, where he resided upwards of forty years.


Yesterday arrived the flag of truce Sloop Peggy, Ramage, from Cape Francois, with Capt. Hargood, and the other officers of his Majesty's ship the Hyena, captured the 26th by the Concorde, of 44 guns.

Black River, St. Elizabeth, June 1793. At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of this Parish, called by desire of his Honour the Custos, they took into serious consideration the present alarming situation of the Parish, from the prevailing severity of Provisions, and are unanimously by opinion, that a petition should be immediately made up and presented to his Honour the Lieutenant Governor requesting him to open the port for the importation of Provisions from America, to prevent the dreadful effects of famine, and that said petition be signed by the Chairman. - John MacFarlane.

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