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Thursday, April 23, 1891


Immigration Office, Kingston

Notice: Applications for East Indian Immigrants to arrive during the ensuing season will be received at the Immigration Office until the 30th instant. Signed Philip C.Cork, Protector of Immigrants


Government Savings Bank NOTICE.

The undermentioned Pass Books are reported to be lost:

Ella Miller, Allman Town

Sgt. Thompson, Kingston

Any information about them must be communicated to H. W. Livingston, Manager

Notice by Deputy Keeper of the Records, Edward Bancroft Lynch


Notice concerning Trade Marks, signed S. P. Smeeton, Registrar General


The undermentioned School Teacher is in want of a school:

George E. Miller, New Hall, Mandeville.

Signed, Thomas Capper, Inspector of Schools


In the Resident Magistrate's Court for St. James holden in Montego Bay:

Approved Bankruptcy Petition of Ellis Levy of Montego Bay, gentleman

Signed by Maxwell Hall, Acting Resident Magistrate

Cert. By John D. Hill, Acting Clerk Courts, St. James


In the Supreme Court Bankruptcy. Petition by A. M. Hill, Kingston, storekeeper, disclaiming interest in the Lease of 165 Tower Street occupied by him. Signed William Lee, Trustee in Bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy Petition against Walsh, White & Co., Annotto Bay, General Merchants. application by William Andrews, Solicitor for the Creditor. Signed, Thomas Hendrick, Registrar.


Supreme Court, Probate and Administration

Estate of Jessie MacLachlan Gibb, late of Vere, Clarendon. Application for Letters of Administration by Isaac Fox of Vere, Administrator, with the Will annexed of the Estate of James Mitchell Gibb, deceased, the husband of the Intestate.


In the R. M. Court of St. Ann

Between Richard Heming of St. Ann, plaintiff, and George White of St. Ann, butcher, defendant.

Motion by Mr. Omeally, Solicitor for the Plaintiff, for an order of sale of the defendant's real estate in the town of St. Ann's Bay, butting N and W on streets, S on William Watkis.

Signed, J. S. Thomas, Acting Clerk Courts


Estate of Ada Bompiani, late of Tripoli Pen, St. Ann, Widow, deceased, who died on 15th June, 1890 at Tripoli Pen. Claims to be sent to Arthur John Webb of Llandovery Estate, St. Ann's P.O., the Administrator of the estate. Signed D. Hart, St .Ann's Bay, Solicitor for the estate.


Joseph Sullivan, deceased, of Woodside, Clarendon, planter who died August 22, 1890 at Woodside. Creditors to send claims to Mary Sullivan, Four Paths P.O., Executrix of the will. Signed Harvey & Bourke, 89 Harbour St., Kingston, Solicitors for the Executrix.


In the R. M. Court for St. Catherine. Bankruptcy of Edward Spratt, late of Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Clerk of the Parochial Board. He is applying for an Order of Discharge. Signed J. Ryley, Clerk of the Courts


In the R. M. Court for Kingston. John Edward Duncombe adjudicated a Bankrupt January 7, 1891 applying for Discharge. Signed F. Pouyat, Acting Clerk of the Court


In the R. M. Court for St. Catherine, Bankruptcy of Alfred Hamilton of Linstead, St. Catherine, shopkeeper.

NOTICE of Parochial Board Meetings signed by:

J. R. Bravo, C.P.B. [Chairman of the Parochial Board], Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland

W. G. Nunes, Clerk, St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann

Fred. H. Hawkins, Clerk, Morant Bay, St. Thomas

Fred. A. Petgrave, Clerk, Port Antonio, Portland

John Allwood, C.P.B., Lucea, Hanover

R. A. Williams, Clerk, Half-Way Tree, St. Andrew

R. M. Cocking, C.P.B., Port Maria, St. Mary

Septimus Feurtado, C.P.B., Spanish Town, St.Catherine

NOTICE concerning Candidates for Free Admission, Titchfield School, Port Antonio, signed W. Henry Plant, Headmaster


NOTICE of Auction of land in St. Anns's Bay, owned by Francis Beckford, butting N. on Alexander Hall, S on Main Street, E on W. B. Scott, W on Miss Hamborough.


Kingston Pound, March 31

A black cow, and a red heifer, brought in by Henry McLean from the Deanery.

A light colour she goat, brought in by John Williams, from No. 2 Cross St., Fletcher's Land.

She goat brought in by McDonald, goatcatcher.

Signed E. Purcell, P.K. [Pound Keeper]

Green Island Pound

A bay mare impounded by Uriah Miller on the provision ground of William White, Saxham.

Signed Jacob Drummond, P.K.

Malvern Pound

A brown and white ewe goat brought in by Ellen Williams, found in provision ground at Roseland. Signed E. J. Sailman P.K.

Newmarket Pound, St. Elizabeth

A mouse colour he ass, no brand mark, brought in by William Irving, from Johnson's Run. (Notice of Sale given by Walter H. Allport, J.P.)

A small mouse colour she ass brought in by Alfred Smith, from Spring Vale.

S igned H. A. Forde, P.K.

Montego Bay Pound

A brown goat with 2 young kids, sent from Retreat by Richard Lawrence. Signed R. Smith, P.K.

Port Maria Pound

An old bay mare brought in by Thomas Greenwood found trespassing on his banana walk at Pimento Hill. Signed Hannah Hamilton, P.K.

Porus Pound

A mouse colour he ass brought in from the Race Course in Clarendon. Signed Maria Eastwood, P.K.

Linstead Pound, St. Catherine

A bay pony and a bay filly brought in by Robert Reid from Cedar Valley. Signed Imogene Davis, P.K.

May Pen Pound

A black she ass impounded by William Thompson. Signed Alex Moodie, P.K. (Notice of sale signed by George Turland, J.P.)

Spanish Town, St. Catherine

A brown she goat brought in from No.2 Burial Ground, by A. Mahoney, hogcatcher. Signed Samuel Hinds, P.K.

Lacovia Pound, St. Elizabeth

One white she ass and one he brown ass sent in by William Roach found trespassing on his place at Cornwall. Signed D. Tomlinson, P.K.

Santa Cruz Pound, St. Elizabeth

A light red ewe goat sent in by Mary Ann Wheatle from Logwood found trespassing on her ground. Signed A. Harriott, P.K.

Spring Mount Pound, St. James

A chestnut pony brought in from Horseguard by Charlotte Downer. Signed A. S. Brown, Acting P.K.

Carpenter Mountains Pound, Manchester

A red ewe and 2 small kids sent in by Caroline Ellis, raishourse [sic]. Signed Dorothy Durrant, P.K.

Phoenix Park Pound, Westmoreland

A red cow, a brindle cow, impounded by C.C. Plunkett Esq., from Belleisle Estate. Signed B. H. Segre, P.K.

Adelphi Pound, St. James

A brown jack, brought in by Frederick Stewart of Eden Vale, from Archibald Stewart of Dumfries Land, found trespassing on Belfield Estate. Signed B. Lowe, P.K.

Lowland Pound, St. Andrew

A large red cow sent in by J. E. McKenzie, from Greenwich Park.



Affidavit for Probate filed Apr. 13, 1891 by Sarah Palmer, as widow. Estate of Isaac Palmer, laborer, died Feb 7, 1888 while resident in Ulster Spring, Trelawny.

Application for Letters of Administration Apr 16, 1891 by James Ronald Anderson, (lawful brother and next of kin), estate of John Anderson, constable. Died Apr. 9, 1891 in Kingston. Value of personalty £12.


Application for Letters of Administration with Will annexed on April 2, 1891, by Charles Herne, sole devisee of Thomas Rankin, planter, died Dec. 6, 1885 in Fair Prospect, Portland.


Application for Letters of Administration Apr 11, 1891, by Edmund Wilson (a creditor for moneys advanced for the support of the testatrix for 10 years and for funeral expenses), for Eliza Wilson, spinster, died Jan 1. 1891 in Lucea, Hanover.

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