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Thursday, April 23, 1891


#176, 17th April, 1891

The Governor has appointed the following Gentlemen to be Justices of the Peace for the Parish of Manchester:

John Henry Clark

Arthur Farquharson Clark

Carre John Georges

Robert Burton Parker

Hubert Galaway Sturridge, Esquires


#177, 18th April, 1891

The Governor has appointed Sargent George Goulden of the 2nd Battalion of the West Riding Regiment stationed at Newcastle, to be a Special Rural Headman under the Military Special Rural Headmen Law 6 of 1890.


#178,18th April, 1891

The Governor has appointed Mr. J. H. Petrie to be Registrar of Births and Deaths for the District of Worthy Park, St. Catherine, in the room of Mr. A. H. Ainsworth, resigned.


#181, 20th April, 1891

The Governor has nominated Roger Swire Haughton, Esq., to be Government Director of the Jamaica Railway Company, in place of L. F. Mackinnon, Esq., resigned.


#182, 20th April

The Governor has appointed Miss Isabel A. Robinson to be Registrar of Births and Deaths for the District of Claremont, St. Ann, in the room of Miss M. B. Steer, resigned.


#183, 21st April

The Governor has appointed the undermentioned Minister of Religion to be a Marriage Officer for the Parish of Portland:

W. Baillie

Denomination: Wesleyan

Place of Worship: Manchioneal

P.O. Address: Manchioneal


#184, 22nd April

The Governor has appointed the undermentioned Gentlemen to be Members of a Medical Board of Enquiry, into the sanitary condition of the General Penitentiary and the adjacent lands:

Mr. J. W. Plaxton, Medical Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum (Chairman)

Brigade Surgeon Maunsell, First West India Regiment

Mr. W. H. Strachan, Senior Resident Medical Officer of the Public Hospital.


#185, 22nd April

The Governor has appointed the Revd. William Pratt, M.A., to be Chaplain to the Prisoners in the General Penitentiary belonging to the Baptist Denomination, in succession to Mr. J. Seed Roberts.

By command,

J. Allwood, Acting Colonial Secretary


Kingston, 9th March, 1891

Parochial Election, Kingston

Returning Officers for each Ward

Ward 1, Mr. Frederick G. Rouse

Ward 2, Mr. Solomon A. G. Cox

Ward 3, Mr. G. D. Robertson

Ward 4, Mr. W. G. McFarlane


Collector General's Office

1st April, 1891

Persons granted Licenses under the Agricultural Produce Buyers Law, 29 of 1890, for the year ending 31st December, 1891:

St. Thomas

69 Jackson, Thomas, Mt. Lebanus

St. Ann

Ricketts, Benjamin G., Thatchfield

St. James

66 Smith, Oliver, Littlefield


Whitter, John D., Orchard

Grant, Robert G., Salt Spring Wharf

Allen, James, Salt Spring


McDonald, Zephaniah, Pisgah

Maxwell, George R. J., Richmond Lodge

Goldson, Samuel Thomas, Stones Beach, Hopewell

Myrie, Joseph, Herring Piece

St. Elizabeth

Burtwright, Andrew, Seven Corners

Gordon, Francis, Aberdeen

Miller, Charles, Aberdeen

Schloss, Henry W., Prospect

Sullivan, William K., Woodlands

Ford, Charles, Baalbeck


Droger, David E., Auchembeddie


March, Robert F. Kelletts

Brown, George D., Rock River

Higgins, Josiah, Roswell

Radlin, Ernest R., May Pen

Campbell, William, Desire

Napier, Ernest, Spalding

St. Catherine

Harrison, William Daniel, Vanity Fair

McPhail, John H., Spring Vale

Hall, Francis R., Dover Castle

Tilley, Sylvester, Watermount

March, Robert F., Old Harbour

Transfer of Licenses

16 James G. Scott, Dun's [sic] Ville, to E. H. Harrison's Shop, Dunn's Ville, St. Ann

St. James

Rueben, Isaac A., from Wharf to No. 1 Barnett Street

Small, Samuel, from Springfield to John's Hall


From Gungaram, Hamstead, to Caleb Samuels, Askenish


T. A. S. Manley, from Radelins Yard to Cross Pen Yard

St. Catherine

Howden, E. A., from Marble Hall to Sandy Hill

Nicholson, W. B., from Buxton Town to Clarke Penn

Signed, Robert Batten, Collector General


Spanish Town Garrison Artillery, Drill Notice

Signed by W. Duncan Byles, Lieut. In Command

Portland V. Militia Notice of Parade

Signed by Dowell O'Reilly, Captain O.C.P.V.M.


Signed, Henry F. Pouyat, Registrar of Titles


The Hon. John Powell Clark of Kendal, Manchester, to have the Certificate of Title [C of T] issued in the name of Lionel Albert Isaacs of Mandeville, Manchester, Esquire. Land in Clarendon, known as Rowington Park, 1190 ½ acres, bounding N & NW on Rhymesbury Pen, W on the road from Rhymesbury to Alley, S on Ramble and on lands in the possession of Elizabeth Brian, Miss Ludford, James Booth, Rose Morrison, Rachel Shakespeare, J. Sutherland, the Govt. of Jamaica, E on Bushy Park and lands in the possession of John Tully, Robert Mattis, Thomas Davis, Mrs. Rubiton, George McPherson and the road from Parnassus to Sandy Gully.

John Daly of Paisley, St. James, to have C of T in the name of Samuel Hart of Montego Bay, St. James, storekeeper. Land called "Miranda Hill" in St. James, estimated 24 acres, N. on Hacton Plantation, E on land occupied by the Female District Prison and the public quarry, SW part on sea shore and part on the Queen's road leading from Montego Bay to Falmouth, and on all other sides on the Box Settlement.

Elizabeth Alexandra Powell of Kingsgate House, Winchester, Hampshire, England, by her Attorney the Hon. John Powell Clark, to have C of T issued in name of Arthur Seymour Isaacs, parish of Manchester, gentleman. Lands in Manchester known as Ballymure Pen, except the part known as "Race Course", "New Land", the part lying between the road to Clones and the road to Heavitree.

Simon Soutar of St. Andrew, and of No. 62 Harbour Street, Kingston, merchant. Land in St. Andrew known as Richmond Pen, estimated 85 acres, bounding N. on Bonshe Park Pen, and partly on Mrs. Stark's Pen, S on Maxfield Park, E on a road leading from the Half-Way Tree Church to the Spanish Town Road, W on Swimmer's Pen.

Johanna Hawse of St. Andrew, Singlewoman. Land in St. Andrew containing from E to W 75 feet and N to S 25 feet bounding N on land formerly belonging to Dr. Townshend, now belonging to Mary Scott, S on land formerly belonging to Peter Brown Lundie, now belonging to Alexander Breakrigg; E on land formerly belonging to Dr. Townshend now on the public road, and W on land formerly belonging to Peter Brown Lundie, now to Joseph Walters.

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