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Royal Gazette

April 27, 1793

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


In the Roselle, from Leith, Messrs. J. Landle, Edward Lawton, John Robertson, David Walker, Muir, Eaidison, Robinson, and J. Robertson, Doctors J. Leith, Murray, and Grant, Ensign Stewart, Lieut. Fisher, and Mrs. Miller. Twenty in the steerage.

From Honduras, in the Friendship, Mr. John Dudgeon.


In Clarendon, April 2, William Gordon, Esq. to Miss Mary Alexandrina Barbary Mackenzie.

On Saturday, Oliver Hering, Esq. to Miss Mary Ross, second daughter of William Ross, Esq.


At Belfast, in Ireland, very shortly after his arrival there, from New York, Ralph Fisher, Esq. of this town, merchant: A gentleman justly endeared to society by invariable integrity, social qualifications, and goodness of heart.

In Liguanea, on Wednesday last, Mr. Francis Allwood, an old inhabitant of this town.

In this town, Mr. Thomas Caddle.

In this town, the infant son of Mr. Robert Reaburn.

At Port Antonio, Will. Hill, Esq. Controller of the Customs for that port.

In this town, Mr. John Peate.


His Honour the Commander in Chief has been pleased to appoint Mr. Henry Skerrett to be Government French Interpreter; and, in addition thereto, the Hon. Judge Surrogate of the Vice-Admiralty Court has appointed him to the same office for that Court.


Wednesday arrived the Dutch brig, Liberty, from Puerto Cabello, with 54 horses; she originally had 100 on board, and was bound for Kingston, consigned to Alexander Shaw, Esq. but having missed the island, and got down as far as Isle of Pines, they were obliged to throw overboard 46 horses, before they reached this port.


A foreigner was apprehended on Tuesday on a charge of willfully causing fire to be set to a building at the west end of Port Royal Street, adjacent to the stores of Mr. McCall, shipwright. Between five and six o'clock on Monday evening, the workmen in the yard were alarmed by smoke issuing through the crevices of a wooden building; and on ripping away the boards it was found to proceed form a staircase belonging to an adjoining property; it was evident on further search that fire had been purposely placed under the lowest step, but in the confusion and hurry the combustible materials were so scattered as not to be discovered. The supposed incendiary was committed for further examination.

Francisco Forres, the foreigner apprehended on suspicion of having caused the fire which was so providentially discovered on Monday evening, was re-examined on Wednesday. The testimony given, though not sufficient to substantiate the charge, was of sufficient weight to induce the Magistrates to commit him to gaol till he can find good security for his conveyance from this island.


Five French passengers that arrived in the Schooner Esperance on Monday, surrendered themselves on board the flag ship, and report themselves to be M. Botel, Captain General and Commander in Chief of the National Guard at Port au Prince, two of his Aides de Camp, a Captain in the National Guard, and an inhabitant of the town. Those Gentlemen, having been at the head of an intellectual opposition to the republican Commissary, Sonthonax, were obliged to fly for their personal safety, on his gaining admission into the town of Port au Prince, which he did with the assistance of a considerable armed force both by sea and land.

They directed their flight across the Isthmus to Jacquemel, where they took shipping for this port.

The Schooner that brought M. Botel and his companions from Jacquemel is, together with her cargo, seized. The captain declares, that ------ his solemn declarations of there being near 2000 pounds worth of property on board, and his remonstrances that he should certainly be made a prize, they forced him, with pistols to his head, to bring them down.

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