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Royal Gazette

April 13, 1793

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


In the Tortola Packet, from Charleston, Mr. and Mrs. Kerr, and Mr. Jones.

In a foreign vessel, Mr. Higgins and Mr. White.

In the Endymion, Lieuts Neil and McKellar, of the Royals, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, Mrs. Hay, Mr. Hay, and Messr. Blackburn, Fraiser, Murrich, and Harvey; thirteen steerage passengers, and forty recruits for the Royals.


Apr 5 Charles Goldsmith, Sen., St. Ann

" Sarah Goldsmith, ditto

" Charles Goldsmith, Jun., ditto

" Henry Goldsmith, ditto

" Ann Goldsmith, ditto

" Catherine Goldsmith, ditto

" Daniel Goldsmith, ditto

" William Goldsmith, ditto

" William Simmons, St. Mary

" Elizabeth Sloates, Clarendon

" Henry Williams, St. Mary

Apr 6 Elizabeth Lawrence, a free black woman, Kingston

" Trut Woberg, ditto

Apr 8 Henry Dray, Hanover

" Boyd Reid, ditto

Apr 9 Thomas Harvey, St. Elizabeth

" George U. Mackenzie, Kingston


In this town, Thomas Cuming, Esq., Merchant, to Miss Frances Jane Harris, daughter of William Harris, Esq.

Last Saturday night, in this town, Mr. John Holland Chancellor to Mrs. Noble, of Little River.


On Thursday morning last, at his mother's pen in Liguanea, Master Robert Spalding, the posthumous son of the late Dr. Spalding.

In this town, Mr. Arch. McNeill, attorney at law; and Mrs. Elizabeth Catherine Spencer.


Monday morning his Honour the Commander in Chief reviewed the first regiment of foot, or Royals, under the command of Major Green, at Up Park Camp; and on Wednesday morning he reviewed the 13th regiment, under the command of Colonel Whitelock, on the race ground.


Montego Bay, April 6 - Yesterday afternoon arrived the schooner Nautilus, Paterson, from George Town, South Carolina, in 20 days. About four days before Capt. Paterson sailed, he was informed by the Captain of an American ship, who had just left Charleston, that two ships, the London, of London, and the Amelia, of London, were captured by a French frigate, and another vessel, in the Gulf stream, on their passage to London from Charleston; that the crews of both ships were landed in South Carolina and were seen by the American Captain at Charleston. Where the captors were to carry their prizes, we have not been able to learn. Should this information be true, the French must have sent their cruisers to sea before the declaration of war, to intercept our homeward bound vessels from this quarter of the globe.


The following is a copy of an Address from the Grand Inquest of the county of Cornwall, at the Assize Court, held in and for the said county, on Tuesday the second day of April, 1793, before the Honourable George Murray, Esq., one of the Assistant Judges of the Supreme Court, and one of the Justices of the Cornwall Assize , and his Associates, then sitting in the said Court of Assize, presented by them to the Court, previous to their being discharged:

Jamaica - Westmorland

WE, the Grand Jurors for the County of Cornwall, having had presented to us, by the Honourable the Custos, a letter from the Right Honourable Henry Dundas, one of his Majesty's principal Secretaries of State, announcing that war had been declared by the supreme authority of France against his Majesty's kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, and its dependencies, beg leave to return our thanks for the communication, and to express our perfect attachment to our King and happy Constitution, and readiness to exert our utmost abilities in the defence of the same; and that we will collectively, as well as individually, use every endeavour to detect and apprehend all suspicious and seditious incendiaries who may attempt to disturb the peace and unanimity of this island, or this county in particular. -

James Wedderburn, Foreman. J. Hering, Wm Brown, D. Connell, Hugh Fraser, Robt. Minto, John Simpson, Henry John Wisdom, Joseph Hardy, James Stewart, Robert Boswell, Thomas Minto, G.F. Clarke, Sam. Cuninghame, Matthew Henegan, David Innes, James Berry, F. R. Tomlinson, Archibald Duthie, Thomas Robertson, James Jack, John Graham, Andrew Black.

At the same Court, Thomas Bullman was indicted for speaking seditious words against the King and Constitution, and, after a most impartial hearing, he was found guilty, and sentenced to lie three months in jail, and on the King's birthday, to stand one hour in the pillory.


St. Jago de la Vega, April 12. Thomas Bosden, an elderly free man of colour, was tried at the Court house on Monday last, for "Harbouring runaway Negroes." The charge being clearly substantiated, he was found guilty, and sentenced to loss of freedom and transportation. It appearing to the Jury that the rigid sentence of the law bore rather hard in this man's case, the Court were pleased to promise a representation thereof to his Honour the Lieutenant Governor; and we have little reason to doubt that his Honour will be as lenient as in consistent with good policy.


On Tuesday, near Breadnut Valley in the parish of Clarendon, the body of a valuable sawyer[?] Negro, the property of Duncan Hamilton, Esq., was found in a most melancholy situation; he had been stabbed in the throat, a great part of the flesh torn from his legs and thighs, apparently by dogs, and had one of his arms chopped off close to the shoulder. A verdict of "Willful Murder by persons unknown," was returned by an inquest held on the body the Thursday following.

A brown man, who is now in custody for having threatened the life of Mr. Hamilton, is, we understand, strongly suspected of being the perpetrator of the above atrocious act; his having to pass this man's house, (the only person in that neighbourhood who keeps dogs) and his hat being found at a very short distance therefrom, are, if true, no trivial motives for suspicion: Be that as it may, there is little doubt but the Magistracy of the parish will exert themselves in bringing to light and consequent punishment the offender, whoever he may be.

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Apr 6 Morces, Ann by Robert Bogle & Alexander Jopp

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