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Royal Gazette

March 23, 1793

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


In the Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Kingston, from Baltimore.

In the snow Active, Mr. Cornelius Murray.

In the Mary McIver, from Charleston, Mr. Hutchinson and Mr. Massey.


In the Sovereign, for Honduras, Mr. and Mrs. Kingston, lately from Baltimore.

In the Gregson, for Liverpool, Mr. Alexander Sutherland.

Mar 25 W.E. Samuels, Hanover

" John Turnbull, Westmorland

" Thomas Hardy, Kingston

Mar 16 Arch. Campbell, ditto

" Ann Campbell, ditto

" Mary M. Campbell, ditto

" James Newby, ditto

Mar 18 David Ballantine, Kingston

" John Jameson, St. Thomas in the East

" William Wood, Hanover

" William Sanderson, Kingston

" John Willam, ditto

Mar 19 Andrew Milne, ditto

Mar 20 Edward Sainthill, ditto

" M. Whitfield, ditto

" Margarette Whitfield, ditto

" Joseph Cazo, St. Catherine

" Jane Crage, Kingston

" Henry Archbould, St. Mary

" Sarah R. Archbould, ditto

Mar 21 James Austin, Kingston

" Joseph A Neilson, Hanover

" Ann M Pierce, and a slave named Venus, St. Andrew.

" John Rapalye, St. George's

" Henry George J , St. Andrew

" William Charles Junto, ditto

Mar 22 Edward Bigland, Westmorland

" Francis Eilchow, and a sambo slave named Abraham, Clarendon

" Elizabeth Hall, Westmorland

" Adam Johnstone, St. Elizabeth


On the Spanish Main, the 20th of January last, Mr. Thomas Hitchcocke, formerly an inhabitant of this place.

At Port Antonio, Mr. John Edward Vonholt, of that place.

In this town, Miss Margaret Grant, daughter of the late Nathaniel Grant, Esq. and Mrs. Everard.


His Honour the Chief Justice has been pleased to appoint Henry Andrew Francken, Esq. a Commissioner for taking Affidavits out of the Grand Court, for the parish of Kingston.

His Honour the Chief Justice has been pleased to appoint Caleb Mumford, Esq. a Commissioner for taking Affidavits out of the Grand Court, for the parish of St. Andrew.

His Honour the Chief Justice has appointed Mr. Alexander Dawson a Commissioner for taking Affidavits, in the parish of Kingston, to be used in the Grand Court.


On Tuesday the 22nd a subscription purse, for two years old, two mile heats, was run for over the Race course at Lacovia, by Mr. Andrew Wright's Bay Colt, and Mr. Salmon's Pepper Filly, Brunettes. The first heat was won by the Colt, but in the second he ran out of the course and was distanced.


It is to be feared that much mischief has been done by the late strong north winds. The schooner General Campbell, Erman, was lost at Plantain Garden River, but her cargo, consisting of forty puncheons of rum, was fortunately saved. In the mountains of Liguanea, it is said, the coffee trees have suffered very considerably, and many Negro houses have been unroofed.


Tuesday last came on at the Court House, Martha Brae, the election of Churchwardens and Vestrymen for this parish when the following Gentlemen were chosen:

Churchwardens: - John Whittaker and Jas. Galloway.

Vestrymen: - Edward Knowles, John Gayner, Mountague Virgo, James Scarlett, Urquhart Gillespie, Malcolm Beveridge, Jacob Libert, James K. Kelsy, Alexander Edgar, and Thomas Harding.

Yesterday came on, at the court house, Martha Brae, the election of parochial officers, when H.W. Gallimore, jun. and Ed. Chambers, Esqrs. (the former Clerk of the Vestry, and the later Collecting Constable) were re-elected. Mr. John Porter was appointed supervisor of the workhouse, and Mr. Michael Walsh, clerk.


The mill and still house, and a cane piece of about ten acres, on Llanduy estate in St. David, were consumed by fire early on Sunday morning. This misfortune was occasioned by the strong north wind blowing a spark, out a stoke hole, and lodging it on the top of the mill house, which was thatched.

CAVEATS entered in this office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Mar 15 Bennett, G.A. by Sarah D. Bennett

Mar 15 Burke, John by Mary E. Burke

Mar 15 Burke, Jane by Mary E. Burke

Mar 15 Rankine, Alex. by Jas. Rankine, against proving Will

Mar 16 Harvie, Alex. by Alex. McCrae

Mar 18 Jenneaue, Matthew by Joseph Johnno

Mar 19 Neufville, Jane jun. by Thomas Neufville

Mar 21 Richmond, Walter by David Richmond

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