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Royal Gazette

March 1, 1793

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


In the ship Tryall, Smith, which arrived at Port Antonio the 22nd in 39 days from Liverpool, came passenger Thomas Prince, Esq. formerly Member in Assembly for the parish of Portland.

In the Sovereign, from London, Mr. William Gale and Mr. Elias Tralling.

In the Mary, from Bristol, Ensign Goodridge, of the 62nd regiment, and Mr. James.

In the New Fortune, from New York, Miss Burton and Mr. Thomas Gardiner.


In the Kitty, for Liverpool, Mr. Bilisario and Mr. Potter.

In the Mary Ellen, for Liverpool, Mr. James Laing.

In the London, Mr. M Neal.

Feb 23 Francis B. Baker, Savanna la Mar

Feb 25 Charles Fairclough, Kingston

" Benjamin Boas, ditto

" William Schrocter, Ditto

" George Glatt, ditto

Feb 26 Thomas H. Barrett, Vere

" John Lorrain, St. Thomas in the East

" A. McIver, ditto

Feb 27 Dennis Pinnock, Kingston

Feb 28 John Sterling, St. Elizabeth

" Alex. Maxwell, St. Dorothy

" Laudon Cabell, Kingston

" Patrick Aytoun, ditto

Mar 1 Robert Gooding, Hanover

" Hugh Wilson, Westmorland

" George Williams, Trelawny


In this town, Captain James Neilson, formerly commander of the ship Caesar in the trade between Bristol and Lucea in this Island.

At Success estate, in this parish, Dr. McKie.

At Blue Hill, in Hanover, Dr. Peter McKenzie.

Lately, in Liverpool, Mr. John Brown, of this island.

At Philadelphia, Mr. James Baird, coppersmith of Martha Brae.

In New York, the 28th of January, occasioned by a fall on the ice, while skating, Thomas Edward Gabaudon, Esq. of this parish.


Tuesday was held the election of Churchwardens and Vestrymen for the parish of Hanover, when the following Gentlemen were chosen:

Churchwardens: - Wm. Brown and Charles Younger.

Vestrymen: - William Sinclair, R. H. Reid, James Hay, John Brissett, John Clarke, George Malcolm, Philip Anglin, James W. Dawes, Patrick Gray, and William Clarke.

The same day the following gentlemen were elected Trustees of the Free School in that parish: - William Sinclair, Patrick Spence, James Hay, Edmund Finucane, George Spence, and J.W. Dawes.

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Feb 22 Roberts, David by John Thomson

Feb 22 Mitchiner, Thomas by Thomas Watson & Isaac Milburn

Feb 22 Brims, William by Thomas Watson & Isaac Milburn

Feb 27 Hugford, Thomas by James Gelespie

Feb 27 Scott, Mary by Isaac Titford

Feb 27 Wood, Thomas by William Savage

Feb 27 Cuming, Alex. by David Cuming

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