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Royal Gazette

February 16, 1793

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


In the sloop Hawke, Mr. John Robertson, Mr. Edmund Matthews, and Mr. James Murray.

In the Recovery, Mr. James Knox.

In the Esther Lindo, from Portsmouth, Joseph Aguilar, Esq., Jacob Gutteres, Esq., Geo. Bartlet, Esq., Chas. Graham, Esq., Mrs. Graham and child, Miss Graham, Miss Hughes, Miss Dacosta, Miss Jacobs, Mr. Hyam Cohen, Dr. Hugh Munro, of the 62nd regiment, Mr. Charles Simms, Mr. Rogers, Mr. James Thompson, Mr. Doman, Mr.William Clueness, Mr. Barnet, Mr. Allwood, and Mr. Rivers.

In the Hopewell, Fraser, thirty days from Portsmouth, arrived at St. Ann on Monday last. In her were Col. Rose and Lady, Miss Rose, Master Rose, and Mrs. Aikenhead.


Feb 9 Isaac Blight, Kingston.

Feb 11 John Eckford, St. Mary

" Thomas Harper, St. James

" William McLatcsh, St. Elizabeth

Feb 12 Elijha C. Connor, St. Andrew

" Ann Johnson, Kingston

Feb 13 Isaac Melbaco, jun., ditto

Feb 14 Thomas Colison, ditto


William Bryan, Esq. to Miss Weston.


In this town, Mrs. Mary Ann McTavish, wife of Mr. Peter McTavish; and Mr. Samuel Bendon.

In this town, last Tuesday, Mrs. Susanna Brims; the day following, Mr. John Simpson, Verdue Master.


(Continuation of article regarding the Breadfruit, brought to Jamaica by Capt. Bligh. See previous date.): The Bread Fruit plants have been divided by the Commission as follows: To the county of Surrey 83; to the county of Middlesex 83; to the county of Cornwall 83.

The Gentlemen chosen to distribute the ten plants allotted to this parish disposed of them on Wednesday as follows – To Mr. Hibbert one, Dr. Grant one, Mr. Elder one, Mr. Loosely one, and Mr. Paterson one: For the other five there were thirteen other claimants, who drew lots, and the fortunate numbers fell to the same or Messrs. Welsh, Latimer, Allwood, Fox, and Cardoso.

Quota for Clarendon to be put under the care of Thomas Raymond, Esq. Those for St. Dorothy to the order of his Honour the Chief Justice and Matthew Halstead, Esq. For St. John to W. Thompson and Peeke Fuller, Esqrs. Those for the parish of Vere in charge to the Hon. Richard Batty, Esq.

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Feb 7 Grant, Wm. by James Goudie

Feb 8 Richardson, Geo. by Thomas Wilkie

Feb 9 Graham, Wm. by John Graham

Feb 13 Thomas, Wm. by Edward Thomas

Feb 14 Costello, Patrick by Edward Costello

Feb 14 Simpson, John by Thomas Simpson

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