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Royal Gazette

February 9, 1793

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


In the Little Sarah, from New York, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Salmon, Mr. Deleon, and Mr. Decosta.


His Majesty's packet-boat the Antelope, commanded by Mr. Edward Curtis, sailed on Monday morning from Port Royal, with the mail for Great Britain. The passengers on board are Mr. John Aikman and Mr. John Pidgley.

In the Juba, to Norfolk, Mr. John Simpson.

Feb 2 Norton Butler, Trelawney

" Thomas Cumming, Kingston


Hannah Wells, a free woman of colour, was tried on Monday on a charge of having murdered her female child, and acquitted.

Margaret Sharp, Coloner Lee, and Margaret Bennett, indicted for the murder of John Smith, late a private in the Royal Artillery, were tried on Tuesday, and acquitted.

Sergeant Scott, of the 13th regiment, lately advertised as having deserted, has been apprehended and tried by a Court Martial, by which he was sentenced to be degraded and receive 500 lashes. In consideration of his former good conduct, his Honour the Commander in Chief has been pleased to remit the corporal punishment.

A most daring attempt to commit a robbery was made about twelve o'clock on Wednesday night, at the pen of Caleb Mumford, Esq. near Halfway Tree. Mr. Mumford being alarmed with the cry of "Robber, Murder, Help!" jumped from his bed, and looking through a Venetian blind, saw one of his Negro men struggling with a stranger; on which he instantly ran out to assist, but before he could reach the spot the scoundrel made off, after having dangerously wounded the Negro with a hanger, both on the shoulder and with wrist of the right hand.

Only three days before three fine ewes were stolen from the same pen; and almost every other property in the neighbourhood has suffered from similar depredations.

Friday night the store of Mr. Charles Furclough, at the west end of Harbour Street, was broke open and plundered of a few articles of dry goods.


Friday last, in the 64th year of his age, after a lingering indisposition, John Greenhill Yonge, Esq., upwards of thirty years an inhabitant of this island, and formerly Clerk of the Vestry for this parish.


On Tuesday last anchored at Port Royal his Majesty's ship Providence, Capt. Bligh, and the companion of her voyage, the brig Assistance, Captain Partlock, from the South Seas. They sailed from Otaheite on the 19th of July; passed through Endeavour Straits, which divide New Holland from New Guinea, touched at Timor, the Cape of Good Hope, and St. Helena; and lastly, at St. Vincent's, in their course to this Island.

It is with infinite satisfaction we congratulate the public on the happy arrival of these vessels at their destined port, enriched with a most valuable collection of plants, all in a flourishing condition: Amongst these, there are upwards of 300 of the breadfruit tree; so that the great object of the voyage is most fortunately accomplished. The unwearied zeal and perseverance of Capt. Bligh, throughout the whole of this arduous undertaking, deserves our highest praise; and we sincerely wish, and doubt not, that his merits will be duly noticed in the most honourable manner by the House of Assembly.

The introduction of the breadfruit into this island will constitute a remarkable era in its annals. In less than twenty years, the chief article of sustenance for our Negroes will be entirely changed; - plantains, yams, cocoa, and coffee, will be cultivated only as subsidiary, and used merely for change; whilst the breadfruit, gaining firm hold in the earth by the toughness and strength of its root, will bid defiance to storms; .............

Capt. Bligh could gain no intelligence of the mutineer Christian, and his accomplices, who were on board the Bounty. When they retuned to Otaheite, after executing their project, the natives, suspecting some mischief from the non-appearance of the commander, and the gentlemen with him, laid a plan to seize the vessel and crew; but a favorite female of Christian's betrayed the design of her countrymen: He put to sea in the night, and the next morning the ship was nearly out of sight..............

In the passage through Endeavour Strait, the Assistance, being a-head of the Providence, was surrounded and attacked by the natives of New Guinea, who wounded several of her people with their arrows: It was not until Captain Bligh had joined, sunk one of their canoes, and killed some of them, that they made off towards shore, permitting our navigators to proceed on their voyage.

Extract from the Journals of the Hon. House of Assembly of the 21st Dec. 1792.

"Ordered, that Mr. Shirley, Mr. Wallen, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Taylor, Mr. McLean, Mr. Osborn, Mr. Z.B. Edwards, and Mr. Redwood, be a committee to act, during the recess of the Assembly, in the reception of the Bread Fruit, and other valuable trees and plants, which, by Sir Joseph Bank's letter of the 9th August, 1792, to the Island Botanist, it appears may be expected to arrive in the harbour of Kingston in the course of the ensuing year;.........."

The Committee for the Reception and Disposal of the Plants are to meet this day, at the office of the Commissioners of Public Accounts.

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Feb 2 McGruther, W. by Simon Hawke

Feb 2 Howell, Martha by M.A. Jennings

Feb 2 Scott, Mary by M.A. Jennings

Feb 4 Lincheon, Rob. by George Woodbine

Feb 5 Jones, David by William Roach

Feb 7 Yonge, J. Greenhill by Jane and Sarah Yonge

Feb 7 Reilly, Patrick by Thomas Reilly

Feb 7 Reilly, Barnaby by Thomas Reilly

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