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Royal Gazette

November 8, 1794

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


In this town, Dr. Colin MacLacty to Miss Elizabeth Susanna Breon.


At Cape Nicholas Mole, Mr. Samuel McLeod, of London, one of the passengers in the Princess Royal Packet boat, which sailed from this port on the 13th October.

In Clarendon, on the 25th of October last, at the Main Ridge, Mr. John Freeman, aged 70 years, upwards of 40 of which he resided in this island.

On the 27th, at New Ground, Mr. Joseph Dailey.

On the 2nd last Mr. John Gray.

In this town, Mr. Thomas Mullins, of Annotto Bay; and Mr. Lawrence Scott.

Montego Bay, Nov 1 - In this town, yesterday morning, Mr. John Hall.


A motion was made, that a committee be appointed to enquire into what losses have been sustained of late by captures of shipping bound to, and near to the coast of, this island; and also what losses have been sustained by the coasting and drogging vessels employed round the island; and also what protection has been afforded to the navigation of this island by his Majesty's ships of war on this station.

Ordered, That Mr. Grant, Mr. Quarrell, Mr. Murray, Mr. G.G. Barrett, Mr. Galoraith, Mr. Fitch, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. White, Mr. S. Barrett, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Shirley, Mr. Chief Justice, Mr. Cockburn, Mr. Christie, and Mr. Deans, be a committee for that purpose.


The public are cautioned against receiving base quarter dollars now in circulation, and not intrinsically worth one halfpenny. The milling excepted, which is wretchedly performed, they are tolerably well executed; the date 1793; the lower stroke of the nine inverted.


Thursday at a slave court held before the Hon John Jaques, Geo. Kinghorn, and Jas. Amos, Esqrs, two Negroes, named John and Dick, were tried on a charge of stealing rum from the wharf of John Davidson, Esq. The Jury retired to deliberate on the evidence, and after an absence of three quarters of an hour, returned with a verdict, "Not Guilty."


Tuesday last Mary Bayly, a woman of colour, was tried under the Inveigling Act, for enticing away and keeping possession of three Negroes, part of the estate of Mr. James Grier, dec. when the Jury in opposition to the opinion of the residing Magistrate, acquitted the prisoner.


Friday, November 7, 1794

Message from the Council, acquainting the House, they had appointed three of their Board to meet the Committee of the House for that purpose, on Tuesday, at three o'clock, in the Council Chamber.

Mr. Taylor, Mr. Osborn, Mr. Woolfrys, Mr. Chief Justice, Mr. Rodon, Mr.Henckell, Mr Barrett, Mr. Murray, and Mr. Quarrell, appointed a Committee for that purpose.

A petition of Tesser Samuel Kuckahn, Esq. on behalf of his reputed children, praying for certain privileges, was presented to the House, read, and referred to a Committee.

Committee appointed to bring in a bill to dispense with the act to prevent the burying of the dead in the churches, and to indemnify the Rev. R. S. Woodham for permitting the remains of Mrs. Williamson to be interred in the church of St. Catherine.

A motion was made for remitting the sum of £300 to purchase a monument to the memory of Mrs. Williamson: Ordered to lie on the table three days, agreeably to the rule of the House.

Saturday, November 8, 1794

Mr. Cockburn, from the Committee on Tesser Samuel Kuckahn's petition, reported the allegations to be true: Committee appointed to bring bill.

A petition of John Price, Esq. by Rose Price, Esq. his attorney, for a further grant for the road from Luidas to Stirling Castle, in St. Thomas in the Vale, was presented to the Hosue, and referred to the Committee of roads and bridges.

A petition of Samuel Bell, practitioner in physic and surgery, praying for payment of an account, was presented to the House, and referred to the Committee of accounts.

Tuesday, November 11, 1794

Mr. Taylor, from the Committee of Conference on the Agency bill; reported that the Joint Committee had nominated Robert Sewell, Esq. to be Agent of this Island; to which the House agreed.

A petition of Dr. F. R. Brodbelt was presented to the House, praying for payment of an account: Referred to the Committee of accounts.

House, in a committee on the Embargo bill, Mr. Galbraith in the chair; Mr. Galbraith reported, they had gone through the bill, and had made several amendments thereto Ordered, that the bill with the amendments be engrossed.

Wednesday, November 12, 1794

A petition of John Brisset, Esq. Captain of Fort Charlotte, praying that additional works may be erected, was presented, and referred to the Committee on the State of the Island.

A petition of Leigh and Younger, of the parish of Hanover, merchants, praying payment of an account, was presented, and referred to the committee of Accounts.

A petition of the representative of Longlands and Smith, praying payment of an account, was presented, and ordered to lie on the table.

A petition of John Bird, of the parish of Kingston, wharfinger, praying certain privileges to his reputed quadroon son, was presented, and referred to a Committee.

Receiver General ordered to pay the fees on Mrs. Williamson's Funeral bill, the same being a private bill.

A petition of Ann Middleton, a free mulatto woman, praying certain privileges for herself and children, was presented, and referred to a Committee.

A petition of Henry Andrew Francken, Esq. praying for a continuation of the relief granted him for several years past, was presented, and referred to the Committee on the State of the Island.

A petition of Thomas Alves, late Deputy Marshal, praying payment of an account of gaol fees, was presented, and referred to the Committee of Accounts.

A petition of the proprietors of the Spanish Town theatre, stating that the same has been appropriated for the use of the troops, to the inconvenience of the town and injury of the petitioners, was presented, praying for relief: Referred to a Committee of five Members.

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On Whose Estate/By whom entered

Oct 31 Matthews, Wm by Francis Rigby Brodbelt

Oct 31 Harding, William by James Robertson, jun.

Oct 31 Graham, Andrew by David McCulloch

Oct 31 Bailey, John by John Campbell, Valentine Jones & Dd. McCulloch

Oct 31 Dayly, John Burns by John Verling

Oct 31 Paterson, R. Wharton by Cuthbert Potts

Oct 31 Brydie, James by Cuthbert Potts

Oct 31 McFarlane, James by Alexander Macleod

Nov 1 Aldridge, William by James Brydon

Nov 1 Atkins, Robert by John Ingram

Nov 3 Netherwood, Joseph by Joseph Woolley

Nov 3 Deane, Ralph by James Burrell

Nov 5 Allan, Alexander by James Gowans

Nov 5 Bertie, John by Robert Chamberlain

Nov 6 Smith, James by Humphry Cokiuhoun

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