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Royal Gazette

October 18, 1794

Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies


On the Lord Rodney, Brooks, from Liverpool; Messrs. Fairclough, Kirkpatrick, Roe, Hargraves, McKenzie, Kessick, Hadfield, Shackman, and White.

On the Rebecca, Hughes, from Philadelphia; Miss Jane E. Campbell.

On the Royal Recovery, Younger, from Liverpool, Mr. Russell.

On the brig Jason, Gerard, from Jeremie, Robert Boog, Esq.


His Majesty's Packet boat the Princess Royal, Capt. Skinner, sailed from Port Royal on Monday morning, with the mail for Great Britain. The Passengers by her were Mr. Spooner, Mr. La Touche, Capt. Williams, and Mr. McLeod. On the same morning with the packet, on the George, Guineamen, Lieut. Newcombe, of the 49th regiment, and Mrs. Newcombe, went passengers for Liverpool.


In this town, Mr. George Marshall, Merchant, of Spanish Town, to Miss Jesse Orr, of this town; Mr. John Johnston, of Morant Bay, Merchant, to Miss Jennet Carmichael, daughter of William Carmichael, Esq. of this town.

Falmouth, October 15 - Yesterday evening, at Belmont, the Hon. John Tharp, Esq. Custos of this parish, to Mrs. Gallimore, widow of the late Matthew Gallimore, Esq. of Greenfield.


At Clarendon Chapel, on Friday the 20th last, Daniel Mackenzie, Esq.

In St. George's, Dr. Duncan Bethune.

In this town, Mr. John Bennett, tailor, Miss Anne Brown and Master Abner Brown, infant children of Mr. Jas. Brown, Coach-maker; Mr. Henry Harman, Baker; Mrs. Mary Fergusson, widow; Mr. William Massey Hayle; Miss Elizabeth Lettice Benden, infant daughter of Mr. William Benden; Captain Samuel Horton, of the American brig George.

Montego Bay, October 11 - Last Sunday morning, Mr. Thomas Roberts: At the Crawle Estate, in this parish, last Monday, Miss Spyers; and yesterday morning, the infant son of Dr. Henry Thornhill Gibbes: - In Trelawny, Capt. Harry, of the ship Wilson: - In St. Elizabeth's, on Saturday last, Mr. Samuel Blake.

Falmouth, October 15 - Mr. Robert Atkins, overseer on Schawfield estate; Mr. Thomas McKissock, overseer on Unity; and Mr. James McFarlane.


It appears by letters from America, that a fever, similar to that which desolated Philadelphia last year, has commenced its ravages at Newhaven in Connecticut, and is rapidly spreading; the inhabitants are flying in every direction.


The Sanspareille privateer has sent into Newport a British Brig, last from Turks Island, loaded with rum, molasses, and salt. The prize master's name was J. B. Bernard, who, on going ashore, was apprehended and committed to gaol, in consequence of a proclamation issued by the Governor of South Carolina, offering a reward for apprehending him, for murdering, in a most barbarous manner, a citizen of Charleston.


A duel was fought on Thursday morning between Mons. D. an Officer in the British legion, and Mons. N. an Officer of Berwick's corps. The latter was dangerously wounded by a ball lodged near the right hip, and is since dead.


His Honour the Lieutenant Governor has been pleased to appoint the Rev. Claudius Crigan to the vacant living of Hanover, and the Rev. Thomas Markby to that of Vere.

Tuesday came on the election of Wardens, Treasurer, and Vestrymen of the English and German Jews Synagogue: The Candidates were Messrs; Lazarus Alexander, Sampson Lucas, Solomon Levy, and Hyman Cohen, the two first of whom were declared duly elected; as were Mr. Judah Cohen, Treasurer; and Messrs. Joel Isaacs, John Brown, Joseph Ezekiel, Isaac Levy, and Leon Worms, Vestrymen.

Falmouth, October 15 - Yesterday the presentation of the Rev. Adrian Reid, to the living of this parish, was read in Vestry, and delivered to him by his Honour the Custos.

CAVEATS entered in this Office

On whose Estate/By whom entered

Oct 10 Dickson, Thomas by Richard Haughton Reid

Oct 10 Rankine, Alexander the younger by Alexander Rankine

Oct 10 Netherwood, Joseph by Robert Chamberlain

Oct 10 Clarkson, John by Ann Clarkson

Oct 13 Roberts, Thomas by Robert Ellidge and Alexander Macglashan

Oct 13 Brown, William by James Waters

Oct 13 Sutton, Thomas by Bartholomew Redman

Oct 14 D'Andresol by John Marie

Oct 15 Crockett, Christoph by William Jones

Oct 16 Harding, William by James Mackintosh

Oct 16 Grice, James by George Cooke

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