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[propr. is the abbreviation for proprietor; atty. is the abbreviation for attorney]


Aird Alexander, carpenter and builder, propr. Lodge Pen

Alwood S. Miss, dressmaker

Burgess Richard, propr. High Gate Pen

Barrett Samuel, tailor, Ricketts' River

Bird E. Mrs., dressmaker

Bird M. Miss, dressmaker

Bird William N., tailor, Town Head

Blackwood T., druggist and dispenser

Blair D., overseer Lenton Pen

Burgess R., propr. Mount Eagle sugar estate

Chambers G. B., blacksmith

Chambers O. B., blacksmith

Cunningham William, butcher

De Cordova Altamont, general store

Dehaney George, shopkeeper and baker

Deleon Robert, butcher

Donald M. W., carpenter and builder

Drummond Charles, shopkeoper and baker

Ewen W. J., propr. Clifton Pen and attorney Glasgow sugar estate

Frankson Samuel, boot and shoe maker

Gooden Edmund, general store

Gooden L. Mrs., baker

Hall Mrs., dressmaker

Harvey & Brother, druggists and dispenser

Hewett Thomas J., overseer Clifton and Bulstrode Park Pens

Hill Thomas, tailor, Morgan's Bridge

Hopwood S. M. Jr., general store

James Edward, boot and shoe maker

James W. T., blacksmith

Jamieson Js., overseer Belleisle sugar estate

Jamieson John, overseer Mint sugar estate

Jetan Colie, shopkeeper

Jones & Co., general store

Lawyer Thomas, shopkeeper,

Lovis Samuel S., boot and shoe maker

Marlow William H., tailor, Morgan's Bridge

Mason R., teacher, Fullersfield School

Matterson Isaac, butcher

Maxwell George, attorney and manager Lincoln and King's Valley Pens

McDonald John, general store

McFarland James, tailor, Burnt Savanna

MeLean H., teacher, Mt. Grace School

Milne George, overseer Glasgow sugar estate

Monfries Matthew, carpenter and builder

Morris S. C. Rev., Fullersfield Baptist Church

Pringle Alexander, carpenter and builder

Ralston O., druggist and dispenser

Robinson Henry, baker

Samuels John E, teacher, Town Head School

Sawyer Mrs., baker

Segre J. S., general store

Sharpe John H., overseer Frome sugar estate

Sinclair A. H., proprietpr Mint sugar estate

Smith George F., teacher, Sterling School

Sterling Mrs., dressmaker

Swaby F. Rev., Sterling Presbyterian Church

Thomas John E., overseer Mt. Eagle sugar estate

Tomlinson William, butcher

Tullis A. R., propr. King's Valley and Lincoln Pens

Tullis Edward, blacksmith

Tullis William M., carpenter and builder

Vaughan James S. Rev., curate Trinity Church of England

Vickers Herbert, overseer Fontabelle sugar estate

Vickers Hugh A., proprietor Fontabelle sugar estate

Vickers William Hon., propr. Belle Isle and Frome sugar estates

Waite Isabel Mrs., proprietor Lenton Pen

Walters George, butcher

Whitelock H. A. Mrs., propr. Glasgow sugar estate and Bulstrode Park Pen

Williams David, baker

Young Thomas, butcher


Barnaby David, tailor

Barnaby Robert, general store, Grand Vale road

Benham Mrs., baker

Briggs Mrs., estate of, King's Pen

Brown David, propr. Grand Vale general store

Buchanan James, carpenter and builder

Campbell John, pork dealer

Campbell R., carpenter and builder

Clarke E., teacher, King's Church of England school

Clarke Ebenezer, boot and shoe maker

Clarke Anna Miss, dressmaker

Clarke Frances Mrs., dressmaker

Davies Frank E., overseer Bruce Hill Pen

Davies John Mrs., propr. Bruce Hill Pen

Davis William, beef dealer

Deanes Mrs., propr. White House Pen

Irving William, lessee White House Pen and storekeeper

Johnson Thomas, propr. Barnes' generall store

King David, propr. Forest Pen

Lind A. B. Rev., Moravian, Salem

Maxwell Francis S., propr. Fort Hill Pen

McCallum Catharine Miss, baker

McLeod C. M., lessee King's Pen

Salt W. Featherstone Rev., curate St. Thomas'

Tate Milward, carpenter and builder

Watson Charles P., teacher, New Hope Moravian school

Woollery Edward, blacksmith


[Note from Jamaican Family Search: properties with an address of Middle Quarters were incorrectly listed here by the author of the Directory. They have been moved to St. Elizabeth.]




Auglin.Richard, butcher

Beadle A., teacher, Bluefield's School

Bernard Chas. D., boot and shoe maker

Bernard Misses, dressmakers

Bernard S. M., propr. Goodville Pen

Braham J., boot and shoe maker

Burke John M., propr. Retirement Pen

Campbell Archibald, propr. Culloden Pen

Campbell S. P., propr. Upper Bog Pen

Forrester Miss, dressmaker

Foster H. B. Rev., Wesleyan, Mearnville

Fraser J. W. C., propr. Hopeton Pen

Fraser Thomas, blacksmith

Griffiths S., teacher, Belmont School

Gifford C. M., propr. Lower Bog Pen

Gunning Misses, dressmakers

Harvey R. S. Dr., attorney, Mt. Edgecombe Pen

Hogg W. C., lessee Mt. Edgecombe, and manager Petersville Pens

Howell Samuel, teacher, Mearnsville School

Jenkinson B., propr. Bogrie and Lower Bluefields Pens, and storekeeper

Johnston A., propr. Content Pen

Jones Thomas, blacksmith

King David, propr. Grand Vale sugar estate

Lind A. B., Rev., Moravian, Salem

McNeil T., estate of Petersville Pen

Pullen Captain W. I., survey

Ruddock Philip, tortoise shell work and comb maker

Salt W. Featherstone Rev., curate St. Thomas' Church of England

Sinclair D. S., manager New Shaftston Pen

Smith P., teacher, Beeston Spring School

Tate A. Miss., dressmaker

Tate C. M., manager Robins' River Pen

Tate Lawrence, overseer Grand Vale sugar estate

Tate T. A., propr. Orange Grove Pen

Tate W. A., propr. Shaftston and Bluefields Pens

Thompson ____, teacher, Salem and Fort Stewart schools

Vickers C. B., manager Mt. Edgecombe Pen

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