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In the following pages h stands for house, propr. for proprietor, H.M.C. for His/Her Majesty's Customs. The word street is implied.


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Page 124

Aarons Henry, shopkeeper, 1 Upper Parade and 18 Falmouth

Abrahams F. O., accountant, 4 Queen and 18 Duke

Allen Miss, seamstress, 8 Queen

Allen William, boatman, 12 Tharp

Alveranga P. W., tailor, 3 upper Harbour and 13 King

Alsopp Jacob, 7 Tharp

Anderson C, Mrs. propr. Greenvale and New Manor Farm Pens

Anderson F. G., propr. Fontabelle estate and Justice of the Peace, 1 Falmouth

Anderson M. A., seamstress, 22 Market square

Anderson Miss, 8 Trelawny

Andrews W., schoolmaster, 31 Duke

Archer Mary Mrs., propr. White Hall Pen

Armstrong William, laborer, h 48 Duke

Atherton Miss, propr. Green Park estate

Athole Union Lodge, 6 Trelawny

Atkins Mrs., seamstress, 19 Queen

Atkinson Amelia, seamstress, 15 Cornwall

Atkinson J. Troop, druggist, 11 Market

Atkinson Mrs., 9 Newton

Bailie John, 31 queen

Baker Mrs., baker, 5 Victoria

Barclay George, shoemaker, 21 Market

Barnett Joseph, butcher, 21 Market, h 23 Tharp

Barrett F., baker, 24 Duke

Barrett Richard M., propr. Oxford estate

Beans Louisa, 30 Queen

Bell Robert, shoemaker, 8 Market

Benham Benjamin, mason, 2 Queen

Benjamin Mary, baker, 27 Duke

Benjamin T. W., tailor, 13 King

Bernard Mrs., provisions, 12 Lower Harbour

Black D., butcher, 25 Queen

Black Joseph, tanner, 25

Black Peter, butcher, 16 Tharp

Black Robert, tailor, 25 Queen

Blithe Mary, fruit dealer, 2 Tharp

Bonhan Bella, provisions, 41 Cornwall

Bonland E., linen draper, 35 Duke

Botts John, carpenter, 5 King

Bovell Benjamin, schoolmaster, 2 Victoria

Bridget Miss, dyer, 13 Tharp

Brodie George, stevedore, 22 Market

Brodie Mary, nurse, 14 Newton

Brown Daniel Mrs., 3 Upper Harbour

Brown Marian, 6 Rodney

Brown M. Miss, seamstress, 28 Queen

Buckhan Margaret, 15 Lower Harbour

Bullock Fred., shopkeeper, 20 King

Page 125

Butler Ann, woodseller, 58 Duke

Butterfield D., shopkeeper, 45 Duke

Cadien James, clerk, 2 Lower Harbour

Campbell Charles, printer, 23 Queen, h 3 Pitt

Cameron John, wholesale dry goods merchant, 35 Market h 15 Duke

Cameron Joseph, secretary Trelawny Benefit Building Society, 35 Market

Campbell Mrs., 5 Cornwall

Campbell D., Miss, 5 Trelawny

Carey Miss, 6 George

Carvalho Henry, mail contractor, 8 Cornwall, propr. Florence Hall Pen, h 10 King

Carvalho M., cigar maker, 7 Newton and 30 Cornwall

Caulder Mrs., 24 Market

Charman W., wharfinger Trelawny wharf, 52 Market

Christie S., shipwright, 18 Tharp

Christie William, 19 Market

Clark Charles, tinsmith, 19 Cornwall

Clark J. W., overseer, Vale Royal estate

Clark E, F. Mrs., lessee Clermont Pen

Clark Robert, beadle, h 42 Duke

Clark Mrs., seamstress, 6 Tharp

Clealand S., 16 Market

Cole Emily, 7 Prince's

Collector Taxes Office, 6 Sea Board

Collymore J. R., clerk, H. M. C., 3 Sea Board

Cooper G. H., manager, Maxfield estate and Greenside Pen

Corinaldi J. S., firewarden and J. P., St. James, 38 Market

Corinaldi Mrs., 11 Market square

Corinaldi & Co., merchants, general importers and commercial merchants, 14 Market square

Cork William, Collector of Taxes, 47 Market

Cotter S., laborer, 6 Market

Coy Fred. R., propr. Good Hope estate

Crattie James, shoemaker, 7 Queen

Crawford Jane, 24 Queen

Creighting Mrs., 10 George

Crooks D., wharfinger, 19 Upper Harbour

Crooks Mrs., schoolmistress, 10 Prince's, h 12 Rodney

Cunningham Robert, cabinet maker, 12 Cornwall

Cunningham Samuel, 9 Queen

Cunningham Miss, proprietor Maxfield, Roslyn Castle and Green Side Pen

DaCosta George, clerk, 15 Falmouth

Davis E. A. Mrs., propr. Litchfield Pen

Dawes Mary, preserves, 18 Cornwall

DeCasseres Amos, salesman, 12 Queen

DeCasseres P., 14 Cornwall

Dedrick Betty, lodging house, 16 King

Deleon John, Government medical officer, 2 Duke

Delgado C. P., dry goods, 16 Falmouth, residence 17 same

Delgado Philip, storekeeper, 2 Upper, Parade

Delisser Alex., accountant, 20 Cornwall

Delisser George P., harbor master and pilot, 10 Sea Board

Delisser Herbert G., editor, 16 Cornwall

Delisser, John, propr. Orange Grove estate

Delisser Miss, schoolmistress, 4 Prince's

Delisser Samuel, overseer, Orange Grove estate, h 27 Market

Delisser S. A. Mrs., propr. Retreat Pen, livery stable, 27 Market

DeSouza, A. G., 31 Market

DeSouza D. C., Falmouth cigar factory, 33 Market, commission merchant, 40 Market and 12 Market square

DeSouza George, accountant, h 45 Market

DeSouza Rebecca, seamstress, 10 Duke

DeSouza's Wharf, 1 Sea Board

DeSouza & Co., liquor and provision shop, 31 Market

Dignum A. B., clerk, Falmouth District Court, h 49 Market

Dixon Edward, laborer, h 57 Duke

Dixon Jack, laborer, h 56 Duke

Dixon Samuel, laborer, h 55 Duke

Dixon Thomas, fisherman, 7 Rodney

Dobie George, tailor, 40 Cornwall

Page 126

Dobson Miss, nurse, 13 Queen

Dunbar W. O., manager, Pembroke estate

Dunn Daniel, shoemaker, 28 Duke

Dunn E., baker, 26 Duke

Dunn W., shoemaker, 18 Market square

Earl Edward, tailor, 2 Lower Parade

Earl J., shopkeeper, 23 Duke

Earl R., sailor, 9 Falmouth

Earl Mrs., fruit dealer, 6 Upper Harbour

Edwards M. Mrs., propr. Cox Heath Pen

Ellis William, tailor, 18 Market

Falmouth Bakery, 27 Market square

Falmouth Bazaar, 26 Market square

Falmouth District Prison, 19 Rodney

Falmouth Poor House, 18 Rodney

Falmouth Pound, 16 Rodney

Fielding William Sir, propr. Southfield Pen

Finlayson A., cabinet maker, 4 Lower Harbour

Fisher J. W., propr. Sportsman Hall and Biddeford Pen and Tannery

Fisher, mariner, 22 Tharp

Fogarty M. J. Mrs., propr. Schawfield Pen

Forbes R., painter, 6 Newton

Fowler C., seamstress, 29 Cornwall

Fowler R., upholsterer, 5 Newton

Fray Henry, propr. George's Valley Pen, h 30 Duke

Freemasons` Lodge, 14 Queen

Fullerton George, blacksmith, 15 Upper Harbour

Fullerton John, blacksmith, 10 Tharp

Fullerton Mrs., 6 Falmouth

Gardiner Henry, apiary, 3 Lower Parade and 5 Falmouth

Gardiner H. B., propr. Hague and Clifton estates

Gardiner Miss, 11 Trelawny

Garth James, pilot, 23 King

George Betsey, 27 Cornwall

Gerard Julia Miss, propr. Springfield Pen

Gentles William Munro, propr. Chester and Hampstead estates and Clermont Pen

Gilbourne H. P., bailiff, 1 Duke

Gilbourne Wm., lawyer, 8 Falmouth

Gilbourne Mrs., bakery, 32 Market

Gimson Miss, seamstress, h 43 Duke

Grizzle M. A., seamstress, h 46 Duke

Goodridge A., overseer Hampden estate

Gordon James, shopkeeper, 16 Queen and 12 Trelawny

Gordon Miss, 25 Market square

Gordon Miss, 4 Pitt

Government Wharf, 5 Sea Board

Government Wharf, 1 Tharp

Graham Eve, fruit dealer, 9 Duke

Graham Peter, tailor, 1 Tharp

Grant William, shoemaker, 43 Market, h 4 Cornwall

Green Kitty, 17 Tharp

Greenwood John, mariner, h 6 Duke

Gregory Joseph, clerk, H. M. C., 4 Seaboard

Gregory Mrs., 21 King

Griffiths Mrs., seamstress, 4 Upper Parade

Griffiths Miss, seamstress, 3 Upper Parade

Groom Francis, propr. Green Hill Pen

Guiselin F. (F. (Guiselin & Co.,) residence, 5 Market square

Guiselin F. & Co., merchants, 4 Market square

Hall Ellen Miss, 4 King.

Hanlin Thomas, officer at prison, 23 Cornwall

Hardy Miss, Grass depot, 7 Cornwall

Hardy Jane, baker, 7 King

Harlane M., mariner, 8 Upper Harbour

Harris M., seamstress, 5 Market

Harris T., seamstress, 36 Duke

Harris Miss, 29 Queen

Heighington Charles, drugs, 9 King, h 5 Duke

Heighington Miss, lodging house, Duke

Henderson Miss, seamstress, 12 Falmouth

Henderson Miss, laundress, 5 Rodney

Henkins M. A., seamstress, 26 Cornwall

Henry John, watchmaker and jeweller, 42 Market

Henry John W., editor Falmouth Post, 22 Queen

Henry Mrs., 14 Tharp

Herrings Miss, 10 Upper Harbour

Higginson Robert, mariner, 21 Tharp

Higginson Mrs., 21 Tharp

Higginson Mrs., 26 Upper Harbour

Hogarth William, draper, 9 Lower Harbour, h 13 Newton

Hogarth Miss, seamstress, 11 Newton

Holder William, blacksmith, 12 Upper Harbour

Holmes Miss, 1 Trelawny

Holt John, accountant, 18 Queen

Holt Thomas Mrs., seamstress, 21 Upper Harbour

Hoskins H., overseer, Cambridge estate

Houchen A. C., manager, Oxford estate

Huie Thomas, tidewaiter, H. M. C., h 51 Duke

Innes William, carpenter, 1 Newton

Innis Fred, printer, 18 King

Innis Mrs., seamstress, 3 Lower Harbour

Innis Miss, laundress, 1 Victoria

Italian Warehouse, S. Lazarus, 11 Upper Parade

Ivey E., mason 12 Market

Jackson A. M., manager, Retreat Pen

Jackson Edward J., 24 Cornwall

Jackson William, stevedore, 25 Upper Harbour

Jackson Mrs., h 50 Duke

James Dennis, supt. Government Works, 2 Sea Board, h 21 Cornwall

Jarrett Capt., propr. Tilston Falmouth

Jarrett Miss, propr. Orange Valley and Kent estates

Jarrett's Wharf, 16 Upper Harbour

Jays M. Carvalho, cigars and tobacco, 13 Duke

Jennings J.,upholsterer, 42 Cornwall

Jennings Mrs., 13 George

Jones Major, 38 Cornwall

Jones Miss, seamstress, 24 Market Square

Johnson Abraham, carpenter, 13 Cornwall, h 6 Victoria

Joseph Mrs., 32 Queen

Johnson Miss, seamstress, 8 Newton

Kelcher D., propr. New Acton Pen

Kelly Sarah, fruit dealer, 3 Falmouth

Kelly C. Mrs., fruit dealer, 29 Duke

Kennedy William, merchant, 7 Falmouth, h 1 Lower Parade

Kentish E., h 32 Duke

Kingdon John Rev., Baptist minister, h 48 Market

Kirk Chapel, 11 Prince's

Knibb Miss, schoolmistress, 3 Prince's

Knibbs Miss, Young Ladies' Seminary, 22 Cornwall

Knott & Strickland, lessees Roslyn Castle estate

Lawrence Samuel, mariner, 22 Upper Harbour

Lazarus L. Mrs., dry goods, 8 Upper Parade, h 4 George

Lazarus L., accountant, 1 King

Lazarus Morris, merchant, 19 Market square and 6 Tharp, h 12 Upper Parade

Lazarus Samuel, merchant, 11 Upper Parade

Leon Robert, jeweller, 13 Trelawny

Lewis Cate, 1 Rodney

Levy Henry, accountant, 14 Duke

Lindo Abraham, hardware merchant, 2 Market square

Lindo David & Co., cigar manufacturers, 15 Market square

Lindo Misses, 2 George

Lighten Isaac, 7 Upper Harbour

Littlejohn Miss, 3 George

Littlejohn Miss, 2 Trelawny

Livermore Mrs., 8 George

Lopez Eubert, shopkeeper, 5 and 6 Upper Parade

Lorsingh Ram Pal, shopkeeper, 8 Market Square

Love George, propr. Hampshire Pen

Lyon --, propr. Holland estate

Lyson Miss, 8 Trelawny

Maitland Mrs., h 20 Duke

Mallett W. M.. painter, Pitt

Marshall E. L., agent, Colonial Bank. 30 Market

McAdam Mrs., 15 Rodney

McDonald Miss, lodging house, 11 Upper Harbour

McFarlane John, pilot, 21 Falmouth

McInnis Marian, laundress, 9 Victoria

McKay P. J., propr. Carrickfoyle Pen, h 1 Cornwall

McKenzie M. A., seamstress, h 54 Duke

McKenzie Miss, lodging house, 3 King

McKerith Joe, jeweller, 20 Falmouth

McLachlan J., blacksmith 5 Pitt

McLachlan Miss, 9 George

McLeod Mary, laundress, 4 Victoria

Medical Hall, D. Lindo & Co., 16 Market sq

Miller Andrew, carpenter, 10 Falmouth

Mockler Mrs., job printer, 20 Upper Harbour

Monroe R., carpenter, 3 Market

Moses Philip, tidewaiter, H. M. C., 17 Market

Moss F., tailor, 14 Market

Moss Richard, propr. Dry Valley Pen and Spring estate

Morais Samuel, mariner, 3 Victoria

Morales Abraham, merchant & firewarden, 41 Market, 9 and 10 Market square

Morales A. H., storekeeper, 2 Cornwall

Morris Miss, seamstress, 5 George

Mowatt James, shopkeeper, 7 Lower Harbour

Mowatt J. S., shopkeeper, 20 Queen

Muir H. E., carpenter, 11 Duke

Muir James, accountant, 2 Rodney

Muir Mrs. J. E., 34 Cornwall

Munroe R., carpenter, 43 Cornwall

Murray Wm., butcher, 15 Tharp

Murray Wm. Rev., Presbyterian minister, 2 Trelawny

Myrie James, stevedore, 14 King

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