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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.


Abrahams, Arthur & Co., general store

Abrahams Elijah, general store

Ainsworth W., teacher, Marlie Hill School

Aitcheson George R., overseer, Bushy Park sugar estate

Beckford William, house and sign painter

Bravo Alexandre, proprietor, Marlie Mount Pen

Bravo Charles, overseer,. Bodle's Pen

Brown Thomas, butcher

Butler R. W., overseer, Cherry Garden sugar estate

Byfield R. W., teacher, Good Hope School

Cheyne George E., Government medical officer

Coombs J. W., overseer Grove sugar estate

Da Costa D. R., general store

Demetrius R. J. P., overseer, Spring Garden sugar estate

Edwards Nathaniel, house and sign painter

Fulford Charles J., proprietor Roderis Pen

Gardiner John, tailor

George Arthur, general store

Glasse William P., teacher, Bull's Mission School

Gordon Charles, carpenter and builder

Grant L. A., postmaster

Harrison John, lodging house

Harylett J. B., blacksmith

Isaacs Edward S., boot and shoe maker

Kent William, boot and shoe maker

McCalla W. C. Rev., curate, St. Philip's, Old Harbor Bay, St. George's, Somerset Hall, and Tamarind Tree

Magnus Horatio, baker

Mason George, baker

McPherson Henry, boot and shoe maker

McPherson Mary, lodging house

Mendes D. H. & Co., general store

Melhado H. G., general store

Miles M. W., teacher, Old Parish School

Morales Charles, tailor

Morrice & Co., branch store

Moxy Sidney, proprietor Bodles Pen

Muschett W. M., overseer, Mendes Pen

Nicholas Alfred, blacksmith

Parkins Jacob, blacksmith

Penny Hugh, shopkeeper

Plummer O. O., teacher Somerset Hall School

Price George, carpenter and builder

Purcell Melville, shopkeeper

Reddish Robert, teacher, Kelly's Lodge School

Robin Charles A., proprietor Cherry Garden sugar estate

Ronaldson J. J., Proprietor the Lodge sugar estate

Samuels J., teacher B. Gate School

Scott Richard, butcher

Sharpe J. H., overseer, The Lodge sugar estate

Soares Alfred, tailor

Soares Henry, lodging house

Solomon George & Co., branch store

Sturridge George, propretor Mendes' Pen

Verley Louis, proprietor Bushy Park Grove and Spring Garden sugar estate

Walker John, teacher, Old Harbor Bay School


Abrahams George, general store

Barrow Hiam, proprietor, The COttage

Barrow Hiam & Co., general store

Bevans Mr., proprietor Rose Hall sugar estate, England

Blackburn Colin, manager New Works and Wallen's sugar estates

Blackburn James, proprietor New Works and Wallen's sugar estates

Braham Mrs., proprietor Mickleton sugar estate

Brookes James H., boot and shoe maker

Campbell Dugald, manager Rose Hall sugar estate

Carr William proprietor Riversdale sugar estate

Cassanova J., proprietor Wakefield and Spring Vale sugar estates

Clarke John Rev., Jericho Baptist Church

Cook Miss, baker

DePass, overseer Riversdale sugar estate

DeSouza J., general store

Dixon James, general store

Edburg Henry, tailor

Falconer James, proprietor Berkshire Hall sugar estate

Feurtado Joseph, lodging house, general store and overseer Enfield estate

Forth William, general store

Forth William & Co., boot and shoe makers

Forth Mrs., baker

Gadpaille Felix, manager general store

Gardiner George. carpenter and builder

Gaynor Mrs., baker

Giles Joseph, overseer Mickleton sugar estate

Green Henry, general store

Harrison Richard, blacksmith

Jeffery J. Rev., Mt. Rosa Wesleyan Church

Kennedy James, tailor

Mackie B. B., propr. Dove Hall sugar estate

March J., teacher, Wesleyan school

Martin Mary, dressmaker

Massey J., overseer Tulloch sugar estate

McArthur J., overseer Knollis sugar estate

McFeal W. Mrs., baker

McGrath George, propr. Byndloss sugar estate

McPhail John, propr. Tulloch and Knollis sugar estates

Melville H. P. C. Rev., curate parish church

Mitchell Louis, blacksmith

Morgan Jasper, butcher

Neish James, Government medical officer

Ramsay Walter, overseer Spring Vale and

Wakefield sugar estates

Raw J. Rev., Gratefull Hill Wesleyan Church

Richards Isaac, general store

Richards John, tailor

Rouch Mrs., baker

Russell W. P., butcher

Scarlett J. R., manager Worthy Park sugar estate

Shrewsbury Earl, proprietor, Worthy Park sugar estate,

Silvera Robert, carpenter and builder

Smellie E. S. Miss, postmistress

Sollas G., general store

Spyer Henry, general store

Stanigar W., general store

Taylor J. Rev., Wesleyan Chapel

Thomas John, house and sign painter

Turnbull & Co., proprs. Enfield sugar estate

Wask John, tailor

White Ellen, dressmaker

Wilkins Charles, tailor

William Alexander, house and sign painter


Abrahams George, general store and propr. Hay Field sugar estate

Aken George, baker

Bailey Scott, butcher

Braham Alexander, boot and shoe maker

Braham C., teacher, St. John's School

Christie David, baker

Da Costa, Isaac propr. Newland Park sugar estate

Dermot Miss W., teacher, Mt. Rosser Wesleyan School

Hall John, carpenter

Heath ---, general store

Hull Eliza Miss, dressmaker

James A. J. Rev., curate, St. John's

Jeffery J. Rev., Mt. Rosser Wesleyan Church

Johnson F. Miss, general store

Fenton Henry, general store

Foreman David, tailor

Green J., overseer Holly Mount sugar estate

Martin J. E., propr. Holly Mount sugar estate

Martin Richard, general store

Masterman John, propr. River Head sugar estate

McCallum Archibald, boot and shoe maker and propr. Argyle sugar estate

McCallum Christiana Miss, dressmaker

McDermott B. Miss, postmistress

McGrath George, propr. Charlemont, Pleasant Farm, Ewerton and Charlton sugar estates

Peters Charles, carpenter

Phillips Richard, carpenter

Richard D., teacher, Bethel Methodist School

Riley Thomas, carpenter

Rodgers James Rev., Bethel Methodist Church.

Salmons Catherine Miss, dressmaker

Steel James, baker

Sutherland Miss, dressmaker

Sympson George, tailor

Thomas Hope, overseer Hay Field sugar estate

Weatherby ----, general store

Wilson Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker,


Burnett Charles, propr. Mulberry Mount Pen

Burnett James, tailor and propr. Mount Bethel Pen

Burnett Peter, propr. Richmond Hill Pen

Campbell Duncan, carpenter and builder

Campbell Henry, carpenter and builder

Campbell Henry T., teacher, Carron Hall Presbyterian School

Dalhouse Alexander, shopkeeper

Edwards James, shopkeeper

Gedye, John B. Rev., Beecham Hill Wesleyan Church

Gibson Gilbert, shopkeeper

Hamilton Ann, baker

Hamilton John, butcher

Hamilton Joseph, carpenter and builder

Henry Sabina, baker

Ivery Isaac M., teacher, St. Gabriel Church of England School

Kelly W. M., propr. Decoy and New Works Pens

Linton George C. Rev., curate St. Gabriel.'s

Lamley Elizabeth, dressmaker

Martin James Rev., Carron Hill and Seafield Presbyterian churches

McKay George, boot and shoe maker

McKenzie Charles, shopkeeper

Middleton John, propr. Pear Tree Grove Pen

Mitchell M. G. Rev., Cedar Valley Presbyterian Church

Nielson John, propr. Woodside Pen

O'Harold Elizabeth, dressmaker

Pusey Robert H., teacher, Ham Walk Church of England School

Rudolph Andrew, propr. Petersfield Pen

Ryan Robert, postmaster, and proprietor Mount Friendship Pen

Sargent Ellen, dressmaker

Scott Henry, Palmetto grove Pen

Sinclair Joseph, teacher, Beecham Hill Wesleyan School

Thomas John, shopkeeper

Thomas William, propr. Smailfield Pen

Walker William, carpenter and builder

Walker William Jr., carpenter and builder

Welsh Hugh, overseer, Palmetto Grove Pen

Williams George, shopkeeper

Williams Isaac, teacher, Rose Hill Presbyterian School

Wolcott H. B. Rev., Rose Hill Presbyterian Church

Wright George, tailor

Young Thomas, teacher, Sea Field Presbyterian School

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