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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Abrahams Augustus, provisions, dye woods and produce depot, French, dry goods, French n Beckford, provisions French n Wellington, and Wellington c Young, h King

Abrahams Emanuel, dry goods, Adelaide c Young, h Whitechurch

Abrahams Manly (Isaac Levy & Co.,) French c Manchester, h Hampden Green

Abrahams Richard, wheelwright, Martin c Wellington, h Old Harbour road

Adams A. J., mistress Roman Catholic school, h Whitechurch

Albarus Emanuel, tailor, Manchester, c Cumberland road, h same

Andrade David, manager, French c Manchester, h King c Manchester

Andrews Philip, manager, Young c Adelaide, h 14 Young

Asher Walter, upholsterer and umbrella repairer, Young c Old Market, h Hanover

Athias Grace, manager, French near Wellington, h same

Athias Moses, provisions, Cumberland road c Williamson, h French

Augian Richard, sergeant major, Constabulary Depot, h same

Auld Samuel I., writer, Island Sec. Office, h Redchurch


Barrett Alexander, asst. supt. County Jail, h same

Barrow H. (H. Barrow & Co.,) Adelaide c French, h Linstead

Barrow & Co., hardware, Adelaide c French,

Beef Market, French

Bell Henry, tailor, Hanover n Wellington, h Pea lane

Bell W. Q., 2d. class clerk, Headquarter Office

Bernal Thomas J., lessee French St. Market, h Cumberland road

Black Robert, sergeant Constabulary Depot, h same

Blackwell Andrew, turner, Young n Wellington, h St. John's road

Blackwood O., h Martin c Beckford

Bolton Frederick, with R. C. Fonseca, h Old Market

Breery John, shoemaker, Cumberland road, c Old Market, h Rodon Pen, Port Henderson road

Brodhurst Israel B., shoemaker, Wellington n Young, h same

Brooks Thomas, at Victoria House, h Monk

Brown George S., officer, County Jail, h same

Brown Samuel, clerk, Jamaica Railway Station, h Adelaide

Bryant John A., manager, French n Beckford, h Adelaide

Bryand J. C., dry goods, French c Adelaide, and French n Beckford, h 1 Beckford

Buckner Francis, provisions, Wellington opp. Fish Market, h Beckford

Buckner Thomas, clerk, Gilbert Lyon, Adelaide c Hanover

Buckner William, clerk, Jamaica Railway Station, h Monk

Burrowes R. H., runner, Collector of Taxes Office

Butler Leonard, tinsmith, French, n Manchester, h St. John's road

Byles W. D., postmaster, Court House


Campbell William, h 7 Martin

Campbell William, crockery, Beckford c French, h Young

Campbell William, shoemaker, Martin c Beckford, h King

Campbell Thomas, dry goods, French c Beckford, h Whitechurch

Carrington Lord, proprietor Farm and Cow Park, Pen

Carter Richard, stipendiary magistrate, Court Petty Sessions, h King

Charlton E. R., contractor and builder, h n Railway, 1 mile from Spanish Town

Charlton George, tinsmith, French n Beckford

Cheeseborough Augusta, matron, County Jail, h same

Clark Albert, h 10 Martin

Clark Francis, restaurant, Wellington c Hanover, h Waterloo

Clark James, saddler, Wellington c Hanover, h same

Clark Mary, tinsmith, French n Beckford, h 6 Martin

Cockburn Theophilus, shoemaker, Young c Manchester, h same

Coleman Wm., proprietor Worcester Park Pen

Collector of Taxes, Court House

Constabulary Headquarters, Nugent

County Jail, Young

Court of Petty Sessions, Court House

Cowan John J., h Young c Manchester

Cox James, bread, French n Wellington, h same

Cox, Theophilus P., tutor Govt. Training College for school masters, h Queen's College square

Cuthbert Augustus, manager, French c Burke road, h St. Catharine

Cuthbert William, detective, Constabulary Court House, h French


Dalhousie Frederick, baker, French n Beckford, h same

Dalhousie James, druggist, Adelaide n Young, h Young

Dayis Nathan, h Nugent,

Davis Leslie, at Victoria House, h King

Dawkin Col., proprietor Dawkin's Caymanas

Deleon Alfred, shoemaker, Wellington c Hanover, h Barrett

Deleon Clarence, at Victoria House, h Old Market

Deleon Uriah G., dry goods, French n Adelaide, h old Market

Deleon Joseph R., h Old Market n King

Delapanah Edward, with Charles M. Mendes, h French

Delepanah Elvira, manager, French n Wellington, h same

Dias Cleveland A., accountant, Spanish Town Warehouse, h Young

District Court, Queen's College square

District Prison, Whitechurch,

Douet Rev. C. F, M.A., rector, h Old King's house, Queen's College square


Edghill William, manager, Adelaide n Young, h William

Edwards Alfred, cabinet maker, Martha c Beckford, h Nugent

Emanuel M. J., with Isaac Levy & Co., and dry goods and groceries, 5 Martin, h Martin

Evans Mary, provisions, Cumberland road, h same

Ewing W. C., proprietor Ewing's Caymanas


Facey Arthur, locker and guager, Court House, h Wellington

Facey Phillis, lodging house, King

Farquharson W. C., manager, French, h Young

Ferguson William, master, Wesley school, h same,

Feurtado, Joseph, manager, I. Gadpaille, h Barrett

Feurtado, Septimus, livery stable, Young c Wellington, and dry goods, Adelaide c Nugent, h 43 King

Field George E., inspector, Constabulary Depot, h King

Finlay A., sergeant, Constabulary Depot, h same

Fish and Pork Market, French

Fleming Alexander, with H. Barrow & Co., h Nugent

Fonseca John, 3d class clerk, Headquarter Office

Fonseca Richard C., lawyer, Beckford n. Nugent, h Nugent

Ffrench Arthur G., clerk Municipal Board, h King

French William, clerk Post Office, Court House


Gadpaille Ivanhoe, manager Spanish Town Warehouse, Young c Beckford, provisions, Adelaide c Young, and Cumberland road, h Monk

Gauntlett Edmund G., solicitors' agent, and agent for solicitors of the Kingston, St. Ann's and Montego Bay Benefit Building Society, Island Sec. office, h 30 Martin

Gayleard, Theodore, superintendent Government Works, h Adelaide

Geffrard General, proprietor Two Mile Wood, Pen

Gibb J. M., Honourable, proprietor Salt Pond Pen

Gibson William, carpenter, h 3 Manchester

Gifford Alexander, manager, Young c Manchester, h same

Gordon John, proprietor, Hyde Cottage Pen

Gordon James, provisions, Cumberland road c Williamson, h Burke road

Gordon William, blacksmith, Wellington c Young, h Wellington

Government Savings Bank, Court House

Government Training College for School Masters, Queen's College square

Graham John, master Midle grade School, h Theological Collage

Greensword William N., proprietor Goshen Pen

Graves Thomas, at Victoria House

Green Daniel, provisions, French n. Beckford, h French

Greigs Charles G., shoemaker, Young n Wellington, h Wellington

Griffiths Mortimer, manager, French n Beckford, h Young

Guest James, wheelwright, Young n Wellington, h Kingston road


Hamilton Lodge, Martin

Harris Henry, produce, Wellington c Oxford, h Constitution

Harrison Jane H. Mrs., widow, h Manchester c Whitechurch

Hendrick Charles A., h Young c Manchester

Henriques George F., druggist, Hanover c Adelaide, and writer, Island Sec. Office, h Martin c Adelaide

Henriques S. E., cashier and accountant, Irrigation Office, h 45 King

Henry John, blacksmith, Young c Manchester, h King

Hernandez Joseph A., dry goods, French n Wellington, provisions, French c Beckford and Whitechurch, h Redchurch

Hewett Frederick H., at Victoria House, h St. Thomas Ye Vale road

Hutchinson Wm. H., writer, Island Sec. Office, h King


Innis Isaac M., provisions, Manchester c Young, and manager, Adelaide near Young, h Young

Irrigation Office, Redchurch

Island Secretary's Office Queen's College square


Jackson Charles Hamilton, Island Secretary, Custos of St. Catharine, clerk of the Court of Ordinary, Administrator General, comptroller in bankruptcy and trustee of parish lands for

St. Catharine, h Rose Cottage at the head of White and Redchurch

Jackson Henry R., clerk, Island Secretary office, h King

Jackson Richard Hill, solicitor, King, h The Angells, Linstead road

Jackson Robert, clerk, French Street Market, h King

James Charles J., h Martin n Adelaide

James C. A., assistant clerk District Court, h Martin

James Henry, messenger, office Collector of Taxes

James Henry Mrs., widow, h Martin n Adelaide

James Herbert J., treasury clerk; Court House, h Martin

Jamieson William T., collector of taxes and parochial treasurer, Court House, h Whitechurch

Judah George F., solicitors' agent and agent to the Solicitor of the Crown, Island Secretary's office, h 3 Old Market


Kerr McLeod C., 1st class clerk, Headquarter Office

King Eyare, subinspector, Constabulary Depot

Kinlock Joseph W., corporal Constabulary, Court House, h Whitechurch

Kerr Robert, judge, District Court, h Bernard Lodge, St. Catharines


LAKE ROBERT G., restaurant, Young Wellington, h same

Lamont Alexander, collector, Jamaica Railway station, h Pen Angels road

Lawton David, baker, Adelaide n French, h King

Leevers William, corporal Constabulary, Court House, h Kingston road

Levay Henry, broker, h Hell Castle, Cumberland road

Levay Isaac, with H. Barrow & Co., h Adelaide c Nugent

Leon Isaac, with Charles M. Mendes, h Wellington

Levy E. G. (Isaac Levy & Co.,) French c Manchester, proprietor Woodlands Pen, h St. Jago Park

Levy Isaac (Isaac Levy & Co.,) French c Manchester, proprietor Lime Tree Garden, Bellevue, Phoenix Park, March's, Bernard Lodge Pens, and lessee Farm and Cow Park Pen, h St. Jago Park

Levy Isaac & Co., merchants, French c Manchester, provisions, French c Burke road and Young c Adelaide

Lopez Corella, dry goods, French n Wellington, h same

Lopez E. L., with Isaac Levy & Co., h Martin

Lyon Alexander J. L., provisions, Cumberland c St. John's road, h 5 Martin

Lyon Benjamin, blacksmith, Wellington c Young, h Silverwood alley

Lyon Gilbert, auctioneer and commission agent, dealer in dry goods and, produce, office Adelaide c Hanover, h Wellington

Lyon William Mrs., h Hanover c Beckford

Lynch T. L. Bernhard, with D. P Mendes, h 19 Barrett


MacFarlane W. G., clerk, District Court, h Mewton Pen, St. Catharine

Macpherson James, watchmaker, French n Manchester, h Passage Fort road

Magnus E. S., dry goods, Martin c Hanover, h Old Market

Magnus S. K., dry goods, French c Adelaide, h Beckford c Hanover

Manahan T. B., hardware and earthenware, Adelaide c Young, h Young

March Marie G. Mrs., widow, h Manchester c Martin

March John F., lawyer, Manchester c Martin, h same

Markland Francis, saddler, Wellington c Young h Ellis

Margin John, cooper, Manchester c Hanover

Marshall Roderick, clerk, Richard Hill Jackson, h King

Martin William, supt. County Jail, h same

Massias John, sexton, h Wellington c Martin

Massias J. A., asst. clerk, Court Petty Sessions, h Wellington

Massias William, dry goods, French n Beckford, h Beckford c Nugent

McFee William, at Victoria House, h Wellington

McKenzie Theophilus, shoemaker, Manchester n Martin, h same

McLaughlin E. N., master of Elementary School attached to Training College, h same

McLeod William, inspector, Court House, h Ridge Pen, Spanish Town road

McPherson John S., writer, Island Sec. office, h Martin

Melhado Judith, manager, French n Adelaide

Mendes Charles M., grocer, Adelaide, next to Market, and provisions, Manchester c Cumberland

road, h Monk

Mendes David P., provisions, Young c Adelaide, and Cumberland road

Mendes Henry, at Victoria House, h Hanover n Wellington

Mendes Samuel P., h Hanover c Wellington

Mendes William, dispenser, h 6 Martin

Meyendorf G. with C. M. Mendes, h Monk

Mitchell Oscar, propr. Eltham Pen

Mitchell Sarah Mrs., widow, 32 Manchester

Morales Wallace, with E. S. Magnus, h Old Market

Morgan M. C., lessee, Thetford Pen

Moore Margaret, provisions, Walk's road, h same

Morgan Richard, restaurant, Beckford n Young h Redchurch

Morgan William H., tailor, Beckford n Young, h Monk

Morris Israel E., h Martin

Municipal Board, Court House


Napier R., attorney, Dawkins' Caymanas

Norman William O., tailor, French c. Old Market, h same


Odio Joseph, tobacconist, Adelaide n Young, h same

O'Meally James, solicitor, Adelaide c Martin, h Hanover

O'Meally Robert, bricklayer, h St. Thomas ye Vale road

Osborn Robert, proprietor Rest Pen


Pearson William, tailor, Nugent c Wellington, h Cannon Lane

Peixotto David C., provisions, Young c Adelaide, h Young

Penny E. W., deputy assistant clerk District Court, h Young

Penny J. W., assistant bailiff, District Court, h Oxford

Phillippo James M. Rev., h Rivoli Pen, foot Adelaide

Purdon WiIlliam Park, manager, Victoria House, Hanover c Beckford

Post Office, Queen's College square

Prenderville J. H. Major, inspector-general, h Lime Tree Garden Pen

Price Thomas, sergeant, Constabulary Depot, h same


Ramsay Charles F., manager, French n Beckford, h Hanover

Ranns Henry, sergeantmajor, Constabulary Depot, h same

Reid G., manager, Young c Adelaide, h same

Richards Alexander, blacksmith, Young c Manchester, h Adelaide

Richmond James, chief engineer, Irrigation Office, h Ensom Pen, Cross Pen road

Rickards, J. F., bailiff, District Court, h Fenstead Pen, St. Catharine

Rivers Canute, at Victoria House, h Wellington

Rivers Mortimer F., with D. P. Mendes, h Redchurch

Roberts Edward, cabinet maker, Wellington n Hanover, h King

Robinson William S., liquors, Young n Wellington, h same

Rodon Aubrey A.., writer, Island Sec. office, h Wellington

Rodrigues Solomon, accountant, Isaac Levy & Co., h King

Rose Hamilton, proprietor, Congreve Park Pen

Rowe Charles, upholsterer, Wellington n Young, h same

Russell Hubert, shoemaker, Young n Adelaide, h 31 Young

Ryley James, proprietor Windsor Pen


Sanchez William, cabinet maker, Martin n Adelaide, h same

Sandford Robert, manager, Young n Wellington, h Church

Scotland Horace Rev., rector's curate, Master of Church of England Theological College, h Redchurch

Shaw Ann, h Young c Manchester

Shaw G. Laing, clerk Petty Sessions Court, h Whitechurch

Shaw Henrietta, h 7 Martin

Sheckleford Samuel, carpenter, foreman , Gov. Works, h Young

Simons Rachel, crockery, French n Adelaide, h French

Sinclair A. C., chief and pay clerk, Headquarter Office

Sinclair L. E. Mrs., h 43 King

Smith Edward C., solicitor, and solicitor of the parish of St. Catharine, h Martin

Smith Thomas, carriage maker, Young n Old Market, h 44 Nugent

Soares Alexander, furniture, Martin c Adelaide, h Cumberland road

Spanish Town Warehouse, Ivanhoe Gadpaille, manager, Young c Beckford

Spyer Julius A., h Old Market n King

Stamers Benjamin Henry, M.D., L.R.C.S., Whitechurch c Ellis, h same

Stamp Henry, tailor, French n Manchester, h same

St. Clair Matthew M., sergeant Constabulary, Court House, h Kingston road

Stewart James, shoemaker, 19 Adelaide, h Wellington

Stewart Jane, lodging house, Wellington n Young


Taft George P. M., clerk, office Collector of Taxes, h Martin

Taylor Alexander, supt., District Prison

Taylor A. Rev., h Walk's road

Thompson E. G., clerk in Registrar's office

Thompson Henry, h 7 Martin

Tivy Charles P., clerk, Collector of Taxes' office, h Whitechurch

Tompsett James, M.D., M.R.C.S., Monk, h same

Tucker William A. Rev. h Old Market


Valencia Jose, proprietor Pumpkin Ground Pen

Vaz David M., with Charles M. Mendes, h Old Harbour road.

Vaz Hubert, Manager, Manchester c Cumberland road, h Bishop's Lane

Verley Louis, proprietor, Cumberland Pen

Victoria House, William Park Purdon, manager, Hanover c Beckford


Walters Isaac, tailor, French n Wellington, h same

Watson William, officer County Jail, h same

Wegg John Augustus, M.D., R.E.G., 2 Barrett, Cobreville, h same

White Robert, officer County Jail, h same

Whiteley Richard, lessee Congreve Park Pen

Whitfinch Walter, saddler, 19 Adelaide, h Cumberland road

Williamson James, manager, Adelaide c Young, Condran lane

Willock Rose, h 7 Martin

Wiltshire Thomasina, provisions, Nugent c Wellington, h same

Wilson J. P., messenger, office Court Petty Sessions, h Redchurch

Wright James, cigar maker, Beckford c Young, h Young


Young Charles J., goldsmith, French n. Manchester, h Old Harbour road

Young William L., livery stable, Martin c Hanover, h 44 Martin

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