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Acton R. P. Singh proprietor, Falmouth

Arcadia Henry Sewell proprietor, Peter Sellar overseer, Duncans

Ashley Hall Mrs. J. L. Walcott proprietor, Falmouth

Ashton Mrs. Olivia Sharpe proprietor, Falmouth

Barnstaple G. R. Clarke proprietor, Clarkstown

Baron Hill Francis Groom proprietor, Rio Bueno

Barrett Hall Hon. William Kerr proprietor, Hampden

Bellfield A. W. Watson proprietor, James Rino overseer, Hampden

Belmont Simon Thomson proprietor, Clarkstown

Biddeford and Tannery--- J. W. Fisher proprietor, Falmouth

Bryan Castle Dr. Proctor proprietor, ___ Fletcher overseer, Duncans

Brampton Bryan Dr. Proctor proprietor, Rio Bueno

Braco C. W. H. Gordon proprietor, ___ Scott overseer, Rio Bueno

Cambridge Simon Thomson proprietor, Henry S. Hoskins overseer, Clarkstown

Canaan James Fletcher proprietor, Hampden

Carey Park William M. Gentles proprietor, Duncans

Carrickfoyle P. J. McKay proprietor, Falmouth

Cave Island -R. G. Robey, proprietor, Falmouth

Chester William Munro Gentles proprietor, Falmouth

Clermont William M. Gentles propr., Mrs. E. F. Clark lessee, Falmouth

Clifton---- H. B. Gardiner proprietor, Falmouth

Colchis Henry Sewell proprietor, Falmouth

Cox Heath----Mrs. M. Edwards proprietor, Falmouth

Drumilly Rev. George R. Henderson proprietor, Hampden

Dry Valley Richard Moss proprietor, Falmouth

Dumfries Henry Goodall proprietor, Hampden

Dundee Joseph Shepherd proprietor, Hon. William Kerr attorney, B. Bridge overseer, Hampden

Dundee Miss Jarrett propr., Hon. William Kerr lessee, Robert B. Bridge overseer, Hampden

Etingdon Hon. L. C. Shirley proprietor, Conrad Mohrman overseer, Clarkstown

Florence Hall Henry Carvalho proprietor, Falmouth

Fontabelle F. G. Anderson proprietor, Falmouth

Gale's Valley Hon. William Kerr lessee, Peter Stewart overseer, Hampden

Garedu ---- S. S. Whiting proprietor, Falmouth

George's Valley Henry Fray proprietor, Falmouth

Gibraltar Simon Thomson proprietor, James M. Bourke overseer, Clarkstown

Golden Grove Miss Jarrett proprietor, Hon. William Kerr lessee, Alex. Dovel overseer, Hampden

Good Hope F. R Coy proprietor, Falmouth

Grange Henry Sewell proprietor, W. H. Rutty overseer, Falmouth

Gravesend--R. P. Singh proprietor, Falmouth

Green Hill Francis Groom proprietor, Falmouth

Green Park Miss Atherton proprietor, G. Robertson manager, Falmouth

Greenside Miss Cunningham propr. G. H. Cooper manager, Falmouth

Greenvale Mrs. C. Anderson proprietor, Falmouth

Greenwood Hon. William Kerr, proprietor, Hampden

Hague---- B. Gardiner proprietor, Falmouth

Hampden Hon. G. W. Lawson proprietor, John C. Innes overseer, Hampden

Hampshire-G. R. Clarke proprietor, Clarkstown

Hampshire-George Love proprietor, Falmouth

Hampstead ---- William. Munro Gentles, proprietor, A. Goodridge overseer, Falmouth

Harmony Hall George P. Dewar proprietor, G. Dewar overseer, Duncans

Holland-Lyon proprietor, J. Whittingham manager, Falmouth

Holland Hill ___Stewart proprietor, Rio Bueno

Hyde-Simon Thomson proprietor, A. Urquhart overseer, Clarkstown

Hyde Hall Hon. L. C. Shirley proprietor, Alfred H. Mortimer overseer, Clarkstown

Jock's Lodge Ram Paul Singh proprietor, Falmouth

Johnson Mrs. Margaret Dewar proprietor, T. Hewan overseer, Duncans

Kent Miss Jarrett proprietor, Hon. William Kerr lessee, Charles Sieverwright overseer, Hampden Kintoss---- C. Asscott proprietor, Clarkstown

Lancaster C. W. H. Gordon proprietor, J. Armstrong overseer Duncans

Lansquinet -Nunes Bros. proprietors, J. Tomlinson manager, Falmouth

LitchfieldMrs. E. A. Davis proprietor, Falmouth

Llazonia -Nunes Bros. proprietors, Falmouth

Long Pond J. B. Sherriff proprietor, John Casserly, Jr. overseer Clarkstown

Lottery -Henry Sewell proprietor, R. H. Rutty overseer, Falmouth

Merry Wood Nunes Bros. proprietors

Mount Pleasant William Stewart proprietor, Rio Bueno

Mount Pleasant unknown

New Acton D. Kelcher proprietor, Falmouth

New Manor Farm Mrs. C. Anderson proprietor, Falmouth

Nightingale Grove Nunes Bros. proprietors, Falmouth

Orange Grove John Delisser proprietor, Samuel Delisser overseer, Falmouth

Orange Valley Miss Jarrett proprietor, Hon. William Kerr lessee, Charles Seiverwright overseer, Hampden

Oxford Richard M. Barrett proprietor, A. C. Houchen manager, Falmouth

Pantrepant---- Nunes Bros. proprietors, Falmouth

Pembroke ---J. Bell Sheriff proprietor, W. O. Dunbar overseer, Falmouth

Phoenix residence Hon. William and David Kerr, Falmouth

Phoenix Park--- residence Hon. William Kerr, Hampden

Retirement D. F. Crooks, proprietor

Retreat Mrs. S. A. Delisser proprietor, A. M. Jackson manager, Falmouth

Roslyn Castle Miss Cunningham proprietor, lessees Knott & Strickland, Falmouth

Scanfield [Schawfield?]---- Mrs. M. J. Fogarty proprietor, Falmouth

Southfield---- Sir William Fielding proprietor, Falmouth

Sportsman Hall---- Hon. J. W. Fisher proprietor, Falmouth

Spring---- Richard Moss proprietor, Falmouth

Springfield----Miss Julia Gerard proprietor, Falmouth

Spring Vale---- George Robertson proprietor, Richard Hine overseer, Hampden

Steelfield---- Simon Thomson proprietor, Robert S. Minto overseer, Clarkstown

Stewart Castle---- Misses Murthwaite proprietors, W. W. Rawlins overseer, Duncans

Stonehenge---- Simon Thomson proprietor, Clarkstown

Swanswick----G. R. Clarke proprietor, H. M. Purchas attorney, Clarkstown

Tilston---- Miss Jarrett proprietor, Hon. William Kerr lessee, William Kerr, Jr. overseer, Hampden

Vale Royal---- Henry Sewell proprietor, Henry Shearer attorney, J. W. Clark overseer, Falmouth

Wales---- Nunes Bros. proprietors

Weston Favel---- Richard Bruford proprietor, Hampden

White Hall---- Mrs. Mary Archer proprietor, Falmouth

Windsor---- S. J. Scharschmidt proprietor, Duncans

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