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Angells---- Richard Hill Jackson, Spanish Town

Argyle---- Archibald McCullum. proprietor, Ewerton [Ewarton]

Bellevue---- Isaac Levy proprietor, Spanish Town

Berkshire Hall---- James Falconer proprietor and manager, Linstead

Bernard Lodge---- Isaac Levy proprietor, Spanish Town

Bodles---- Sidney Moxy proprietor, Charles Bravo overseer, Old Harbour

Bushy Park---- Louis Verley proprietor, George R. Aitcheson overseer, Old Harbour

Byndloss--- George McGrath proprietor, Linstead

Charlemont---- George McGrath proprietor and manager, Ewerton

Charlton---- George McGrath proprietor, Ewerton

Cherry Garden---- Charles A. Robinson proprietor, R. W. Butler overseer, Old Harbour

Congreve Park---- Hamilton Rose proprietor, Richard Whiteley lessee, Spanish Town

Cumberland Louis Verley proprietor, Spanish Town

Dawkin's Caymanas Col. Dawkin proprietor, R Napier attorney, Spanish Town

Decoy----W. M. Kelly proprietor, Pear Tree Grove

Dove Hall B. E. Mackie proprietor, T. Harry overseer, Linstead

Eltham Oscar Mitchell proprietor, Spanish Town

Enfield Turnbull & Co. proprs., Joseph Feurtado overseer, Linstead

Ewerton George McGrath proprietor, Ewerton

Ewing's Caymanas Walter C. Ewing proprietor, Spanish Town

Farm and Cow Park--- Lord Carrington proprietor, Isaac Levy lessee, Spanish Town

Georgia-Thomas Gordon proprietor, J. Wilson attorney, Clarkestown

Goshen -William N. Greensword proprietor, Spanish Town

Grove Louis Verley proprietor, J. W. Coombs overseer, Old Harbour

Hay Field George Abrahams propr., Hope Thomas overseer, Ewerton

Holly Mount J. E. Morton proprietor, James Green overseer, Ewerton

Hyde Cottage ---- John Gordon proprietor, Spanish Town

Knollis John McPhail proprietor, J. McArthur overseer, Linstead

Lime Tree Garden Isaac Levy proprietor, Spanish Town

March's Isaac Levy proprietor, Spanish Town

Marlie Mount Alexandre Bravo proprietor and manager, Old Harbour

Mendes George Sturridge propr., W. M. Muschett overseer, Old Harbour

Mickleton Mrs. Brayham proprietor, Joseph Gyles overseer, Linstead

Mount Bethel---- James Burnett proprietor, Pear Tree Grove

Mount Friendship Robert Ryan proprietor, Pear Tree Grove

Mulberry Mount Charles Burnett proprietor, Pear Tree Grove

New Land Park Isaac Da Costa proprietor, Ewerton

New Works James Blackburn proprietor, Colin Blackburn overseer, Linstead

New Works W. M. Kelly proprietor, Pear Tree Grove

Palmetto Grove Henry Scott, proprietor, Hugh Welsh overseer, Pear Tree Grove

Pear Tree Grove .... John Middleton proprietor, Pear Tree Grove

Petersfield Andrew Rudolf proprietor, Pear Tree Grove

Phoenix Park---- Isaac Levy proprietor, Spanish Town

Pleasant Farm George McGrath proprietor, Ewerton

Pumpkin Ground Jose Valencia proprietor, Spanish Town

Rest Robert Osborn proprietor, Spanish Town

Richmond Hill Peter Burnett proprietor, Pear Tree Grove

River Head John Masterman proprietor, Ewerton

Rodens C. J. Fulford proprietor and manager, Old Harbour

Rose Hall Mr. Bevans proprietor, D. Campbell manager, Linstead

Salt Pond Hon. J. M. Gibb, Spanish Town

Smailfield - William Thomas proprietor, Pear Tree Grove

Spring Garden Louis Verley proprietor, R. J. P. Demetrius overseer, Old Harbour

Spring Vale J. Cassanova proprietor, W. Ramsay overseer, Linstead

The Lodge---- J. J. Ronaldson propr., J. H. Sharpe overseer, Old Harbour

ThetfordM. C. Morgan lessee, Spanish Town

Tulloch----John McPhail proprietor, J. Massey overseer, Linstead

Two Mile Wood General Geffrard proprietor, Spanish Town

Windsor----James Ryley proprietor, Spanish Town

Woodlands---E. G. Levy proprietor, Spanish Town

Worcester Park William Coleman proprietor, Spanish Town

Wakefield ----J. Cassanova propr., Walter Ramsay overseer, Linstead

WallensJames Blackburn propr., Colin Blackburn overseer, Linstead

Wood SideJohn Neilson proprietor, Pear Tree Grove

Worthy Park Earl of Shrewsbury proprietor, J. R Scarlett overseer, Linstead


Abbey Court.Charles Grant, Halfway Tree

ArdenneJ. C. Macglashan, Halfway Tree

Arnbrook Mrs. Thomas, Halfway Tree

Bellevue Sir Anthony Musgrave, K. C. M. G., Gordon Town

BerdoneyThos. Oughton, Gordon.Town.

Bermuda Mount Mrs. Mackey, Gordon Town

Berwick George Henderson propr., Garrick Graham overseer, Mount Charles

Bryan's Hill John Campbell proprietor, Mt. Charles

Bull Bark Godfrey Duffus proprietor, Bull Bay

Bull's Retreat George Henderson proprietor, Garrick Graham overseer, Gordon Town

Cassia Park Adolph Phillopson, Halfway Tree

CastletonG. S Gennan overseer, Golden Spring

Charlottenburg John Casserley, Gordon Town

Chesterfield George Henderson propr., Garrick Graham overseer, Mount Charles

Cinchona Robert Thomson manager

Claremont Godfrey Duffus proprietor, Bull Bay

Claremont-- Joseph Francis, Gordon Town

Clifton Mount Robert Hamilton M. D. proprietor, John McLean attorney, Cold Spring

Clifton Benjamin Bolton, Gordon Town

Clydesdale Mrs. Maclaverty propr., William Christy overseer, Gordon Town

Cold Spring Robert Hamilton M. D. propr., John, McLean attorney, Cold Spring

Collins' Green S. D. Lindo, Halfway Tree

Constant Spring S. M. Carson proprietor, W. S. Richards attorney, J. G. Cohen, M. H. Lewis and J. M. Lewis overseers, Halfway Tree

Content---- William Albouin Paine, Halfway Tree

Content----S. P. Smeeton, Gordon Town

Craig Hill---- J. Walch, Gordon Town

Crighton----unknown, Gordon Town

Devon--Ven. Archdeacon Campbell, Halfway Tree

Dublin Castle Dr. Stephens, Gordon Town

Dunsinane John McDonald, Gordon Town

Ellerslie----Hon. J. R. Mann, Gordon Town

Ellesmere---Allwood J. Jr., Halfway Tree

Flamstead- Com. Lyons, Gordon Town

Flamstead Cottage---- unknown, Gordon Town

Galloway Lodge Rev. John Radcliffe, Gordon Town.

Golden Spring -Rev. Abraham Hyams proprietor, Golden Spring

Good Air Mrs. Jordan, Halfway Tree

Green Valley George Henderson proprietor, Garrick Graham overseer, Mount Charles

Greenwich Hill J. F. Lawrence, Cold Spring

Hagley Park Rev. Charles Hall, Halfway Tree

Hopewell-Charles Silvera, Gordon Town

Hopewell Mrs. Williams, Gordon Town

Hopewell D. J. Alberga proprietor, Charles Silvera manager, Cold Spring

Knutsford Sir Lucie Smith, Halfway Tree

Lewisham.Mrs. Chavannes, Halfway Tree

Mahogany Vale Mrs. Prideaux proprietor, Mount Charles

Margaret Villa J. J. Wood, Halfway Tree

Mary Villa H. W. Livingston, Halfway Tree

MiddletonDuke of Buckingham proprietor, Henry Lascelles manager, Cold Spring

MolynesW. Carr, Halfway Tree

Mona---- Louis Verley proprietor, A. J. Pine overseer, Halfway Tree

Monaltrie Dr. Cargill Halfway Tree

Mount Faraway George Henderson propr., Garrick, Graham overseer Mount Charles

Mount FletcherRey. Mr. Sutton, Gordon Town

Mount George -E. G. Tyrrell, Gordon Town

Mount Industry Richard Savage propr., Joseph Inglish overseer, Gordon Town

Mount Lebanon ---Mrs. Olive Chisholm, Gordon Town

Mount Tiviott William Graham proprietor, Mt. Charles

Newland Park Mrs. Gordon, Halfway Tree

Newstead R. Woolward proprietor, Bull Bay

Newton John Hollingsworth, Gordon Town

Old England George Henderson proprietor, Garrick Graham overseer, Mount Charles

Orchard Mrs. Prideaux proprietor, Robert Neilson overseer Mount Charles

Pen Hill John McLean proprietor, Thomas Grey overseer, Gordon Town

Pen Hill Steel & Co. proprietors, T. McL. Grey manager, Mount Charles

Pentonville A. Arnaud proprietor, Bull Bay

Petersfield D. A. Campbell, Gordon Town

Peter's Rock --- Latimer Whittle, Gordon Town

Pleasant Hill George Henderson propr., Chas. Walker overseer, Gordon Town

Prospect Hill Mrs. C. W. Chisholm, Gordon Town

Raymond HallMrs. Hinton East proprietor, A. Richards overseer, Gordon Town

Retreat---- H. B. Shaw, Halfway Tree

Retreat ---- Dr. Stephens, Gordon Town

Richings-Fred. Sullivan, Halfway Tree

Richmond ---- Inspector James, Halfway Tree

Richmond Park Hon. E. L. O'Malley, Halfway Tree

Robertsfield Steel & Co. proprs., Thos. McLean Grey manager, Mount Charles

Rodnor John M. Mayou, Gordon Town

Ropley Rev. G. B. Brooks, Gordon Town

Rosedale Cottage G. J. Peynado, Halfway Tree

Rose Hill---- Rev. J. Seed Roberts, Gordon Town

Salt Hill Mrs. Davis, Gordon Town

Strawberry Hill---Hon. Alan Ker, Gordon Town

Strawberry Hill Mrs. Baines propr., Hibbert Richards overseer, Mount Charles

Temple Hall S. Soutar proprietor, Golden Spring

The Cottage Mrs. Charles Campbell, Halfway Tree

The Grove John T. Orrett, Halfway Tree

The Lodge H. Mais proprietor, Bull Bay

Torres Park-- Mrs. Thomas proprietor, Mount Charles

Trafalgar Park Hon. J. McDowell, Halfway Tree

Tweedside William Campbell proprietor, Mount Charles

Union---- Mrs. Lundy, Halfway Tree

VestryS. P. Musson, Halfway Tree

Walworth Place ---- ___ Da Costa, Halfway Tree

Westphalia James M. Campbell proprietor, Mount Charles

Wiltshire Mount James McLeod, Gordon Town

Windsor Lodge Miss C. McGann propr., George Lowe overseer, Mount Charles

Worcester Park---- Leslie Turner proprietor, Bull Bay

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