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[propr. is the abbreviation for proprietor]

[atty. is the abbreviation for attorney]


Abrahams W. A., shopkeeper

Akin Alexander A., general store

Akin A. A . & Martin Ramsay, proprs, Huln's Park Pen

Anderson D. M., overseer Boston Pen

Anderson James, overseer Park Mount Pen

Baird Robert Hon., Judge District Court

Brent Frederick, supt. prison

Brice A. W., atty. Unity Valley Pen

Brice R. H., clerk to Collector of Taxes

Broderick S. N., Inspector Constabulary

Brown Oakley, teacher, Church of England school

Brown Richard A., pilot

Bunting Alexander, shopkeeper

Barks Peter & Sarah C. Thomson, proprs. Anchovy Valley Pen

Bush George Captain, fruit dealer

Campbell J. S. Rev., Williams' Field Baptist chapel

Clarke Jane, shopkeeper

Cousens Henry, shopkeeper

Cumming O. L. B., Treasury clerk

Cunningham Isaiah J., storekeeper

DaCosta R. P., general store and fruit dealer

Deans H. P., propr. Kemway Grove Pen

Doorley W. A., Harbour Master, Collector Taxes, and SubCollector of Customs

Duma S., proprietor Seaman's Valley

Edwards John M., teacher, Wesleyan school

Escoffrey Alexander, general store, proprietor Williams' Field

Escoffrey Thomas G., dispenser

Facey J. M., clerk District Court and notary public

Government property, Golden Vale Pen

Grossett C. H. S., storekeeper

Harvey & Bourke, attys. Bogg Pen

Henderson Margaret Mrs., proprietor Cold Harbour Pen

Hoyes M. A. T. Mrs., propr. Park Mount and Spring Bank Pens

Independent Order Lord Templars, secretary R. H. Brice

Jones James S., lessee and manager Bogg Pen

Jones Walter H., manager Castle Pen

Keech W. B., M.R.C.S., Government medical officer

Kennedy H. S., propr. White Hall Pen

Kilburn Robert, asst. bailiff

Kildare Mary A., shopkeeper

King R. W., shopkeeper

Lawrence Catharine, matron Almshouse

Legrand Richard, shopkeeper

Lindsay Richard, butcher

Moodie P. A., U. S. Consulate

Moodie P. A. & Co., fruit dealers

Martin Charles, butcher

Matthews George, postmaster and druggist

Murray Sarah Miss, propr. Prospect Pen

Nugent John, storekeeper

Orgill I. James, clerk to Collector of Taxes

Orgill S. T. T. Mrs., propr. Boston Pen

Paterson James, butcher

Paterson John, manager Tom's Hope Pen

Phillips Ann Miss, propr. Fellowship Pen

Portland Co-operative Fruit Co., John E. Jackson, manager

Portland Cricket Club, Captain, S . N. Broderick

Ramsay P. H. Mrs., propr. Snow Hill Pen

Reed Richard, poundkeeper

Reid Maria, shopkeeper

Reynolds Caleb Rev., Wesleyan chapel

Roberts George, shopkeeper

Sale Charles A., bailiff

Savors John H., almoner

Sedden Alexander, overseer Prospect Pen

Servier J. B. Rev., Norwich Baptist chapel

Smith Charles, overseer Williams' Field Pen

Smith William, Rev., rector Church of England

Solomon George Hon., lessee Snow Hill Pen

Solomon George Hon. & Sr. R. Valdez, proprs. Burlington sugar estate

Sutherland Edward, and James and John Paterson, proprs. Tom's Hope Pen

Sutherland E., bonded warehouse, general store and fruit dealer

Swirl H. N., manager Stanton Harcourt Pen

Thomson George, overseer Passley Garden Pen

Thomson Sarah C. Miss, Stanton Harcourt Pen

Thomson S. J.. lessee Cold Harbour Pen

Thomson Simon, propr. Fairy Hill Pen

Thomson T. C., propr. Passley Garden and manager Fairy Hill Pen

Trowers Thomas, butcher

Valdez R., Sr., manager Burlington sugar estate and lessee Unity Valley Pen

Westmorland, Henry Hon., attorney, Sion Hill Pen

White Alexander R., clerk Petty Sessions

Wigham John T. Hon., custos

Williams Ripley, overseer Golden Vale Pen

Willis Andrew Rev., teacher, Government school

Wood & Plummer, lessees Golden Vale Pen



Banburg Thomas Rev., St. Peter's Church

Brown Thomas, shopkeeper

Campbell Duncan, propr. Bagatelle Pen

Campbell Seneca, propr. Elysium Pen

Cargill Thomas, baker

Church property, Altamont Pen

Crosley's estate, Paradise Pen

Dias Daniel, propr. Hope Pen

Dias David, general store

Ferguson & Small, proprs. Hermitage Pen

Gordon T. D., lessee Hermitage Pen

Hillary W., lessee Shrewsbury Pen

Hosack Ellen, shopkeeper and baker

Lecky A. G., propr. Eden Pen

Lecky Thomas, butcher

McClarty A., teacher, St. Peter's School

Mardaka ____, shopkeeper

Oliphant W., teacher, Wesleyan school

Ramsay Jessie A., shopkeeper

Reynold Caleb Rev., Wesleyan chapel

Shanahan John H., tailor

Small James Alex., propr. Caen Wood Pen

Stanton Mrs. propr. Whydah Pen

Thompson T. C., propr. Spring Garden Pen


Benn Authony, overseer Retreat plantation

Boothe Samuel, boot and shoe maker

Buckmaster Benjamin, house and sign painter

Dunbar M. Miss, lodging house

Espeut W. Bancroft, propr. Spring Garden estate

Farquharson Edward G., propr. Retreat plantation

Gladwish William, butcher

Gowle H. A., shopkeeper

Grant E. L., teacher, St. George's School

Helps Thomas, blacksmith

Henriques A. A., baker

Henriques N. S., general store

Hosack William Hon., propr. Woodstock sugar estate and Montpelier Pen

Jackson Edward G., manager Kildare Pen

Lecky Thomas, butcher

Manahan James, propr. The Vinery Pen

McMahon John J., M.R.C.S., medical practitioner

Melville Charles Rev., curate St. Gerge's

Middleton George W., manager Woodstock estate and Montpelier Pen

Moodie W. A., teacher, Wesleyan school

Rashford William, carpenter

Skyers Edward, propr. Silver Hill Pen

Thomson Simon, atty. Low Layton sugar estate

Thomson T. C, overseer Low Layton sugar estate

Welsh James, and G. Wray Bragg, proprs. Orange Vale Pen

Williams Charles, blacksmith

Woodsworth James, blacksmith


Anderson David, overseer Boston Pen

Bourne A. Rev., Prospect, Wesleyan chapel

Bryan Charles, blacksmith

Bryan Nathan, baker

Buckley Benjamin, carpenter

Campbell D. G. Rev., Baptist chapel

Deans H. P., propr. Kamway Grove Pen

Foster R., teacher, St. Marks School

Gale Henry, tailor

Gale R., boot and shoe maker

Jones William boot and shoe maker

Jones W. H., propr. Castle Pen

Mason Henry, propr. Rose Garden Pen

Moodie D. K., Rev., curate St. Mark's

Munroe J. W., teacher, Nazareth

O'Reilly Dowell, propr. Sion Hill and manager Fair Prospect Pen

Orgill Mrs., propr. Boston Pen

Orr T., blacksmith

Panton Alexander, tailor

Thompson Mrs. propr. Fairy Hill Pen

Thompson Thomas, overseer Fairy Hill Pen

Vaz John Rev., Nazareth Methodist Church

Walrond Benjamin, medical practitioner

Ward Mrs., propr. Fair Prospect Pen

Wigham John T. Hon., custos, propr. Hatford and Elmwood Pens

Names of Persons Carrying on Business in Port Antonio


Alexander Escoffery

Alexander A. Akin

R. P. DaCosta

Edward Sutherland


C. H. S. Grossett

John Nugent

Isaiah James Cunningham

Provision and Grocery Dealers

Henry Cousens

Richard Legrand

Maria Reid

Alexander Bruiting

W. A. Abrahams

George Roberts


Portland Cooperative Fruit Co. (Limited)

Directors: Mr. Samuel M. Shephard, Chairman

James. H. Bell, ViceChairman

Thomas Downer

Robert J. Steel

Richard A. Redman

Samuel Scott

Mr. Charles McCoy

William Wilson

John Murdock

Edward Munroe

Manager:Mr. John G. Jackson

Treasurer:Mr. Henry Anderson

Bankers:Colonial Bank

Solicitors:Anderson & Watson

Auditors:- J. K. Nelson

Charles H. S. Grossett

Secretary:John M. Edwards

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