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[propr. is the abbreviation for proprietor]


Beam ____, teacher, Newstead Wesleyan School

Bailey J. W., proprietor and manager Fellowship Hall Pen

Barriffe George, baker

Boyd Alfred, boot and shoe maker

Bravo Bros. & Co., proprs. New Ramble estate, Spring Valley, Huddersfield and Union Pens

Broughton James, proprietor Prospect Pen

Cribb William Dr., medical practitioner

Dixon J. D., overseer Industry Pen

Dixon T. C., proprietor Tower Hill Pen

Edwards C. D., catechist, Church of England, and teacher Labyrinth School

Edwards G. F., overseer New Ramble estate

Ffrench Thomas, propr. Cardiff Pen and general storekeeper

Fyfe James G., wharfinger, Salt Gut wharf

Hyde Nancy Miss, baker

MacPherson Edward, propr. Stoney Field Pen

Marsh John, propr. Warwick Castle Pen

Marsh Robert, propr. Epping and Richards Pens

Martin Mary Miss, dressmaker

Mcgrath William, poundkeeper, Cliff Pen

Michelin Mrs., proprietor Three Hills Pen

Mills J. W., teacher, Fellowship Hall Wesleyan School

Moncrieffe William, butcher

Mossman R. G., propr. Industry Pen, and general storekeeper

Mossman & Co., store and penkeepers

Nicholson William, overseer Cardiff Pen

Parnther R. M. Rev., Wesleyan Newstead and Fellowship Hall

Powell John Henry, overseer, Spring Valley Pen

Richardson William, tailor

Rigg S. M., propr. Retreat Pen

Savage Robert, overseer Prospect Pen

Sharpe F. H. Rev., curate, Holy Trinity Church

Summerbell T. W., house and sign painter

Tracy Thomas, overseer Stoney Field Pen

Vermont H. S., propr. The Cascade Pen

White George, overseer Union Pen

White T. S. J., teacher, Retreat Church of England School

Williams Thomas, painter, carpenter and builder

Wilmott Thomas, overseer Huddersfield Pen


Agramonte F., propr. Hopewell estate

Auchad James, tailor

Bailey Francis, butcher

Blair A. S., Richmond general store

Bradley David, tailor

Chambers Alex., teacher, Lewisburgh School

Clarke Thomas, M. D., medical practitioner

Clunes David, carpenter

Constantine Mrs., propr. Claremont estate

Crosley Benjamin, propr. Kendall estate

Deslandes Thomas, shopkeeper

Douglass Andrew, propr. Newport estate

Douglass Charles, propr, Flint River estate

Douglass Charles S., overseer Konningsburg estate

Duncan George, shopkeeper

East D. J. Rev., Baptist Church

Fairweather John, propr. Flemmington estate

Fairweather William, propr. Aleppo estate

Fernandez Justo, overseer Hopewell estate

Geddie John Rev., Wesleyan Church

Granford Hugh, medical practitioner

Haastrup A., overseer Montrose estate

Lawson Isaac, teacher, Highgate School

Marshall John, teacher, Richmond School

Mason John, teacher, Mt. Regale School

Matton William, shopkeeper

McGregor Mrs., propr. Lewisburgh estate

McLeod John Rev., Presbyterian Church

McLeod John, carpenter

Minzie William, boot and shoe maker

Morris David, boot and shoe maker,

Morris William, boot and shoe maker

Morrison Isaac, shopkeepe:r

Nelson Mrs., propr. Orange River estate

Oliphant Herbert Rev., Ebenezer Church

Pollock Andrew, boot and shoemaker

Rennie Misses, dressmakers

Ryan R. C., teacher, Rock River School

Sanguinetti George Rev., Methodist Church

Simmons John, teacher, Brainerd School

Sims Charles, medical practitioner

Sinclair Lewis, teacher, Beecham Hill School

Smythe Samuel C. Rev., curate, Highgate

Spaulding Mrs., propr. Platfield estate

Stephens Thomas, carpenter

Sterling Louis, boot and shoe maker

Stevens William, carpenter

Taylor ____, propr. Montrose estate

Thomas William, butcher

Vaughns Henry, boot and shoe maker

Williams Robert, teacher, Elliott School

Wolcott Henry B. Rev., Presbyterian Church

Wolcott M. J., propr. Richmond estate

Young Alex., shopkeeper


Afflalo D., tailor

Afflalo Miss, dressmaker

Aird A. J.,teacher, Goshen School

Aird John Rev., Goshen Presbyterian Church

Babagee____, shopkeeper

Bowler Richard, shopkeeper

Cooke Brooks, propr. Woodfield Pen

Cribb William, medical practitioner

Day John W., general store

DelaMotta Jacob, general store

Donald Misses, dressmakers

Edwards ____, teacher, Labyrinth School

Evelyn Allan, overseer Gayle estate, Lucky Hill, Raanolds Spring and Lambkin Hill Pens

Ewing Miss, dressmaker

Forbes Robert, shopkeeper, lessee Halifax estate

Fray John. blacksmith

Harvey John D., butcher, propr. Orange Hall Pen

Geohagan George, tailor

Gordon Joseph Rev., Wallingford Baptist Church

Grant Alex., pedlar

Hendrie Frederick, blacksmith

Hyatt William, baker

Jackson William, butcher

Johnson Dennis, carpenter and poundkeeper

Kelly W. M., propr. Decoy estate

Marsh S., lessee Govenor's Pen, propr. Richard's Pen

McDermot Frank S., overseer Goshen estate and pen

Melville J. C. Hon., propr. Russell Hall and Gayle estates, Lucky Hill, Raanolds Spring and Lambkin Hill Pens

Newman Bros., proprs. Salisbury Pen

Palmer Edward S., manager Wolfe Staniger

Perkins Mrs., propr. Mt. Hermon Pen

Perkins Miss, dressmaker

Phillipotts, teacher, Mt. Angus School

Pottenger Richard, overseer Up Park Pen

Reilly William, baker

Ricketts George, blacksmith

Roper Findlater Hon., propr. Up Park Pen

Roxburgh Thomas E., propr. Soho, Lucky Hill and Mt. Plenty Pens

Segree John, overseer Mt. Hermon Pen

Sharpe F. Rev., Labyrinth Church of England

Staines J. B. Mrs., propr. Donnington Pen

Stanigar Wolfe, general store

Stewart James S., propr. Pembroke Hall

Williams Thomas, carpenter


Abrams Miss, propr. Naseberry Garden coffee plantation

Anderson James, boot and shoe maker

Anderson Percival, boot and shoe maker

Bennett Clifford, boot and shoe maker

Bignall James, tailor

Carter Dorothy S. Miss, propr. Retreat Pen

Chandler C. R. Rev., curate St. George's Church, propr. Clifford Cottage

Cocking Adrian D., propr. Montgomery Pen

Cocking Esther, dressmaker

Coleman M., butcher

Cunningham Joseph, propr. Primrose Hill Pen

Dalhouse Alexander, general store

Deleon Charles A., general store

Deleon Elizabeth, baker

Dixon John, propr. Blackstone Edge Pen

Edwards Richard, butcher

Englin Thomas, teacher, Wallingford School

Ennis John, propr. Decoy Pen

Falconer James, propr. Berkshire Hall sugar estate

Godfrey James, propr. Richmond Hill Pimento Walk

Gordon Joseph Rev., Mt. Nebo Baptist Church

Government property, Decoy Pen

Grant Charles, shopkeeper

Grant Louis, teacher, Richmond Hill Pen

Gray William, propr. Gloucester Hall Pen

Halifax Estate, abandoned

Haylett George, tailor

Jeffery John Rev., Ebenezer Wesleyan Church

Jones Thomas, shopkeeper

Miller Frederick, teacher, Mt. Nebo School

Pottinger Samuel,teacher, Ebenezer School

Purscell John, teacher, St. George's School

Russell Elizabeth, baker

Scott Samuel, butcher

Spring Garden, abandoned

Thomas Jones, boot and shoe maker

Thomas Richard, shopkeeper

Wheeler Thomas, butcher

White George, shopkeeper

Wilkins John, boot and shoe maker

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