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[propr. is the abbreviation for proprietor]


Bagnold Tomazina, dressmaker

Ball Henry, drugs and chemicals

Barker Frederick H., overseer Agualta Vale estate

Bell William, residence Greenside

Benbow Ellen, clerk

Benbow George H., manager, W. H. Fairweather

Benbow Richard, manager, A. L. DaCosta

Boddington & Co., proprs. Water Valley estate

Braham Henry, overseer, Gray's Inn estate

Brass R. S. Mrs., propr. Devon Pen

Bravo Bros. & Co., proprs. Nutfield, Green castle and Newrey estates

Broughton T. G. D., lessee Nutfield, Green castle and Newry estates

Brown Robert, butcher

Buckmaster Benjamin, house and sign painter

Burgess Henry, blacksmith

Caldwell G. B., asst. tax collector

Cameron William G., tailor

Cayton Desmond, clerk

Chaplin W. S. Mrs., residence Retirement

Clarke Thomas, M.D., medical practitioner residence Belfield Pen

Clarke Thos. F., asst. tax collector

Constantine John, overseer Iter Boreale estate

DaCosta A. L., general store

Daniels T. & Co., propr. Dover estate

Dias T. C., merchant and general store

Douglas Charles S., overseer, Konigsberg estate

East Ann Mrs., resident propr. Konigsberg estate and Cape Clear Pen

East David, carpenter and builder

East Samuel, overseer Agualta Pen

Edbury James, saddler

Emsley J., proprietor Gray's Inn estate

Elliott John, mason

Ewbank E., teacher, Come See School

Ewell Anne, dressmaker

Facey James R., asst. clerk of District Court

Facey Mary, baker

Fairweather Alex., overseer Orange Hill estate

Fairweather W. H., general store

Findley E., teacher, Mahoe Hill School

Findlayson J., teacher, Epsom School

Gascome Roderick, butcher

Golden Grove, leased by Iter Boreale estate

Gordon J., tailor

Garvers John T., clerk

Green William Edward, tailor

Grossette Arthur, shopkeeper

Harris Frederick, shopkeeper and butcher

Harty Thomas Rev., curate St. James Church of England

Harvey & Bourke, attorneys, Fort George Pen

Helps Henry, blacksmith

Henderson William, butcher

Henriques Charlotte, baker

Henry Charles, butcher

Henry Robert, house and sign painter

Henry Thomas J., teacher, Church of England school

Henry William, carpenter and builder

Hibberts Family, props. Agualta Vale and Orange Hill estates

Hinchelwood John A., overseer Gibraltar estate

Hinds Samuel, mason

Hiscock William Hon., propr., Iter Boreale estate

Jaquet Philip, solicitor, residence Epsom

Jones Edward Rev., Mt. Lebanon and Clonmel Baptist Chapels

Jones Samuel Rev., residence Beverley

Jones Samuel R., postmaster and almoner

Kelly Jane, shopkeeper

Kerr Joseph, teacher, Wesleyan school

Lawrence M. H., manager, G. Solomon & Co.

Lawrence O., carpenter and builder

Liddle Jane, dressmaker

Lyons Emily Mrs., lodging house and baker

Marshall J., teacher, Camberwell School

Maxwell Edward, tailor

Maxwell J & O., proprs. Timsberry, Evandale and Happy Hut estates

McBean Walton, clerk

McDonald William, Hon., attorney Konigsberg and Water Valley estates, residence Moore Hall

McQuin J. W., boot and shoe maker

Midnight Agnes, clerk

Morgan James, blacksmith

Morgan Jasper, mason

Morse Cornelius, boot and shoe maker

Nelson James R., teacher, Methodist school

Nelson J., overseer Cape Clear Pen

O'Connor W. A., Government medical officer, residence The Castle

Phillips George, tinsmith

Pakin Sophia, shopkeeper and dressmaker

Prestwidge James, overseer Fort George Pen

Purcell Norman, drugs and chemicals and lodging house

Raw Herbert Rev., Wesleyan chapel

Rennalls Sidney, shopkeeper

Richards Samuel, boot and shoe maker

Sherifte Robert, carpenter and builder

Sherwood W. A.. manager general store & secretary Fruit Company

Silver George, tinsmith

Smart D., overseer Devon Pen

Smith Henry O., clerk

Smith Samuel, clerk

Smythe S. C. Rev., curate, High Gate

Solomon George & Co., branch store

Stanford F. R., auctioneer and commission agent, lessee Malcolm and Shearness estates

Steele William, overseer Dover estate

Stewart James, attorney Gray's Inn estate

Sundstrum John, engineer Gibraltar estate

Sutherland Leith, shopkeeper

Sutton & Co., proprs. Fort Edward estate

Taylor R. O. Rev., curate Scott's Hall

Taylor W. S., teacher, Enfield School

Teall William Rev., Baptist chapel

Thompson Ellen Miss, general store

Thompson Samuel, saddler

Travers Benjamin, carpenter and builder

Walden Lord Howard de, proprietor Fort George Pen

Walsh J. Manahan, saddler

Ward William, overseer Charlottenberg Pen

Watt George, butcher

Westmorland Henry Hon., propr. Gibraltar estate, Esher and Charlottenberg Pens, attorney Dover, Iter Boreale, Grey's Inn, Agualta Vale and Orange Hill estates, residence Prospect

Westmorland Wilmot, manager Fort Stewart estate


Absalom C. E., tavern and lodging house

Absalom C. M., Star Hotel and billiard room

Absalom H. A., balliff, District Court

Bailey J. W., overseer, Brimmer Hall

Baptist Chapel, no permanent pastor

Barnett Edward, house and sign painter

Barnett William, teacher. Bonny Ga__e [blot] school

Barrett Mr., teacher, Free Hill School

Berwick D. N., solicitor, Manning's Town

Braham & Co., proprs. Castlemine Pen

Bravo S. H., overseer, Nonsuch estate

Brown Alexander, carpenter, builder and contractor, Bailey's Vale

Brown G. T., postmaster and almoner, Little Bay

Buchanan Thomas, wheelwright

Byndloss Mr., teacher, Friendship School

Caledonian Lodge, Freemason's Hall, J. R. Facey, sec.

Chisholm Colon, dispenser

Clarke Ann, poundkeeper

Clemetson D. R., propr. Frontier estate and Pagee Pen

Cluny Alex., supt. Roads and Works, Hampstead

Cook Henry, propr. Eden Park Pen

Coolie Union Hospital, W. Mathews, dispenser

Core Newell, teacher, Ora Cabessa.

Coward George F., Inspector Constabulary

DaCosta A. L., merchant, drug and general dealer

DaCosta A. R., proprietor Tryall Pen

Dale Fdward R., drug store

Dawes A. R., Internal Revenue Dept.

Day Miss, propr. Bariffe Hall

Dee J. D., propr. Trinity estate

DePass S., propr. Hampstead Pen

DePass T. M., clerk

Ferguson J. M., propr. Lookout and Wentworth Pens

Ferguson & Small, manufacture of cocoanut oil and fibre, Wentworth and Lookout

Gobern W. E., baker, Manning's Town

Goffe J. B., proprietor, Roslin and Oxford Pens and Boscow Bell estate

Goffe J. B. & Co., merchants, drugs and general dealers

Govern William E., shopkeeper

Gray William, collector of taxes, Kinfawns

Gray's Charity, J. Hoskin, sec.

Harley George & Co., blacksmiths

Harris Robert & Co., house and sign painters

Henriques N. S., merchant and general dealer

Hire H. F., propr. Llanrumney estate

Hoskin J. H., clerk Municipal Board, Mason Hall

Johnson William Mrs., propr. Langly Pen

Jones F. C., storekeeper and clerk of market, Stennett's Town

Kelly W. M., proprietor Decoy and Works Pens, Gayle, P. O.

Lawrence Thomas, shopkeeper

Lee Wharf and Bonded Stores, J. B. Goffe & Co.

Levy A. D. C., clerk and lumber measurer

Lindo A. A., clerk, Manning's Town

Lindo A. J., propr. Friendship Pen

Lindo Henry manufacture of concentrated orange and lime juice, Albion Pen

Litherland John, wharfinger, Ora Cabessa

Lyon I. I., auctioneer and storekeeper

MacDonald William Hon., Custos, planting atty. Water Valley estate

Madden Samuel, teacher, Manning's Town School

Mathews J. W., dispenser

McCulloch William, shopkeer and saddler

McFie Mr., teacher, Hampstead School

McGaw Andrew, shopkeeper

McLaverty E. H. E., collector Customs, Brimmer Hall

McLean G. A., propr. Pemberton Valley, Islington and Greenwood Pens

Meikle G. W., salesman, Lookout

Murdock James Mrs., propr. Airey Hill Pen

Neagle Edward, propr. Dillonsville Pen

Nelson James, pilot

Nelson L. A., propr. Berwick estate

Parochial Asylum, G. T. Brown, almoner

Parodie John, householder

Parodie Joseph, householder

Parodie J. Mrs., matron Parochial Asylum

Port Maria Cricket Club, J. B. Goffe, Jr., captain

Pouyatt H. F., clerk Petty Sessions

Pringle ,John, Govt. medical officer, residence Villa

Rankin John, shopkeeper and baker

Rattigan Francis, cabinet maker

Redwin Henry, farrier

Reid Jane, teacher, private school

Robinson R. B., overseer Quebec estate

Russell James, engineer, HampsteadPen

Saunders Isaac, saddler

Saunders Louis, carpenter, builder, and contractor

Scott Henry Rev., Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, Galina

Shaw Joseph, house and sign painter

Sibley C. D., wharfinger, Lee wharf

Silver George, propr. Crescent Pen

Sinclair John, propr. Fontabelle estate

Smith Ann, drug store and shopkeeper

Smith Daniel, carpenter, builder and contractor

Smith Edward, tinsmith

Solomon Michael Hon., propr. Union and Fellowship Hall Pens, St. Ann's Bay P.O.

Speck William, supt. District Prison

Staines Mrs., propr. Downington Pen, Gayle P. O.

Sutherland Miss, propr. Bishop Pen

Taylor Alexander Jr., clerk to Collector of Taxes

Taylor John A., watchmaker

Thomson W. L., saddler

Walker David, teacher private school

Walker D. S., cabinet maker, Little Bay

Walker William, saddler

Walsh W., propr. Prospect Pen

Weather Wharf and Bonded Stores, A. L. DaCosta

Westmorland Wilmot Hon., atty. Trinity Llanrumney, Ballard's Valley and Brimmer Hall estates, Annotto Bay P.O.

White Thomas, carpenter, Stennet's Town

White T., lay reader, Wesleyan chapel

White Thomas & Co., carpenters, builders and contractprs

Williams W. J. Rev., rector, Church of England

Wilson William, wharfinger

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