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[propr. is the abbreviation for proprietor]

[atty. is the abbreviation for attorney]

Alberga J., blacksmith

Anderson Charles, boot and shoe maker

Atkinson Simon, carpenter and builder

Beswick Arthur, atty. and manager Bogue sugar estate

Braham F. R. B., general store, New Era House

Braham William, butcher

Byrne A., overseer Union and Island sugar estates

Campbell Edward, overseer Wallingford Pen

Campbell Richard, Moravian reader, New Eden

Coke William H. Hon., custos and propr. Oxford, Union and Island sugar estates residence Oxford

Cook Mrs., teacher, Cottage Moravian school

Cuff J. S., saddler and harness maker

Doran William, wharfinger, Elm Wharf

Farquharson J. Q., overseer Keynsham Pen

Foster T. L. Rev., proprietor Bogue sugar estate

Fullager K., teacher, St. Paul's Church of England school

Green I. S., overseer Lookout Pen

Green William, manager, J. E. Kerr & Co. Exchange

Hall F. R., overseer Mexico sugar estate

Hendricks Fred., manager Edwin Levy Cottage

Hendriks S. A., proprietor Chewmagna Pen

Hillary J. I., M.D., Parochial officer and medical practitioner, Phoenix Park

Hinds Joseph, butcher

Johnson Fred., boot and shoe maker

Kerr J. E., general store, Chewmagna, propr. Keynsham Pen

Key E. Bassett Rev., curate St. Paul's, Lookout

Levy Edwin, general store, Sebastopol

Leyden & Farquharson, general store

Lipsit Henry, shopkeeper and baker

Little M., baker

McDaniel T. C., proprietor Lookout Pen

McLean Miss, teacher, Lookout Church of England school

Miller George, boot and shoe maker

Morais Septimus, tailor

Nash George, manager, Robert Braham New Era House

Rees T. L. Rev., Baptist, Ebenezer, residence Wallingford Pen

Robertson Edward, carpenter and builder

Robertson James, carpenter and builder

Rodd James, blacksmith

Salmon John, manager, Leydon & Farquharson, Balaclava

Stewart Joseph, propr. Mexico sugar estate

Sullivan E. O., propr. Phoenix Park Pen

Sullivan William O., carpenter and builder

Thomson James, teacher, Ebenezer Baptist school

Webb William, overseer Phoenix Park and Chewmagna Pens

Webster Charles, tailor


Ashman Michael, general store

Anglin Alfred, teacher, Bethabara Moravian school

Booth David, carpenter and builder

Byndloss, ____, teacher New Broughton Presbyterian school

Cornwall Frederick, butcher

DaCosta A. S., general store and bakery, propr. Blenheim Pimento Walk

Deleon Joseph, general store

Dennis Charles, overseer Warwick Pimento Walk, Thicket plantation and North Hill Pen

Duer Charles, teacher Snowden Church of England school

Farquharson J. S. Rev., curate Providence Church of England

Fitzherbert W. Sir, propr. Park Hall coffee plantation

Glanville Thomas, lessee Oakland Pen

Glass J., heirs of, propr. Jarva Pimento Walk

Harrison E. Mrs., propr. Old Burry Pimento Walk and Pen

Henriques A. N., general store

Heron A. W., propr. Cocoa Walk, Glasgow and Wigton coffee plantations

Hewitt E., Mrs., propr. Warwick Pimento Walk, Thicket plantation and North Hill Pen

Hogg A. G., Rev., Broughton Presbyterian Church

Hungerford Will, propr. Pampel Castle and Wales coffee plantation and Edinburgh Pimento Walk

Husband E. I. Mrs., propr. Green Vale coffee plantation and Pen

Hutchison James, propr. Farenough coffee plantation and Pen

Jones W., propr. Scotia, Pimento and grazing pen

Kemp W., attorney and manager, Park Hall coffee plantation

Lewis H., prop. Enfield coffee plantation

Lewis James, propr. Windsor Forest coffee plantation

Lewis Julius, general store, propr. Daily's Grove coffee plantation

Lisle W. C., propr. Lottery Pen and Pimento Walk

Logan A. C., propr. Duff House Pen and Great Valley coffee plantation

Logan Francis, lessee Great Valley coffee plantation and overseer Duff House Pen

Lyle J. D. & W., carpenters and bnilders, proprs. Lottery coffee plantation

Lopez C.D., general store and bakery

McLennon William M., propr. Chippenham Pimento Walk

Miles G. D., propr. Lancaster Pimento Walk, Stone's Hope and Grove coffee plantations

Miles Richard, overseer Lancaster Pimento Walk, Stone's Hope and Grove Pens

Moderan J. F. Rev., Moravian, Bethabara

Morrison William, blacksmith

Muirhead M., propr. and manager Inverness Pimento Walk

Newman A., propr. Pickwick Pimento Walk and Hartham coffee plantation

Newman F., overseer Sherwood Forest coffee plantation

Newman Robert, overseer Windsor Forest coffee plantation

Nosworthy Charles P., propr. Farm coffee plantation

Pearle Mrs., proprietor Oakland Pen

Peart Robert, tailor

Petler Charles, carpenter and builder

Petier Thomas, carpenter and builder

Rogers George Dr., Parochial medical officer

Rowe W., propr. Wellington Pimento Walk

Rudd Alfred, boot and shoe maker

Rudd Charles, boot and shoe maker

Sherman H., propr. Smithfield grazing pen

Solomon George & Co., lessees Knockpatrick Pimento Pen

Stewart James, lessee Green Vale coffee plantation and grazing pen

Stewart Joseph, propr. Sherwood Forest and May Day Hill coffee plantations

Sutherland A. W. Rev., curate Snowden Church of England, lessee Edinburgh Pen

Swaly Robert, tailor

Turner David, blacksmith

Wesennan William N., propr. Chippenham coffee plantation

White A., propr. Coffee Grove plantation


Allan Jonathan, propr. Christiana Pen

Atkinson Alex., boot and shoe maker

Baillie ____, Rev., Presbyterian, Mt. Olivet

Blake John, carpenter

Bonitto Frank, propr. Battersea Pen

Braham ____, propr. Hope Pen

Burton E., teacher, Mt. Olivet Presbyterian school

Chapman F. Rev., Wesleyan, Gunnesburg

Clarke John P., propr. Kendal Pen

Cope A. L., baker

Davy F. S., general store, Drayton Cross Roads

Delapenha Uriah, propr. Melrose Pen

Hanna John, overseer Mile Gully Mountains

Heron A. G., overseer Williamsfield Pen

Heron Alex. W., propr. Mile Gully Mountains, Mile Gully Pen, Williamsfield and Glasgow Pen, Ayre Pimento Walk and Weyton coffee plantation

Holt H. W., tailor

Kennedy ____ Rev., Middlesex

Lennon William, blacksmith

Levy Arthur, general store, Williamsfield Cross Roads

McDonald James, boot and shoe maker

McFarlane M., propr. Dunkeld Pen

McKenzie John, blacksmith

Milburn James, teacher, Gunnesburg Wesleyan school

Milward Adam, overseer Kendal Pen

Mitchell G. Rev., Baptist, Cumberland

Morris Samuel, carpenter

Palache John T., propr. Virginia Pen

Panton D. B .,Rev., rector Chantilly

Petters John, blacksmith

Richards D., teacher Mizpah Moravian school

Samuels L. I., overseer Mile Gully Pen

Scharschmidt S. T., propr. Hamburg Pen

Scovill John, propr. Clandon Pen

Shaw R., teacher, Raven Presbyterian school

Sheikle John, boot and shoe maker

Stanley Charles, boot and shoe maker

Taylor James, carpenter

Walder H., Moravian May Path

Waters Alex., butcher

Walkinson Alex., butcher

Williams A. P., general store, propr. Content Pen

Wilson J., overseer Ayre Pimento Walk and Weyton coffee plantation

Wilson Samuel, general store, Watson's Gate


Carson Elizabeth, general store, John's Hall

Carson Henry,carpenter

Cooper Joseph, teacher, St. Andrew's Kirk school

Davidson Aaron, teacher Nazareth Moravian school

Davy Edward, carpenter

Dunwell Ruth, dressmaker

Dunwell Thomas, general store and baker, Thompson

Durant David, boot and shoe maker

Ferguson Edwin, general store, Lazy Ground

Finestenberg H. Rev., Moravian, Nazareth

Foster Joseph, tailor

Fraser Ethel and Almina, dressmakers

Hart George, blacksmith

Johnston Misses, proprs. May Field Pen

Jones William, overseer May Field Pen

Kinnison John Rev., St. Andrew's Kirk

Kit Henry, carpenter

Longmore Abraham, butcher

Longmore Robert, carpenter

Lyons George, carpenter

Lyons Isaac, carpenter

Morris James, general store, Maidstone

Strachan ____, proprietor Medina Pen


Abrahams Daniel, propr. Grove Place Pen

Coley Nathaniel, teacher, Ebenezer School

Demetries V., overseer Richmond Hill Pen

Dwyer Dennis, carpenter

Dwyer Sarah, dressmaker

Farquharson E. G., propr. Ballymure Pen and general store

Gabriel A., medical practitioner

Glanville Stephen R., propr. Green Vale Pen

Glanville Thomas, propr. Richmond Hill Pen

Hylton John, general store and baker, Comfort

Logan William, overseer, Derry and Wear Pens

Meek Richard, teacher, Bethany Moravian school

Morgan Samuel, carpenter

Mullings George, boot and shoe maker

Mullings William, tailor

Parker M. F., propr. Chudleigh Pen

Patton William A., carpenter

Powell Thomas S., propr. Lyndhurst Pen

Pulkrabek J. P. Rev., Moravian, Bethany

Sawers John Hon., propr. Derry and Wear Pens

Senior Emma, dressmaker

Senior George, baker

Sturridge George, propr. Litchfield Pen

Thomas Peter, teacher, St. George's school

Walker L., general store, Devon

White Thomas H., boot and shoe maker


Alexander G. B. Rev., Presbyterian, Ebenezer

Delapenha Uriah, lessee Hope Pen

Harrison Mrs., propr. Old Berry Pen

Lind Miss, propr, Berry Hill Pen

Lopez Nathaniel, propr. Marlboro Pen

Napier Alex., propr. Hanover Pen

Reinke E. E. Rev., Moravian, Fairfield

Stubbs William, overseer Pepper and other Pens

Swaby Horatio propr. Newark and Spur Tree Pens

Tucker W. L, overseer Montpelier

Tyler W. H., heirs of, proprs. Hope Pen

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