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Alberga Alex., general store

Alexander Ann, lodging house

Benjamin William, boot and shoe maker

Billiard Club, subscription two guineas

Bonitto F., proprietor Battersea Pen

Boucher Henry, blacksmith

Bouille T., proprietor Battersea Cottage Pen

Braham R. B., general store, propr. Blue Mountain and Hope Pens

Brooke David, tailor

Chamberlain Henry, general store

Chandley Isabel, dressmaker

Chapman F. Rev., Wesley Mount and Gunnersburg Wesleyan churches

Chevas F. M., propr. Cedar Grove and Berwick Pens

Chevers F. McBean, medical practitioner

Clark Edward, carpenter and builder

Clark J. P., propr. Martin's Hill and Kendal Pens

Clark Thomas H. Rev., Bridgemount Independent Church

Clarke Charles, boot and shoe maker

Clarke J. H., M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P. and M., medical practitioner

Cornwall Francis, butcher

Cornwall William, butcher

David Miss, Grey Abbey lodging house

Davy Caroline, lodging house

Delapenha Uriah, general store, lessee Not Patrick Pimento Walk and Pen

Depass Philip. general store and baker

Dennis W. W., teacher, Old England School

Drummond A. H., proprietor Perth Pen

Ferguson James, general store

Fowler F., butcher

Fraser T. A., teacher, Free School

Galway Mrs., lodging house, one mile from village

Galway Sophia, lodging house

Glanville Thomas, propr. Glanville's Green Vale

Green James, carpenter and builder

Henriques J. A., general store

Henriques L., general store

Heron A. W., propr. Mile Gully and Williamsfield Pens

Heron George, butcher

Hibbert J. L., baker

Hicks Charles, blacksmith

Hollingsworth John Mrs., propr. Bloomfield Pen

Hunton G. H., general store

Isaacs Charles E., baker

Isaacs L., general store

Jackson H., propr. Waltham Pen

Jackson J. C., propr. Waltham Pen

Kennedy Angus C., overseer Somerset coffee plantation and Marshall's Pen

Kennedy A. C., propr. Somerset Pen

Lewis J. D., propr. Albion and Brumalia Pens

Lindsay Robert, teacher, Independent School

Logan Alex., carpenter and builder

Logan Alex. Jr., house and sign painter

Logan James, carpenter and builder

Lopez Nathaniel, propr. Marlboro Pen

McDonald J. H., tailor

McKay Charles, tailor

McLeod M. C., propr. Hanbury Pen

Melbourne James, carpenter and builder

Morants T., propr. Bridenhurst Pen

Morais George, tailor

Morrison David, teacher, George's Valley School

Morrison William, house and sign painter

Muirhead M., propr. Somerset coffee plantation and Marshall's Pen

Muirhead M. E., Green Vale Pen

Napier Alex., propr. Hopeton Pen

Neesman Charles, butcher

Palache John T., propr. Woodlawn Pen

Panton D. B. Rev., M.A., rector Parish Church

Patton Joseph, carpenter and builder

Pent Lewis R., tailor

Powell McKenzie, blacksmith

Robinson John, general store

Roy Sarah, lodging house

Saunders Charles, carpenter and builder

Saunders James, general store

Sharlane William, boot and shoe maker

Smith J. J., boot and shoe maker

Sparks Robert & Sons, carpenters and builders

Sturridge G., propr. Mt. Nelson Pen

Sturridge George & Co., general store

Tharpe C. Rev., Baptist Church

Wynne Benjamin, baker


Alligator Pond Wharf, M. Muirhead propr., Geo. Solomon & Co. lessees

Alveranga ____, shopkeeper

Bannock Peter, tailor, Alligator Pond

Barnard W., shopkeeper

Bennett J. M., shopkeeper

Bent T., shopkeeper

Blake Robert M., shopkeeper, Alligator Pond

Blake's Pen Settlement

Bromfield Christopher, boot and shoe maker

Cheapside Settlement

Clarke James, shopkeeper, Alligator Pond

Dear Daniel, carpenter and pile driver, Alligator Pond

Delapenha Uriah, propr. Montpelier Pen

Dennison Sarah Miss, propr. New Hope Pen

Dickson George, shopkeeper

Dicksom Isabella A., teacher, Lucky Valley Moravian school

Dickson John, porkdealer

Distant Joseph, propr. general store, New Castle and Warminster Pens

Elliston Settlement

Farquharson J. S. Rev., curate St. Patrick's

Forbes Edward E., teacher, Alligator Pond, Presbyterian school

Ford J., shopkeeper

Fraser J. S. Rev., curate, Nain

Fulford Charles, propr. May Hill general store, Mt. Pleasant, Providence and New Forest Pens

Fulford J. H., overseer Mt. Pleasant, Providence and New Forest Pens

Glanville Thomas, propr. Milksome Pen

Godfrey Ronald, boot and shoe maker

Hanna G. H. Rev., Moravian, Lititz

Harrison Elizabeth, teacher, Lititz Moravian school

Hewitt Lewis, shopkeeper

Honess Alex., carpenter and builder

Howell George, shopkeeper

Jewish Cemetery, Gaza

Johnston ____, shopkeeper

Lea Alex., shopkeeper

Legister Lewis, teacher, Morning Side Church of England school

Lewis Joseph E., teacher, Lititz Moravian school

Lindsay R., shopkeeper

Lititz Settlement

Lopez Nathaniel Mrs., propr. New Buildings Pen

Lumsden A. J., propr. Mt. Lisbon Pen

Lumsden Adam, saddler and harness maker, Alligator Pond

Lumsden Simon, boot and shoe maker, Alligator Pond

Meredith M., shopkeeper

Mills N., porkdealer

Moses H., shopkeeper

Myers A. Mrs., propr. Portsea Pen

Myers M. Mrs., propr. Myersville Pen

Nash G. W. Mrs., propr. Emporium Pen

Newman Alfred, propr. Hartham Pen

Newman Richard, propr. Panslodge Pen

Newman Robert, beefdealer

Oliphant Thomas, teacher, Bull Savannah Church of England school

Oridge ____, shopkeeper

Owens Robert, Blue House general store, Alligator Pond

Page Henry, shopkeeper, Alligator Pond

Parchment Nathaniel, propr. Ward's Bay Pen

Parker John, shopkeeper

Perkins B., shopkeeper

Pitter J. S., shopkeeper

Prospect Settlement

Punch Bowl Settlement

Raynor John, shopkeeper, Alligator Pond

Robinson William, tailor

Rogues' Corner Settlement

Salmon Stoke, propr. Fellowship Pen

Sampson David, propr. Etam Pen, Alligator Pond

Sampson David & Son, wholesale and retail dry goods, provisions and estates supplies, Alligator Pond

Sea Air Settlement

Segre A. D., druggist and propr. The Cliffs Pen

Somerville G. T., teacher, Nain Church of England school

Stephen Bottom Settlement

Stewart R., porkdealer

Tompson Joseph V., teacher, Austin Church of England school

Tucker.W. J., overseer, Montpelier Pen

Willis M., tailor

Wisdom Charles, carpenter and builder


Abrahams Elijah, storekeeper

Ackerman & Elliott, general store

Baker Henry P. W., general store

Bart Thomas, heirs of, propr, Melrose grazing pen

Brooks Eliza, dressmaker

Brown John E., blacksmith

Butler Frederic, general store

Campbell P. Rev., curate St. Augustine Church of England

Cathcart W. I., overseer Whitney estate

Chambers R. A., general store and baker

Clark James H., L.R.C.S. and M. and L.R.C.P., medical practitioner

Clark, Thomas H. Rev., Whitefield Congregational Church

Crosbie W. J., dispenser

Davilow Jane, dressmaker

Delapenha Uriah, lessee Melrose.Pen

Dixon Samuel, boot and shoe maker

Dudley Lord & Ward, proprs. Whitney sugar estate

Eastwood Maria, baker and lodging house

Francis Ruth, general store

Gilling J. Rev., Baptist Church

Graham Daniel, tailor

Hendriks Samuel.A., propr. Ramble Pen

Johnson Rachel, baker

Lewis George, teacher, Whitefield School

Lillie Jemima, general store

Lindo A. L., general store

Logan Quintan, overseer St. Jago or Oliphant sugar estate

MacKinnon Louis Hon., attorney St. Jago or Oliphant sugar estate

Manley Thomas, general store

Mason Lucinda, general store

McMillan H., teacher, St. Augustine School

McPherson Mary, baker and lodging house

Mitchell James, propr. St. Jago or Oliphant sugar estate

Murdner W. R., storekeeper

Nichols Misses, dressmakers

Pommells Thomas G., blacksmith

Powell Fanny, general store

Powell T. H., teacher, Baptist School

Ruckett James R., tailor

Scott Benjamin, saddler

Solomon George & Co., branch store

Thorne J., dispenser

Tindall Charles H., saddler

Towlds J.C., propr. Clarendon Pen

Vaz W. N., storekeeper

Wheatly Francis, boot and shoe maker

Wilson Abraham, storekeeper and baker

Wilson E. B., tailor

Wilson George, boot and shoe maker

Williams R., general store

Wright George A., general store

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