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[propr. is the abbreviation for proprietor]


Bellinger's, occupied by Kerr & Co.

Dunshole estate, J. Charman

Foster's, Phillips & Co. proprs., Geo. Levy wharfinger

Gun Point, Kerr & Co. proprs.

Hart's, unoccupied

Isaacs', Mrs. Isaacs proprietor, Emanuel Isaacs wharfinger

Little River estate, Torrens, wharfinger

Lyons', George Lyons, proprietor

Marks', unoccupied

Mills', D. Mills, proprietor

Montpelier estate, F. Mitchillin wharfinger

Plummer's, Abraham Hart & Son proprs.

Spring Garden estate, F. W. Mortlock wharfinger

Stirling estate, Wm. McFarlane wharfinger

Unity Hall estate, Peter McFarlane wharfinger


Alden C. H., overseer, Belvidere Pen

Barker Joseph, baker

Barne W. C, propr. Belvidere Pen and Hazelymph estate

Belvidere General Store, W. C. Barne proprietor

Bethel Town General Store

Breakspeare Thomas, propr. Seven Rivers Pen, P. O. address, Kingston

Brown Charles, boot and shoe maker

Brown Samuel A boot and shoe maker

Bruce Hall, general store

Burrell W. R. Rev., B. A., curate, Montpelier Church of England

Chester Castle General Store, Richard Cooke propr.

Clarke John, boot and shoe maker

Cleaver Thomas, teacher, Mt. Hermon Presbyterian school

Cooke E. H., B.M. and M.R.C.S. Government medical officer

Cooke F. J., overseer, Kew Park Pen

Cooke John, blacksmith

Cooke Richard, overseer, Chester Castle estate

Cooke Wm. H. Hon., custos and propr. Chester Castle sugar estate, residence Hermitage

Edwards John, overseer, Argyle Pen

Ellis J. D. Rev., curate, St. John's Church of England

Gooden Thomas M.. teacher, Retreat Presbyterian school

Gordon Robert Rev., Mt. Hermon and Mt. Horeb Presbyterian

Gordon Robert, butcher

Gordon William, butcher

Harvey R. S. Dr., propr. Struie Pen

Hazelymph General Store, W. C. Barne propr.

Heath William, butcher

Heaven De Boniott Spencer, attorney, Belvidere Pen

Hilton Henry, tailor

Hilton Warde, baker

Hilton William, tailor

Hine Robert, carpenter

Horton John, butcher

Hosking T. Rev., Mt. Reese, Wesleyan

Hylton William K., propr. Hopewell Pen

Ingle Mrs., propr. Witchpole and Darlinton Pens

Isaacs George, boot and shoe maker

Isaacs Henry J., postmaster and shopkeeper

Jackson Robert, propr. Friendship plantation

Jones Thomas, baker

Kew Park General Store, Mrs. J. L. Williams propr.

Linnell Sarah, dressmaker

Lyon Richard, tailor

Malcolm Neli Hon., propr. Argyle Pen

McFarlane Robert, propr. Barneyside Pen

Myrie R. B., teacher, Chester Castle Church of England school

Reid Parke, butcher

Reid Thomas, carpenter

Reid ____, teacher, Hopewell Church of England school

Rodriques Hyman, shopkeeper, Belvidere

Scott David, propr. Greenwich Pen

Smith Edward, house and sign painter

Smith Joseph, carpenter

Sterling William, boot and shoe maker and carpenter

Taylor F., manager, Montpelier estate

Turner George, teacher, Mt. Horeb Presbyterian school

Walden Lady Howard de, propr. Montpelier estate

Williams James L. Mrs., propr. Kew Park Pen

Williams P. Rev., Bethel Town, and Shortwood Baptist

Write William, blacksmith


Anderson William., boot and shoe maker

Barrett Charles J. M., proprietor Cinnamon Hill and Cornwall sugar estates

Bayne James Rev., Presbyterian Mt. Zion

Bridge Joseph, overseer Success estate

Chambers E. H., overseer Rose Hall sugar estate

Cliff William, proprietor Success estate

Cook Thomas, overseer California sugar estate

Davis Ann R. Mrs., propr. Blue Hole Pen

Dyer Mark, proprietor and manager Palmyra Pen

Fletcher W., overseer Greenwood and Barrett Hall Pens

Grant Ann Miss, propr. Spot Valley Pen

Grant S. Mrs., propr. Spot Valley Pen

Hall Lorenzo K., propr. Tryall sugar estate

Henderson C. B., Mrs., teacher Baptist school

Henderson George R. Rev., Baptist Church

Holmes Alexander, proprietor California sugar estate

Jarrett Samuel, teacher, Tryall Presbyterian school

Kerr William Hon., proprietor Barrett Hall and Greenwood Pens

Lawrence B. J., proprietor Running Gut sugar estate

Mortlock W. F., overseer Spring sugar estate

Masters Mrs., propr. Flower Hill Pen

Naghie S., shopkeeper

Nelson Robert, boot and shoe maker

Ogilvy Edward, propr. Carlton sugar estate

Ogilvy Walter, overseer Carlton sugar estate and Blue Hole Pen

Periam T. D., overseer Cinnamon Hill and Cornwall sugar estates

Reid Daniel, blacksmith

Reid William, teacher, Mt. Zion Presbyterian school

Robertson George H., proprietor Rose Hall sugar estate

Roe Charles H., overseer Tryall sugar estate

Stephenson Edward, carpenter and builder.

Stirling Alexander, shopkeeper

Sylvester John, shopkeeper, carpenter and builder

Taylor John, overseer, Flower Hill Pen

Taylor William, carpenter and builder

Thomas James, blacksmith

Vernon Joseph, overseer, Running Gut sugar estate

Walker G., teacher, Rose Hill Presbyterian school

Williams Matilda Mrs., proprietor Spring sugar estate


Barrett James, tailor

Blake Henry, baker

Booth Harry M., overseer, Eden estate

Brown Thomas, carpenter

Bullock George, carpenter

Copse General Store, Jacob Jackson propr.

Dobree S. & Sons, proprietors Content estate

Ferguson Alexander, blacksmith

Ferguson Charles, blacksmith

Gallant Cohen, carpenter

Hart Samuel, postmaster and shopkeeper

Heaven Henry, proprietor and manager, Lethe Pen

Hind R., trustees of estate of, lessees, Burnt Ground Pen

Irving William, runner, Interior

Jackson Jacob, proprietor Orange Cove, attorney Copse estate, Burnt Ground and Cacoon Castle Pens

Jackson Isaac, trustees of late, Cacoon Pen and Sod Hall estate

Jackson John, lessee Sod Hall estate

Johnson Thomas, carpenter

Kerr, William Hon., attorney Shettlewood Pen and Wiltshire estate

Kirkland, F., overseer Wiltshire estate

Lethe Chapel (Wesleyan) no resident minister

Leyden & Farquharson, proprietors, Eden estate

Moulton C. Washington, overseer, Burnt Ground Pen

Norris J., teacher, Friendship Baptist school

Rigg John, overseer Cacoon Pen

Ree Jan, shopkeeper, Miles Town

Reed W., teacher, Lethe Wesleyan school

Robertson Robert H., proprietor and manager New Milns sugar estate

Scott David, machinist, and proprietor Greenwich Settlement, Burnt Ground

Spence William, blacksmith

Swinson R. H., overseer Content estate

Taylor Fred., overseer Shettlewood Pen

Walden Lord Howard de, proprietor Shettlewood Pen


Baker Joseph, baker

Barnes Joseph, tailor

Brown T. W., butcher

Campbell N., teacher, St. Saviour school

Clarke John, butcher

Cooke E. H. Dr., B.M. M.R.C.S. medical practitioner

Dewar William, propr. Mount Stewart estate

Dillon Frederick H. Rev., Wesleyan, Mt. Peto

Dobree & Son, proprs. Content sugar estate

Edwards J. W., attorney Haughton Grove estate, Alexandria and Knockalva Pen

Facy R. A., teacher Mt. Ward school

Fractus James E., baker

Fraser, W. H., butcher

Gossett B. S., manager Golden Grove sugar estate

Heaven DeBoniott Spencer, propr. Golden Grove sugar estate and Ramble Pen

Hosking T. Rev., Wesleyan, Mount Ward

Hylton Joseph, tailor

Hylton Mrs., dressmaker

Jackson Jacob, attorney, Sod Hall sugar estates

Jackson John, lessee Sod Hall sugar estate

Jackson John, butcher

James Phillip, blacksmith

Johnson ____, teacher, Mt. Peto school

Lewis George, carpenter

Lewis John, butcher

Malcolm John W., propr. Knockalva and Alexandria Pens

Manderson A. R., boot and shoe maker

McNeil H., carpenter

McNeil F. C. Miss, dressmaker

Millen Jacob, blacksmith

Moulton Charles W., manager, Burnt Ground Pen

Porter S. A. Mrs., dressmaker

Ramble General Store, G. C. Stone manager

Rankin Alexander, lessee and manager Alexandria Pen

Stewart Allan, baker

Stewart E. Rev., curate St. Saviour Church of England, Chichester

Stone G. C., postmaster and pound keeper

Taylor A. W. Watson, propr. Haughton Grove Pen and Haughton sugar estate

Taylor Frederick W., manager Shettlewood Pen

Tronson Russell H., attorney, Content sugar estate

Topping Richard, tailor


Archer William J., overseer Lima sugar estates

Armstrong J., teacher, Orange school

Chambers Alexander, boot and shoe maker

Dalrymple Alexander, overseer Latium sugar estate

Daly John, propr. Paisley Pen

Dendy Walter Rev., Baptist, Salter's Hill

Downie Thomas Rev., Presbyterian, Somerton

Dyer Mark, propr. Palmyra Pen

England Catharine Mrs., propr. Glasgow Pen

France C,. R., druggist

Gow James, tailor

Guichett Mrs., teacher, Marley Church of England school

Hamilton John, blacksmith

Henderson William, carpenter and painter

Hind William, boot and shoe maker

Innis John, butcher

Kerr William Hon., propr. Guilsbro and Latium sugar estates

Mason John J., overseer Guilsbro sugar estate

McFarlane John, propr. Windsor Lodge sugar estate

McLennan John, tailor

Orgill C., overseer Leogan sugar estate

Popkins James, shopkeeper

Rio A. Garcia del Rev., curate Christ Church, Marley

Sievewright C. R., propr. Leogan sugar estate

Shearer Alex., propr. Millennium Hall Pen

Smith Joseph, boot and shoe maker

Somerton General Store, Mrs. Packer propr.

Sterling Charles, propr. Content and Lima sugar estates

Tomlinson William, overseer Content sugar estate

Touzon Thomas, baker

Virgin William, boot and shoe maker

Windsor Lodge General Store, George Hind, propr.

Wilkinson William, carpenter and painter

Williams John, baker

Williams Thomas, baker

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