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In the following pages h stands for house, propr. for proprietor. The word street is implied.

Aarons Edwin, storekeeper

Adams Fred. , upholsterer

Alexander Lewis, L.R.C.P., medical practitioner

Allwood James, Jr., attorney-at-law

Atherton, heirs of, proprs. Spring Vale Pen

Atkinson Richard, propr. Catadupa Pen

Atkinson Robert, proprietor Cottage and Lapland Pens

Bell David, cabinet maker

Binns John, cabinet maker

Binns Nathan Rt., tailor

Black William, tailor, propr. Chesterfield Pen

Blackellar Elizabeth, shopkeeper

Bowen A., proprietor Salt Spring Pen

Broadwood Thomas, propr. Providence estate

Brown Phillpotts, attorney-at-law

Brown Thomas, cabinet maker

Bruford H., proprietor Grange Pen

Byne James Rev., Marley Church

Calvert Patrick, carpenter

Campbell John, tobacconist

Campion Robert, shoemaker

Carter M. G., storekeeper

Calamn John, shoemaker

Chambers John, pilot

Chambers Miss, proprietor Villa Pen

Clarke Thomas, painter

Clark Charles, carpenter

Cohen Alexander, drugs and chemicals

Cohen M., attorney-at-law

Comfort Hall Pen, propr. unknown

Cooper, John, watchmaker and jeweller

Corinaldi D. A., watchmaker and jeweller

Corinaldi S. G., Consul U. S.. America

Corinaldi S. G. Jr., propr. Beaconfield Pen

Corinaldi S. G. & Sons, merchants and general dealers, agents Colonial Bank

Cousins Thomas, saddler

Crooks James, farrier

Cunningham George, hairdresser

Davidson A. G., bank clerk

Del Rio J. Garcia, Church of England

Dendy Walter Rev., Baptist Church

De Sousa Henry, painter

Dewar William, propr. Anchovy estate

Dolphy Osman, Presbyterian school teacher

Downs Henry, livery stable

Dunbar John, goldsmith

Elliott Charles, carpenter

Fairclough, heirs of, proprs. Plum Pen

Farron George, mason

Fayerman Catharine, tavern keeper

Fletcher James, propr. Canaan Pen

Foster Thomas, propr. Portobello Pen

Fowler William, propr. Bellefield Pen

Franklin Thomas, saddler

Fray Edward, attorney-at-law

Fry Herbert, propr. Moore Park Pen

Gabay Joseph, printer

Geddes T. M. Rev., Church of England

Gillespie G., painter

Gillespie Richard, carpenter

Golding Robert, tailor

Goodall Henry, proprietor Castle Wemyss and Dumfries Pens

Gordon Robert, Mt. Horeb Presbyterian Church

Gordon S. Miss, dressmaker

Gourzong C. B., drugs and chemicals

Grahame James, tobacconist

Grant Alfred, propr. Albion Pen

Grant A. C, articled clerk

Grant, Charles, shopkeeper

Grant Edward, tobacconist

Gray Charles, goldsmith

Gray Henry, propr. Retrieve Pen

Gray Thomas, painter

Gregory William, carpenter

Grizzle Joseph, carpenter

Gunson John, propr. Gunson's Lodge Pen

Hague George A., collector of taxes

Hall Lorenzo, propr. Irwin estate and Kirkpatrick Hall Pen

Hall Maxwell, propr. Kempshot Pen

Halse Anna M., shopkeeper

Halse Mrs., dressmaker

Harris William, blacksmith

Hart Aaron, auctioneer and com. agent

Hart Abraham & Son, produce, provision and dry goods merchants

Hart D., attorney-at-law

Hart James T., tailor

Haughton Pen, propr. unknown

Hawthorn & Watson, proprietors Bellfield estate

Henderson J. E., Baptist school teacher

Hewan David & William, proprs. Bull Pen

Henderson J. E. Rev., Baptist Church

Hewitt Edward Rev., Mt. Carey Baptist Church, propr. Mt. Carey Pen

Hind Richard, heirs of, proprs. Roehampton estate

Holmes Wm., shoemaker

Homber J. C., clerk, Petty Session

Hutchings Thomas Rev., Baptist Church

Irving J. B., propr. Iron Shore estate

Isaacs D. M., shopkeeper

Isaacs Emanuel, shopkeeper and baker

Ives Algernon, shoemaker

Jacobs Jacob, cabinet maker

Jacobs R., clerk to clerk Petty Sessions

Jarrett E. Miss, propr. Catharine Hall estate, and Barnett Hall Pen

Kelly John, propr. Summer Hill Pen

Kerr Daniel, cabinet maker

Kerr Elizabeth, general merchant

Kerr George, painter

Kerr, J. E. propr Richmond Hill Pen

Kerr John E. & Co., produce, provisions, dry goods and commission merchants

Kerr William Hon., coach builder and cabinet maker, propr. Pitfour Pen

Kerr & Co., general wharfage business

Lawrence John, propr. Fairfield estate

Lawson Albert, shopkeeper

Lawson Alfred, shoemaker

Lawson Benjamin, farrier

Lawson G. M., heirs of, proprs. Hampden estate

Leonard James, farrier

Leonard W., blacksmith

Levy Alexander, livery stable, propr. Chatham Pen

Levy George, propr. Spring Mount Pen

Levy Ivor M., drugs and chemicals

Levy Joseph, auctioneer and commission agent

Levy Joseph D., storekeeper

Lewis Joseph, upholsterer

Lightbody R. S., shoemaker

Lowe Benjamin, propr. Adelphi Pen

Lynch L. M., clerk, Collector Taxes' office

Lyons George, general merchant

Magnus Jane, dry and fancy goods

Malcolm John, propr. Bogue Pen

Manderson Amelia, propr. Glendevon Pen

Manderson John, goldsmith

Manderson Stephen, baker

Martinez Pedro, tobacconist

Maul H., tinsmith

McCallum William, mason

McCatty A. G., L.C. Cincinnati, medical practitioner and druggist

McFarlane John M., propr. Leyden Pen

McFarlane Peter, propr. Unity Hall park

Mcintosh Richard, cabinet maker

McKie Charles, propr. Friendship estate

McLean C., tinsmith

McPherson Evan, watchmaker and jeweller

Melbourne John, pilot

Miller Charles, carpenter Mills D., butcher

Morris D. R., Rev. rector St. Paul's

Messopp Theodore, shopkeeper

Mortlock F. W., propr. Spring Garden Pen

Mowatt Jane, tavern keeper

Mudie Aleander, heirs of, proprs. Mt. Pleasant Pen

Murray Isaac, carpenter

Murray James, tailor

Murray James E., tailor

Murray Joseph, painter

Mutual Aid Society, Ivor M. Levy, secretary

Naylor M., propr. Hendon Pen

Nunes Benjamin, heirs of, proprs. Pleasant Hill Pen

Nunes Theodore. propr. New Market Pen

Nunes Wilfred, auctioneer and commission agent

Ogle George, shoemaker

Ogilvy Walter, propr. Pleasant Valley Pen

Osborne George, propr. Nairne Pen

Page H. S., Wesleyan school teacher

Parkin J. W., propr. Catharine Mt. estate

Parkinson Jemima, shopkeeper

Payne S. E., tavern keeper, auctioneer and commission agent

Pedlar John, tobacconist

Perrier James,cabinet maker

Phillips G. L. Hon., consul Germany, Spain, and Sweden, propr. Retirement estate and Worcester Pen

Phillips & Co., produce and provision merchants

Pixley Joseph, upholsterer

Powell Ja,es T., jeweller

Price Malvina, tavern keeper

Pullar J. P., clerk, Municipal Board

Ramson J. L., Rev., curate Trinity chapel

Ramson, J. L. Jr., clerk, Collector Taxes' office

Rattigan L. A., Asst. Collector Taxes

Rebeiro Isaac, tobacconist

Record John, propr. Chatham Pen

Reid Alfred, baker

Reid Charles, tailor

Reid Eliza M., shopkeeper

Reid George, shopkeeper and tinsmith

Reid H. Baylis, shopkeeper

Reid James Rev., Baptist Church

Reid John, baker

Reid Nicholas, mason

Reid S., hairdresser

Reuben James, baker

Rickerby Joseph, tailor

Ricketts Samuel, propr. Retreat Pen

Riley William, shoemaker

Roach Charles, baker

Robertson George H., propr. Rose Hall estate

Rodrigues Isaac, general merchant

Roper Findlater Hon., propr. Brandon Hill and Rosemount Pens

Rusea William, printer

Salmon T. A., baker and shopkeeper

Scott Benjamin, tanner and currier, and tobacconist

Seivewright C. R., propr. Leogan estate

Sewell W. K., livery stable and propr. Red Hill Pen

Sewell W. K. Mrs., dressmaker

Sharpe John, heirs of, proprs. Green Pond estate and Hampton Pen

Small Mary, tavern keeper

Solomon S., postmaster

Spence T. H., shopkeeper

Stevenson W. J., tailor

Stewart Mrs., propr. Paradise Pen

St. James Benefit Building Society, Manderson Cohen, hon. sec.

Taylor Samuel, saddler

Thomas John Rev., Moravian Church

Thompson A. Rev., St. Paul's, Presbyterian

Timble William, shoemaker

Turnbull Edgar, storekeeper

Vernon Joseph, tobacconist

Wainwright Lewls, upholsterer

Watt R., painter

Whittaker James, printer

Whittingham Joseph, propr. Duckett's Pen

Williams Edward, painter

Williams Frederick Hon., District Court Judge, propr. Buena Vista Pen

Williams Matilda, propr. Spring estate

Wilson John, M.D. and M.R.C.S., medical practitioner, propr. Bandon Pen

Wollett J. Sidney Rev., propr. Redding Pen

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