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[propr. is the abbreviation for proprietor]


Allen & Spence, proprietors Phoenix Park sugar estate

Allen William, proprietor Phoenix estate

Anderson John, general collector

Barrow Horatio, boot and shoe maker

Barrow Horatio M., shopkeeper

Barrow Joseph, clerk of market

Barrow William M., tailor

Blake William, teacher, United Presbyterian School

Brown David, attorney Green River and New Found River Pens

Brown G. G., shopkeeper

Brown Henry, shopkeeper

Brown James, carpenter

Brown William T., tailor

Campbell John Rev., proprietor Rock Spring Pen

Campbell Robert, manager Abingdon Park Pen

Campbell ____, planter, Davis Cove

Campbell ____, planter, Industry Cove

Carey Sarah, dressmaker

Carr Thomas, tailor

Clarke Robert, manager Orange Bay grazing pen and logwood plantation

Clough Henry, tailor

Coleman John, fisherman and stock dealer, Orange Bay

Cooke W. H. Mrs., propr. Prospect sugar estate

Crooks James, teacher, Presbyterian school

Davis Anthony, heirs of, Caldwell plantation

Davis Charles H. Rev., Holy Trinity Church of England, lessee Campbellton Pen

Davis Henry, baker

Davis Charles, Mt. Pleasant Pen

Deans Elizabeth, baker

Delisser Alexander, carpenter

Dickson Elizabeth, baker

Dickson John, carpenter

Dodd Francis, propr. Abingdon Park Pen

Drummond Jacob, boot and shoe maker

Drummond Richard Rev., Presbyterian Church

Dudie D. T., lessee Cousins Cove Pen

Ellard Edward R., tailor

Fray Edward Jr., manager Round Hill sugar estate

Grant Henry, planter and shopkeeper, Davis Cove

Hadley James, shopkeeper

Hall MAry, baker

Hart Jacob, carpenter

Hart James, shopkeeper, Logwoods

Hawthorn & Watson, proprietors Spring Valley and Haughton Hall sugar estates

Hedley James, boot and shoe maker

Howison James, carpenter

Howison Philip, carpenter

Hudson John, lessee Fish River plantation

Innis David, carpenter

Innis David B., shopkeeper and planter

Innis John, carpeneter

Innis William, shopkeeper

Johnson Edward, baker

Johnson Thomas B., propr. Blenheim Pen

Johnston Patrick (1st) shopkeeper

Johnson Patrick (2d) shopkeeper

Jones Nathaniel, teacher, Presbyterian school

Kennedy Angus, propr. Cousins Cove Pen

Kerr William, lessee Round Hill sugar estate

Lawrence F. G., propr. Round Hill sugar estate

Lawson Albert, carpenter

Lawson Edmund, blacksmith

Lawson E. McF., planter, Fish River Pen

Lawson H. G. Rev., retired Episcopalian clergyman, Rhodes Hall

Lawson Ingram, postmaster

Lawson Rosina E., teacher private school

Malcolm William, tailor

Mason James Innis, M.R.C.S., medical practitioner

McCreary James, carpenter

MsDonald Malcolm, druggist and lumber measurer

McInnis Martin, proprietor and planter

McIntosh Malcolm, shopkeeper

Miller John, carpenter

Miller Robert I., overseer, Haughton Hall

Miller Wilhelmina, dressmaker

Morgan ____, planter, Industry Cove

Morris Arthur, carpenter

Morris Samuel Rev., Baptist

Mudis D. T., lessee logwood plantation, Cousins' Cove

Munro E. M., shopkeeper

Munro Eliza, dressmaker

Munro Murdock, Supt. of Roads and shopkeeper, propr. Kendall Pen

Nesbitt John, blacksmith

Oyley Henry D., master Church Hill School

Parkin William, logwood dealer and boat owner, Sandy Bay

Potts D. Mrs., propr. Saxham plantation

Rayson George, manager Green River and New Found River Pens

Reed William, lessee logwood plantation, Rock Spring

Reid Arabella, dressmaker and attorney Grange Pen

Sadler E. I., attorney, Spring Valley and Haughton Hall sugar estates

Sandilands Edward, tailor

Sinclair David, carpenter

Smith George, carpenter

Spence James Grey, overseer, Phoenix estate

Stricker Sophia, teacher private school

Vassel Joseph, carpenter

Waine Sarah Mrs., propr. Campbellton Pen

Walcott Horace, overseer, Prospect estate

Watson J. Mrs., poundkeeper

Watson Robert, merchant and general store

Watt John, propr. Davis Cove wharf

Watt John H., overseer Spring Valley estate

Webster Robert, blacksmith

White Walter R., blacksmith

Whitelocke William, carpenter

Whitmore W., planter

Williams Henry, blacksmith

Williams John, tailor

Williams Robert, blacksmith

Zincke Ann, baker


Anderson William, fisherman

Aud Alex., carpenter and builder, Chigwell

Bowen Robert, cooper

Box Henry, blacksmith

Box Thomas, boot and shoe maker, and baker

Brown James, fisherman

Buncie Rosa, shopkeeper and baker

Bucknor Robert, fisherman

Burke W. Rev., Baptist, Fletcher's Grove

Calvert Robert, carpenter

Dally John B., propr. Farm Settlement

Davidson Robert, propr, and manager Upper Hopewell plantation

Dillon Frederick H. Rev., Baptist, Gurney's Mt.

Emanuel & Johnson, general store

Fray Edward, Jr., manager Round Hill sugar estate

Geddes T. M. Rev., Wesleyan

Gooderich William, tailor

Gordon Robert, carpenter

Gordon Sophia, dressmaker

Grant Edward B., teacher, Baptist school

Grant Mary Louisa, dressmaker

Grignon Joseph, mason

Hazell Thomas B., shopkeeper, Upper Hopewell

Hine, Richard, heirs of, propr. Flint River sugar estate

Hutchinson William, carpenter

Jackson Jacob, attorney Barbican, Mosquito Cove and Flint River sugar estates

Jackson Montague, propr. Friendship Grove estate

Jackson Robert lessee Flint River sugar estate and propr. Friendship Settlement

Johnson Benjamin, fisherman

Johnson Jacob, fisherman

Jones George, shopkeeper, Upper Hopewell

Jones Thomas, shopkeeper

Kerr, William Hon., attorney Round Hill sugar estate

Lachie ____, shopkeeper and baker

Levy Jacob, postmaster and shopkeeper

Malcolm Neil, propr. Retrieve Pen

Mason John, propr. Orchard Pen

McKenzie John, mason

Newman Dr., propr. Blue Hole Pen

Parkin J. W., propr. Tryall sugar estate and Recovery Pen

Parkin Thomas., manager Tryall sugar estate

Phillips C. M., lessee Blue Hole Pen

Phillips G. L. & Bro., general store

Reld Joseph H., teacher, Bethel Wesleyan school

Reid William, general store

Robinson Edward, blacksmith

Rose Jessie, dressmaker

Sawyers Mary, dressmaker

Sawyers Robert, carpenter and builder, Whittingham

Sherriff J. Bell, propr. Barbican and Mosquito Cove sugar estates

Smith J. W., overseer, Retrieve Pen

Soley Jane, dressmaker

Soley Robert I., teacher Wesleyan school

Stanhope R. C., shopkeeper

Stanhope R. C., shopkeeper

Stephens Mary, dressmaker

Stewart Fancis, butcher

Stewart John, manager Barbican and Mosquito Cove sugar estates

Stewart John, boot and shoe maker

Taylor Frederick, propr. Brae

Tinling Thomas, propr. Success Pen

Wanchope John, planter, Forrest

Whittingham Joseph, propr. Great Valley Pen

Will William, fisherman

Will W. S., fisherman

Williams Robert, shopkeeper, Upper Hopewell

Williams Robert, shopkeeper, Upper Hopewell

Williamson John, mason

Younger William, fisherman

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