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[propr. is the abbreviation for proprietor]


Achrans George, heirs of, Shooter's Hill plantation

Allen, shopkeeper and baker, Johnsin Town

Allwood John, clerk to Municipal and Road Boards

Anderson John, planter, Eaton

Barton I. T., Presbyterian schoolmaster Mt. Hermon

Baulk ___, Small Settlement

Been John, planter, Barnside

Besley John, boot and shoe maker

Bigby Magnus, planter and shopkeeper Donalva

Binns Arthur, boot and shoe maker

Bowen Hill Plantation, John Castell, deceased

Brown David, carpenter, resident Clearmont Pen

Brown Edward, butcher and propr. Greenland Pen

Brown Ethel, overseer, Kenilworth Pen

Brown Henry, clerk Petty Sessions and asst. clerk District Court

Brown William Miller, planter, Hct. Mt

Brown William, carpenter, Donalva

Brown William, propr. Kenilworth Pen

Browne Adolphus, merchant and general dealer in dry goods

Browne William, propr. Kenilworth Pen

Buchanan James, shopkeeper and carpenter

Buck John, blacksmith

Buckham Bartholomew, clerk

Buckham Richard, shopkeeper, Retreat and propr. Mt. Pleasant Pen

Buchanan Nathan, lessee and Planter Top Hill

Bucknor Samuel, carpenter

Burke Windsor Rev., Baptist Mission Hall

Butler David, planter and carpenter, Graham Hall Pen

Campbell James, planter, Hct. Mt.

Campbell John Rev., B.A., rector residence, Barbary Hill Pen

Campbell John, planter

Campbell Eliza Miss, lodging house

Campbell Misses, dressmakers, Askenish plantation

Campbell Neil, carpenter and painter

Campbell William, lawyer and planter Content

Campbell William, planter and carpenter Cottage plantation

Carlile Warrand Rev., Presbyterian, Brownsville

Carr George, butcher

Castello J. Mrs. resident Bower Hill Pen

Caseley James H., harbor master residence, Gibraltar

Chalmers William, schoolmaster Middlesex

Chambers John, butcher

Chambers John, planter and overseer, Hct. Mt.

Chambers R., overseer, Pell River Pen

Chambers Rhodes, propr. Baulk plantation

Chambers William C., shoemaker

Chambers William S., sexton and shoemaker

Chisholm Francis, planter and shopkeeper, Rose Hill Pen

CHisholm John, carpenter and shipwright

Chisholm Robert, resident Rose Hill Pen

Chrystie George, overseer of Poor House, and boot and shoe maker

Clare James, captain, Drogher

Clare John, carpenter

Clare William, pilot, carpenter, shipwright and lumber measurer

Clarke George, blacksmith

Clarke John, boot and shoe maker

Coleman John, carpenter

Collymore Elizabeth, organist at Episcopalian Church

Collymore J. K. Rev., master, Rusea's Free School, Rector's substitute and Notary Public

Collymore John, clerk, Internal Revenue and treasury clerk

Conley Ann W. Miss, schoolmistress, Gibraltar

Connel William, tailor

Connichy William, planter, Flower Hill

Coots John, runner, Johnson Town

Cort William A., drugs and chemicals

Courtenay I. H. Dr., Government medical officer

Cowan Mrs., propr. Fat Hog Quarter Pen

Craig William, carpenter

Cridland Simon, propr. Retirement sugar estate and shopkeeper

Cridland Simon Jr., shopkeeper, Flamstead

Crooks Cornelius, planter and baker, Flower Hill

Crooks George, deputy bailiff, District Court and shoemaker

Crooks John, goldsmith and keeper of town clock

Crooks Joseph, carpenter, Flower Hill

Crooks Richard, planter, Dias

Crooks William, tinsmith

Cunningham George, planter, Eaton

Cunningham _____, planter, Hopewell

Curlin Robert, teacher, Presbyterian school

D'Acre Lord, proprietor Eaton Pen

Davidson Andrew Rev., rector Church of England rectory

Dally John, proprietor and manager, Farm plantation

Daly Patrick, shopkeeper

Davis Alexander J. (Henry Davis & Son,) merchant and wharfinger

Davis George R., tailor

Davis Henry & Son, merchants & wharfingers

Davis Henry, merchant and propr. Hopewell Pen Castle

Davis R., supt. District Prison

Davis John, tailor

Davis Miss, dry goods

Davey Phoebe, schoolmistress, Mt. Maria

Dawes John, accountant

Deans Richard, mason, Burnt Ground

Deans Robert, planter, Campbell

Dickson Colonel, propr. Riley sugar estate

Dickson Jane, dressmaker

Dickson Richard, shoemaker

Dickson Richard L., shoemaker

Dickson Susan McF. Mrs, lodging house

Dodd Francis, manager, Orange Cove sugar estate

Dodd Henry, blacksmith

Douglas George, butcher

Dooly James G., acting assistant District Engineer

Dowman Charles, shoemaker

Dundas A. H., acting superintendent Public Roads and Works, resident, Old Peak Pen

Drummond Henry, planter, Rose Valley

Edwards John, attorney, Retrieve Pen

Emanuel Frederick, dry goods and saddlery

Emanuel Simon (Emanuel & Johnson,) merchant

Emanuel & Johnson, merchants

Fennell Joseph, fisherman

Fletcher Edward, planter, Dry Hill

Forrester Nathan, planter, Dias

Forrester William, planter, Dias

Fraser Adelaide Mrs., governess

Gainor John, sawyer, Flower Hill

Gammon George, cooper, Flower Hill

Gardiner, John, owner and captain, Drogher

Gilpin Edward, planter, Hct. Mt.

Gilpin Thomas, planter, Dias

Gooden C. E., Wesleyan schoolmaster, Mt, Hannah

Goodyer Samuel Rev., Wesleyan, Barbary Hall Pen

Gorden Charles, Wesleyan minister, Donalva

Gordon, Edgar, attorney, Buxton plantation and supt. Parochial roads

Gordon Richard M., propr. Dolphin Mountain Pen

Gordon William, planter, Pell River

Grant Charles, general dealer in dry goods, provisions and liquors

Grant Lewis, manager Kew sugar estate

Graves Christopher, planter and shopkeeper, Richmond

Griffiths George, butcher

Gunning J. S., manager, Eaton plantation

Hall Saba, shopkeeper, Barbary Hill

Haney D., propr. Marvin plantation

Hart Michael, gentleman

Harvey William, proprietor Eastburry plantation

Haughton Robert, propr. Rhodes Hall Pen

Haughton Richard, planter and shopkeeper, Middlesex

Haughton Walter, planter and baker, Bachelor Hall

Hawthorne Thomas, butcher

Hayward Ann Mrs., lodging house

Haywood Mrs., propr. Middlesex plantation

Heath James, captain of Droghers

Hemans ____, Presbyterian schoolmaster, Maryland

Henry Jacob, shopkeeper and liquor dealer

Henry Hugh, dry goods

Henry Walton, propr. Richmond Pen

Hepburn I. K. Mrs., dry goods

Hopkins A., accountant

Hosier George, tailor

Jackson Jacob, propr. Orange Cove sugar estate and Old Peak Pen, manager Barbican and Mosquito estates

James Harris, mason

James Joseph, mason

Jansen ____, mariner

Jenkins James, house and sign painter

Johnson John D., planter, Barnside

Johnson Miss, dry goods

Johnston Patrick, provisions and liquors

Johnson Thomas B., merchant propr. Blenheim. and Pell River pens, residence Mackney Cottage

Johnson William R., carpenter, propr. Williams Hope Plantation

Johnston Patrick, mail contractor

Johnston P. & Co., general store

Johnstone M. C. Miss, baker

Joiles Samuel, blacksmith

Jonas Charles, accountant

Jones Robert, planter and cooper, Spring Vale

Kenlish William, excoroner

Kennedy Charles W., collector of taxes

Kenney Daniel, butcher, Waver Park

Kenney Daniel, overseer, Williamsfield Pen

Kenney William, propr. Williamsfield plantation

Kenny William, baker, Middlesex

Kenney William, Jr., shopkeeper

Kenny William, shopkeeper Greenland

Kentish Thomas, shoemaker Johnson Town

Kerr William, shopkeeper, Tow Spring

Lee Lewis, accountant

Lee Lewis, Jr., general collector

Levy Anna Mrs., poundkeeper

Levy Jacob, Jr., accountant

Lewis Thomas, shopkeeper, Rustic

Longshaw Samuel, planter and shopkeeper

Lyon Ella, propr. Richmond Pen

Lyon George, carpenter

Lyon Henry, tailor and shopkeeper

Malcolm John, propr. Retrieve and Buxton Pens

Malcthus George, machinist and repairer of steam engines

Martin James, tailor, Johnson Town

McCallum Neil, carpenter

McDermott Daniel, blacksmith

McDonald John, Presbyterian student and teacher, Flamstead

McInnis Martin, proprietor, Wood Church plantation

McIntee Christopher, planter, Dundee Pen

McKennis William, propr. Wood Church Pen

Middlesex ____, Small Settlement

Miller Percival, druggist and general dealer, Chelsea

Miller P. R., overseer, Richmond Pen

Miller Robert I., carpenter and builder and church warden, Cliff Hill Cottage

Miller William S., planter, Cottage

Miller William, revivalist minister, Cacoon

Miln George, propr. Knapdale plantation

Morris Joseph, planter, Wood Church

Munro Hugh, runner

Nugent Edward, carpenter, Springfield

Noad William S., overseer, Point sugar estate

Otway Mrs., propr. Clifton plantation

Parkin Thomas, overseer, Tryall sugar estate

Patterson John, planter, Askenish

Payne Samuel, carpenter, Middlesex

Petrekin James, planter, Mt. Airy

Peynado Susan, dressmaker

Phillips G. L. & Co., proprietors Point sugar estate

Phillips Henry, retired merchant

Phillips John, mariner

Phillips Charles M., attorney and manager Point sugar estate

Porter Thomas, boot and shoe maker

Potts John D. Mrs., propr. Chelsea Pen

Potts Margaret Mrs., lessee Richmond plantation, Chelsea

Pratt C. Miss, dressmaker

Quallo Elias, clerk to Agent for General Collection

Ralston Samuel, tailor

Rankin Thomas, cabinet maker

Richmondville Plantation, Jacob Lyon, deceased

Robertson Isaac, planter, Greenland

Robertson John, cooper, Flamstead

Rodriques Joseph, Presbyterian schoolmaster, Jericho

Ruddock John, shopkeeper and tailor

Russel John, heirs of, Hill's Brook plantation

Saddler E. I., attorney, Riley sugar estate and lessee Eaton Pen

Saddler & Vickers, propr. Kew and Georgia sugar estate

Samuells Edward, planter, and dealer in honey and wax, Donalva

Samuells Robert, blacksmith

Sarftleben J. W. H., baker and shopkeeper

Sarftleben Lorenzo, dry goods, provisions and liquors

Scott George B., blacksmith

Scott W. B., propr. Thorn Hill plantation

Scrimger Adam, propr. Baulk plantation

Segree Joseph I., manager, Georgia sugar estate

Shaff Richard, planter, Bounty Hall

Shaw, Presbyterian schoolmaster, Pond Side

Shearer Alexander, lessee Blenheim Pen

Sinclair John E., carpenter, Hct. Mt.

Slyfield, carpenter and fisherman, Clearmont

Smith John W., manager Retrieve Pen

Soper Bessie Miss, storekeeper

Spence George, planter, Askenish

Spence Robert, butcher

Spencer Patrick, peddler

Springfield plantation, Dr. Pullar, deceased

Stephens George, propr. Pedro plantation

Stewart Alexander, cooper and butcher

Stewart James, mason, Woodcot

Stewart James, planter, Dias

Stewart John, planter, Hct. Mt.

Stewart John, propr. Barbican and Mosquito sugar estate.

Stewart Thomas, dealer in logwood, &c

Supersansing ____, propr., Binns' plantation, and logwood dealer

Stirling Thomas I., Presbyterian schoolmaster, Elgin Town

Stoddart John Rev., Presbyterian, Everton

Street Henry, planter, Donalva

Stricker George, A., second master Rusea's Free School

Stuart Daniel, tailor

Stubbs Alphonso, shopkeeper, Tow Spring

Taylor A. W. Watson, propr. Haughton Court sugar estate

Thellwell Henry, tailor

Thelwell John, heirs of, Maryland plantation

Toolsie, shopkeeper, Johnson Town

Topper Frederick, provisions and baker

Trilleveln C.W., manager, Haughton Court sugar estate

Vaughan, William, tailor

Vickers William, attorney, Eaton plantation

Vidal James, propr. and manager Paradise Pen

Vosper Elijah, machinist and engineer

Walker Charlotte, dressmaker

Walker James, propr. Epping plantation

Walton Joseph, carpenter

Walton Thomas, propr. Richmond Pen

Wanchope John, provisions

Webster Richard, Presbyterian schoolmaster, Brownsville

Weir John Thomas, boot and shoe maker

White Alexander, propr. Craigie plantation

White David, planter, Dias

White Samuel, planter and shopkeeper Flamstead

Whittingham Joseph, manager, Eaton Pen

Whittingham Joseph Jr., overseer Riley sugar estate

Whittingham Joseph T., manager, Riley sugar estate

Williams Alfred, carpenter, propr. Hillside plantation

Williams Thomas, house and sign painter

Wilmot Charles, accountant and lumber measurer

Wilson Edmund, asst. collector of taxes

Wilson George, residence, Flower Hill

Wilson George, shopkeeper and shoemaker, Middlesex

Wright George, planter, Hct. Mt

Wright Robert, planter, Hct. Mt.

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