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[propr. is the abbreviation for proprietor]


Alexander Rebecca Mrs., dressmaker

Allen Alexander, butcher

Bowra Alfred, propr. Ashwood Pen

Brown William N. Rev., Salem Baptist Church, Santa Cruz

Brown Zachariah, baker

Channer Ellen Mrs., propr. Santa Cruz Park Pen

Clarke J. W., manager South Valley Pen

Cole Allan, shopkeeper, Santa Cruz

Cook George Dr., medical practitioner

Cooper Wright, postmaster and planter Santa Cruz

De Laroche James, shopkeeper, Santa Cruz

Deurwarden, M. M. Rev., St. Andrew's Gilnock, Church of England, Friendship

Evans C. W., Santa Cruz

Farquharson J. Miller, attorney, Goshen South Valley and Long Hill Pens

Farquharson Emanuel, shopkeeper, Seven Corners

Franklin John, shopkeeper, Santa Cruz

Grosmond Henry, propr. Grosmond Pen

Hannon George, carpenter and builder

Hannon John, carpenter and builder

Harriett Mrs., schoolmistress, Jerusalem

Hendrick Samuel, shopkeeper, Cross Keys

Hollingshed John, boot and shoe maker

Hollingshed Theodore, butcher

Honeygan James A., teacher, Leeds Church of England school

Hutchinson Alexander, carpenter and builder

Hylton William, boot and shoe maker and baker

Isaacs Charles E., general store

Lee William, blacksmith

Letman Edward, carpenter and builder

Letman John, carpenter and builder

Maxwell Henry, overseer Friendship Pen

McCurdy Mrs. and Miss Mason, proprs. Southampton Pen

McDonald William, teacher, Baptist school

Milligen Samuel, general store, Paradise

Morgan M. C., lessee Emmaus Pen

Mulling, Anna Mrs., dressmaker

Mullings Caleb, tailor

Mullings Emma, dressmaker

Mullings Hubert., tailor

Muschett George, boot and shoe maker

Muschett Lewis, proprietor Carmel Pen

Nangle W. O. F., shopkeeper, Santa Cruz

Patterson James, teacher, Church of England school

Rhodd James, blacksmith, Jerusalem

Rhoden John, boot and shoe maker

Rowe Henry, dispenser, Santa Cruz

Salter J. C, dispenser, Jerusalem

Samms James, overseer Emmaus Pen

Scill George, teacher, Santa Cruz Church of England school

Slater Samuel, tailor

Temple George, boot and shoe maker

Tennant James, wharfinger, J. E. Kerr & Co., Woolwich Wharf

Tomlinson James, tailor

Towsend [Townsend?]John, proprietor Burnt Ground Pen

Wheattle W. S., propr. Gilnock Hall, Wilton, Northampton, and lessee Friendship Pens

White William, clerk, Santa Cruz

Winn Alexander, boot and shoe maker

Wright J. C., proprietor Friendship Pen


Bent Bernard, propr, Tryall Pen

Black Alexander, teacher Top Hill Church of England school

Forbes E. A. Mrs., propr. Yardly Chase Pen

Forbes William Panton, overseer Yardly Chase and Mayfield Pens, and general storekeeper

Forbes Stuart I., propr. Mayfield Pen

Foster Henry, carpenter and builder

Finlason Lydia Mrs., propr. Kensington Pen

Gale Joshua, teacher, Rose Hall Church of England school

Hall William, overseer Corly Castle Pen

Hamilton Robert, boot and shoe maker

Holmes R. A., teacher, Mayfield Church of England school

Holmes R. A. Mrs., dressmaker

Isaacs Charles E., propr. Corly Castle Pen

James Abbey Miss, dressmaker

James Gordon, carpenter and builder

Johnson William, carpenter and builder

Lloyd John, tinsmith

McGregor C. G. Rev., curate St. Mary's Church of England, Norfolk

Oliphant Thomas, teacher Bull Savanna Church of England school

Osmond G. W., propr. Malvern Chase Pen

Parchment Jane Miss, dressmaker

Reid Edward, baker

Reid Theodore, boot and shoe maker

Rowe Ven. Archdeacon, M.A., St. Peter's Church of England, propr. Bellevue Pen and tannery

Smith Henry, blacksmith

Thomson R. A., teacher, St. Mary's Church of England school

Wynter Seymour Mrs., dressmaker



Buckman Harriet Miss, dressmaker

Cohen E., teacher, Mt. Trinity School

Farquharson James, lessee Maggotty Pen

Fearing Henry, blacksmith

Fisher Sarah, baker

Francis John, porkdealer

Gallant Louisa Miss, dressmaker

Hall F. R., overseer Mexico estate

Hill William, propr. Appleton sugar estate

Hill William, propr. Bagdale sugar estate

Hillary J. L., M.D., medical practitioner

Hine Richard, beef dealer

Isaacs Joseph L., shopkeeper and baker

Jalden M.E.S., general store

Key Rev. E. Bassett, curate St. Barnabas' St. Mark's

King M. W., carpenter

King M. W., propr. Williamsfield and manager Vauxhall Pens

Morris E. Miss, teacher Siloah School

Morris Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker

Morris Louisa Miss, dressmaker

Muir Martin, blacksmith

Reese Henry, saddler and shoemaker

Robinson J. Miss, prop. Windsor Pen

Salmon John Hon., prop. Vauxhall and Maggotty Pens

Smith Thomas Rev., Vauxhall Baptist chapel

Watson R. G., shopkeeper, Siloah

Watson Robert, propr. Harmony Hall, Pimento Walk

Weir J. W., tailor


Aarons Horation, storekeeper, propr. Newport Pen

Allen Frederick, butcher

Allen Maria, baker

Bailie Thomas, teacher, Smithfield Moravian School

Bellame W. W., shopkeeper

Billings Thomas, proprietor Woodlands Pen

Billings William, propr. Donegal Pen

Black Jane, dressmaker

Black William, shopkeeper

Briscoe Amelia, teacher, The Carr Moravian school

Clarke ____, teacher, Springfield Moravian school

Cooke William H. Jr. propr. Windsor Forest and Lennox Pens

Cooper Catharine, dressmaker

Cowan Alexander, overseer The Kepp Pen

Cowan Simeon, saddler

Dixon Catharine, dressmaker

Dixon Henry, boot and shoe maker

Dixon John, clerk, New Savanna

Dixon Robert, general store

English James A., druggist and dispenser

Fisher Thomas, tailor

Fraser J. W. C., propr. Hopeton Pen

Fulton John, boot and shoe maker, Cheltenham

Fulton Samuel, general store

Gifford C. M., propr. Bogg Pen

Grey Thomas, surveyor and propr. Spring Mount Pen

Harvey James, carpenter

Harvey Joseph, carpenter

Harvey J. Rev., Fulneck Moravian Church

Holdness R. B., general store

Holmes Richard B., shopkeeper, Newport

Hudson John, propr. Spring Vale Pen

Hudson John Jr., propr. New Savanna Pen

Hudson Sandford J., overseer New Savanna

Ismee Philip, boot and shoe maker

James ____, coachbuilder

Jamieson Miss, dressmaker

Kerr J. E. propr. Paynes Town Pen

Larsen P. Rev., Beaufort Moravian Church

Lee Julia Mrs., baker

Lindo A. B. Rev., Salem Moravian Church

Martinez Mrs., lodging house

McDougal N., catechist, White Hall

Nation Mary, dressmaker

Parnell Osborne, carpenter

Parnell ____, teacher, Kilmarnock school

Pennycott James, teacher, New Road Moravian school

Peynado S C., general store, propr. Cheltenham Pen

Pitters William, shopkeeper, Pitter's Hill

Psalms William, carpenter

Rochester James, boot and shoe maker, Cheltenham

Rose Colin, butcher

Salmon John Hon., propr. Kepp Pen

Sanderson Mrs., propr. Hartsall Pen

Schick C. Rev., Springfield Moravian Church

Sewell Christopher, boot and shoe maker

Shaw John, butcher, propr. Hazel Grove Pen

Smith Henry blacksmith

Smith Matthew, general store

Smith Samuel, overseer Paynestown Pen

Smith Thomas, baker

Stewart M., teacher, Clapham Moravian school

Stewart Jane Mrs., baker

Stiedman Henry, tailor

Sullivan William, propr. Green Valley Pen

Tomlinson C. E., general store., Cheltenham

Topping Albert, boot and shoe maker

Walker David, blacksmith

Watson George, baker

Walters James, teacher, New Carmel Moravian school

Williams Edwin, boot and shoe maker, Hopeton

Winckler T. Rev., Carmel Moravian Church

Wright Ezekiel, boot and shoe maker, Hopeton


Blake John, manager Haughton Pen

Deuwarder M. M. Rev., curate St. Thomas'

Finlason A. A., manager, Holland and Lacovia estates

Gale ____, teacher, Slipe School

Goadstone & Co., propr. Holland and Lacovia estates

Johnson William, propr. Content Hall Pen

Martelle Joseph, teacher Lacovia School

Smith Edward, overseer Breadnut Valley Pen

Thomas William, overseer Content Hall Pen

Tomlinson George J., overseer Cornwall Pen

Tomlinson W. J, storekeeper, propr. Cornwall Pen

Tomlinson W. J. Jr., storekeeper

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