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[propr. is the abbreviation for proprietor]

[atty. is the abbreviation for attorney]


Aigular Z., tailor

Alley Billiard Club, subscription two guineas; members, J. B. Skinner, W. Comrie,Thomas Ellis, C. H. McCormick, A. McGregor

Bartley W. N., boot and shoe maker

Bodington & Davis, propr. Greenwich sugar estate

Callaghan Daniel Jr., propr. Pusy Hall sugar estate

Carter J. W. & Sons, proprs. Carlisle sugar estate

Cater W., overseer Perrin's sugar estate

Clouse Francis, carpenter and builder

Comrie Walter, attorney, Ashly Hall grazing pen, Gibbons and Bog sugar estates

Currie Thomas, carpenter and builder, Lionel Town

Darling Robert, saddler and harness maker

Dawkins Col., propr. Savoy Gully and Encomb Pens, Parnassus, Chesterfield and Sutton's sugar estates

Douglas Ellen Mrs., baker

Dudley Lord & Ward, proprs. New Yarmouth sugar estate

Elliott Ernest C., attorney Witney, Yarmouth, Perrins, Money Musk, Pusy Hall, Carlisle, and New Yarmouth sugar estates; Paradise, Exeter Pens, and Greenwich sugar estate; central office and P. O. address, Experiment Estate

Elliott Reginald Mrs., propr. Paradise and Healthfield Pens

Ellis Thomas, attorney and manager, Moreland's sugar estate

Erskine Frank, overseer Greenwich sugar estate

Fairburn Thomas, blacksmith

Fitz Herbert W. Sir, proprietor Perrin's sugar estate

Foster Robert Mrs., dressmaker

Francis Richard, boot and shoe maker

Frances Selina, dressmaker

Gibb James M. Hon., Custos and Banker propr. Hermitage Pen

Gibb Robert C., M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P, Parochial medical officer

Godson George, blacksmith

Gordon E., carpenter and builder

Grant Augustus, overseer Amity Hall sugar estate and Salt Savanna Pen

Harry Stephen, carpenter, Hayes

Hattersley John F., M.I., Salt Savanna House

Howitt Norman, blacksmith

Hurst William, butcher and baker

Husband Charles Townshend, Rev., rector St. Peter's, residence, Murton

Hutchings George, proprietor Ruden's Wood grazing pen

Ingram Peter, boot and shoe maker

Innis Mary, dressmaker

Kelley James, butcher

Latreille J. R., merchant, wholesale and retail dealer in lumber, estates supplies and cooperage

Lawson John, engineer and estates contractor, importer of paints and estates supplies

Levy A. A., baker

Lindsay Edward, coppersmith and plumber, estates' work a specialty

Lodge Joseph, teacher, Watsonton School

Lord William, blacksmith

Lumbard.Matthew, boot and shoe maker

Mackinnon Louis Hon., attorney, Amity Hall sugar estate

McCormack C. H., merchant, wholesale and retail dealer in lumber, dry goods, provisions, estates' supplies, and cooperage

McDonald & Elliott, attorneys, Greenwich sugar estate

McGregor Alexander, overseer Carlisle sugar estate

McGregor John, overseer Knight's and Money Musk estates

McKenzie Joseph W., proprietor Bensomton sugar estate

McKenzie Mary R., dressmaker

McKinnon J., attorney, Salt Savanna grazing pen

Miller A. P., teacher, Portland School

Mitchell James, propr. Amity Hall and Moreland's estates

Moodic W. D., teacher, St. Peter's School

Morant Charles, blacksmith

Morant John propr. Bog and Money Musk sugar estates and lessee Knight's

Mullen E. T., overseer Savoy, Gully and Encomb grazing pens

Murdoch W. F., teacher, Hayes School

Napier W., attorney Savoy Gully and Encomb Pens, Chesterfield, Sutton and Parnassus sugar estates

Nixon George, overseer Pusy Hall estate and Paradise Pen

Osborne Henry, mason

Passmore G., overseer Exeter grazing pen

Peterson Isabella, dressmaker

Reid Eliza, dressmaker

Reid James, wheelright

Robinson A. E. propr. Gowery grazing pen

Roe F. V. Mrs., baker

Rubie H. P., propr. Recess grazing pen

Sconce Charles, tailor

Simpson J. J., overseer Chesterfield and Sutton sugar estates

Skinner B. S., baker

Smith William, blacksmith

Thomas Richard, mason

Toonier Thomas, carpenter, Hayes

Tucker A. H. Rev., Baptist, Hayes

Vere Penny Readings, Rev., C. T. Husband and committee of eight members

Ward John W., tailor

Wildman W., propr. Salt Savanna grazing pen

Williams James, boot and shoe maker

Williams T. P., propr. Exeter and Ashley Hall grazing pens and Gibbons' and Knight's estates


Carlisle Bay, Davis, lessee

Salt River, J. Latreille, lessee

Tarentum, C. H. McCormack


Abrahams, George, butcher

Abrahams Henry, general store

Aguilera & Jova, proprs., Rock River sugar estate

Archer William boot and shoe maker

Bailey Robert, teacher Salem School

Bedward James, blacksmith

Blair John, blacksmith

Blair Robert, blacksmith

Brewell Edward, propr. Oakes sugar estate

Calnick Mrs., dressmaker

Coatsworth C. Mrs., propr. Lucky Valley sugar estate

Dawkins Colonel, propr. Old Plantations and Sutton's estates

Dazavedo Frederick, tailor

DeCordova Altamont, branch store

Diah John S., tailor

Eastwood Alexander Rev., Independent London missionary, Salem

Edwards Bryan, overseer Savoy sugar estate

Edwards Joseph, carpenter, butcher and baker

Edwards Joseph Mrs., dressmaker

Elliott James, blacksmith

Gale E. J. M., propr. Mt. Hendmort sugar estate

Gowan John, carpenter and builder

Green Margaret, baker

Hall C. H., Rev., rector St. Paul's

Hall George, overseer Low Ground sugar estate

Harty WIlliam, attorney Mt. Hendmort and overseer Pennant's estates

Jova & Co., proprs. Danks' sugar estate

Knight Edward R., tailor

Levy. Isaac propr. Mears' sugar estate

Levy Isaac & Co., branch store

Lowe Francis & Co., general store

Magnus Hyman & Son, general store

McCormack C. H., propr. Savoy sugar estate

McFarlane Francis, house and sign painter

Melville J. C., atty. Pennant's sugar estate

Miller W. H., Government medical officer

Molino Emanuel, overseer Danks sugar estate

Molino Louis, overseer Rock River sugar estate

Moses Samuel, boot and shoe maker

Moxy T., overseer Sutton's sugar estate

Napier W., atty. Sutton's sugar estate

Penrhyn Lord, propr. Pennant's and Denbigh sugar estates

Pieters Frederick L., teacher, Chapelton School

Pinto Walter, shopkeeper and lodging house

Sanchez Charles, house and sign painter

Solomon George & Co., proprs. Morgan'sValley and Retreat tobacco plantations

Thompson Thomas P., baker and shoemaker

Underwood Mary, baker

Venecia Signor, manager Morgan Valley and Retreat tobacco plantations

Wildman Mrs., propr. Low Ground sugar estate

Winn Charles A. Rev., manager Mears' sugar estate


Allen Robert, boot and shoe maker

Atkinson Thomas, postmaster and teacher Clifton School

Bourk Joseph, tinsmith

Brevett R., baker

Cates Mrs., dressmaker

Clough George, overseer Ramble Pen

Cottam, Morton & Co., proprs. Old Yarmouth estate, Exeter, Paradise and Ashley Hall Pens

Cruickshank, G. O., carpenter

Ckuickshank H., gunsmith

Dawkins Col., propr. Sandy Gully Pen

Denison R., tailor

Dingwall John, storekeeper

Duckett A. Rev., Baptist, Hosannah, Rest and Elim, Gravel Hill

Edwards F., tailor

Elliott Mrs., propr. Ramble Pen

Farquharson Misses, dressmakers

Gibb Robert Charles, M.R.C.S., medical practitioner

Gille Mons., overseer Rowington and Mainsavanna grazing pens

Girod C. H., overseer Old Yarmouth sugar estate

Grant Ellen Mrs., propr. Retirement and Paisley Pens

Grant Mrs. and Mrs. Kales, proprs. Kelvin Grove grazing pen

Gregory Charles, baker

Gunther H., overseer Caswell Hill Sugar estate

Hodelin Armand, propr. Rowington Park and Mainsavanna grazing pens

Hodelin Henri, propr. Beauchamp grazing pen

Humber Will, overseer Kelvin Grove grazing pen

Husband A. E., overseer Bushy Park grazing pen

Husband E. I. Mrs., propr. Bushy Park grazing pen

Hutchings Thomas, blacksmith

Hutchings Mrs., poundkeeper

Isaacs John, propr. Retreat coffee plantation and Queen's Town dry goods store

Johnson B. B., boot and shoe maker

Johnson Joseph, tailor

Lodge Joseph H., teacher Lionel Town school, west

Lowe W., general store and blacksmith

Ludford E. Mrs., general store

Lumsden Miss, dressmaker

Manning George, blacksmith

McCormack C., storekeeper

McIntosh Freeman, baker

Milk River Bath, matron Mrs. M. E., Tilley, Directors, J. J. Ronaldson, Ernest C. Elliott, J. C, Towlds, R. C. Gibb

Miller A. P., teacher St. Thomas' School Kemp's Hill

Moodie G. Rev., Baptist, Whitefield and New Lionel, Long Wood

Moxy T. atty. Retirement Pen

Mullen E. F., overseer Sandy Gully Pen

Nembhard W. E., general store and goldsmith

Nizon C., overseer Ashley Hall Pen

Passmore J., overseer Exeter and Paradise Pens

Price W. G., storekeeper, propr. Sadiony Pen

Robinson A. E., general store at Racecourse and Rest

Robinson John S., carpenter and builder

Ronaldson J. J., propr. Caswell Hill sugar estate

Scully John, overseer Springfield, Milk Spring, Milk Pen, Priddies, Content and Seaside grazing pens

Smith R. McKenzie, butcher

Smythe Samuel Rev., curate Enon, Water Lane, west

Spence P. Rev., curate St. Saviour's and St. Thomas', Kemp's Hill

Stoddart W. B., general store

Taylor Charles, carpenter and builder

Thompson R., boot and shoe maker

Turner Miss E., dressmaker

Ward J. D., tailor

Williams James, boot and shoe maker

Wilson E., overseer Spring Plain grazing pen

Wilson G. J., propr. Mount Pleasant and Spring Plain Pens


Milk River, C. H. McCormack propr., Edward Grant, wharfinger

Ryan's River, Finke & Co. proprs., A. Greenhust, wharfinger

Old Porus, W. G. Price propr.

Bryan's River, J. E. Kerr & Co. proprs. W. McDonald, wharfinger

Young G. W., tailor


Aarons Edward, general store

Andrade Catharine, dressmaker

Andrade George, carpenter

Andrade Jacob, tailor

Ayton Priscilla, dressmaker

Bailey Ernest, teacher, St. Paul's School

Bridgett F., teacher, Congregational school

Butland B. C. Rev., Congregational Church

Campbell Alexander, tailor

Clough George, overseer Rymesburg Pen

Cummings James, teacher, Benton Hill School

DaCosta Julia, dressmaker

D__kins [blot] W. G. Col., propr. Parnassus estate

Dick Alexander, boot and shoe maker

Dingwall John, shopkeeper

Dowell John, carpenter

Downer G. W. Rev., and Mrs. Hall, proprs. Eden Mocho Pen

Drummond George, carpenter

Drummond M. A., propr. Belmont Pen

Dudley Lord, propr. Rymesburg Pen

Dumphy Margaret, baker

Eastwood Henry, general store

Eastwood James, carpenter

Elliott Ernest C., atty. Rymesbury Pen

Elliott James, blacksmith

Ewbank James, carpenter and house painter

Foulds J. C. Mrs., Clarendon Park Pen

Francis Thomas, carpenter

Gale Charles H., carpenter

Gale Thomas, carpenter

Gilling W. A. Rev., Baptist Church

Grange James, general store

Grange John N., general store

Greenough H. Mrs., propr. Sheckles Pen

Hall C. Mrs., propr. Mocho Pen

Hanna Thomas J., overseer Parnassus estate

Henriques Charles, boot and shoe maker

Henry William, blacksmith

Hunt J. D. Rev., curate, St. Paul's

Jones M. J. Mrs., propr. Belle Plain Pen

Jones Thomas, carpenter

Lewin Thomas J., house painter and carpenter

Macfarlane Peter, tailor

McGlashon Robert, general store and butcher

McCormack M. P. C., L. R.C.P. and S., medical practitioner

Melville A. J., overseer Denbigh estate

Melville J. C., atty. Denbigh sugar estate

Merrill William, tailor

Mitchell James H., propr. St. Jago estate

Mitchell William, teacher, Baptist school

Mowatt Frederick, baker

Nembhard Grace, baker

Onate J., medical practitioner

Pa1mer James W., shopkeeper

Penhryne Lord, propr. Denbigh estate

Pinnock Mary, baker

Reid Edward, blacksmith

Reid John, carpenter

Richards Andrew, carpenter

Rodriques Charles, tailor

Ronaldson J. J., propr. Lodge, Caswell Hill and Halse Hall sugar estates, Springfield, Milk Spring, Milk Pen, Priddies, Content, Seaside, Hanbury and Crawl Pens

Sharpe T. G., overseer Halse Hall estate, Hanbury and Crawl Pens

Smart Sarah, baker

Stoddart W. B., general store

Temple William, carpenter

Temple William Jr., carpenter

Walters John, carpenter

Williams Edward, general store and butcher

Wright Edward, teacher Baptist school

Wright James, carpenter


Abrahams George, manager Longueville sugar estate

Alaburton John, tailor

Anwawdrum, shopkeeper

Auld Walter J., shopkeeper

Baize William, propr. Beckford Pen

Belizario Edward, blacksmith

Belizario Misses

Bell Glaister, propr. Western Park grazing pen and general store

Bell Marcus, boot and shoe maker

Brammer John, shopkeeper

Brooks Benjamin, tailor

Bunn Miss E., dressmaker

Carter Mrs., propr. Cross Pen

Chavanes Daniel, carpenter

Corty William, baker

Duckett A. Rev., Baptist minister and teacher, Cross School

Eastwood A. Rev., London missionary, Bread Nut Bottom chapel

Edwards C. Miss, dressmaker

Fuller Arthur, teacher, St Gabriel School

Furland George, propr. Sheckle 's Pasture sugar estate

Gentle Mary, dressmaker

Grant John, butcher

Green Edward, boot and shoe maker

Gordon John, shopkeeper

Grinnan Juan, propr. Chandler's Pen Seven Plantations estate

Hamilton C. C., general store

Henriques James, carpenter

Hunt J. D. Rev., M.A., curate St. Gabriel's

Irons Stephen, teacher, James Place school

Johnson Daniel, blacksmith

Levy Isaac, propr. Longueville sugar estate

Lewis____, teacher, Breadnut Bottom School

Lober William, boot and shoe maker

Marshalleck James, boot and shoe maker

Marshallick Olive, dressmaker

McCormick M. P. C., medical practitioner

McMahon Sarah, propr. Ballynanty Pen

McPherson James, carpenter

Mitchell Robert, boot and shoe maker

Mitchell William, baker

Nelson Mrs., dressmaker

Parkes Robert, house and sign painter

Quallo James, tailor

Reid ____, propr. Mamie Gully Pen

Rubie H., propr. Old Rectory grazing pen

Simmons William, blacksmith

Smikely John, shopkeeper

Smith John, carpenter

Smythe Samuel Rev., Wesleyan, James Place, propr. Bryan's Pen

Swan Mrs., propr. Rurals Pen

Watt William, carpenter


Bather F. G., overseer Raymond's sugar estate

Cottam, Morton & Co., proprs. Yarmouth sugar estate

Dingwall John, estates' engineer and contractor of machinery, boiler pipes, etc., storekeeper and propr. Dry River estate

Douet George A., overseer New Yarmouth sugar estate

Foster Robert, tailor

Girod W., overseer Yarmouth grazing pen

Gordon T. R., overseer Hillside sugar estate

Grannell F. Y., blacksmith

Gunter William H., overseer Caswell Hill sugar estate

Hall Charles H., overseer Dunkley's sugar estate

Harry Stephen, carpenter

Husband C. T. Rev., Hayes church of England

Kelley James, butcher

Latreille J. R. and Thomas Ellis, attorneys Hillside sugar estate

Lazarus C. P., propr. Dunkley's sugar estate

Cormack C. H., propr. Cottage and Tarentum sugar estates

Morant Georgee, blacksmith

Phillips Thomas, tailor

Reid John T., general store and baker

Reid W. D., general store

Ronaldson J. J., propr. Caswell Hill and Raymond's sugar estates

Sconce C., tailor

Solomon George & Co., factors, Dunkley's sugar estate

Toomer Thomas, carpenter

Tucker, W. H. Rev., Baptist

Walker D. W., overseer Dry River sugar estate

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