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[propr. is the abbreviation for proprietor]


Beckford Andrew, provisions and liquors

Black T. G., Inspector Constabulary

Burke William, surgeon and M.D. and Government medical officer

Boyd John, carpenter and cabinet maker

Bravo Bros. & Co., merchants and general dealers

Bunting T. H., sub collector Customs and asst. Collector of Taxes

Bennett S. E., teacher Baptist school

Bravo Joseph, propr. Beverly, Hampton and Salisbury

Campbell Charles S., dry goods and provisions

Cartwright Capt., stipendiary magistrate

Carter Frederick, shopkeeper, cabinet maker and carpenter

Cork Josias Rev., rector Church of England

Cover Charles S. & Co., retail general dealers

Cox Frederick carpenter and cabinet maker

Cox Margaret Mrs., proprietor Content Pen

Crowther I., overseer Drax Hall estate

Cuthbert L. teacher, Wesleyan school

Dale John, drugs and chemicals

Davidson G. H., clerk to collector of taxes

Davis Charles, dry goods and liquors

Davis George R., postmaster, builder and clerk to market

Dobson Samuel, asst. bailiff

Ffrench Shafton, clerk Government Savings Bank

Fletcher R., asst. collector of taxes

French Dutton, overseer, Richmond estate

French E. S., clerk to collector of taxes

Fulton Thomas, propr. Mango Grove Pen

Gaynor Thomas R., proprietor Scarlett Hall

Gray William, supt. Short Term prison

Griffiths T. Rev., Baptist chapel

Gruber Edward, overseer Landivery estate

Gruber J. W. collector of taxes

Hart Albert Joseph, general dealer

Hart Michael, propr. Coolshade and Wakefield Pens

Hartman Edmund F. A., propr. Golden Spring, and New Ground Pens

Henry John, dry goods and provisions

Higginbotham Mary Ann Miss, propr. Arthur's Mount Pen

Hobsden A., tailor

Hodgson Mrs., propr. Rockfield Pen

Hull Eliza Miss, proprietor Chester Pen

James John Haughton, propr. Roaring River Pen

James William Rhodes, lessee Endeavor Pen

Lake Alexander, clerk of Circuit Court, propr. Strawberry Pen

Lee Wharf, C. S. Cover propr., Ernest C. Warren lessee

Lewis W. J., Rev., Wesleyan chapel

Lynch Frank Jr., clerk to Municipal and Road Boards

McIntosh Margaret Mrs., propr. Mammee Bay Pen

Middle Wharf, Bravo Bros. proprs. John Seaman wharfinger

Moss Richard, propr. Lillyfield and Southfield Pen

Murphy Thomas, provisions

Naylor J. R., postmaster

Parkinson Rebecca Mrs., propr. Sussex Pens

Railway Wharf, Bravo Bros. proprs., John Seaman wharfinger

Rickman Thomas J., propr. Loch Erroch Side Pen

Riettie Eliza, dry goods and provisions

Riettie Lavinia, dry goods and provisions

Rodney Catherine Mrs.,. propr. Richmond Hill Pen

Rogers W. T., teacher Ebenezer School

Rose Mary Mrs., propr. Farm Pen.

Royes Charles Hon., estate of, Michael Solomon executor Windsor estate and Winefield Pen

Seaman John, wharfinger, Bravo Bros.

Sewell Henry, propr. Drax Hall and Cave Valley estates, Dry Harbour Mountains, Dover, Hyde Park, Home Castle and Dornoch Pens

Sewell & Thomson, proprs. Drax Hall estate

Shearer Joseph, attorney Drax Hall and Cave Valley estates, Dry Harbour Mountains, Home Castle, Dornoch, Dover and Hyde Park Pens

Sinclair John, propr. Endeavor Pen

Smith Martha Mrs., propr. Deveron Side Pen

Social Club, pres. Hon. Michel Solomon, sec. J. C. Lewis

Solomon Michael Hon. atty. Beverly, Hampton and Salisbury

Solomon Michael & Co., dry goods and general dealers

Stanigar Wolfe, drugs and general dealer

St. Ann's Benefit Building, So., G. R. L. Cork sec.

Steer Charles W., lessee Blenheim estate

Steer Henry, overseer Blenheim estate

Steer R. J., locker Customs

Stennett Georgiana Mrs., prop. Liberty Hill Pen

Thompson Henry P., resident propr. Seville estate and atty. Richmond and Landivery estates

Tucker Theodore, provisions and liquors

Turner D. Matthew, propr. New Banks Pen

Warren Ernest C., general dealer

Watkis Edward Parker, attorney Greenwich Park Pen

Watkis James B., propr. Greenwich Park Pen

Webb A., overseer Windsor estate

Woollaston S. J., teacher Mt. Zion School

Zaffoo, provisions


Anderson ____, teacher Baptist school

Bailey Mrs. propr. Villa Pen

Bartlett Mary Miss, dressmaker

Boyd John, propr. The Grove Pen, St. Ann's Bay P. O.

Boyd William, propr. Grove Pen

Brown A. L., teacher Wesleyan school

Brown Anna M. Mrs., propr. Healthy Hill Pen

Brown Charles, overseer Healthy Hill Pen

Bryan David, cabinet maker

Campbell Neil, carpenter and builder

Clarke Mrs., baker

Coombs Alex. G., propr. Mt. Pleasant Pen

Coombs J. W., propr. Orange Hill Pen

Coombs Samuel, propr. Happy Retreat Pen

Cooper William, et al, propr. Twickenham Park Pen

Cunningham J. R., propr. New Hope Pen

Cunningham John, carpenter and builder

Davis George, manager, Mild End Pen

Davis John White, propr. Aberdeen Pen

Davis M. P. Mrs., propr. Cottage Pen

Delisser H. E., general store

Douglas Peter, tailor

Downer James, tailor

Drake Mrs., propr. Brothers' Retreat Pen

Drysdale A. A. E., propr. Arthur's Seat and Bogg Pens

Dunn William Russell, propr. Kennington Park and La Belle Alliance Pens

Fletcher Charles, propr. Clifton Lodge and Cedar Valley Pens

Foulks J. D. Mrs., proprietor Runell Hall

Foulks J. D. Mrs., and Mrs. Moses, propr. Buckfield Pen

Foulks Julia Miss, propr. Penhoe Pen

Francis William, butcher

Garvey J. D., propr. Orange Hall Pen

Geddes Mrs. S., propr. Eden Bower Pen

Grant William, boot and shoe maker

Griffiths W. Rev., Baptist

Hall James, carpenter and wheelwright

Hall William, boot and shoe maker

Hay Alexander, boot and shoe maker

Hay James, boot and shoe maker

Hay Jane Mrs., dressmaker

Harrison Edward N., general store, propr. Warwick Mountain Pen

Hind Albert, shopkeeper

Hind Andrew, shopkeeper

Hind Richard, carpenter and builder

Hind W. A., shopkeeper

Jackson C. H., Hon., lessee Islington Pen

Jackson Elizabeth D. Mrs., propr. Spicy Hill Pen

Jones Charles, butcher

Kinton John, propr. Nepotism Pen

Kinton Mrs., Marine lodging house at the Point

Llewellyn Charles, propr. Bread Nut Hill Pen

Llewellyn David, butcher

Llewellyn John, butcher

Lopez H. A., general store

McGeachy Mrs., propr. Castle Daly Pen

Mesquita, J. G. & Co., general store

Miller J. E. Rev., curate St. John's Church of England

Moncrieffe Henrietta Mrs., executrix Hopewell, Thatch Hill, Eltham, Bonhomme Spring Union, Friendship, White River and Upton Pens, residence Friendship Pen

Moses Susan Mrs., propr. Egypt Pen

Neate Henrietta Miss, et al., propr. Hiattsfield Pen

Parnther R. M. Rev., Wesleyan

Pasmore James,.propr. Stanmore and Cocoa Nut Grove Pens

Perkin Mrs., propr. Mt. Hermon Pen

Rodgers Alfred, propr. Great Pond Pen

Rodgers Alfred J., teacher, St. John's School

Roxburgh Archibald, overseer Murphy Hill and Annandale Pens

Roxburgh Thomas F., propr. Murphy Hill, Annandale, Mt. Plenty, and Soho Pens

Scott Thomas B., propr. Relief Pen, manager White River, Eltham, Friendship, Union and Bonhomme Spring Pens

Segree John, overseer Mt. Harmon. Pen

Shaw William S., tailor

Shaw William W., tailor

Smallhorn John, propr, Ballycristal Pen

Smallhorn John Jr., overseer Ballycristal Pen

Smith E. C., propr. Islington Pen

Staniger William, general store

Stewart James, propr. Shaw Park Pen

Scott B. C., overseer Buckfield Pen

Sutherland Mrs., propr. Snow Hill Pen

Vritch T. G., tailor

Walker Charles Lowe, receiver for Belmont, Bellevue, Harmony Hill and Malvern Park Pens

Walker Ralph D., propr. Spring Mount and Bolton Pens

Walker Sarah Miss, dressmaker

Watson Samuel, baker

White Isaac, blacksmith

White John, overseer, Nepotism Pen

Wight George, general store

Williams Benjamin, carpenter and builder

Williams John, boot and shoe maker, and carpenter

William I. Mrs., propr. Newport Pen

Wilmot Lawrence, boot and shoe maker, and shopkeeper

Wilmot Thomas, shopkeeper

Wilmot William, butcher, propr. Stewart Castle Pen

Wilmot William Mrs., baker

Wilmot William Jr., tailor

Wilmot W. Henry, boot and shoe maker


Allen Daniel, shopkeeper

Anderson John, estate of, Huntley, Healthfield, Minard, Rock Pleasant, New Hope and Wilton pens

Bennett J. G. Rev., Salem Baptist Church

Bent Miss, propr. Antrim Pen

Bethnavis Thomas, blacksmith

Beverland Robert, storekeeper, propr. Osborne and Brighton and atty. Dumbarton Pen

Blagrove H. J. estate of, Orange Valley estate, Bell Air and Cardiff Hall pens

Bridge Sarah A. Mrs., propr. Mt. Edgecombe and Valley Minor Pens

Broadbelt William, propr. Belle Grove manager Flamstead Pens

Byefield A. C., teacher, Surge Town Baptist School

Cadien R., overseer Bridgewater Dairy

Campbell ____, wharfinger

Clark Joseph, baker C

Clark William, shopkeeper and baker

Cliff William, propr. Berridale Pen

Cohall Thomas, tailor

Corbett Mrs., dressmaker

Cover Charles, manager Rose Hill Pen

Cover John, executor of Huntley, Rock Pleasant, Minard, New Hope, Healthfield and Wilton Pens

DaCosta David, shopkeeper, propr. Defiance Pen

Da Costa E., shopkeeper

Davis R., overseer Hopewell Pen

Dillon A., propr. Seven Oaks Pen

Downey R., blacksmith

Dunbar Robert, carpenter

Forbes Frederick T., carpenter

Frater Charlotte Miss, propr. Flamstead Pen

French George, estate of, Queen Hythe sugar estate

Fullerton George, propr. Red Valley Pen

Gaynor Eliza, propr. Bridgewater Dairy

Gaynor J. R., propr. Scarlett Hall Pen

Grey Mary Mrs., propr. Rose Hill Pen

Henderson G. E. Rev., Sturge Town Baptist Church

Henlin Robert, blacksmith

Hewan J. S., manager Queen Hythe sugar estate

Jackson R. F., teacher, L.M.S.S., Claremont

James E. B., teacher, Salem Baptist School

Jarrett George H., teacher, Grateful Hill Baptist School

Lawrence John, carpenter

Leach William, carpenter

Lewis W. C. Rev., Hoolbury Wesleyan Church

Lothian Henry, carpenter

Lothian William, carpenter

McAllister D., Propr. Concord Pen

McAllister Emanuel, boot and shoe maker

McAllister George, boot and shoe maker

McCalla C., teacher, L.M.S.S. School

McDonald Charles, overseer Salisbury, Hampstead, Hampton and Scarlett Hall Pens

McGrath D. C., wharfinger

McGrath J., propr. Thatchfield Pen

McKenzie Mary Mrs., propr. Allan Hall and Coffee Grove Pens

McVaught William, butcher

Mills William,carpenter

Morales Frederick, shopkeeper and boot and shoe maker

Moir G., shopkeeper

Moore John, carpenter

Morrison J., propr. Lawrence Park Pen

Murray William H., shopkeeper

Nash Miss, dressmaker

Orr Hamilton, carpenter

Peat Edward, shopkeeper, propr. St. Jean de Acre and Tripoli Pens

Prichard James, propr. Albion

Purchas H. M., atty. Orange Valley and Queenhithe estates and Cardiff Hall Pen

Raffington Thomas, M.D., medical practitioner

Reid Robert, teacher, L.M.S.S. School Dunbarton

Ricketts Edward, overseer Antrim Pen

Rosdom H., overseer Dunbarton Pen

Royes C., shopkeeper

Rutty William, overseer Home Castle, Dover and Darnock Pens

Scarlett Mrs., propr. Fort George Pen

Sewell Henry, propr. Dover, Home Castle and Darnock Pens

Sharp, Edward, shopkeeper and boot and shoe maker

Simpson James, boot and shoe maker

Slack Elizabeth Miss, propr. Mount Olivet Pen

Small James, overseer Thatchfield Pen

Smith William, baker and carpenter

Solomon Michnel Hon., propr. Salisberry, Hampstead and Hampton Pens

Stephenson Edward, overseer Cardiff Hall Pen

Stephenson E. B., manager Belleair Pen

Stephenson E. D., propr. Hermon Hill Pen

Straw Thomas, boot and shoe maker

Thompson Henry, baker

Todd Utten T., propr. Bengal sugar estate, Mt. Carmel, Weymouth and Bushy Park Pens, manager Berridale Pen

Walker Jacob, propr. Mount Boon Pen

Walker J. Rev., L.M.S. Society

Watt H., overseer Bengal sugar estate

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