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In the following pages h stands for house, bds for boards, n for near, c for corner, r for rear, N for north, S for south, E for east, W for west. The word street is implied.

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Allen John, tailor

Ames F. W. Rev., St. Peter's Church, and acting chaplain H. M. S. Urgent

Altman Samson, L. S. A., Health Officer

Alverango J. P., general store

Barned Henry, general store

Bogle James, ship builder

Bolton Richard, ship builder

Brooks Francis, ship builder

Campbell Mrs., dressmaker

Clarke N., ship builder

Clarke Samuel, tailor

Clarke William, tailor

Clay Albert, ship builder

Clemments Charles, ship builder

Curtice Charles, blacksmith

DaCosta James, house and sign painter

Dadd Henry, blacksmith

DeCordova Altamont, branch store

Deleon David, shopkeeper and blacksmith

DePass Charles, boot and shoe maker

Duffits Peter, boot and shoe maker

Erving Joseph, ship builder

Foote Miss Jane, lodging house

Freeman Josiah, blacksmith

Goldson E., tailor

Goldson Robert, boot and shoe maker

Good George, general store

Grant George, ship builder

Hannon William, general store

Harnette James, ship builder

Harris William, blacksmith

Hemmings John, general store

Hollar Francis, ship builder

Hollar William, carpenter

Holmes Miss R., lodging house

Johnson Miss, dressmaker

Joy John, boot and shoe maker

Levy Charles, general store

Lindsay Miss C. T., postmistress

Liscomb Henry, carpenter

Marton Robert, blacksmith

May Francis, shopkeeper

McDonald James, carpenter

McFarlane Miss, dressmaker

McIntyre George, boot and shoe maker

McRea Francis, ship builder

Mellon Richard, butcher

Miller James, boot and shoe maker

Morais Horatio, ship builder

Mundred Daniel, blacksmith

Murray Miss, dressmaker

Paisley William, ship builder

Patterson William, ship builder

Prasol William, ship builder

Reece Henry, baker

Robinson Jack, butcher

Russel Emanuel, carpenter

Russel John, ship builder

Russel Joseph, house and sign painter

Seatle John, house and sign painter

Simmons Joseph, carpenter

Simpson Thomas, house and sign painter

Slack E. R. Rev., Wesleyan chapel

Smith John, blacksmith

Taylor William, boot and shoe maker

Wade Miss, dressmaker

White Francis, boot and shoe maker

White Henry, boot and shoe maker and shopkeeper


Adams William, runner, Collector's Office, Halfway Tree

Allwood James, residence, Lundies Retreat Pen

Allwood James Jr., residence, Ellesmore Pen

Andrews William, Justice of Peace

Bailey D. E., Treasury clerk

Bawn J. S., clerk to Collector

Burnside --, boot and shoe maker

Campbell Rev. Archdeacon, D.H., M.A., Halfway Tree, Church of England

Campbell C. Mrs., residence, The Cottage

Cargill Jasper, M.D. and surgeon, N. Y. University, residence, Monaltrie Pen

Carson S. M., proprietor Constant Spring sugar estate

Chavannes Mrs., residence, Lewisham Pen

Cohen J. G., overseer, Constant Spring sugar estate

DaCosta --, residence, Walworth Place Pen

Davis H. C., runner, Collector's Office

Dickson James, butcher

Donald William, tailor

Drew J. J., bailiff

Dunbar P. K., carpenter and builder

Gibson W., blacksmith

Gordon Mrs., residence, Newland Park

Grant Charles, residence, Abbey Court

Hall Charles Rev., residence, Hagley Park

Hall --, boot and shoe maker

Hart Edward, teacher, Church of England boys' school

Hewry, blackswith

James P. H., inspector, residence Richmond Pen

Jordan Mrs., residence, Good Air Pen

Lewis J. M., overseer, Constant Spring sugar estate

Lewis M. H., overseer, Constant Spring sugar estate

Lindo S. D., residence, Collins Green Pen

Livingston H. W., residence, Mary Villa

Lothian & Laing, carpenters and builders

Lund Mrs., residence, Union Pen

Mackglashan John C., residence, Ardenne Pen

Martin Mrs., teacher, Swallenfield Church of England school

McDowell James H. Hon., residence, Trafalgar Park Pen

Morais A. D. C., shopkeeper

Murrey Elizabeth, teacher, Church of England girls' school

Musson S. P., residence, Vestry Pen

Neyle S. A. Miss, postmistress

O'Malley E. L. Hon., residence, Richmond Park Pen

Orrett, John T., residence, Grove Pen

Paine W. A., residence, Content Pen

Peynado --, residence, Rosedale Cottage

Phillopson Adolph, residence, Cassia Park

Pine A. J., overseer, Mona sugar estate

Richards H. A., runner, Collector's Office

Richards W. S., attorney Constant Spring sugar estate

Shaw H. B., residence, Retreat Pen

Smith Hon. Sir J. Lucie, residence, Knutsford Pen

Stewart W. L., Collector of Taxes

Sullivan Fred., residence, Richings Pen

Thomas Mrs., residence, Arnbrook Pen

Thomas John H., teacher, Cross Roads Church of England school

Trench W. P., assistant Collector of Taxes

Verley Louis, proprietor Mona sugar estate

Walker W., blacksmith

Wiles Eliza, teacher, Church of England girls' school

Wood J. J., residence, Margaret Villa

Wookie Rev. Mr., Independent, Shortwood

Wray J. & Nephew, branch store

Wright John A., teacher, Shortwood Independent school


Bolton Benjamin, postmaster, residence, Clifton Pen

Brook George B. Rev. M. A., curate, residence, Ropley Pen

Campbell Venerable Archdeacon M. A.., residence, Petersfield Pen

Casserley John, residence, Charlottenburg Pen

Chisholm C. W. Mrs., proprietor Prospect Hill

Chisholm Olive Mrs., proprietor Mt. Lebanon Pen

Christy, William, overseer Chestervale Pen

Cox Edward, tailor

Davis M., residence, Salt Hill Pen

Dennis Samuel, baker

Dixon William, blacksmith

Duval Bolton I., general store

East Hinton Mrs., proprietor Raymond Hall

Fernandez Lewis, carpenter

Francis Joseph, residence, Claremont Pen

Gooden Joseph, boot and shoe maker

Graham G., overseer Bull's Retreat Pen

Grey Thomas, overseer Pen Hill Pen

Henderson George, propr. Bull's Retreat, and Pleasant Hill Pens

Hollingsworth John H. propr. Newton Pen

Inglesh Joseph, overseer Mt. Industry Pen

Kemble H. J. Hon., residence, Cottage Pen

Ker Justice Hon. Alan, residence, Strawberry Hill Pen

Lochlan James, baker

Lyons Commodore, residence, Flamstead Pen

Maclaverty Mrs., propr. Chestervale and Clydesdale Pens

Mann J. R. Hon., residence Elleslie Pen

Mayou John M., residence, Rodnor Pen

McDonald John, propr. Dunismane Pen

McFie Peter, butcher

McLean John, propr. Pen Hill Pen

McLeod James, propr. Wiltshire Mount Pen

McPherson Richard, tailor

Minott George, carpenter

Oughton Thomas, propr. Berdoney Pen

Perkins William, carpenter

Pillong Edward, blacksmith,

Radcliffe John Rev., residence, Galloway Lodge

Richards Augustus, manager, Raymond Hall Pen

Roberts J. S. Rev., residence Rose Hill Pen

Savage Richard, propr. Mt. Industry Pen

Smeeton S. P., residence, Content Pen

Smith David, blacksmith

Stephens William Knighton, M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.P., propr. Dublin Castle, residence Retreat Pen

Sterling Henry, tailor

Sutton S. Rev., residence, Mount Fletcher

Thomson Robert, Island Botanist, residence, Cinchona Pen

Tyrrell E. G., residence, Mt. George Pen

Walker Charles, overseer Pleasant Hill Pen

Walker Thomas, overseer Clydesdale Pen

Walsh J., propr. Craig Hill Pen

Whittle Latimer, propr. Peter's Rock Pen

Williams Mrs., residence, Hopewell Pen


Alberga D. J., proprietor Hopewell coffee plantation

Brooks G. B. Rev. M.A., curate, St. Mark's

Buckingham Duke of, proprietor Middleton coffee plantation

Casey W., postmaster

Hamilton Robert, M.D. and M.R.C.S., propr. Clifton Mount coffee plantation

Harris Samuel, blacksmith

Hollingsworth John, propr. Newton and Cold Spring coffee plantations

Lascelles Henry, manager, Middleton coffee plantation

Lawrence J. F., propr. Greenwich Hill coffee plantation

Lee Joseph, teacher, St. Peter's School

Letts Daniel, carpenter

Mais George, general store

McLean, attorney Clifton Mount coffee plantation

Partridge Charles Rev., curate St. Peter's

Silvera Charles, manager Hopewell coffee plantation

Stephens William Knighton, L. R. C. P. and M. R. C. S., medical practitioner

Wiles Richard, teacher Green Hill School


Beckford Henry, teacher, Mt. James School

Benjamin R., carpenter

Campbell Alexander, Bowerbank, M.D., L.R.C.P. an L.R.C.S.

Campbell ---, tailor

Dawson, S., carpenter

Evans Edward, butcher

Findlay Acheson Rev., curate St. Christopher, Church of England

Gilroy ---, tailor

Hinds ---. baker

Hyams Abraham Rev., proprietor Golden Spring estate

Jennison G.S., overseer Castleton estate

Magnus Mrs., baker and lodging house

Panton C. E. Miss, postmistress

Powell J. S., teacher Sandy River School

Richards Joseph, boot and shoe maker

Richards Thomas, boot and shoe maker

Roberts James Rev., Free Methodist Church

Soutar Simon, proprietor Temple Hall tobacco plantation

Spratt E. Rev., Wesleyan Chapel

Taylor James G, teacher Village School

Taylor R. O'N. Rev., curate Mt. James Church of England

Tryte John, boot and shoe maker

Walker --, teacher, St. Christopher School


Balnes Mrs., propr. Strawberry Hill Pen

Boveller --, catechist, St. Michael's, Church of England

Brown Edward, teacher, Somerset Wesleyan School

Campbell James Matthew, proprietor Westphalia Pen

Campbell John, propr. Bryan's Hill Pen

Campbell William, propr. Tweedside Pen

Campbell --, teacher, Robertsfield Church of England School

Cochrane Peter Jr., boot and shoe maker

Davis John, carpenter

Davis Thomas, carpenter

Finn Thomas, boot and shoe maker

Francis Adam, tailor

Goffe D., postmaster

Goffe John M., boot and shoe maker

Goffe William J. R., house and sign painter

Graham Garrick, manager, Chesterfield, Green Valley, Mt. Faraway, Old England and Berwick Pens

Graham William, proprietor and manager, Mount Tiviott Pen

Gray Thomas McL., manager, Robertsfield and Pen Hill Pens

Henderson George, proprietor Chesterfield, Berwick, Green Valley, Mt. Faraway and Old England Pens

Henry Robert S., boot and shoe maker

Jack Alexander, carpenter

Johnson David, baker

Lowe George, overseer Windsor Lodge Pen

Mair Elijah, teacher, Mt. Fletcher Wesleyan School

Mavis Bank Small Settlement

McGann Miss C., proprietor, Windsor Lodge Pen

Millwood Miss M., dressmaker

Neilson Robert, manager Orchard Pen

Pearson Alexander, tailor

Porter E. S. Rev., Green Valley Baptist Church

Prideaux Mrs., proprietor, Mahogany Vale and Orchard Pens

Reid A. E., tailor

Richard Hibbert, overseer, Strawberry Hill Pen

Sharpe Emma Miss, dressmaker

Smith Edward E., baker

Steel & Co., proprietors Robertsfield and Pen Hill Pens

Stephens W. K., L.R.C.P. and M.R.C.S., medical practitioner

Sutton Stephen Rev., Mount Fletcher Wesleyan Church

Taylor Benjamin, house and sign painter

Thomas Mrs., proprietor Torres Park Pen

Tower Hill Settlement

Turpin Patrick G., carpenter


Arnaud A., lessee, Pentonville Pen

Duffus Godfrey, proprietor, Claremont, Pentonville and Bull Bark Pens

Empty W., shopkeeper

Hall ---, carpenter and builder

Jones H., carpenter and builder

Lobb W., boot and shoe maker

Lowe H., boot and shoe maker

Mais H., proprietor, The Lodge property

Manners Thomas Dr., M.R.C.S., medical practitioner

McGeachy A., boot and shoe maker

Nicholas T., tailor

Orrett J., shopkeeper

Parker J. D., shopkeeper

Richards Thomas, tailor

Smicle J., Postmaster and teacher, Bull Bay Church of England School

Smith S., teacher, Cherry Garden Baptist School

Spearing M. Miss, teacher, 11 Miles Baptist School

Turner Leslie, proprietor, Worcester Park Pen

Walker C., carpenter and builder

Wallace John, carpenter and builder

Wiles H., carpenter and builder

Woolward R., proprietor Newstead Pen

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